Classical Music Creates New Ideas for Milk and Marketing

Thinking outside of the box is what the people at The Dortmund Concert Hall have done when they created their marketing campaign for their 2011 music season. Accepting the fact that the majority of people are not that interested in classical music, Dortmund developed a plan for people to experience their music through milk. Taking the long proven scientific fact that cows who listen to classical music produce more milk, the great marketing campaign 'The Konzertmilch Case' was born.

Producer: Johannes Bittel, Claudia Westermann
Production: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
Audioproduction: Infected Postproduction GmbH
Composer: Joseph Haydn
Client: Konzerthaus Dortmund GmbH: Anne-Katrin Röhm
Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe; Sascha Hanke, Jens Pfau, Tobias Grimm, Jo Marie Farwick, Damjan Pita, Jochen Schwarz, Dajana Quurk, Marijke Fisser, Liane Siebenhaar, Henning Robert, Jan-Hendrik Scholz, Mikis Meyer, Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner, Christoph Mäder, Sven Gabriel
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