Audi A6 "HummingBird " Fly Through The Air Advert

The newest advert/commercial campaign for Audi's A6 Avant created by BBH entitled "Hummingbird." The animated spot was directed by Oscar winner Daniel Barber. The features a metal hummingbird resembling the Audi that zips around, fueled by its lightness and speed, when it comes face to face with the new Audi vehicle.

The hummingbird mischievously glides through its world to the strains of Johann Strauss's Open Road, song title "Open Sky" sung by legendary American baritone and automobile lover John Charles Thomas.
My pick for the best Audi Ad is still the "Progress Is Beautiful" spot, check it out by clicking HERE.
Advertising Agency: BBH, UK
Creatives: Paul Yull, Adi Birkinshaw
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Producer: Ruben Mercadal
Team Manager: Polly Knowles
Team Director: Simon Coles
Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Daniel Barber
Producer: Matthew Brown
DoP: Stephen Blackman
Post Production / Animation: The Mill
Lead 3D Artist: Tom Bussell
Editor / Editing House: Adam Marshall / The Whitehouse
Sound: Factory
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