Sexiness For Everyone Everywhere Liaison Dangereuse Ad with Miriam Wimmer

An absolutely brilliant new commercial/ad campaign for the German lingerie shop Liaison Dangereuse. The spot is both sexy and risky but it works beautifully. You can only hate this ad for all the wrong reasons, personally, I think this is an award winning ad and it couldn’t have been done any better, but what do I know.

Miriam Wimmer is the German model/actress in the ad and she truly is stunning. She has also modeled for famous brands such as Puma, Adidas, Polo Sport, Chio chips, Think Pink, Ralph Lauren, Rena Lange, and McDonald's.
Liaison Dangereuse is the most exclusive Online-Lingerie-Store in Germany. Their claim is "Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere." And they really mean "everyone!"
Advertising Agency: Glow, Berlin, Germany
Production: Alexander Luckowitz, M.A.R.K.13
Director: Til Obladen
Camera: Felix Novo de Oliveira
Cut: Carsten Eder
Set design: Sylvester Koziolek
Aired: October 2009
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