Campbell Soup The Giant 32 Foot Noodle Billboard in Times Square 'Slurp' Campaign

Campbell Soup erects a giant billboard in Times Square to let the world know there are 32 feet of egg noodles in every can of chicken-noodle soup, pretty cool huh?
They make their point, compliments of the ad agency BBDO, New York, by using a chicken-noodle-soup billboard in Times Square portraying a 54-foot noodle emerging from the bowl while a mannequin in a red-and-white shirt appears to be slurping it from a window three stories above.
"We wanted to remind people how the soup they love more than any other is full of the stuff they love most," Eric Christianson, business director- Campbell's condensed soups, said in a statement. "Our TV commercial, 'Slurp,' as well as our print ads, use the billboard and giant noodle imagery to drive home the value we offer in each can. It just made sense to bring that same idea to life with a real billboard above one of the busiest intersections in the world."
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