Mercedes Ad 'Infoxication' Gets Us Intoxicated with Too Much Information

In an attempt to describe what our brave new world's over consumption and consumerism has led us to, ad agency El Laboratorio and German car maker Mercedes-Benz have created an intriguing and original commercial. The creative spot features a thought provoking narrative voiced over some very clever art displays that perfectly symbolizes our society's latest affliction of overwhelming choice. Still not sure if 'infoxication' is a bad thing though.

Advertising Agency: El Laboratorio, Madrid, Spain
Creatives: Carlos Holemans, Manuel Cavanillas, Carla Romeo, Jesús Lada
Director: Sega
DOP: Ángel Iguacel
Production Company: Lee Films
Production Company Producer: Iván Fernández
Editing Company: Telson
Post Production: Telson
Music: Love Monk
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