Blockbuster TV Commercial "Raccoon"

Recently Blockbuster has seen significant revenue loss due to main competitor Netflix and are currently under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so this television ad campaign has more riding on it than usual. Blockbuster's attempt to recapture their dominance in the DVD and video game rental market will be an uphill battle but this TV commercial is a small step in the right direction. The funny TV spots main message is why wait 28 days to get new releases as it features a guy getting bit by a rabid raccoon as he rushes to the emergency room. Just like this unfortunate soul, only time will tell if Blockbuster itself will be taken off life support or given another chance to survive.

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Chicago, USA
Executive Producer: Monica Wilkins
Agency Producer: Mariana Perin
Exec. Creative Director: William Mericle
Art Director: John Reams
Copywriters: Ecole Weinstein
Production Company: HELLO!, LA
Director: Matt Smukler
Exec. Producer: Carl Swan
Head of Production: Alexandra Chamberlain
Producer: Gayleen Sharon
D.P.: Tami Reiker
Production Designer: Shepard Frankel
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Matt Walsh
Post Producer: Dawn Guzowski
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