Kleenex Balsam UK TV Commercial "Witch"

Some great animation and a cute premise are highlights of Kleenex's new UK TV spot. The idea of a witches nose flying around on a broomstick casting spells until a magic kleenex tissue turns her into a beautiful fairy is one of those delightful and enchanted ideas your surprised has never been done before.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Director: Christiano Neves
Copywriter: Bruno Xavier
TV Producers: Denise Connell, Emma Hovell
Planners: Cathy Lewis, Bianca Petroff
Account Director: Marianna Contaroudas
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Cheryl Hayden
Director: Marc Craste
Production Company: Studio AKA
Editor: Studio AKA
Sound: Munzie at Grand Central
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