New York Street Advertising Takeover of Illegal Billboards

It should come to know ones surprise that New York City is covered with illegal billboards and advertisements. On a random day, civilians decided to take back the public space by covering over 120 illegal billboards with original works of art, the elaborate project was dubbed the "New York Street Advertising Takeover". The entire takeover was organized and funded by who claims in the video that NPA City Outdoor, who operates a company that sells street level advertising are behind all these illegal billboards and advertisements throughout the city.

Full credits:
Organized and Funded by
Concept Jordan Seiler, Posterboy
Video Shot/Edited/Produced by Keith Haskel
Composer Pierre Takal
Narrator Jordan Seiler

White Washers: MOMO, Erin Siodomak, Gaia,Rachel Lowing, Ted Hayes,Lindsey Case, Lucas McGowen, Zoe McCleary, John Pearson, Bucky Turco, Dick Chicken, Dave Barron, Tom McAlister, Todd Zino, Natalie Bell, Paul Bell, Deana Haggag, Mateo Ramirez, Zoh Rothberg, Mike Roess, Melanie Palishan, Laura Meyers, Jesse Suchmann, Jenny Awasano,
James Herman, Colby Brin.

Featured Artists: Gaia, Rachel, Aakash Nihalani, Tristan & Matt Eaton, Liliana Velasquez, MOMO, Jennifer Jacobs, I Am, Poster Child, Please Enjoy, & Zac Braun
Some faces were blurred due to artists with anonymous aliases.
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