Cosmo For Guys The What Girls Look At Experiment

Anthony wants to find out which one of his body parts girls look at when they first meet him. Four hidden cameras are placed on his body to conduct this experiment: a crotch cam, a bicep cam, a butt cam, and a glasses cam (so the viewer can always see what/who Anthony is looking at). All videos are being recorded onto HD DVRs that are placed in Anthony's backpack.

Anthony walks around New York City and approached different girls, asking them for directions. The video is a montage of some of the girls who chose to take a peek at either his butt, his crotch, or his biceps.
The concept was created by Thinkmodo for the second edition of iPad magazine Cosmo For Guys. The first one, iPad Head Girl, featured a girl walking around with iPads around her noggin, based on the idea of "What do girls think about?"

Agency: Thinkmodo
Client: Cosmo For Guys
Creative Director: James L. Percelay
Creative Director: Michael Krivicka
Editing: Michael Krivicka
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