Chevy Camaro's 2011 Super Bowl Ad 'Miss Evelyn' Makes You Hot for Teacher

Have you ever had a conversation with a buddy about how you would make a great Super Bowl ad if you just had the chance and the budget. Well Chevy Camaro's new 2011 Super Bowl TV spot titled 'Miss Evelyn' does just that, as the fun ad features the running commentary of a couple of armchair ad execs ideas come to life. A clever idea as the spot has everything a Super Bowl car commercial should have; sexy girls, a desert scene with mirrors, a cool car chase threw city streets with helicopters and hay bails, and a slow motion shot of the Chevy Camaro flying off a building. But all great ads need a twist, and in this ending we all get schooled.

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners,
Co-Chairman/Creative Directors: Jeff Goodby,    Rich Silverstein
Executive Creative Director: Hunter Hindman,     Rick Condos
Copywriter: Alex Flint
Art Director: Dino Spadavecchia
Producers: Susan Crimley, TJ Kearney
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