Citroen C3 Ad 'The Face' Has A Very Familiar One

Now where I have seen this before? And then it hit me like a 'Sledgehammer' - the new French automaker's commercial 'The Face' is very reminiscent of the iconic rock video by Peter Gabriel. The animated spot features a driver singing the cover version of the song 'Hit the Road Jack' while the landscape and settings around him morph using stop-motion animation. Not the most original idea but the ad still works, as most people buying the car model were probably not born when 'Sledgehammer' was even released back in 1986.

Worldwide Creative Director:Gilbert Scher
Creative Director:Luca Cinquepalmi
Creative Director:Marco Venturelli
Head of TV:Christopher Thiery
Director:Peter Sluszka
Executive Producer:Michael Feder
Producer:Greg Bedard
Producer:Joel Kretschman
Director of Photography:Zak Mulligan
Animator:Chris Gilligan
Animator:Matt Somma
Animator:Kevin Coyle
Production Designer:Anthony Henderson
Production Designer:Elise Ferguson
Lead Compositor:Arthur Hur
Compositor:Andrew MacFarlane
Compositor:John Harrison
Compositor:Peter Fink
Compositor:Rosie Garschina
Editor:Anita Chao
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