Coca-Cola Hits All the Right Chords in New 'Chorus' Ad

Just like Cokes secret recipe, this ad features all the ingredients that make up for a feel good Coca-Cola commercial that they have now become famous for. The ad features scenes from previous classic Coke spots and the always popular childrens choir. In addition, the commercial presents some feel good data that is reminiscent of Van Halen's award-winning video for 'Right Now'. Nonetheless it works, as it cracked a smile on this old cynic.

Creative Director: Matias Ballada
General Creative Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
General Creative Director: Sebastian Wilhelm
Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
Head of Production: Jose Bustos
Agency Producer: Alejandro Falduti
Agency Producer: Marcelo Kelez
Production Company: Blue Films                               
Director: Pucho Mentasi                                                           
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Fontana
Producer: Alejandro Lanezan
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
SFX Company: Bleed VFX
Post Production: Finish Films
Music: Avatar Music
Music: Papa Music
Sound: Not Deaf Sound
Sound: Diego Arancibia
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