Turning Great People Into Campy Art Makes for Creative Advertising

Taking iconic images of 2 of the most beloved humanitarians in history to sell gum is a bold move by ad agency McCann Erikson. The Happydent print ad campaign, made for India's emerging consumer market, features 2 of that countries most revered spiritual leaders in Ghandi and Mother Theresa and composes their iconic images entirely from dental gum. The result is an advert that makes you smile, as you appreciate the craft and the people in them, but leaves you asking the question is nothing sacred anymore.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, India
National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Director: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Prem Shankar
Copywriter: Nikhil Narayanan
Copywriter: Suzanna Kurian
Art Directors: Suresh PV, Hari Prasad, Abhilash Divakar
Photographer: N Sugathan
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