Walmart Does Not Want to Get "Stuck" Behind the Latest Ad Trends

Walmart along with The Martin agency have created a fun new TV spot as part of the retail giants clear intention to regain some of it's former successes. Simply titled 'Stuck', the cute commercial features an eclectic and strange shopping list, that in the end helps a kid get out of a tight situation. These family oriented ads have proven successful this year with popular spots like Volkswagen 'The Force' leading the trend. With that in mind Walmart have created the perfect advertisement to renew their low price styled mantra campaigns. Replacing the former 'Save Money, Live Better' the new spots slogan 'Low Prices. Every Day. On Everything', is a great start for a familiar direction.

Agency:The Martin Agency
CCO:John Norman
GCD:Joe Alexander
CD:Vanessa Fortier
Copywriter:Trent Patterson
Copywriter:Deric Nance
Art Director:Matt Davis
Art Director:John Szalay
Director of Integrated Production:Steve Humble
Agency Executive Producer:Dan Kaplan
Agency Producer:Christina Gilmartin
Production Company:Furlined
Director:Brian Aldrich
Editor:Adam Svatek
VP/Executive Producer:Eriks Krumins
Senior Executive Producer:David Thorne
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