The New Walk In Fridge Heineken Commercial Ad

The Walk In Heineken Fridge Commercial. So how many guys are going to be asking their wives if they can build a walk in fridge for all that beer?

Every mans dream come true and every woman's dream walk-in closet all in one beer that is brilliant. If anyone has the credits for this Heineken ad please post them in the comments.

Pepsi Takes Over Times Square To Promote Their New Logo

Pepsi is taking over Times Square this New Years eve to introduce the new Pepsi logo. Featuring their new Refresh Everything message of hope, optimism and a perfect world through Pepsi's new advertising campaign. Pepsi debuted the new commercial "Worldplay" on the famous Times Square big screens for the world to see. Up until December 31, six other Times Square screens will display Pepsi's optimistic messages commercial campaign. On December 31 from noon to 4PM, a Pepsi Pop Up store will take over the Good Morning America studio offering the public free Pepsi Max and swag.

This spot features the music of "The Apples In Stereo" and the song "Energy"the new pepsi cola logo debuted at Times Square 2009

Spaghetti For Women Only psa Commercial Campaign

A public awareness campaign for the Greater Chicago Food Depository encouraging food donations. A good message but, who new that spaghetti could play such a role in what could just as easily be a great advertising campaign for one of the trendy perfume or fashion industry giants like Hugo Boss, Channel or even a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Executive Creative Directors: Bob Winter, Reed Collins
Copywriter: Dave Derrick
Art Director: Stephanie Simpson
Agency Executive Producer: David Moore
Agency Producer: Topher Cochrane
Production Company: Dictionary Films, Chicago
Director: Chris Markos
DP: Russ Harper
Executive Producer: Megan Maples
Line Producer: Nathan Brown
Editorial Company: Cutters
Editor: Kathryn Hempel
Music/Sound Design: Another Country
Composer/Engineer: John Binder

Tree Trimming Mac vs PC Christmas Ads

Mac and PC decide to take a break from their disagreements and do something fun together in Apple's second of two new Christmas commercials for 2008. The Get A Mac cartoon ads are sweet, they titled this one Tree Trimming. What I found interesting were the lights on the tree at the end of the spot flashing PC Rules, it could almost have the reverse effect.

Mac vs PC 2008 Christmas Commercial I Can Do Anything

Keeping with the holiday spirit for the next week or so leading up to the holidays here is Apple's newest Mac vs PC 2008 Christmas commercial "I Can Do Anything". These are cute animated commercials with a whimsical charm, but don't let that fool you, Mac keeps the message alive and well in these ads.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

You can't help but feel sorry for PC sometimes; I will have the second of the two spots posted soon.

AKQA Wishes Us A Merry Xmas With Singing Microwaves via A Viral Ad

AKQA, one of my favorite ad agencies created a brilliant viral spot wishing us all a Merry Christmas. They synchronized a rather large number of microwave ovens to play us the holiday Christmas tune we all know and love "Jingle Bells".microwave ovens were used to play music in the viral adActually they used 49 microwave ovens to play us Jingle Bells. Who is AKQA? They have created work for companies of likes of: Nike, Visa, Double Click, ESPN, Virgin, The Gap, McDonald's and Coca-Cola just name a few.

Thank you AKQA for this, it is awesome and Merry Christmas to you all too.
Executive Creative Director: James Hilton
Creative Director: Colin Byrne/James Capp
Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali
Produced by Bikini and AKQA.FILM
Director: Jonty Toosey
DOP: Bruce Jackson
Producer: Phil Barnes
Art Dept: David Rosen
Executive Producer : Kate Elson
Edit by Cut And Run
Editor: Ben Campbell
Sound design by Adelphoi
Sound designer: Shervin Shaeri
Producer: Sean Atherton
Post Production/TK by Rushes
Producer: Carl Grinter
Cameras supplied by Take2
Lighting supplied by Aim Image & Arri Focus
Filmed at Pinewood Studios, London

Classic Maxell Ad featuring the "Blown-Away Guy"

When Maxell first produced advertisements infamously known as "Blown Away Guy" for its line of audio cassettes tapes in the ealry 80's, little did they know it would become an iconic advert in both print and TV. Photographer Steve Steigman created a minimalistic ad using the music of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" to great effect. The ad has been spoofed ever since from Family Guy to the John Ritter movie Stay Tuned.

Coca-Cola Classic Ad featuring "Mean Joe Greene"

One of the most famous Coca-Cola TV commercials in history, which first aired in September 1979, starred NFL Hall of Famer "Mean Joe Greene" and a little boy named Tommy Okon. This iconic TV spot has been credited in starting the athlete endorsement craze in advertising and has spun off many imitators and recent updated versions, including fellow Pittsburgh Steeler star Troy Polamalu. But just like Coke, nothing beats the original.


McDonald's Four Bucks is Dumb Billboard

I'm Lovin' It, McDonald's finally gets exciting with their advertising. Billboards starting popping up around Seattle Washington the home of Starbucks for McDonald's, the billboards read "Four Bucks is Dumb" now serving espresso; other billboards read "Large is the New Grande". McDonald's released a statement calling the advertising campaign "a light-hearted, fun approach to our brand," aimed at promoting the company's McCafe coffee products. I'm sure Starbucks is not sharing in the same sentiments about the ad campaign.

"four bucks is dumb. now serving espresso"
McDonalds billboard four bucks is dumb advertising campaign takes on Starbucks Deb Trevino, director of global communications for Starbucks, responded to the McDonald's campaign by saying: "Comparative campaigns are all well and good but only when they're credible and authentic. If the claim is not supportable or the tone is off, you risk losing credibility."
Let the corporate bickering begin, I personally love the billboard it ads some excitement to the advertising world; let's hope Starbuck's comes back with a light hearted attack on McDonald's, they could be great considering the reputation of McD's food, do you really think they could make an espresso as good as Starbuck's?

The Whopper Virgins by Burger King Challenges McDonalds with Viral Ads

Burger King's "The Whopper Virgins" advertising campaign challenges McDonalds.
The agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky, used popular documentary filmmaker Stacy Peralta to create these new commercials and viral ads. They sent a research team to villages in Thailand, Greenland and Romania and used the old Coke or Pepsi style of taste testing challenge to ask people who have never tasted a burger to compare the Whopper with McDonald's Big Mac; promoting the Whopper as "the world's purest taste test". What has advertising become? The response to the Burger King Whopper Virgins campaign has been tremendous online; I'm still not sure what to make of this.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Executive Creative Directors: Rob Reilly/ Andrew Keller
Creative Director: Bill Wright/ James Dawson-Hollis
Associate Creative Director: Paul Caiozzo/ Ryan Kutscher
Sr. Art Director: David Swartz
Sr. Copywriter: Andrew Ure
Vp/Director of Integrated Productions: David Rolfe
Integrated Head of Video: Matt Bonin
Senior Integrated Producer: Anthony Nelson
Production Company: Nonfiction
Director: Stacy Peralta
Executive Producer: Michael Degan/ Loretta Jeneski
Producer: Nadine Brown
Executive Producer: Crissy Desimone
Music: Amber Music

Pablo The Drug Mule Dog Anti Cocaine Commercial

New advert for the UK government's 'Frank' drugs awareness campaign, focusing on cocaine and featuring the character 'Pablo the drug mule dog', voiced by Peep Show star David Mitchell.

Commercial Agency credits for Pablo The Drug Mule.
Agency: Mother, London
Copywriter: Mother
Art Director: Mother
Producer: Matt C. Minor
Production Company: Hotspur & Argyle, London
Director: Big Red Button
Executive Producer: Danny Fleet
Producer: Linsey Romano
DP: Ole Bratt Birkeland
Post-Production: Munky
Audio: Factory
Editor: Jane Cina @ Trim

Simple Math Commercial for Nike and the Jordan Brand

The Jordan brand by Nike just released a new commercial "Simple Math". Created by Wieden & Kennedy, New York for Nike's popular Micheal Jordan brand. The spot features a football practice, with all the players in Nike attire of course; and the narrator explaining the "simple math" of how their team got to where they are today.

Creative Directors: Keith Cartwright
Copywriter: Josh Dimarcantonio Joe Ventura
Art Director: Keith Cartwright
Account team: Andrew Goldberg, Michael Dunn, Juan Reyes
Media Planners: Troy Valls, Blake Barkin
Project Manager: Bianca Jose
Executive Creative Directors: Todd Waterbury, Kevin Proudfoot
Strategic Planner: Chuck Welch
Media Planner: Troy Valls, William Hearst
Effects: Nice Shoes
Color Correction: Company 3- Billy Gabor
Online: Nice Shoes
Sound Company: Henryboy
Sound Mixer: Philip Loeb
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Mark Romanek

Miss Dior Cherie Director Sofia Coppola and Maryna Linchuk in Dior Commercial

New Miss Dior Cherie fragrance commercial with Maryna Linchuk, directed by Sofia Coppola. Sofia Coppola captures a dreamy day in the life of model Maryna Linchuk; music is by Brigitte Bardot titled "Moi Je Joue". This advert just too "dreamy" for me, I will give Coppola credit for doing a good job and the music is great; Miss Dior Cherie, it is growing on me.

Production Company: The Directors Bureau, Los Angeles/Les Telecreateurs, Paris
Director: Sofia Coppola
DP: Harris Savides
Production Designer: Anne Ross
Music: "Moi Je Joue" by Brigitte Bardot

Stella Artois "Doves" Commercial Originally Crafted For The Holidays

Beautiful new Stella Artois commercial created by Lowe Roche, Toronto. Stella Artois; Originally Crafted For The Holidays. The spot, directed by Psyop and a microsite at tell the story of a master craftsman who creates a magical paper cut world. The concept draws parallels to Stella Artois’ own brewing process and unique holiday heritage. Music by: Paul Leonard-Morgan , Sound engineer: Ben Gulvin , Sound House: 750mph, London.

“We wanted to explain the ties Stella Artois has to the holiday season, while honoring their cinematic and interactive advertising traditions. We took this project as our opportunity to bring an element of magic and fantasy to the Stella Artois brand.” said Christina Yu, Vice President, Creative Director, Lowe Roche. “After all, what better way to celebrate the season than with a beer created just for it?”
Project: Le Noël
Spot title: Dove
Client Company: InBev
Brand: Stella Artois
Creative Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
Worldwide Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Art Directors: Christina Yu, Patrick Shing
Copywriters: Rob Sturch, Joseph Bonnici
Producer: Dan Heighes
Digital Production Director: Trisha Quenneville
Flash Developer: Dan Purdy
Business Management: Anna Crabtree, Oliver Clark

Lebron James Chalk Commercial for Nike Zoom LeBron VI Featuring Lil Wayne

Nike and Lebron James team up for another great commercial. Nike debuted its latest television commercial, Chalk, featuring basketball star LeBron James. The 30 and 60-second U.S. television spots draw its inspiration from LeBrons pre-game ritual of tossing talcum powder into the air at the scorers table before each home and away game. The spot is part of Nike's integrated marketing and communication support for LeBrons latest signature sneaker the Zoom LeBron VI. The music is "Candyman" by Cornershop, the commercial also has star cameo appearances by basketball players Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, Daniel Gibson, Anderson Varejao, J.J. Hicks and platinum recording hip-hop artist Lil Wayne.
The opening line of the song is great - I'm The Candyman and The Candyman is Back.

Nike Chalk Commercial Credits:
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte, Tyler Whisnand, Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Caleb Jensen
Art Director: Taylor Twist
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Agency Producer: Erika Madison
Production Company: Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Director: Mark Romanek
Executive Producer: Dave Morrison
Producer: Aris McGarry
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Director of Photography: Adam Kimmel
Editor: Robert Duffy
Post-Production: Spot Welders
Senior Flame Artists: Chris De Cristo, Andrew Eksner, Jonny Hicks, Pilon Lectez
Talent: LeBron James, Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, Daniel Gibson, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Lil Wayne, Jamie Nared
Music: "Candyman" by Cornershop
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