New Gears of War 3 Dust to Dust Promo

The Dust to Dust film was developed at TwoFifteen Mccann by chief creative officer Scott Duchon, associate creative directors Mat Bunnell, Steve Couture, art director Jeremy Diessner, copywriter Nicole Clainos, director of integrated production Tom Wright, agency producers Chris Weldon, Eric Rasco, account director Peter Goldstein, account management supervisor Luke Lamson, account executive Stephanie Scott.

Production, animation, Mocap, editorial and visual effects were produced at Digital Domain by executive vie president Ed Ulbrich, executive producer Tanya Cohen, VFX supervisor Vernon Wilbert, Jr
, senior producer Melanie La Rue, producer Chris Fieldhouse
, CG supervisor Richard Morton, coordinator William Lemmon
, editor Todd Miller
, matte painter Zach Christian
, motion graphics artist Cody Williams, previs artist Niles Heckman
, technical director Derek Crosby, technical director, rigger: Adrian Dimond, digital artists Ryan Apuy
, Lee Carlton
, Daisuke Nagae
, Dave Carlson
, David Liu
 and Desiree Lundsferd
, lead animator Rick Glenn
, animator Kevin Culhane
, animator Scott Kravtiz
, lead FX artist Jason Mortimer
, FX artists Ken Jones
 and Adrian Graham
, lead Nuke compositor Rafael F. Colón, Nuke compositors Aruna Inversin
 and Soyoun Lee
, Flame artist Jeff Heusser, virtual production supervisor Gary Roberts, Mocap production supervisor Gaby Rios, senior Mocap pipeline engineer Damon Shelton, lab supervisor April Warren, Mocap artists Alia Dong-Stewart
, Ronaldo Benaraw
 and Ryan Beagan
, systems admin manager Steve Madonna and production assistant Jenn Grundstad.

Live action was filmed by director Adam Berg via Smuggler with executive producers Lisa Rich, Patrick Milling Smith and Brian Carmody.

Music is “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star.

Sound was designed at Skywalker Sound by supervising sound designer/mixer Randy Thom, re-recording mixer Leff Lefferts, supervising sound editor Mac Smith, sound effects editor Steve Boeddeker, foley artists Sean England, Ronni Brown, foley mixer Tony Eckert and foley recordist Corey Tyler. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by Joel Waters.
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