Parker Pens "What The World Calls A Pen" TVC/Ad

Luxor Writing Instruments has just launched a new commercial for ‘Parker’ pens. The commercial, a Lowe Lintas creative effort, revolves around positioning the brand as "What the world calls a pen."
Pooja Jain, Executive Director, Luxor Group, said, “What you take out from your pocket to sign that important document or letter does say a lot about your taste and persona. With over 120 years of international heritage, every ‘Parker’ is not just an epitome of sophistication but also an assurance of the highest quality performance and comes with a tag of being globally recognised as the choice for a real connoisseur. With its distinguished appeal and charisma, it has been a favourite world over for decades now.”
The TVC opens with actor Amitabh Bachchan dressed in an elegant suit, sitting on a stylish couch in a posh hotel lobby. A gentleman approaches him and asks for a pen. Bachchan is filled with admiration for the pen that he holds in his hand and ignores him. The gentleman again asks for a pen. Bachchan, in awe of the passionate craftsmanship, shows the gentleman different Parkers, telling him how people across the world pronounce it. The gentleman recognises Bachchan’s context and asks for a ‘Parker’ instead of a pen. Bachchan instantly acknowledges the request of the Irishman and hands him a ‘Parker’.

“People are now more conscious about the brands they use. Parker holds a unique place in the writing instruments category. When you hold a Parker, it is a Parker and not a pen. We wanted to capture this in our brand communication and the Lowe team has done a wonderful job,” Jain said.

Speaking about the TVC, R Balki, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “The new Parker film revolves around the new positioning for the brand. The film depicts the global recognition of the brand and this is captured throughout the script while showing different forms of pronunciation of the word ‘Parker’ in different languages as used in different countries. The film also reflects that Parker is a choice for the real connoisseur. It enhances the overall brand stature.”

“Amitabh Bachchan has again stood apart with respect to the overall brand personality, perception and value. His personality compliments Parker’s personality of being a globally recognised and valued brand which gets bigger and more prestigious with time,” Balki added.

Advertiser: Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd
Agency: Lowe Lintas
Creative team: R Balki, Amer Jaleel
Servicing team: Tanul Bhartiya
Planning: Ritu Bhandari
Film production: Chrome Pictures
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