New Molson 67 “Tiny Glasses” Commercial

The new Molson's beer commercial pokes fun of men and their tiny glasses while introducing us to their newest brand 67.
UPDATE: October 30, 2009

Sorry everyone but we have been asked to remove the Molson 67 spot from the site. The issue being...actually I'd rather just quote the message we received

In Canada, our talent union will be demanding payment for those actors, since the spot was never intended for the internet. The ad agency and the client cannot afford these talent payments.
If we could afford them, we would have our own internet media placement.

What can you do immediately to take the spot off your site? It is somewhat flattering that someone somewhere feels this is a great ad, but again, the talent in the spot will deserve additional fees if it remains on your site.
I guess we have no choice but to remove it, as I'm sure there may be some legal issues and who needs that nonsense. Only in! The Great-Ads Team is going to enjoy the Friday afternoon at our local watering hole and guess what we will be having....that's right, an ice cold Labatt Blue, actually forget the Blue and give us a nice cold import instead...Heineken please!

There are no credits for the spot, they don't want us to see it.
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