Diesel's Sex Toy 'KneeJ' Campaign Swings Both Ways

Just in time for Valentines, Diesel have created a spoof sex toy as part of an in-store promotion campaign. The spoof products have a dual purpose, as they will be marketed as part of their ambient ad campaign and as an in-store giveaway for customers who spend over $150 worth in... oh what is it that Diesel sells again... oh yeah, Jeans. There is no question that the "sex sells" approach appears to be working for Diesel, mostly due to the fact that their sexy campaigns have a sense of humor and don't leave you feeling too dirty.

Advertising Agency:Happy Creative Service, Bangalore, India
Creative Director:Praveen Das, Kartik Iyer
Art Director:Praveen Das
Copywriter:Sanaa Abdussamad
Studio Head:Rama Krishna
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