Controversial Heineken Ad 'The Tiger' Original and Revised Versions

When Heineken recently released their new TV commercial 'The Tiger' and received regular air time, it quickly became evident that some people took offense to the apparent chauvinistic ad. The controversy is due to the line "prey", as to describe the female character played by the gorgeous Valeska Castillo. Heineken responded quickly to the issue and released an updated version with the line 'prey' replaced with the word 'prize'. Not sure if this will really resolve anything as I'm sure there will be somebody who will find the word 'prize' just as offensive. Controversy aside, the spot is very charming and I think most women would agree.

Here is the new tamer version.

  The backing track is the classic Latin song titled 'Quantanamera', this version was mixed by Andres Levine.
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