Subaru Forester Sumo Carwash Commercial and Follow Up Print Ads

We have by now all seen the Subaru Forester Sexy Sumo Car Wash commercial featuring the now famous Sumo wrestlers and the song "Danger High Voltage" by Electric Six. DDB, Toronto followed this ad campaign for the 2009 Subaru Forester with 3 print ads again with the Subaru Sumo Wrestlers. The full version of the commercial is below if you haven't seen it yet.

How can you not love a commercial like this, what a funny commercial.

Japanese SUV's Just Got A Little Sexier, Subaru Forester.

Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Copywriter: Matt Antonello
Art Director: Paul Riss
Producer: Andrew Schulze
Production House: The Corner Store, Toronto
Music: Electric Six “Danger! High Voltage”

Axe Detailer Shower Tool Commercial New Release

The Axe Detailer Shower Tool. BBH, New York and Axe have done it again, another great commercial for the popular Axe brand. This creative commercial features a guy going through a human car wash, fantastic idea to introduce the new Axe Detailer Shower Tool.

The Axe Detailer commercial features the song "Take Me Baby" by Jimi Tenor, sure be to as popular as the Axe Bullet commercial titled Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By, that featured the song by The Seeds, "Can't Seem To Make You Mine".
Axe Detailer Shower Tool Commercial, enjoy!

Released: July 2008
Avertiser: AXE
Brand name: Axe Detailer
Agency: BBH New York

Client: Axe
Agency: BBH, New York
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Roddy
Group Creative Director: Matt Ian, Amee Shah
Copywriter: Adam Reeves
Art Director: Craig Smith, John Foster
Senior Agency Producer: Jessica Dierauer
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Stylewar
Executive Producer: Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody
Line Producer: Jeff Miller
Director of Photography: Jallo Faber
Editorial Company: PS 260
Editor: Maury Loeb
Music Artist: Jimi Tenor
Song: Take Me Baby

Condom Advertising Prime Condoms Does It With Class

Advertising condoms is not an easy task, how do you advertise a condom while still showing some class and keeping a great brand image for your product? These print ads ran in Argentina, the Prime Condoms print ads are clever and actually leave something to the imagination.

Prime Condoms "Wherever The Mood Strike You"

Great Ads With A Summer Time Feel

In the spirit of summer 2008, a collection of hot summer weather themed advertising. A small collection of print ads, some funny, some not some of these great ads just say "enjoy the summer", others might make you look twice and a few might get a little well... let the advertising speak for itself...
Advertising in it's simplistic form, advertising a local car wash.
topless carwash advertisingHawaiian Tropic print ad, a must if you will be out in the sun.
bikini girl commercial adsIf you plan on being out sight seeing this summer, please keep your eyes on the road at all times!
A classic great print ad from Wallis.
Nothing says summer like a BBQ with friends and a nice thick juicy steak, who better to advertise a great steak than Donald Trump? I could think of a million other people!
Of course drinking plenty of fluids is important throughout the summer, and below are 2 great examples of advertising in the summer from Perrier Water.
perrier print ads girl at beachPerhaps water is not your drink of choice, beer advertising is everywhere so here is a great poster/billboard ad for Bud Light beer and a clever advertising campaign from feet commercial

The beach and bikini's are the staples of summer, H&M has billboards everywhere.

Now if you plan any activities at the beach, please don't forget your cam, Olympus took us to the beach for this clever advertising campaign.

Finally, don't forget your sunglasses, those UV rays are terrible. Oakley has a strong message for the sun expressed through this print ad. You tell it Oakley you tell it!

Go on, now get out there are enjoy the summer. Advertisers are waiting for you.

Kanye West Absolut Vodka Commercial

Absolut Vodka Commercial
In An Absolut World Everyone Could Be Kanye West

Well, if you ask me the Absolut World of Vodka advertising just took a turn for the worst, I like Kanye West as a musician and Absolut is my Vodka of choice. I always enjoyed the In An Absolut World advertising, this one may time some to get over. Seriously... In an absolut world everyone could be Kanye West, you lost me guys.
Let me know what you think?

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, USA
World Wide Creative Director: Rob Smiley
ACDs: Chris Lisick,Lew Willig
Producer: Winslow Dennis
Production Company: Smith & Jones Films
Director: Ulf Johansson
Executive Producer: Philippa Smith
Producer: Nicola Sims
Director of Photography: Andrezej Sekula
Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Producer: Melissa Miller
Assistant Editor: Erik Laroi
Sound Designer: Sam Shaffer
EFX Company: Mass Market
Producer: Eve Strickman
Lead Flame Artist: Nick Tanner
Color Correction: Company 3 - NY
Colorist: Tim Masik
Sound: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Philip Loeb

Analysis Of An Advertisement

Sex in Advertising has always been a major topic of discussion, whether it be what many claim as dominant advertising trends of men over women or simply the sexuality displayed in advertising. Coming from a European background I am not offended by the use of sexuality in most advertising campaigns, I like to think that I am mature enough to understand the context of most advertising campaigns; that is my personal opinion.

I recently came across a "Critical Analysis Of Advertisement" write up by a professor and wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts.
I've posted the two ads he talks about first and his comments directly below.

"The obvious problem here is sex in advertising. Sexual images in ads are not necessarily wrong, as long as what you’re selling is related to sex, such as lingerie or sex toys. This is an ad for Candie’s Fragrances for Men & Women. I have recently found out (but not from their ads) that they sell shoes. Fragrances have some distant connection with sex, so it’s not like using sex to sell spark plugs. But Candie’s has a whole line of ads that emphasize the sexual connection with fragrances too much.

This pair of ads has a special characteristic that goes beyond the usual “sex sells” (which occurs so often that it doesn’t need much critical commentary). One of the ads came from Maxxim, a magazine intended for an adult audience. The other came from a magazine intended for pre-teen and young teen girls. The image on the left (or top) is supposedly a “cleaned up” version for the magazine for girls. The one on the right (or bottom), intended for older audiences, has a couple of condom packages on the counter, and some of Sugar Ray’s sugar is showing where the girl is pulling down his towel. Through photo re-touching, the image on the left has no condom packages, and the towel is discretely covering Mark McGrath’s “plumber’s crack.”

To consider the image on the left a “cleaned up version” appropriate for young girls is ridiculous. Even with the condoms removed and the towel raised, this image is not at all appropriate for a young audience. It portrays a casual attitude toward sex between young people. This image will contribute some little bit to the broader cultural message that it’s OK for kids to have sex, and this in turn contributes to the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S., which is the highest in the developed world. (Hypocritically, Candie’s has publicized a program of stars speaking out to prevent teen pregnancy. It’s ironic that they associate themselves with this campaign against teen pregnancy but they removed the condoms from the image aimed at teens. The image is obviously sexual, so their ad seems to be encouraging teens to have sex without protection! Even encouraging the use of birth control is not good enough, because young to mid-teens are generally not mature enough to control sexual situations responsibly and consistently, and they are not emotionally or psychologically ready for sex.

This image also fits perfectly the dominant advertising trends of male and female images. The man’s face and attitude are fully visible. He looks frisky, domineering, demanding, and ready for fun. The female looks… Well, we don’t know what she looks like, which is typical. Her face is mostly covered by his shoulder and head (even though she is Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). The man is the centerpiece of this image. He is the one who is active. The woman is an object, an accessory to the man, a plaything. The position of her legs is highly sexual. The position of her arm is highly suggestive. She is meant to give the man pleasure; he is just being serviced. She might even be a hooker. In this context, she could almost be mistaken for a fixture on the bathroom countertop: a coin-operated device installed “for your sexual gratification.” At any rate, the image is set up to show a very specific kind of sexual relationship with very unequal roles for the man and the woman and without any serious consequences for sexual activity."


Nike "Courage" Unity Commercial for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Nike "Courage" Just Do It Commercial 2008 Olympics... Unity
The newest Nike commercial celebrating the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This is Nike advertising at it's best. Weiden and Kennedy advertising at its best, I was glad to see Nike advertising leave Crispin.
The Nike Courage commercial goes back a bit and uses the "Everything You Need Is Already Inside You" and the "Just Do It" slogan for this feel good sport themed commercial for the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The song they used for this great commercial: The Killers "All The Things I've Done".

Nike also packed in many and I mean many super star athletes into this 1 minute commercial, and I took the time to write down as many I could, here they are: LeBron James, Vasily Alekseyev, John McEnroe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Gasol, Ralph Boston, Lasji Doucourè, Wayne Rooney, Maria Sharapova, Henry Marsh, David Lega, Mary Lou Retton, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Xiang, Carlos Lopes, Daiane dos Santos, Steve Prefontaine, Paula Radcliffe, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Wallace Spearmon Jr., Julie Moss, Omar Salazar, Miho Shinoda, Lance Armstrong, Kenny Bartram, Garrett Reynolds, Hasely Crowford, Carl Lewis, Kobe Bryant, Bernard Lagat, Mary Decker Slaney, Kerry O'Brien, Pete Sampras, Manfred Naumann, Derek Redmond, Arthur Ashe, Roger Federer, Sherone Simpson, Jon Lester, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan, Romualdo Kubiak, and Oscar Pistorius.

I will try to have the full credits for the nike couarge commercial posted soon too.

Axe Body Language "Desire" Commercial

Axe Body Language commercial, this Axe commercial is called "Desire". Yet another great commercial from Axe and the Axe Body Language campaign.

For more Axe Commercials visit here.

Axe Body Language Commercial

Axe Body Spray by Unilever has just released the new Axe Body Language commercials. I had high praise for the Axe Bullet "Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By" campaign, that featured the great song by The Seeds, "Can't Seem To Make You Mine".
Let us know what you think of the new Axe Body Language commercials. Axe has gone with a clever ad slogan for this one: "Reading Body Language". 3 Axe commercials were done in this TV ad campaign: Desire, Oedipus, and Self Esteem.

Axe Body Language developed in Buenos Aires, by creative directors Hernan Ibarra, Walter Aregger and Hernan Ponce.
Copywriters/art directors: Rafael Santamarina and Juan Manuel Montero.
Ad Agency producer: Selva Dinelli.

Durex Performa Condoms - Last Longer - Redhead

Another award winning advert from Clio 2008, Durex Performa Condoms won a bronze award for Innovative Media: Durex Performa Condoms - Last Longer - Redhead. I love this condom ad, very creative. Not sure if a condom is even needed after looking at this.
Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand, Auckland
Art Director: James Tucker, Emmanuel Bougneres
Production Manager: Nick Conetta

Energizer Batteries Award Winning Print Ad 2008

"Never let their toys die. The world's longest lasting battery. Energizer"

A Gold winning print ad from the 2008 Clio Awards.
This print ad was created to increase sales of Energizer Lithium Batteries over the Christmas period. Target audience parents, due to the amount of batteries being purchased over the Christmas period, namely for toys.
Advertising Agency: DDB South Africa
Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Director: Julie Maunder
Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Published: December 2007

Tabasco Sauce Tan Lines Commercial

To get into the hot weather spirit of the season this summer, a creative, seductive advert from back in 2005 for Tabasco Sauce, titled Tan Lines. This is great creative commercial created by the ad agency Tracy Locke.

Brand: Tabasco Sauce
Year: 2005
Title: Tabasco Sauce Tan Lines
Country: United States
Ad Agency: Tracy Locke
Company: McIlhenny Company
Product: Tabasco Sauce

Oreo Cookie's and Milk Elevator Advertisement

The traditional dunk of an Oreo cookie into a glass of milk was dramatized with the use of a panoramic elevator in a shopping mall. This attention-grabbing use of new media gave us one more way to show that Oreo is milk's favorite cookie.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Becker
Executive Creative Directors: Sandy Greenberg, Terri Meyer
Art Director: Jeseok Yi
Copywriter: Claudio Lima
Photographer: William Tran
Released: April 2008

Danish Cancer Society: Bear Trap Tanning Can Kill You Advertisement

The Cancer Society from countries around the world have created some remarkable advertising campaigns, this commercial from the Danish Cancer Society has to be one the funniest commercials I have ever seen. This is a great ad, featuring a beautiful young woman preparing herself for a tanning session and the ending is a powerful execution of the meaning behind the commercial.
Danish Cancer Society: Bear trap

Advertising Agency: Halbye Kaag, JWT
Creative Director: Carsten Kaag
Art Director: Søren Lund, William Stahl
Copywriter: Anne-Marie Mygind
Photographer: Thomas A.
Producers: Mette Stuhr & Rasmus Sanko
Aired: November 2007

Coke Coca Cola Unity 2008 Olympic Commercial Yao Ming and Lebron James

Coca Cola begins running the Coke commercial featuring Yao Ming and Lebron James for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. The new slogan for the coke commercial "Unity on the Coke Side of Life" has a nice feel about it.
Coke's TV campaign themed "Live Olympic on the Coke Side of Life," highlights the games host country, while a packaging promotion brings aspects of Chinese culture to 150 countries.

McDonald's: Freshness Box Salad Advertising

The idea and the art direction behind this bus shelter advert for Mcdonald's is fantastic, but lets be serious...I have never seen such beautiful fresh vegtables come out of any Mcdonald's drive thru. This is advertising at it's best.
Nice to see Mcdonald's using fresh food instead of the Big Mac in their advertising for a change too.
Advertising Agency: Heye Group, Unterhaching, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Alexander Bartel, Martin Kiessling
Creative Director: Ralph Taubenberger
Art Directors: Henning Janzen, Frank Widmann
Art Buyer: Rosina Bischur
Account Supervisors: Carina Eickmann, Kai Lapinski
Advertiser's Supervisor: Markus Pichler
Media: Marcus Emersic
Creative Ret.: Mathias Remmling
Concept: Frank Widmann

Oliver Jewelery Dancing Cash Man commercial - The Worst Commercial Ever Made

This could very well be one of the dumbest commercials I have ever seen. Sadly, it works though and it gets the job done. I now know who Russel Oliver is and where his jewelery store is.
Enjoy the commercial and don't feel sorry for Russel Oliver, feel sorry for the young ladies dancing in the background - the rest of their careers in commercials could be shattered!

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