"Real Men Don't Buy Girls" Ad Campaign Features Hollywood's Real Men

A great new ad campaign to promote awareness to stop the world wide problem of child sex slave trafficking features some of Hollywood's biggest stars. The campaign was created by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and their DNA Project, as part of their personal fight against the child sex trade. The important campaign takes a less serious and offbeat approach to a difficult and taboo topic to discuss. With a "Funny or Die" feel to the series of PSA ads, the sure to be viral you tube styled videos stars such huge celebrities as Bradley Cooper, Jamie Fox, Sean Penn and Justin Timberlake. The funny spots all end with shots of framed photos of Hollywood's real men with gorgeous female stars like Eva Longoria posing the campaigns central message directly to the male viewers, are you a real men too?

Real Men Know How To Use The Remote starring Jamie Fox

Real Men Know How To Use An Iron starring Sean Penn

Real Men Prefer A Close Shave starring Justin Timberlake

Real Men Know How To Make A Meal starring Bradley Cooper
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