Stihl Box Ad Shows You How To Trim Her Hedges

From French ad agency Publicis Conseil comes a hilarious new TV spot titled 'The Gardener'. A type of homage to the classic film 'The Graduate' - look for the famous money shot camera angle between the legs, the funny ad features a similar situation where the hired help shows off his power tool skills to an attentive and sexy trophy wife. Even though we have all seen this played out scenario a million times, this spot still pulls off a clever and effective advert, as Stihl Box has come up with a playful way to demonstrate the versatility of their gardening tools.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter: Fabrice Dubois
Art Director: Gérald Schmitte
Account Managers: Edouard Pacreau, Stéphane Gaillard, Eric Hazout, Sylvie Tavares
Film director: David Gray
Inhouse TV Production: Nathalie Levincent, Pierre Marcus/WAM
Production company: Carnibird
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