Nike 'RunFWD' Aim To Pass It On

Nike Japan has come up with a cool idea that involves runners from around the world in a virtual relay race. The RunFWD interactive project uses GPS to track runners and send custom video emails that are used to pass the relay baton or tasuki to the next participant. With names like Wayne Rooney joining in on the 2 month campaign called the Global Ekiden Relay, Nike is banking on world wide participation. The ad itself features great scenic shots mixed with some cool text effects, along with a great soundtrack by toe.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Directors: Frank Hahn, Naoki Ito
Director/Editor/Animator: Genki Ito
Art Director: Naoki Ga
Copywriters: Hiroshi Kuyama, Andrew Miller
Interactive Copy Writer: Takayuki Rokutan
Account Supervisor: Kohei Adachi
Music: toe
Logotype/Typeface: Masanori Sakamoto
Digital Production: Root Communications
Technical Director: Toru Terashima
Director: Hiromi Yoshikawa
Systems Engineer/Programmers: Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Masatoshi Fujiyama
Markup Engineer: Takeshi Ninomiya
Interactive Designer/Flash Develop: Ken Murayama
Art Director/Designer: Masanori Sakamoto
Film Production: Rooftop
Producers: Kenji Yamamoto, Masahiko Abe
Production Manager: Poco Saito
Director of Photography: Naoki Noda
Photographer: Akihiro Ito
Producers: Wataru Nakata, Kenji Hashimoto, Akihiro Oshima
Retoucher: Shinji Sato
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