Shaun White and Yeti Stride WhiteMint Commercial

Great new TV ad for Stride gum featuring snowboarder Shaun White, promoting Stride WhiteMint gum, you know the one…the ridiculously long lasting gum. You have to love Yeti the snow-sasquatch’s approach at getting this guy to spit out his gum.
Yeti will get ya to spit it out

Stride did not disclose any financial details, but White is estimated to earn at least $2 million annually for each endorsement deal.  Bloomberg Businessweek ranked White, 25, who also competes professionally as a skateboarder, the second most powerful athlete of 2011, with quarterback Peyton Manning in the top spot. White “combines dominance on the slopes with a friendly face and personality,” said Businessweek. “All this adds up to instant marketability.”
Ad Agency: JWT NewYork
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