The Money Trail - No Matter Where It's Been They Will Do Good With Your Donation

An entertaining visual journey of a banknote. Germany's Heart's Desire Association had this ad created to express that no matter where that banknote has been, if you decide to donate it, they will do good with it.
The seedy beginnings of this commercial takes a banknote from a peeler bar, to the hands of g-string wearing dancer, a robbery, and then a drug dealer (busy commercial isn't it?) who takes his earnings to a poker game only to lose that bill to a cocaine addict who carelessly lets this adventurous banknote fly out the window of his limo, where it blows through the streets to end up at the feet of a passerby who finds it; and finally gives this banknote the happy ending it the donation box of the Heart's Desire Association. Wow, that was a mouth full...and one great ad.
Consider who this ad was created for - "Herzenswünsche e.V.Every banknote has its story. With us it has a happy ending - Hearts Desire Association - We help the ill find their hearts desire."
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