Superette Branding Ad Campaign Really Leaves an Impression On You

Now this is taking branding a little too literal, as New Zealand fashion chain store Superette have created an ingenious yet controversial ploy to promote their 'Short shorts at Superette' marketing campaign.  Ad agency DDB Auckland  gorilla style campaign placed indented plates on bus stops, mall seats and park benches, subsequently leaving imprints on people's thighs.  The marketing ploy is both clever and questionable, as I'm sure not everyone wants to be branded like cattle to become a walking billboard ad.
Advertising Agency: DDB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Creatives: Damian Galvin, Rory Mckechnie
Account Director: Jenny Travers
Project Manager: Andy Robilliard

Eye Popping Push-Up Poster Ad Campaign from TMF Travel

Belgium ad agency Duval Guillaume Antwerp have created an ingenious poster ad campaign for European travel agency TMF Travel, who organizes party trips for 16-24 years olds to top party destinations. The perfectly executed campaign features 5 close-up posters of push-up bikini cleavage with 1 flat poster of the lucky guy in between, as they promote a 5 for 1 deal.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium

MAD Magazine Proves They Are Clever as Ever with New Outdoor Ad

Since they were founded back in 1952, MAD magazine has been an influential satirical mainstay ever since. Creating some of the cleverest parodies of pop culture, no one was safe from their lampooning, particularly the advertising world.   In that same vain, their latest outdoor billboard ad campaign 'Light Bulb' targets both the original ad from The Economist and unsuspecting pedestrians who soon become part of the gag, once again proving why MAD's longevity and particular brand of humor maintains it's relevance in the 21st century. 

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Alex Schill, Henning Patzner, Ekki Frenkler
Art Directors: Jan Kromka, Stefanie Paulus, Andreas Kienle
Copywriter: Valerie Koch
Account Managers: Dorle Mietzner, Annemarie Möller, Chris Kunzendorf
Dummy artificier: Colin Patterson

Here is the original billboard from The Economist magazine that Mad so perfectly spoofs.

Calvin Klein CK One Ad Campaign Returns for a New Generation

Calvin Klein and director Steven Meisel have teamed up again for the latest CK One ad campaign that they first made famous back in 1994 which starred supermodel Kate Moss. The new fashion spots not only feature models but musicians, actors, artists and athletes as well. Some notables include British boxing champion Robert Evans and Swedish artist Viggo Janason. Even though 17 years has passed since the original campaign, CK and Meisel have maintained the spirit of the original, as the only notable differences between the 2 spots are the songs and the way they were edited.

Director: Steven Meisel

Make Your Own Story with Lego Star Wars Print Ads

Here's a cool new print ad campaign from Lego featuring Star Wars figures in situations you have never seen before.  The Brazilian print ad campaign series that includes the titles "BBQ', 'Head', 'Bone', 'Flowers' and 'Graffiti' were created by advertising students in Brazil, who were given one simple direction - make your own story.  The results are great examples of how using simple and stark vignettes can really sell a story. Of course what makes these print ads also work is the inherent back story that these iconic Star War characters bring.

Advertising School: Escola Cuca, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Directors: Diego Mourão, Gustavo Dorietto
Copywriter: Lucas Mohallem


Puma Wastes No Time with 'Blam! Blam!' Ad

From the country that has given us some of the fastest runners on Earth, such as current Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt, it makes perfect sense for Puma to affiliate themselves with the small Caribbean island of Jamaica. In the first of a series of ads, we meet the fastest band in the world, Rocker Flex and Groove, as they run through the streets of Kingston without missing a beat.   Reminiscent of the movie Cool Runnings, the commercial is a great start for Puma as it is a fresh and fun spot, fitting from the people who have given us reggae, roti and that lovable Jamaican bobsled team.

Creative Chairman:David Droga
Executive Creative Director:Nik Studzinski
Executive Creative Director:Ted Royer
Copywriter:Scott Bell
Art Director:Jesse Juriga
Head of Integrated Production:Sally-Ann Dale
Senior Agency Producer:Dana May
Production Company:MJZ
Director:Fredrik Bond
Director of Photography:Mattias Montero
Executive Producer:Eric Stern
Executive Producer:David Zander
Producer:Line Postmyr
Editorial:Spot Welders
Editor:Haines Hall
Executive Producer:Joanne Ferraro
Post Production:MPC/LA
Colorist:Mark Gethin
Smoke Artist:Ben Davidson
Smoke Artist:Mark Holden
Head of Production:Andrew Bell
Motion Graphics:Charlex
Music/Sound Design:Beacon Street Studios
Sound:Sound Lounge
Mixer:Philip Loeb

Durex New Sexy Print Ad Campaign 'Feathers' Leaves Little to the Imagination

The new Durex print ad campaign 'feathers' are thought provoking images surprisingly made for the ultra conservative nation of Singapore.

Dragee Keeps a Positive Mind in Mentos 'Blade' Ad

Mentos has always been known for creating funny off-beat commercials ever since they released their iconic "fresh maker" spots back in the early 90's. The dutch mint candy latest ad campaign feature Dragee, the unwavering martial arts instructor who keeps it positive, even when his blind-folded demonstration goes very wrong.

Kobe Bryant is 'Black Mamba', a Nike Basketball Film Ad featuring Bruce Willis and Kanye West

These popular film-like ads are becoming more common as they lend themselves well to the internet, where they can be viewed in their entirety. In this Nike Basketball full version epic, Kobe Bryant stars as the 'Black Mamba', a character being pitched to him by famed director Robert Rodriguez. Similar to his previous directed movies such as Desperado, From Dusk Til Dawn and Sin City, this spot is a cool, dark and edgy - a Rodriguez trademark style. The ad film also features cameos by Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo and Kanye West, as Rodrigues likes to use the same actors in most of his movies. Bryant's performance holds up against Willis and Trejo and even Kanye West is perfectly cast as The Boss in this action packed spot.

Coca-Cola Hits All the Right Chords in New 'Chorus' Ad

Just like Cokes secret recipe, this ad features all the ingredients that make up for a feel good Coca-Cola commercial that they have now become famous for. The ad features scenes from previous classic Coke spots and the always popular childrens choir. In addition, the commercial presents some feel good data that is reminiscent of Van Halen's award-winning video for 'Right Now'. Nonetheless it works, as it cracked a smile on this old cynic.

Creative Director: Matias Ballada
General Creative Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
General Creative Director: Sebastian Wilhelm
Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
Head of Production: Jose Bustos
Agency Producer: Alejandro Falduti
Agency Producer: Marcelo Kelez
Production Company: Blue Films                               
Director: Pucho Mentasi                                                           
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Fontana
Producer: Alejandro Lanezan
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
SFX Company: Bleed VFX
Post Production: Finish Films
Music: Avatar Music
Music: Papa Music
Sound: Not Deaf Sound
Sound: Diego Arancibia

Heineken Spot says Thank You with 'One Million Hugs'

As part of Heineken's social networking campaign, they have released a thank you ad to all their "friends" for getting them past the 1 million "likes" mark on Facebook. Companies like Heineken have quickly realized the power of social networking and have now made it an important factor in any multi-pronged marketing campaign, that already includes TV, print, and ambient. The spot itself is enjoyable enough, as it is always fun to watch unassuming strangers get hugs from hot Dutch women.

Fed Ex Taking the Lead in Ambient Advertising is No Illusion

What I love about great ambient advertising is the ability to create wonderful optical illusions in our often mundane modern world.  This is not Fed Ex's only forte in cool optical illusions, in fact their iconic logo has an optical illusion in it.  I bet some of you have never noticed that white arrow between the E and the x.

Old Navy Gets 'Super C-U-T-E' with New Spring Ad Campaign

Old Navy's latest ad campaign is quite a departure from their Super Modelquins TV spots, as the company attempts to increase loyalty among their target demographic they call "Jennie", a 25-35 year old female. The campaigns original track "Super C-U-T-E" by the The Audio Threadz is an integral part of the ad, as they attempt to integrate Old Navy fashion with Old Navy music. The cute lead singer is Kim Kardashian look-a-like Melissa Molinaro. Taking no chances, Old Navy hired music producers Honor Roll and had the commercial directed by music video legend Joseph Kahn, who has directed video's for Eminem and Rihanna.

Ads Gone Bad: Top 10 Worst Ideas in Advertising

We've all seen our share of groan-inducing commercials. But there are some that cross the line into big mistakes, often costing businesses plenty in time, money, and consumer goodwill. These take the cake for the most controversial, disturbing, and ill-advised ads of all time. For more info on the subject check out

1. Quiznos Singing Rodents: The Quiznos "spongmonkeys" inspired strong opinions, most wondering how the strange creatures could make you want to eat a sandwich. Perhaps the most accurate perception was from The Modern Humorist, commenting that the gerbil-like creatures are "what you see before you die."

2. The Lamisil Digger: First, your eyes are assaulted by a disturbing animated foot fungus. And then, this fungus promptly rips the toenail off the toe, exposing the nail bed. Then he jumps in. Disturbing on so many levels.

3. AIDS is a Mass Murderer: Anything involving Adolf Hitler is bound to be controversial, but throwing in a deadly disease like AIDS is like throwing gasoline on a fire. HIV/AIDS organizations distanced themselves from the commercial, citing concern for people living with the disease who might feel stigmatized.

4. Fashion Violence: Fashion ads depicting violence against women are too numerous to name all of them. Among the offenders include Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana for gang-rape imagery, and shoe and suit ads with dead women.

5. Calvin Klein's Amateur Porn: Before Calvin Klein's ads suggested gang rape, they suggested pedophilia. In the 90s, CK ran ads that were made to resemble low-budget porn screen tests with young men and women, answering provocative questions from an offscreen older adult. Retailers and consumers shared their criticism loudly, and even the FBI got involved to investigate possible child pornography charges.

6. I'd Hit It: McDonald's did not fully research their urban slang before making the ad that said: "Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit it." Nearly everyone but McDonald's understood it to mean that the new slogan advocated sex with sandwiches, and the ad lives on in parodies online.

7. Motrin Moms: Motrin learned a powerful lesson about opinionated moms on Twitter, when baby-wearing parents took on the painkiller giant in response to an ad that belittled baby slings as a fashion accessory that might cause pain. The ads didn't last much longer than a day.

8. 7-up at Seven Months: In the 50s, Seven-Up ran an ad that suggested mothers give their babies Seven-Up instead of milk or formula. It shared information about its pure and wholesome ingredients that were supposedly good for babies, and suggested mixing milk with Seven-Up to encourage drinking.

9. Whopper Virgins: Burger King spent millions of dollars traveling to Transylvania, Greenland, and Thailand to find hamburger illiterate people to try their Whopper in an on-the-spot comparative taste test with the Big Mac. Critics blasted Burger King, upset that the company didn't acknowledge the hunger that exists in some of the areas where they filmed, citing Thailand in particular, where 30% of people would never be able to afford a hamburger.

10. Store Testing Coffee: Like the 7-Up ad, there are some vintage ads that would never fly today, like Chase & Sanborn's ad, which depicts a man spanking his wife for not store testing for fresher coffee would be one of them. This is one among many sexist vintage ads that most companies would probably prefer the public to forget.

Come On Board the Production of Stella Artois 'Train' Ad

Another stellar spot from Stella Artois, who have once again created a sophisticated film like advert with their new release 'Train'. This time however we get an inside look at the production design of their now famous stylized spots. Here we get the rare treat to view Art Director Marcelo Pont's artistic renditions, as it's always cool to see how the design illustrations and story boards turn out in the final production.

Agency: Mother London
Director: Agustín Alberdi
Productioт: Oriental Films, Landia
Art Director: Marcelo Pont

David Bowie 'Changes' His Tune for the New BMW Spot

First airing at the 2011 Super Bowl, the commercial for BMW Diesel Engines featuring David Bowie's song 'Changes', was a popular submission due to the classic hit. However, this is not the English rockers first time he has allowed his music to be featured in advertising. In fact, he has partnered with other automobile manufacturers such as Cadillac that featured his hit 'Space Oddity' and Audi has used the tracks 'Rebel Rebel' and 'Heathen The Rays' in recent ad campaigns as well. His music seems to lend itself well to the world of advertising, as this ad clearly demonstrates how a track can influence the theme, feel and even title of the spot.

Agency:kirshenbaum bond + partners
Production Company:Anonymous Content
Director:Christian Loubek
Director of Photography:Bojan Bazelli
EP/Head of Commercials:Dave Morrison
Head of Production:Sue Ellen Clair
Producer:R. Stephan Mohammed
Mixer:Peter Holcomb
Mixer:Tom Jucarone
Assistant Mixer:Justin Kooy
Assistant Mixer:Jodi Levine
Executive Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky

'Love Thy Body' Print Ad Campaign Keeps it Clean

The new print ad campaign for India's Habitat Club Spa encapsulates their motto 'Love Thy Body' perfectly. The simply titled 'Breasts' and 'Buttocks' show a lot of heart, as the creators take a clean approach to the sexy body parts in this ingenious print ad campaign.

Advertising Agency: Out of the Box, Delhi, India
Art Directors: Viral Pandya, Guneet Pandya
Creative Directors: Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul, Guneet Pandya
Photographer/Illustrator: Sunil Singh
Typographer: Ajay Yadav
Copywriters: Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul, Guneet Pandya

Nissan Juke Ad featuring a Sport Illustrarted Swimsuit Model Has Lots of 'Curb Appeal'

Nissan and Sports Illustrated have teamed up to create a new ad campaign called 'Model vs Model' that stars some of the sports magazines famous Swimsuit beauties for 2011. In the funniest of the campaigns commercials, the spot 'Curb Appeal', demonstrates some creative albeit juvenile automotive market research, resulting in hilarious moments of self restraint by the participants.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Director: Margaret Keene, Chris Adams
Creative Director: Tito Melega
Copywriters: Alex Grossman, Steve Bolton
Art Director: Dave Estrada

Turning Great People Into Campy Art Makes for Creative Advertising

Taking iconic images of 2 of the most beloved humanitarians in history to sell gum is a bold move by ad agency McCann Erikson. The Happydent print ad campaign, made for India's emerging consumer market, features 2 of that countries most revered spiritual leaders in Ghandi and Mother Theresa and composes their iconic images entirely from dental gum. The result is an advert that makes you smile, as you appreciate the craft and the people in them, but leaves you asking the question is nothing sacred anymore.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, India
National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Director: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Prem Shankar
Copywriter: Nikhil Narayanan
Copywriter: Suzanna Kurian
Art Directors: Suresh PV, Hari Prasad, Abhilash Divakar
Photographer: N Sugathan

Casting Willem Dafoe in Jim Beam's 'Parallels' Ad was the Right Choice

Great character actor Willem Dafoe stars in this brand new Strawberry Frog created commercial for Jim Beam's 'Bold Choice' ad campaign. The ads thematic message of choices is not lost in this gritty spot, as the creators made the perfect choice in casting Dafoe to star in this versatile role. Who else than the actor who played Jesus himself can pull off such a convincing portrayal of everyone from an acrobat to a sumo wrestler.

Ad Agency: Strawberry Frog

Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts from Victoria's Secret

Who better to get Valentine's Day advice then from some of the sexiest women on the planet. More than just eye candy, these girls are actually quite charming, as it is a rare occasion when you actually hear a super model speak. In fact, I often caught myself actually focusing on what they were saying in lieu of them sitting in their underwear...oh yes sorry, ling-er-ree.

The Vitruvian Man: The Most Recognized Health and Fitness Ad Campaign in History

As part of AICP Call for Entries for their 'All Advertising is Art' Campaign, they have created a satirical yet thought provoking spot. The premise that Leonardo da Vinci as a Creative Art Director is as ingenious as the renaissance man himself. By implementing today's market research strategies to historical events, albeit often fictional, it demonstrates the historic power of persuasion and makes a compelling argument that art is advertising.

Agency: VCU Brandcenter

Turns Out Pulled Groupon Super Bowl Ads are Good for Business and Charities Alike

The Groupon Super Bowl controversy of 2011 is a great example of an ad campaign that defies political correctness and demonstrates the actual intelligence of consumers thought processes. It seems that even after Groupon Super Bowl XLV's controversial commercials were pulled, the internet company's subscriber-ship increased not decreased. In addition, the charitable organizations that were connected with the ad campaign such as Greenpeace and The Tibet Fund called the ad campaign and partnership a financial success with that actually brought there issues and concerns to the forefront. The whole fiasco could have been avoided however if Groupon had actually mentioned the charitable arm of the campaign by featuring their website in the actual spots themselves. Nonetheless, I hope advertising agencies and companies alike learn from this incident and do not bow down to political correctness and continue to push the envelope of advertising creativity.

In lieu of this I thought it would be interesting to post Groupons alternate spot that was rejected for their inaugural Super Bowl ad campaign for the now infamous commercials. Clearly not as thought provoking or controversial, but I'm sure it still would have outraged some recovering addict advocate groups.

Groupon Pulling Their Controversial Super Bowl Ads

According to a blog posted by Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, the company is pulling all three of their controversial 2011 Super Bowl ads, 'Tibet', 'Whales' and 'Rainforest'.  The Christopher Guest directed spots spawned a lot of outrage by some viewers who felt the ads were in bad taste. In the end the advertising world, unlike other creative media forms,  often have to bow down to the easily offended public. The great thing about the internet though is that the satirical ads will live on, where people can make their own choice to view them or not.  So enjoy or be offended.

Mason had to make this statement on the Groupon blog:

"Five days have passed since the Super Bowl, and one thing is clear – our ads offended a lot of people. Tuesday I posted an explanation, but as many of you have pointed out, if an ad requires an explanation, that means it didn't work".

"We hate that we offended people, and we're very sorry that we did – it's the last thing we wanted. We've listened to your feedback, and since we don't see the point in continuing to anger people, we're pulling the ads".

The 2011 AFC Asian Cup Ad 'Sandman vs Waterman' is One Epic Battle

A cool visual effect laden promo ad for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup has just been released and it features the latest in CGI technology. Created for Al Kass Sport Channel's coverage of the world class soccer event, this spot features an impressive battle between the seemingly organic creatures Waterman and Sandman. The epic battle starts from the sea and desert and takes you through the culturally rich areas of the host nation of Qatar, and finally culminating in the championship venue of Khalifa Stadium.

McDonald's Gets Down to the Bear Necessities in New Ad 'Proud Papa'

This charming little McDonald's spot tells the common tale of a proud father celebrating his son's positive report card with some burgers and fries. Of course, the proud papa uses the bear necessities to get his kid a happy meal, as some unsuspecting tourists quickly find out. The commercial is a great example of the influence of the new Disney-esque anthropomorphizing of animals, where the grizzly bears are presented naturally but with human sensibility.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle
Executive Creative Director: John Montgomery
Creative Director: Reed Collins/Bob Winter
Copywriter: Bob Winter
Art Director: Reed Collins
Agency Producer: Denis Giroux
Account Supervisor: Bob Raidt
Production Company: Hungry Man
EP: Cindy Becker
Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Director: Bryan Buckley
Editor: Chris Franklin

Nike 'Throwdown' Ad is a Flippin' Trip to Watch

In the latest commercial for Nike's Free Yourself ad campaign, they have created a street battle type spot that features everyone from Break Dancers to Double Dutchers, Rugby Players to B-Ballers and Weight Lifters to Runners. In an attempt to out do each other, the spot results in some awe inspiring displays of athletic ability and skill.

View All the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials in 2 Minutes

Just in case you haven't had a chance to actually sit down and view the entire 61 ad Super Bowl XLV line-up, then here is your chance. Thanks to the people at AdWeek, they have created a fun edited version of the advertising spectacle.

And the 2011 Super Bowl Ad Biggest Winners Are... A Pug and A Kid?

According to Nielson Ratings Research the 2 most re-called Super Bowl XLV commercials for viewers were Doritos 'Pug Attack' and Budweiser 'Wild West'. And the most liked overall 2011 Super Bowl spots were Volkswagen's 'The Force' and 'Carma' by Bridgestone. The general consensus and it's wildly popularity on the web, appear to have chosen 'The Force' as the big winner at this years Super Bowl, however Neilson's research indicates it did not fare well in brand-recall for Volkswagen. That being said the overall view of this years Super Bowl spots was that they seemed a little weaker than previous Super Bowl's, as it was the rare occasion when the actual game was more memorable than the ads.

Diesel's Sex Toy 'KneeJ' Campaign Swings Both Ways

Just in time for Valentines, Diesel have created a spoof sex toy as part of an in-store promotion campaign. The spoof products have a dual purpose, as they will be marketed as part of their ambient ad campaign and as an in-store giveaway for customers who spend over $150 worth in... oh what is it that Diesel sells again... oh yeah, Jeans. There is no question that the "sex sells" approach appears to be working for Diesel, mostly due to the fact that their sexy campaigns have a sense of humor and don't leave you feeling too dirty.

Advertising Agency:Happy Creative Service, Bangalore, India
Creative Director:Praveen Das, Kartik Iyer
Art Director:Praveen Das
Copywriter:Sanaa Abdussamad
Studio Head:Rama Krishna

Snickers 2011 Super Bowl Spot 'Logging' is Roll Over Funny

Snickers returns with their "you're not yourself" Super Bowl ad campaign, but this time they replaced the lovable Betty White for 2 of the most annoying celebs around, Roseanne Barr and Richard Lewis. The casting in fact is perfect for the Super Bowls commercial audience, as Roseanne Barr, like her or not revokes a response and the spot is sure to be one of the most memorable of the class of 2011.

Bud Light Does It Doggy Style with 'Dog Sitter' 2011 Super Bowl Ad

Not since Spuds MacKenzie have dogs played such a prominent role in a Bud Light Super Bowl campaign. As a type of homage to the "dogs playing poker" painting, the funny spot features an ingenious dog sitter using the pooches as party help. Not as groundbreaking as Spuds however, the anthropomorphizing of animals always proves popular in advertising and this ad is sure to fare well due to it's inherent cute factor.

CarMax 2011 Super Bowl Spot Makes You Feel Like 'A Kid In A Candy Store'

Super Bowl virgins CarMax debuted their inaugural ad at this years big game with a safe yet entertaining spot. The smart and funny commercial is a clever take on the "like a kid in a candy store" analogy, as it feature some creative new examples of the old adage.

Coca-Cola Spot Tries to Take 'Siege' at the 2011 Super Bowl

As a perennial Super Bowl advertiser, Coca-Cola has debuted some of the most iconic ads in history, and they are hoping to continue the tradition. Coke's common underlying theme of spreading peace in the world is not lost in this Lord of the Rings inspired epic. The spots CGI effects are impressive enough, and the ad as a whole is entertaining, but I think it falls short of being placed in the same category as some of Coke's previous Super Bowl entries.

Mercedes- Benz Super Bowl XLV Ad 'Welcomes' You to the Family

With over 150 years of auto making excellence, Mercedes-Benz celebrates this achievement by featuring some of their classic models in their new 2011 Super Bowl ad campaign. The commercial features Mercedes-Benz cars from around the world waking up to join the family reunion and introduce us to the newest members. The impressive ad also stars the increasingly funny P-Diddy, as he is awoken from his slumber in search of his silver Mercedes.

Groupons First Ever Super Bowl Ad Campaign Doesn't Disappoint

With their first ever Super Bowl Ad submission, Groupon's inaugural ad campaign was much anticipated and it didn't disappoint. The ads titled 'Tibet', 'Whales' and 'Rainforest', seemingly start off as a charitable advert with actors like Timothy Hutton, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Elizabeth Hurley really selling the gag. I'm sure some will say the Groupon commercial takes advantage of the very real plight of the Tibetan people, whales and the rainforest, nonetheless the spots were bold and clever, and in fact Groupon are really donating to related charitable organizations that they poked fun at.

Peppers the 'Cat' Steals the Show from the E*Trade Baby in this Years Super Bowl Ad

What would a Super Bowl be without the E*Trade baby, and now he has a furry friend. The now staple Super Bowl spots latest version features the E*Trade baby dealing with a sneezing Peppers the cat. The commercial formula still works and is charming enough but it may be jumping the shark soon.

Join the 'American Family' with NFL's Super Bowl XLV Ad

Taking clips from some of the most iconic TV shows in history, NFL has created a sentimental spot for their 2011 Super Bowl Ad campaign. The compilation commercial features everyone from Seinfeld to the Simpsons preparing for the big game. Like looking at a family photo album, you realize how these TV show characters have in a way been part of your family all along.

This is the Motor City - Chrysler 2011 Super Bowl Ad 'Born of Fire' featuring Eminem

Chryslers Super Bowl XLV commercial is a gritty yet uplifting look at Detroit city, and who better to encapsulate that feeling than the Motor City's bad boy himself Eminem. Chrysler unapologetic approach takes a page from Eminem's playbook by calling out some other cities like New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, and in the process knocks them down a peg in the process. The highlight of the spot though is the remixed gospel version of Eminem's Oscar winning song 'Lose Yourself' from the 8-mile soundtrack. It is the perfect backing track as it compliments the mood of the spot.

Take a 'Scent Vacation' with the 2011 Old Spice Super Bowl Commercial

Banking on the popularity of last years Old Spice Super Bowl Ad, the much anticipated sequel has finally arrived for Super Bowl XLV. The Old Spice Man himself, aka Isiah Mustafa, has returned in his now iconic role, as Old Spice is not messing around with their winning formula. The only real difference is that the former NFL star has replaced his white towel for a grass skirt. The ad however still works as a great piece of advertising and is sure to still be one of the most popular spots for this years big event. Impressive still is that the commercial, as in previous versions, is shot in one take with no edits.

Agency:Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director:Jason Bagley
Creative Director:Eric Baldwin
Copywriter:Eric Kallman
Copywriter:Craig Allen
Art Director:Eric Kallman
Art Director:Craig Allen
Producer:Corey Bartha

'Alice in Wonderland' Ad is a Wonderful Example of Ambient Advertising

In this ingenious ambient advert, a cool effect was created to make it appear as though we all fell down the rabbit hole, as a huge Alice peers down on us.  The surreal ad was installed in a dome ceiling in a mall in Rome, Italy as part of the European launch of the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.


Advertising Agency: AUGE, Milan
Creative Directors: Giorgio Natale, Federica Ariagno
Art Director: Davide Mosconi
Copywriters: Niccolò Bossi, Anita Rocca

Chevy Camaro's 2011 Super Bowl Ad 'Miss Evelyn' Makes You Hot for Teacher

Have you ever had a conversation with a buddy about how you would make a great Super Bowl ad if you just had the chance and the budget. Well Chevy Camaro's new 2011 Super Bowl TV spot titled 'Miss Evelyn' does just that, as the fun ad features the running commentary of a couple of armchair ad execs ideas come to life. A clever idea as the spot has everything a Super Bowl car commercial should have; sexy girls, a desert scene with mirrors, a cool car chase threw city streets with helicopters and hay bails, and a slow motion shot of the Chevy Camaro flying off a building. But all great ads need a twist, and in this ending we all get schooled.

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners,
Co-Chairman/Creative Directors: Jeff Goodby,    Rich Silverstein
Executive Creative Director: Hunter Hindman,     Rick Condos
Copywriter: Alex Flint
Art Director: Dino Spadavecchia
Producers: Susan Crimley, TJ Kearney

Volkswagen 'Black Beetle' Super Bowl XLV Ad Tears It Up

Much like Volkwagens 2011 Super Bowl Ad Campaign, this beetle is supped up and leaving everyone else in the dust. VW are releasing their Super Bowl XLV line up of TV spots at a rapid pace, as their recent release of the 2012 Passat Super Bowl Ad 'The Force' went viral as soon as it was leaked on YouTube. the German automakers aggressive marketing strategy appears to be working as people can't wait until Sunday to watch the big ads.

Agency:Deutsch Los Angeles
Group Creative Director/Copywriter:Eric Springer
EVP/Group Creative Director/Art Director:Michael Kadin
VP/Associate Creative Director/Copywriter:Jim DiPiazza
VP/Associate Creative Director/Art Director:Mark Peters
Copywriter:Matt Sherman
Art Director:Paul Oberlin
EVP/Director of Integrated Production:Vic Palumbo
Senior Producer/Music Supervisor:Marisa Wasser
VP of Marketing:Tim Ellis
General Manager of Brand Marketing:Brian Thomas
Production Company:MJZ
Director:Dante Ariola
Director of Photography:Fred Elmes
Executive Producer:Jeff Scruton
Editor:Jim Haygood
Executive Producer:Michael Raimondi
Post Facility:The Mill - London
Telecine Artist:Adam Scott
Lead 3D Artist:Tim Bussell
Lead 3D Artist:Juan Brockhaus
Lead 2D Artist:Barnsley
Producer:Gemma Smith
Composer:Huddie Leadbetter
Explosion Artist:Jon Spencer
Producer:Russell Simins
Sound Design:740 Sound Design
Sound Designer:Eddie Kim
Sound Designer:Amber Tisue
Executive Producer:Scott Ganary
Audio Post Company:Eleven Sound
Sound Engineer:Jeff Payne

Kia 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Takes You On 'One Epic Ride'

Kia Motors went big with their Super Bowl submission this year. As one of the smaller auto makers, Kia's choice to partner with the aptly named ad agency David&Goliath, and create a big budget special effects laden spot was a bold play. The result though is advertising as a cinematic spectacle, which is what Super Bowl ads are all about.

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA

Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo

Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: David Cuccinello

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Napper Tandy

Executive Producer/Managing Director: Carol Lombard

Executive Producer: Paul Albanese
Managing Partner/Client Services: Brian Dunbar

Group Account Director: Brook Dore

Management Supervisor: Jill Jagger

Production Company: Biscuit

Director: Noam Murro

Senior Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy

Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell

Producer: Jay Veal

Production Supervisor: Jennifer Berry

Director of Photography: Toby Irwin

Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Rick Russell

Executive Producer: Saima Awan

Producer: Jennifer Miller

Assistant Editor: Jacob Kuehl

Telecine: Company 3

Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Post Production: Animal Logic

Music & Sound Design: Stimmung

Composer: Robert Miller

Sound Design: Gus Koven

Executive Producer: Ceinwyn Clark

Audio Mix: Lime

Mixer: Loren Silber

Join 'The Force' with Volkswagen New Super Bowl XLV Ad

Newly released 2011 Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen is expected to go viral immediately. The TV spot features a cute kid roaming around as Darth Vader, but not until he encounters the 2012 Passat, and a little help from his dad, does he feel the Force. The spot is a perfect piece of advertising that contains all the right ingredients to be a fan favorite for the NFL's family oriented event.

Get 'Cooking with Snoop Dog' in His New Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad

In the latest installment of the successful Pepsi Max ad campaign featuring Snoop Dog, we get to see the funny rapper in the kitchen. With his sidekick, the Pepsi Max driver, the two deliver some great comedic moments. The ad features unique Super Bowl Party recipe ideas such as Snoop's "Bowl of Chips", that contain his secret ingredient "orey-ganno".

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer – Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Director – Brett Craig
Copywriter – Chris Jones
Art Director – Stephen Chow
Senior Producer – Elizabeth Giersbrook
Editor – Billy Sacdalan
Asst Editor – Neil Jarwala
Group Account Director – Mike Litwin
Account Supervisor – Ellie Brigden
Business Manager – Laura Drabkin

Give a Big Hand for the New Skittles 'Fist' Commercial

Skittles delivers another one of their great off-beat TV spots with their latest ad 'Fist'. The strange spot features two clueless guys attempt to come up with a plan to get out of a pair of large clenched fists. Much like previous Skittles gags such as the man who turns everything he touches into skittles and the skittle dripping ceiling, this 'Fist' premise is just as absurd and just as entertaining.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York

Chairman/Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo

Creative Director: Jonathan Mackler
Art Director: Jonathan Mackler
Copywriter: Jim LeMaitre
Senior Producer: Jason Souter 

Production Co: 
Smith and Jones Films

Director: Ulf Johansson

Executive Producer: Philippa Smith
Line Producer: Megan Moore

Director of Photography: Andrzej Sekula
Production Designer: Ramsey Avery

MacKenzie Cutler

Editor: Gavin Cutler
Assistant Editor: Mike Rizzo
Sound Designer: Sam Shaffer

Executive Producer: Melissa Miller 

EFX Company: The Mill
Lead Flame Operator/VFX shoot supervisor: Danny Morris
Flame Operators: Keith Sullivan, Randy McEntree
Assistant: Albert Cook
Producer: Dan Roberts

Colorist: Tim Masick

End Title Graphics: Brand New School
Executive Producer: Ned Brown
Creative Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Producer: Josh Wakefield
Animators: Robin Kim, Peter Murphy

Audio Mix:
Sound Lounge

Mixer: Tom Jucarone

ESPN2 SportsNation Super Bowl Ad 'Fail' Gets a Passing Grade

ESPN2 sports reporter Michelle Beadle and host of the popular SportsNation show, stars in one of her very own Super Bowl Ads. The funny parody spot pokes fun at some of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials in history, as the ad features the talented ESPN personality playing the E-trade baby, Budweiser frog, Betty White and even Mean Joe Green.

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