Google Video Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla marketing campaign for Google Video in Germany.

Worth the two minutes, this is a great video be sure to keep your eye on the search terms they used. Genius marketing campaign.

Fifa Soccer Pepsi Sumo Edition Commercial

The trailer preview for the new Fifa Soccer Pepsi Commercial - The Sumo Edition.

This great commercial features a few of the greatest soccer players Beckham, Carlos, Raul to name a few, taking on a huge team sumo wrestlers, and the winner gets the Pepsi. Great commercial, I will have the credits posted soon.

Brandt Washing Machine Commercial from France

One of the most brilliant commercials I have ever seen. This comes from France, keep that in mind when you see the shower scene. Cannes award material for sure.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Fabien Teichner
Art Director: Faustin Claverie
Agency Producer: Dominique Porte
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Xavier Mendiola, Amélie Avierinos
Account Supervisors: Bertrand Coupy, Pascale Mirikelam
Production Company: Mister Hyde
Director: Keith Bearden

7 Creative Ways to Advertise In A Public Restroom

Fun stickers placed on the floor in public restrooms in Brazil advertising Jontex Condoms

What would restroom ambient advertising be without the Axe Effect.

An ambient advertising campaign done by the Drunk Driving Organization - Arrive Alive.
Not sure what is being advertised here with this ambient ad work. It must do something for the male ego at the very least anyway.
92% of guys say they washed. 34% were lying.

Advertising Agency McCann Erickson from Thailand came up with this fun and creative advertising campaign for Wolf Hot Sauce. They used a poster on a hand dryer to communicate just how hot Wolf Hot sauce is. Clever Ad.

Pfizer Viagra New Freud Print Ad From Slovenia

Pfizer Viagra "Freud" print ad
So, how many times have we seen this done. Viagra really gives new meaning to the idea though.

Advertising Agency: Arnoldvuga, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Directors: Martin Mol, Tadovan Arnold
Art Director: Barbara Hiti
Copywriter: Martin Mol
Photographer: David Fartek
Account Director: Tanja Gvozdenovic
DTP: Andrej Juvan
Published: February 2008

New Absolut Vodka Print Ads for 2008 In An Absolut World

I was a fan of the Absolut Vodka advertising campaigns of the past. They were simple, creative and very effective. Below are two new print ad campaigns for Absolut, In An Absolut World, although visually effective they don't leave me thinking Vodka.
In an Absolut World, Machines Amplify Your Creativity.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/MAP, Paris, France
Creative Director: Sébastien Vacherot & Manoelle van der Vaeren
Art Director / Copywriter: Julien Boissinot & Nicolas Pontacq
Photographer: Laurent Séroussi
Published: February 2008

PlayBoy Advertising Using Body Art from Germany

"Who Says That Men Don't Like Reading?"
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Holger Lindhardt
Art Director: Oliver Brkitsch
Copywriter: Heiko Notter
Account Manager: Silke Dolle

3 Funny Commercials 3 Dumb Blonde Moments

From Belgium this mobile phone commercial featuring Joke Van De Velde is a typical blonde moment. This great commercial is priceless.
TMF The Mobile Factory

How many times have you been locked in the salon, it happens!

Mercedes-Benz "Beauty Is Nothing Without Brains"

Only Mercedes-Benz could pull off this great commercial.

The Blonde and the pretty Dolphins Vonage Commercial.

Yes, this hilarious Vonage commercial did actually air. Ironic though, the girl's name is Linda O'Neil and she in fact is very intelligent and brunette!

The Condom, A Collection of Great Condom Ads

We know what is implied and it is done perfectly.
A nice way of sticking it to the competition.
A fun advertising effort by Johnson & Johnson in Brazil. The cardboard is positioned under the door and sells Jontex, a brand of condoms. The headline reads, "you do not know when it can be necessary."
This is not the only time the Jontex advertising team went creative. Here's another high profile placement . . . no explanation needed. Source: BrandweekNRX
These Durex condom ads were strategically placed in toll gates so that people would have to push into images of strategically placed women's rear ends to enter the subway station.
Source: InventorSpot

Funny Viral Commercial for Friesche Vlag

To promote milk you can either say it's healthy and good for your bones, or... you can go viral...and end up with the hilariously funny commercial for Friesche Vlag.

We would never see this great commercial air in North America, that is for sure.

Bajaj Pulsar Mania TV Commercial 2008

Bajaj Pulsar has defined the performance bike category in India. Ever since its launch, Pulsar's communication too has always focused on building a distinct identity and attitude for the brand. After it's last "FreeBiking" campaign aired in April 2007, this new campaign is the most spectacular the brand has ever done. Tagged as "Pulsar Mania", the campaign demonstrates the Pulsar's power, aggression and grace in a never seen before manner. Shot in Cape Town, the stunt team comprises the best riders across the world including AC Farias (World No.2), Matte Griffin etc.

Client: Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai
Creative Team: Abhijit Avasthi, Manoj Shetty, Rajneesh Ramakrishnan
Production House: Velocity Films, South Africa
Director: Lourens Van Rensburg
Music: Paul Norwood, Audio Militia

4 of The Funniest Commercials You've Never Seen

These are 4 of the funniest commercials, if you are an armchair advertising guru like myself then you will appreciate these. Whether you like advertising or not these will make you laugh guaranteed.

Great ads. Did I not tell you tell you these were the finniest commercials you've never seen?

Pony "Back In The Game" New Commercial Ad Campaign

In a category saturated with serious messages and celebrity, Fishtank created a humorous ad campaign showing Pony attacking well-known commercials from their competition, Nike, Adidas and Reebox. The campaign was designed for players with personality and creativity -- the same traits you can find throughout the classic Pony brand.

Dangers of Working At Home - Sony Vaio Commercial

The Sony Vaio - Dangers of Working at Home, this great commercial was banned from being aired on most networks, I like it so it here it is....enjoy...I think this is a great commercial. I can tell you without any hesitation that has happened to us.

Levi’s Originals Never Fit - Print Ads From The UK

Levi's Print Ad Campaign from BBH London, UK
Originals Never Fit - Neither does this ad campaign!

Agency: BBH, London, United Kingdom
Creatives: Simon Veksner, Nick Allsop
Photographer: Joseph Rodriguez

Clorets, Creative Outdoor Ad Campaign From China Ad Agency

Unique and very creative outdoor type billboard ad. Great way to promote the Clorets brand. Via: Ads Of The World.
Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Jordan Xue
Art Director: Dechun Qiu
Copywriter: Su Wang

10 of the Funniest, Sadest and just Bad Ad Placements

This Bus Ad placement was fine until the bus driver hit the mud.
Oh, so that's why we fly huh.
The next 2 ad placements are sad and very disturbing.
Yahoo just can't seem to catch a break.
This one is great the Grill For Less Ad came up twice.

This is a good time to just let the billboard ad here speak for itself.
Sad, this placement is just sad.
"Enjoy A Second Cup" I got a good chuckle from this great ad placement.

Finally, I was disturbed by the placement of this advertising. What were they thinking!

Special thanks to ads of the world for finding these interesting ad placements.

Axe Bullet - Newest Commercial The Best One Yet

From The Axe Effect to The New Axe Bullet, Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By
Every once in awhile a great commercial hits us and the world just loves it. For me it was the song that hit me more than the Axe Bullet. It is simply a great commercial...Two thumbs up to the Axe Bullet

This is the greatest commercial from Axe I have seen yet. If you are wondering about the song in this commercial it is "Can't seem to make you mine" by "The Seeds".

BMW Concept X6 Promotional Video

The new BMW X6 Concept Promotional Video, this is just as good as a great advertising campaign. I am looking forward to seeing what BMW comes up with to advertise the new BMW X6.

Wow, did you like it as much as I did?

Nissan Qashqai - Now This Is A Great Commercial

This is great advertising at it's finest, well done TBWA.

Agency: TBWA
Art Director: Alessio Riggi
Copywriter: Fabrizio Caperna

Camel Discover More Ad From Italy

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Guido Cornara, Agostino Toscana
Art Directors: Timur Kulenovic, Norbert Graf
Photographer: Jan Steinhilber
Published: February 2008

Luciano Carvari "Flora Amore" New Print Ads

“Flora - Amore” footwear collection from Luciano Carvari. The concept was to bring living plants and shoes together. Interesting ad campaign?

U.S Elections Presidential Campaign Logo's

John McCain stands out the most at first glance, with the black background and the star. Hilary Clinton's logo is more traditional and looks Presidential. The John Edwards logo caught my eye simply because of the green swoosh...I liked that.
The Barack Obama logo is the most progressive and elegant one of them all. The concept and execution found within this logo are years ahead of the others The light blue found on either side of his name really ties this one together nicely. And in the year 2008, how did none of the other logos include the website address, like this one managed to do? Amazing!
image via: Kirk Littell

BMW Print Advertising, and a knock from Hyundai

Hyundai 2008 Genesis takes it to Mercedes & BMW
This is great advertising.

The 3 print ads below are just some random BMW print ads. I think BMW could be more creative with their advertising.

Brett Favre - Collection of Great Favre Commercials & Endorsements

With Brett Favre announcing his retirement the other day I wanted to pay a tribute to Brett in some way for the many years we were lucky enough to watch him play football.
Hope you all like the collection of great Brett Favre commercials and ads.

Brett Favre MasterCard Commercial

Brett Favre Nike Commercial

Brett Favre Got Milk?

Thank You Brett For The Great Memories
On & Off The Field.

The Axe Effect, Random Selection Of These Great Ads

You really don't need me to say anything, I'm sure you agree that The Axe Effect is one of the greatest advertising campaigns ever created. Great Ads, The Axe Effect

Winter Games Supporter...Great Ads

If you don't get it right away CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT. As a Canadian I truly appreciate this great ad. I love this one.

Grey "Proud Sponsor of the Winter Games 2008"

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada
Art Director: Gerald Schoenhoff
Copywriter: Jonathan Careless
Photographer: Frank Hoedl
Published/Released (Month, Year): February, 2008

K-Swiss Keep It Pure - Great Ads...NOT!

Keep It Pure K-Swiss, uh, watch? what? I don't get it. Sometimes we have great ads, sometimes we use a famous woman who looks great but the ad really....these are horrible.

Advertising Agency: Toth Brand Imaging, Boston, USA
Creative Director: Joanne Reeves
Art Director: Kimberlee Eten
Copywriter: Cat Doran
Digital Designer: Matthew Parmet
Photographer: Richard Phibbs
To be published: March 2008
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