Super Bowl XLV Advertisers: Who Will Get the Best Bang for their Buck?

Brand Keys', a New York-based brand and customer loyalty research group have released their 9th annual Super Bowl Advertising Survey. The report indicates which Super Bowl advertisers will get the best return on their $3 million investment for a 30 second spot. In short, the research measures and predicts consumer's real reactions to the brands. The advertisers are then ranked either positively or negatively, as we all know many Super Bowl ads fail to always score a touchdown. Apparently, the big winners at this years Super Bowl are Groupon and Sketchers, with CarMax and Chrysler fumbling the ball.

Super Bowl XLV Advertisers Return on Investment Ranking:

Groupon +12
Skechers +12
Hyundai +11 +10
Pizza Hut +10
Best Buy +9
Doritos +9
PepsiMax +9
Anheuser-Busch +8
Mercedez-Benz +8
Mars +8
Suzuki +8
Teleflora +8
BMW +7
Careerbuilder +7
Kia +7
Audi of America +5
Bridgestone +5
HomeAway +4
Volkswagen +4
Coca-Cola +3
Paramount Pictures +2
Universal Studios +2
GM Chevrolet -0-
E*trade -2 -3
CarMax -4
Chrysler -4
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