Fall in Love with Telkons 'Emoticon' Ad

In this new ad from South African mobile provider Telkon 8.ta, they introduce us to "Emoticons", and their fateful journey to finding love. The ad's Emoticon characters were inspired by those happy face symbols we all use in our emails and texts. To create this effect the cool looking spot mixes live action with 3d matte layers, resulting in a unique character composition that expresses their emotions solely on their facial expressions. The commercials great visuals and melodramatic theme is matched perfectly with music of Freddie Mercury and Queen and their classic song "It's A Hard Life".

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Johannesburg, South Africa
Production Company: Velocity
Director: Keith Rose
Executive Creative Director:Vanessa Pearson
Art Director:Sean Harrison
Copywriter: Tim Beckerling
Copywriter: Peet Englebrecht
DOP: Keith Rose
Executive Producer:Peter Carr
Producer: Grant Davies
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Photographer: Michael Polizia
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