Boston Celtics "Reloaded" Ad for the 09/10 NBA Season

The Boston Celtics are reloaded and ready to re-capture another NBA Championship. Their new marketing campaign, created by Allen & Gerritsen. Launched October 27, 2009 Opening Night of the Celtics season.
For those who have tried to keep track all the re's in the spot here are a few that I had the patience to type: Rebuilt. Resurrect. Relentless. Recharged. Regroup. Rectify. Reboot. Rewrite. Revolt. Recapture. Revitalized. Restart. Reunite. Reemerge. Refresh. Renew. Repossess. Revenge. Respect. Rearrange. Reactivate. Remedy. Reawaken. Reconcile. Reborn. Redemption. Reaffirm. Reinvent. Replenish. Rejoice. Rekindle. Recommit. Reclaim. Revamp. Renewal. Reloaded.
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