MACY'S 150 Years Anniversary Anthem Commercial

Macy's Department Store, the 150 Years Commercial Celebration. That's The Magic of Macy's.
The history of Macy's, as told through 150 years of American popular culture. This is a wonderful compilation celebrating 150 years of the Macy's Department Store. Created by JWT, New York, the commercial tugs are our emotions with brief glimpses of memorable TV moments and celebrities that will never be forgotten.

Just a few of the notable people in the Macy's 150th commercial are: Charlie Chaplin, Bob Hope, Gerry Seinfeld, Stewie Griffen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Heidi Klum, Kayne West Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Macy's commercial also features spots from: I Love Lucy, A Miracle on 34th Street, King Kong, and The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The music was written and recorded by Todor Kobakov of Major Maker.

Macy's 150 Years Anniversary Celebration Commercial Credits: Client: Macy's
Agency: JWT, New York
Executive Creative Director: Andy Clarke
Art Director: Damian Totman
Copywriter: Matt MacDonald

Executive Agency Producer: Robin Feldman

Associate Agency Producer: Kate Schwerin

Editorial Company: Lost Planet
Editor: Jennifer Dean

Post Production: Elephant Post

Sound: Sound Lounge

Music: Todor
Macys 150 year anthem anniversary

The Fly and the Eye Black Thinking Great Viral Advertising

The latest from CISMA is "The Fly and the Eye", released exclusively on the web. Working with the agency Road, from Barcelona, the film was created to promote the clothing brand BLACK THINKING ( that belongs to OCB. Purely designed for the web, this work stands out with its mix of live action elements and clever composition. The film was shot and post-produced in São Paulo by ILEGAL FX for BOOLAB; Cisma’s representation in Spain.

The film begins with a man sleeping on a couch. Suddenly, he is awoken by an annoying fly. From this moment on, the protagonist initiates a battle with the insect, and the bug decides to fight back with a gang of his furious friends. The man runs from them, vanishing off screen left, and unexpectedly, simultaneously appears back on screen right. This is the starting point of a sequence of mind-bending visuals that are beautifully crafted with an overall aesthetic inspired by the classic science-fiction movies of the 50's.

“The idea was to create a piece that worked as a viral, but without being a 5 seconds YouTube joke", said CISMA. Altogether, two months of work were needed to produce this creative and original project .

With some touches, the film presents a new way of viral marketing, giving life to a cinematic narrative that is closer to the one used in short-films than in conventional advertisements. Also, because it was made for internet viewing, it completely ignores the common rules of advertising, like video safe areas; the action happens at the very edges of the screen and uses the entire screen. See the making of the film here:

This is the director’s second work for the international market. About three months ago he directed his film “Therapy”, made for the American TV channel Fuse TV, and produced by his US production company, BLACKLIST (

Full Credits list:

Title: The Fly and the Eye
Client: OCB
Agency: Road, Barcelona
Director: Cisma
Production Company: Boolab
Production Service Company: Margarida flores e filmes
Post production: IlegalFX
Sound design: Combustion
Storyboard: Renato Blaschi
Brazilian Producer: Paulo Schmidt
Animatic: Alfredo Hisa
Nuke Composition: Daniel Dias
3D animation: Renato Ferro
Director of Photography: Ching
Assistant Director: Paula Janie
Casting: Simone Cândido/ Miki Malka
Art direction: Stella do Carmo
Production Coordinator: Thais Freire
Head production: Adriano Gobbi
Head post production: Francisco Ruiz
Wardrobe: Silvinho Monteiro
Rotoscopy team: Marcio Martins Filho, Marcelo Martins, Rogerio Merlino, Paulo Chedid, Claudio Boeno, Eduardo Monte Alegre

Q&A with CISMA on The Fly and the Eye:

What is OCB & the Black Thinking Collection?
OCB is a rolling paper brand from France, Black thinking is their t-shirts, booklets and stickers collection.

Tell me about the concept behind the spot.
The idea was to make a 40s sci-fi movie about a guy who couldn't leave the frame. Everything that gets out of the screen from one side it returns in the other. He tries to escape using all the directions, from right to the left, from back to front and from up and down the frame. It's a justification to have the last image with an eye with two pupils. Because the nature of this film, using all the edges and last pixels of a frame, it completely ignores the TV´s safe action,so this film could only be presented on a monitor screen. It's exclusive for internet.

What did you want to get across in this spot?
I watch more films in my computer than on TV, people are using media centers connected to a digital TVs or a projectors. Safe-area are becoming out dated, I've tried to use the maximum image size I could. Even the lettering in the end almost touch the sides of the screen.

Tell us about the shoot & what tools you used in post?
We had an excellent actor so the shooting was pretty easy, he did long sequences of actions with no mistakes. We use a treadmill and blue screen to make him stay always on frame, the final position of his actions was done in post production. We shot and finish in Sao Paulo, Brazil using
Nuke for compositing and softimage XSI for 3D.

Thanks to Shannon Stephaniuk at Glossy Inc. for sharing all the above info.

2009 Hyundai Genesis Collision TV Commercial

Hyundai Genesis Collision Commercial new from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.
Wow, has Hyundai ever come a long way from the cheap little cars of not too long ago.

Did anyone else notice that the Hyundai Genesis looks much like a Mercedes Benz in this commercial, particularly the close up front view of the car.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
CD/Partner: Jeff Goodby
Art Director: Diko Daghlian
Copywriter: Brian Ahern
CD: Will McGinness
EP: Tod Puckett
Producer: MJ Otto
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Christian Loubek
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
EP: Dave Morrison
Producer: Jessica Cooper Carlson
EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Production Supervisor: Karen Waters
Commercial Coordinator: Jessica Lee

Freddy Sportswear Italy Print Advertising 2008

New from Freddy Sportswear Italy, created by the advertising agency 1861 United, Milan Italy.
"Freddy supporting the movement for inner joy and happiness."
Freddy advertising sportswearItalian sportswear freddy adverts
Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Giorgio Cignoni, Federico Ghiso, Roberto Battaglia, Pino Rozzi
Art Director: Giorgio Cignoni
Copywriter: Federico Ghiso
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli
Set Designers: Dafydd Griffith, Ben Moolhuysen
Published: September 2008

HSBC Bank Commercial UK Washing Machine India

Fun HSBC commercial from the UK. Apparently washing machine sales are through the roof in India and an innocent salesman heads to India to investigate. HSBC advertising agency JWT London has created a fun commercial promoting that HSBC is the Worlds Local Bank.
HSBC The Worlds Local Bank

Brand: HSBC Commercial Bank
Agency: JWT London
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Axel Chaldecott
Agency Producer: Dean Baker
Group Head: Joseph Petyan
Director: Kevin MacDonald
Editor: Justine at Final Cut
Production Company: Rogue Films
Country: United Kingdom

New Axe Day & Axe Night Commercial September 2008

Unilever, New Axe Day and Axe Night commercial created by the advertising agency VEGA OLMO SPONCE (VOP) Argentina. Typical Axe advertising style - man sprays on Axe Day and women fill his pockets with post it notes and their phone numbers, but now Axe has thickened the plot in this commercial and the guy using Axe Night of course gets the girl and brings her home.
New Axe Day & Axe Night, one is suitable for general audiences,
The Other Is Not.

Production Company: Rebolucion

Microsoft Windows "I'm A PC" Life Without Walls Commercial

Microsoft, Windows "I'm A PC" "Life Without Walls" commercial - September 2008.
Now that Bill Gates has left the helm at Microsoft he has more time to become a TV star. The newest of the Microsoft, Windows advertising campaigns is the commercial "I'm A PC" Life Without Walls.
Not all PC users look like John Hodgman. It's easy to spot Deepak Chopra and Bill Gates making their claim to being a PC, but I think I also saw Tony Parker and Eva Longoria too.

Here is the 15 second spot I'm A PC and I Wear A Suit
Are You A PC? Get Into It

After a series of teaser ads, Microsoft is beginning in earnest an ad campaign to repair its image, including a spot with a diver in a shark cage.
One new Microsoft commercial even begins with a company engineer who resembles John Hodgman, the comedian portraying the loser PC character in the Apple campaign. "Hello, I’m a PC," the engineer says, echoing Mr. Hodgman’s recurring line, "and I’ve been made into a stereotype."

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami
Executive Creative Director: Rob Reilly
Creative Director: Tim Roper
Associate Creative Director: Dave Steinke; Michael Craven
Art Director: Dave Steinke
Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Matt Bonin
Integrated Senior Producer (Broadcast): Chris Webb
Production Company: Hungry Man, New York, Los Angels
Director: Bryan Buckley
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy
Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Director Of Photography: John Lindley

New Mars Planets UK TV Advert

New Mars Planets chocolate candies advertising campaign from the UK. Mars Planets uses Siren Robots to promote their new Mars Planets in this creative commercial released September 2008.

Mars is launching the next stage of its £3.4 million push to promote its Mars Planet chocolates with a robot-inspired animated TV ad. via:
Advertiser: Mars
Client side: Rankin Carroll, Bars Portfolio Director, European Snackfood Marketing
Creative agency: AMV BBDO
Copywriter: Prabs Wignarajah
Art director: Jeremy Tribe
Planner: Jeff Lush
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Andy Walsh, Oliver Seares
Production company: Not To Scale
Director: Pierre & Bertrand
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV

2008 Elections Declare Yourself To Vote Advertising Promo

Declare Yourself To Vote has gone out and used some big names to help get people out and voting. The latest advertising features Jessica Alba, who refuses to be silenced. Jessica AlbaJessica Alba Declare Yourself To Vote
Christina Aguilera took to getting silenced for her advertisement in Timesquarechristina aguilera declare yourselfOne of my personal favorites is the Andrea 3000 poster for Declare Yourselfandrea3000Are you registered to vote yet?

Aides Boy -Creative Aids Awareness Advertising From France

Very creative Aids Awareness advertising campaign created by TBWA, France. A condom goes on an entertaining voyage sensually exploring the female anatomy.
"Explore, But Protect Yourself. Aides"
Update: sorry all, youtube said this advert goes against their user agreement, so it has been removed.

Advertiser/Client: AIDES
Product/Service: AIDS AWARENESS
Agency: TBWA, Paris
Animation/VFX: Minivegas
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen/Michel De Lauw
Copywriter: Xander Smith
Art Director: Jonathan Santana
Account Supervisor: Anne Vincent/Veronique Fourniotakis

Fashion Target Breast Cancer Awareness Advertising Campaign

fashion target breast cancer awareness campaignRethink Breast Cancer & Fashion Target Breast Cancer launched a fantastic new awareness commercial campaign recently. Created by the Toronto Advertising agency John St., Toronto. Gentlemen, this is the only time you can look at our breasts and comment.

Help us create a buzz with this wonderful organizations breast cancer awareness campaign and spread these Fashion Target video's.

To learn more visit the Rethink Breast Cancer site here, special thanks to Shannon at GlossyInc. for making me aware of Fashion Target.
Titles: Awareness in the Office, Awareness in the Elevator
Client: Rethink Breast Cancer / Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
Agency: John St., Toronto
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Art Director: Kyle Lamb
Copywriter: Kurt Mills
Producer: Shawna McPeek
Production Company: Partners Film, Toronto
Director: Aleysa Young
Executive Producer: Aerin Barnes
Producer: Todd Huskisson
Director of Photography: Brett VanDyke
Editorial: Ryan Hunt, School Editing, Toronto
Music/Sound Design: Imprint Music, Toronto

New Audi TTS Commercial "Fountain" Slow Motion

Love the new Audi TTS and love the new Audi TTS slow motion fountain commercial from Germany. Not as great a commercial as the Progress is Beautiful commercial for the Audi A4, but if you love the Audi TTS then you will love this commercial.

Commercial Info:
Agency: Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH
Creative Director: Jürgen Vossen
Production Company:, Sydney
Director: Christopher Riggert
Executive Producers: Moritz Merkel & Christiane Dressler
Producer: Moritz Merkel
Director of Photography: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Editorial House: The Tait Gallery
Editor: Danny Tait
Visual EFX: Resolution Design
Music: Sound Reservoir (Alex Gomez)

New "Violin" commercial for P & G Pantene Chrysalis, A deaf girl learns to play violin

A heart tugging inspirational commercial for P&G's Pantene Chrysalis shampoo. A 4 minute mini movie commercial where a young deaf girl learns to play the violin. The commercial created by Grey Thailand and directed by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai is sure to be an award winning Tv spot.

Commercial Credits:
Advertiser: P&G
Brand: Pantene Chrysalis shampoo
Agency: GREY Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup
Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup
Copywriter: Sajan Raj Kurup, Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
Agency Producer: Bee
Director: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
Production Company: Phenomena, Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Chief Operating Officer: Shilpa Swaroop
Account Management: Joy

Got Milk - Never Stop No Limits Milk Commercial

Great new commercial campaign not using the Got Milk slogan created for the Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership in Western Canada. This is a nice change from the Got Milk print and TV commercials. I know I'm a sucker for the feel good commercials.
"Always Grow. Grow Always. Never Stop. Milk"

Milk celebrates all aspects of growth. Not just physical, but emotional, spiritual and intellectual. This is an ongoing campaign that talks to youth. These spots acknowledge and admire kids who have developed the determination to succeed and refuse to to be beaten by the challenges in their way.

Advertiser: Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership
Product: Milk
Agency: Cossette West, Vancouver
Creative Director: Simon Cameron
Art Director: Scott Schneider
Copywriter: Simon Cameron
Agency Producer: Leslie Stovall
Director: David Harner
Production Company: Mad Films Inc.

James Bond 007 Coke Zero Commercial for Quantum of Solace

James Bond 007 Coke Zero Commercial
Coke Zero commercial and the new James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace movie promo combine for a thrilling commercial. he movie is due out the end of October.

Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London

Coca-Cola is to launch a global TV campaign in a tie-up with James Bond film Quantum of Solace with music by White Stripes frontman Jack White.

Bobby Brittain, the brand director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, said that the campaign "combines the drama of James Bond with the essence of Coca-Cola Zero in a stylish and contemporary fashion".

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Microsoft Windows Commercial Part 2 New Family

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates meet again for part 2 of the Microsoft advertising campaign.
Windows Part 2 New Family commercial
Here we go with part 2 of the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Windows commercials. This commercial titled "Perpetually Connecting" The New Family is 4 minutes of Seinfeld and Gates and their new family, funny in a strange way but I like it. The ending is truly priceless...Gates doing techno dancing, you have to love that.

Windows Perpetually Connecting

CAA China Automobile Association Mirror Print Ad

CAA Mirror print adverts - China Automobile Association.creative advertsCreative prints ads from China for the China Automobile Association CAA. The mirrors are perfect at demonstrating the idea of these ads. The grim reaper though has me wondering what they are doing behind the mirrors. Nice idea I really like these ads.
"The truth. After two drinks, your attention while driving will diminish by up to 76%. CAA reminds you not to drink and drive."
creative advertising Advertising Agency: Ice Cream Communications, China
Creative Directors: Alumi Lv, Jesus Gu
Art Director: Venson Chen
Copywriters: Kevin Wang, Jesus Gu
Published: June 2008

Axe Shower Gel Commercial

New Axe Shower Gel commercial TV spot. "If you use a woman's soap, you'll smell like one". This is a cute commercial from Axe with sweet animals going at the guy coming out of the shower this time. There are no women till the very end of the commercial, which is a nice change for the Axe advertising campaigns, but the effect is surprisingly the same.

Axe Shower Gel commercial from Argentina.
Agency: Vegaolmosponce
Creative General Directors: Hernan Ibarra/Walter Aregger/Hernan Ponce
Art Director: Ignacio Ferioli
Copywriter: Joaquin Cubria
Client Services Director: Vanina Rudaeff
Agency Production Manager: Roberto Carsillo
Agency Producer: Selva Dinelli
Production Company: Garlic Films Director: Marcelo Burgos
Executive Producer: Alvaro Gorospe
Assistant Director: Fernando Trullols
Director of Photography: Pancho Alcaine
Art Director: Luis Ramírez
Film Editor: Pablo Plant
Post Production: Miopía
Music: Swing Musica - adapted from Tchaikovski´s Sleeping Beauty
Sound: Swing Musica

Nike Retro Windrunner Commercial Film new 2008

New Nike Retro Windrunner online viral film created by Jonas & Francois, El Nino Paris is one pretty cool commercial for Nike. Anytime there is a beat pounding drum beat I'm sucked in. It will be interesting to see how well this Nike online commercial does across the internet.

Nike Retro Windrunner released September 2008
Production Company: El Nino, Paris
Director/Editor: Jonas & Franois
Producer: Delphine Rodet
Director of Photography: Matthieu Plainfoss
Post Producer: Anne Sgrettin
Editors: Jonas & François

Shoe Circus Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Microsoft Commercial

Microsoft launched their advertising campaign that features Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates exchanging ideas on the "Future" of Microsoft. If you read many of the discussions about this commercial you'll know that many people don't like it. I am in the minority, I like it.First of all its not selling any product, the commercial does not mention Vista (so its not about Vista), but a new look of Microsoft's bright future. Notice the melody at the end, preceded with words FUTURE and DELICIOUS. Something aesthetically pleasing? Why Bill is at a discount shoe store. Why p-leather? Is Microsoft investing in cheaper affordable hardware? Shoppers at the window commenting the type of shoe and how it runs tight. Was Seinfeld worth the reported $10 million he earned for doing the ad, or the reported $300 million it cost, figures I doubt are very accurate.
The Microsoft "Shoe Circus" Commercial with Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld, sorry but I like it.

According to an article by Reuters, "Microsoft said the commercial is part of a broader, long-term initiative to change consumers' perception of Windows, which will include setting up a retail corner at several hundred Best Buy and Circuit City stores staffed by "Windows Gurus" to explain the benefits of Windows."

Diesel "Fuel For Life" Unlimited For Women Only Commercial

Hot new commercial for Diesel Fragrances. "Fuel For Life Unlimited" For Women Only.
Directed by Paul Gore and shot in Prague, the new Fuel For Life Unlimited commercial for women only, is a sensual shot to our senses. The Diesel TV spot is a sensual, thrilling adventure through the eyes of sensual women. I truly love this, the Diesel Fuel For Life commercial it tantalizes my senses and keeps me drawn in while the entire commercial plays on. Are You Alive?

Brand: Diesel Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life
Agency: FFL Paris
Creative Director: Farid Mokart
Art Director: Juliette Lavoix
Art Director: Pauline De Montferrant
Producer: Emma Butterworth
Director: Paul Gore
Production Company: Flynn Productions
Country: United Kingdom

Smith & Nephew "Innovation in Motion"

Exciting new Smith & Nephew TV spot commercial titled "Innovtion in Motion"

Peek Performance powered by Smith & Nephew, an active and exciting commercial for hip and joint replacement. I thought this was simply great when I first watched it. A generation of doers wont let hip or joint replacement stop us from doing anything.
Title: Innovation in Motion
Agency: Ogilvy, New York
Production Company: Psyop, New York
Director: Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth, Psyop
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Michael Neithardt
Assistant Producer: Tarun Cahraipotra
Project Lead: Florian Witzel
CG: Alvin Bae, Jan Bitz, Jae Ham, Miguel Salek, Jeff Dates, Rich Magan, Jacob Slutsky, Jason Vega, Goo-Shun Wang, Lee Wolland
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Software Developer: Andreas Gebhardt
After Effects: Doug Purver, Jason Conradt, Elliot Blanchard

Funny Commercial Centraal Beheer Insurance UFO Aliens Attack

The UFO Centraal Beheer Insurance commercial from the Netherlands, have you ever heard of this company? I can guarantee you will remember them after watching this funny commercial for Central Beheer. Created by the DDB Advertising agency in Amsterdam features a UFO maned by aliens of course, on a mission to attack earth, this epic commercial is fantastic and the ending is not at all what you might be expecting.
Commercial Credits:
Advertiser: Centraal Beheer Achmea Insurance
Agency: DDB Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Mungo Maclagan
Art Director: Niels de Wit, Ruben Sonneveld, Daniel Snelders,Robert Van der Lans
Agency Producer: Yuka Kambayashi
Director: Stylewar
Production Company: Stink

Deep Blue Quicksilver Jeans Print Adverts 2008

deep blue jeans quicksilver ads
quicksilver advertsThe new Quicksilver Deep Blue advertising campaign created by the world famous Saatchi & Saatchi is truly amazing work by the ad agency.
I have being reading so many comments in other advertising forums about how this idea is original, never done before and award winning material. I will agree that the lighting, photography and the excecution is amazing, and even Cannes material, come on it's Saatchi & Saatchi. But I will not give them credit for an original idea on these Quicksilver Deep Blue prints adverts.

In my defence I give you the Taco Jeans commercial from 2007, who first put jeans on a fish and created a pretty cool ad campaign.

Two great advertising campaigns non the less, I love em both.
Deep Blue Quicksilver Credits:
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Art Directors / Copywriters: Rasmus Petersen, Lasse Bækbo Hinke
Post Production: Morten Meldgaard, Utopia Design

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Advertising Begins

The 2010 World Cup adverts begin. "The New Home of Football"South Africa World Cup 2010 Football, Soccer Adverts The FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is still 2 years away and the advertising has begun. Being a big football fan myself I'll be looking forward to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the adverts. The new slogan for the World Cup "The New Home of Football" is alright, hopefully they will come up with something better as the 2010 World Cup gets nearer.
Advertising Agency: Doberman Creative Company, Maribor, Slovenia
Copywriter: Tine Lugaric
Designer: Matija Kocbek
Shop the Official FIFA Online Store
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