Clever Law Firm Print Ad "Was His"

This ad is just fantastic! Being from Toronto I can honestly tell you I have seen this car in the city. It must be safe to assume these lawyers are divorce lawyers too. What I really love about this advertisement is that so little needs to be explained...

Absolut Vodka maker replaces iconic ad campaign

It's an Absolut shift.

Absolut vodka is retiring the ad campaign that made it famous over 25 years, replacing it with a new global campaign that shows what things would be like "in an Absolut world."

Since 1981, Absolut has produced more than 1,500 print executions of its "bottle" campaign, which juxtaposes the product's punning moniker against a stylized image of the brand's distinctively shaped bottle. For example: "Absolut Texas" under an image of an oversized bottle, or "Absolut 19th" with a bottle made out of a golf green.
"It's probably the most iconic print campaign of the last quarter century. It is the textbook example of taking a strong idea and running with it and keeping it fresh," said Chris Staples, creative director at Rethink Communications in Vancouver. "I'm sad to see it go."
The decision to abandon the bottle campaign follows consumer research in Canada and eight other countries that found that while vodka drinkers admired the bottle campaign, it no longer provided them with enough opportunities to interact and get involved with the brand, said Nina Gillsvik, director of consumer marketing at Vin & Sprit AB, Sweden's state-run distillery.
"What we have seen is that the iconic bottle campaign - as amazing and fantastic as that campaign has been - needed to change," Ms. Gillsvik said. "Our consumers say they want interaction, they want to get inspired, they want to get involved."
She said the new campaign will illustrate life in an imagined Absolut world, where men could have babies, the moon would be a disco ball and there would be no global warming. One of the first executions to be rolled out will show an image of New York's Times Square, where the advertisements have been replaced with fine art.
"We've formed a picture of an Absolut world and we want the consumers to be invited to give their view of an Absolut world," Ms. Gillsvik said.
The new global campaign - only the second in the brand's history - comes a year after Absolut began experimenting with an intermediary campaign that ran only in the United States, its biggest market.
That campaign continued to play with the brand name, positioning it as "The Absolute Vodka." Meanwhile, the traditional bottle campaign has continued to run in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Mid-market vodkas like Absolut have been losing share to brands in the higher-priced deluxe category. But Bengt Baron, chief executive officer of Vin & Sprit, told Reuters recently that the brand grew by 7 per cent, or 700,000 cases last year.
Ms. Gillsvik said the bottle campaign worked very well in print, but was less relevant in the evolving media landscape. The new campaign will incorporate various media elements, including print, television, Internet, mobile marketing and guerrilla activities.
"The media landscape has changed so much. Only 10 years ago, we could reach all of our consumers through print. That is not really possible today. You need to talk to them in an entirely new way. And that demands that we change the advertising so it fits," she said.
The new campaign - developed by ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day and online agency Great Works AB - launches in Germany and the U.S. over the next few weeks. It will make its debut in Canada in the fall and will be rolled out in 12 other Absolut markets later this year.
The Swedish government is preparing to sell Vin & Sprit, and several of the world's largest spirits companies have indicated an interest, including Bacardi Ltd., Diageo PLC, Pernod Ricard SA and Fortune Brands Inc. Absolut is the world's second best-selling vodka after Diageo's Smirnoff brand.
After 25 years and 1,500 ads, Absolut Vodka is abandoning its iconic "bottle" campaign.
Out with the old
The long-running ad series, right, juxtaposed stylized images of the brand's bottle with short headlines using the phrase: "Absolut "
In with the new
The new global campaign, above, shows what life would be like in an imagined Absolut world, where Times Square would have art instead of advertising and men could have babies.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Funny Bud Commercial on YouTube

This commercial is one of the funniest I have seen. Bud Light has always had some of the greatest commercials and this one is right up there. Bookmark the site, I will be adding some of my favorite commercials regularly, if you come across any really good commercials or advertising please send me a link. Now I have to run, I have my dog in training .....aim for the mid section buddy!!

Heineken "Bottoms Up" Clever Ad

Heineken has always been one of my favorite companies for advertising, their advertising is at times so simple and yet so very powerful. Two bottles of Heineken upside down...thats it. The idea of a sexy womans long beautiful legs makes your mouth water and now I'm craving an ice cold Heineken. Is it just me, or do those legs look really good to you too? On second thought never mind, that could be very painful....I see an ad for band-aids coming.

Hilarious Bikini Line Advertisment by Veet

This is one of the funniest, and disturbing ads I have ever come across. Some ads really make you stop and think... is Veet really going to help this woman, I think a barber is in order first. In case you you didn't notice you have to look at this ladies bikini line. Its really very ingenious how they used the hair of the two ladies posing in the background. This print ad is one of several they created. I will post the others soon.
Enjoy the warm weather ladies.

Now Thats A Zippo

These fantastic Zippo ads were done back in 2003 by McCann-Erickson, Singapore. I love the Zippo Lighters and this has always been one of my favorites. They were placed on taxi cabs through out the city. I did a little research and yes, that is a real flame blowing out the top of the zippo.

Bud Ad In Windsor, Ontario

This master piece ran in Windsor Ontario, where they have a huge amount of tourists from the USA come regularly for the casino. I don't think the ad ran too long, but way to go Budweiser and the city of Windsor for having the guts to run the ad. Its not a great ad that warrants any awards but I just like it.

Don't Jump Bus Top Advertisment

To be honest, I'm not a fan of this one from I have to admit the idea for this form of advertising is ingenious. In case you can't figure it out, that is the top of a busy downtown bus that must be seen by thousands of people day dreaming out of their office windows in some downtown skyscraper just wishing they had a better job.
The grass isn't always greener friends.

Bic Razor, I wish I thought of this

I don't know how long the effect of this billboard will have give them credit, this is classic. I wonder if my husband has shaved yet today, I hope not I like a little scruff on him.
Sorry Bic that didn't help your cause here, but I did give you a free plug.

Cingular, New York is where you are guarnteed great advertising

Only in New York can you find great advertising like this.
Awesome job whoever is in charge of advertising at Cingular.
I heard this billboard wasn't originally planned this way, the workers hanging it quit on the spot after Viacom offered them more money.

FedEx, now this is a great way to keep your ad on the move

Smart, stylish and depending on how much this guy walks around the city in a day it has the potential to be seen by thousands of curious eyes everyday.

Lets just hope if he does get paid to be a mobile advertiser
that he at least washes this shirt daily.
If anyone from FedEx happens to see the free advertising I just gave you
by all means, I think I deserve a free shirt.

Dieting Ad, now thats a billboard ad

This billboard ad is so simple yet so very effective, nice to see even the most simple of advertising can be effective. Thumbs up to Viacom and Silberman's Fitness Center where ever in the world you are based out of.
That guy really needs to be dieting!!

You Gotta Love Mr Clean

That Mr Clean, wow can he clean or this is advertising at its finest.

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