Lego Short Film Advert "The Brick Thief"

Ad agency Pereira & O'Dell has launched their latest installment for its Lego Click marketing campaign with a short film advert called "The Brick Thief". Lego commercials have always been innovative mostly due to the inherent creativity of its product, as it lends itself well to stop motion animation. This spot stretches both the laws of physics and imagination, as it features a whimsical scientist stealing Lego bricks from unsuspecting kids in his wacky Lego lab.

Agency: Pereira & O'Dell PJ Pereira
Chief Creative Officer Kash Sree
Executive Creative Director Jason Apaliski
ACD/Art Director Jaime Robinson
ACD/Writer Sara Krider
Producer Jeff Ferro
Director of Production Gary Theut
Director of Client Services Skylar Fogel
Account Executive Production company: MJZ Blue Source
Line Producer Eric Stern
Executive producer David Zander
Excutive Producer Eduardo Martinez
Director of Photography Veronica Falcon
Choreographer Nicolas Scabini
Art Director Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors Damion Clayton
Editor: Carol Lynn Weaver
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