Turns Out Pulled Groupon Super Bowl Ads are Good for Business and Charities Alike

The Groupon Super Bowl controversy of 2011 is a great example of an ad campaign that defies political correctness and demonstrates the actual intelligence of consumers thought processes. It seems that even after Groupon Super Bowl XLV's controversial commercials were pulled, the internet company's subscriber-ship increased not decreased. In addition, the charitable organizations that were connected with the ad campaign such as Greenpeace and The Tibet Fund called the ad campaign and partnership a financial success with that actually brought there issues and concerns to the forefront. The whole fiasco could have been avoided however if Groupon had actually mentioned the charitable arm of the campaign by featuring their website SaveTheMoney.org in the actual spots themselves. Nonetheless, I hope advertising agencies and companies alike learn from this incident and do not bow down to political correctness and continue to push the envelope of advertising creativity.

In lieu of this I thought it would be interesting to post Groupons alternate spot that was rejected for their inaugural Super Bowl ad campaign for the now infamous commercials. Clearly not as thought provoking or controversial, but I'm sure it still would have outraged some recovering addict advocate groups.

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