Cadbury Dairy Milk "Icons" Advert with "Abracadabra"

Newest Cadbury Dairy Milk "Icons" advert and the Steve Miller Band's song "Abracadabra" make for one chocolaty good commercial.

Jonathan Notaro and his BNS colleagues are very proud to detail their latest project: Developed in partnership with Publicis QMP Ireland and Cadbury, the sumptuous :60 broadcast/web spot for Cadbury Dairy Milk entitled “Icons” recently debuted as a key part of the brand’s biggest ever integrated marketing campaign in Ireland.

As the project’s director, Jonathan’s challenge began with what he describes as “a beautifully poetic script” and a detailed agency briefing, which called for an ad that would “seduce” viewers with footage of tempting, mouth-watering chocolate in all its glory and perhaps involve “hints of cheeky humour.”

“We all felt that this project would build on some of our previous work while offering us a new direction with its dark, dramatically slick tone,” Jonathan says. “Using the process as a starting point we began designing abstract scenes that were surreal and terrestrial to create a mysterious visual narrative. We wanted to capture the behavior of these different elements with a little sleight of hand, so we decided to fuse photo-sonic photography for the scenes we could capture in-camera and CG for the scenarios that were impossible to film.”

Project Name: Cadbury Dairy Milk "Icons"
Length: :60
Debut Date: Sept. 3, 2011
Film Studio/Location: Duke's Island Studios, West London
Main Tools: Photron FASTCAM BC2 HD camera system, 99K Linear Longstrike Lightning Strike lights, Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya, V-Ray.
Client: Cadbury
Marketing Manager: Greta Hammel
Brand Manager: Aideen Murphy
Advertising Agency: Publicis QMP, Ireland
Creative Director: Ronan Nulty
Copywriter: Darragh Carey
Art Director: Avril Durkan
Account Director: Kerry Fitzgerald
Agency Producer: Margaret Levingstone
Production Company: Brand New School London
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Ricardo Villavicencio
Director of Photography: Tim Green
Executive Producer (London): Geraldine McCarthy
Executive Producer (NY): Devin J Brook
Producer (London): Georgina Poushkine
Production Manager (London): Michaela Miesen
Post Producer (NY): Madison Brigode
Storyboards: Will Rosado
Designers: Ricardo Villavicencio, Freddy Arenas, Mario Sader, Wakako Ichinose, Sakona Kong, Andy Bernett, Caleb Halter
CG/VFX Supervisor: Vadim Turchin
Animator: Meng-Han Ho, Walter Lubinski, Jerry Chow, Michael Garcia, Seon Crawford, Oyekunle Jegede, Jeff Bryson
3D Lighter: Ryan Lang, Eric Concepcion, Bill Dorais
3D Modeler: Alek Vacura, Piotr Glabinski
Flame Artists/Compositors: Aska Otake, Joe Vitale, Elsa Tu, Sheila Sullivan
Practical Visual Effects Company: Artem Visual Effects London
Music Track: Steve Miller Band's "Abracadabra"
Sound Design and Final Mix Company: Mutiny Sound Studios Dublin
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