Hubba Bubba - Big City Bubbles

This is great, simple cute and fun.
Advertising Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Ton Hollander, Marie-Theres Schwingeler, Toygar Bazarkaya, Ralf Zilligen
Art Director: Julia Furtmann
Copywriter: Kai Hoffmann
Released: March 2007

New Mercedes Benz "Concert Hall" Print Ads

The first concert hall that is a Mercedes. The S-class with ambient lighting and surround-sound system.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Michael Ohanian, Joachim Silber
Copywriters: Oliver Flohrs, Holger Schupp
Art Directors: Mario Loncar, Stefan Roesinger
Photographer: Marcus Philipp Sauer
Photo Editor: Joerg Macha
Published: January 2008

New Axe Dry Pulse Commercial "Quake"

The new Axe Quake Commercial

One thousand pulsations without perspiration. Impressive ad for the new fragrance from Axe, Dry Pulse.
Thanks to for discovering this great ad.

Classic Hovis Bread Commercials from The UK

Three of the original Hovis adverts from the 1970s: Northern (1973); Bike Ride(1974); Runaway (1979). These are great commercials from the UK and directed by Ridley Scott.

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette - Great Vintage Ads

How times have changed, great vintage advertising from Camel. More doctors smoked camel cigarettes.

Great New Print Ads For Puma - Soccer

Until Then - Puma
I love these new print ads for Puma, big football fan so I guess I'm biased. They are great ads.
Advertising Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Denmark
Creative Director: Michael Robert
Photographer: Isaak Hoffmeyer
Retouch: Utopia Design

Mood Lighting - Home Centre - Great Ads But Done So Many Times

Agency: Classic Partnership, Dubai Art Director & Copywriter: Joby George
Simplicity is what I love most in advertising (print ads only) this ad for Home Centre has been done so many times in other ad campaigns, yet I still consider it great work. It is simple and effective advertising. Great ads come from great ideas and this idea keeps repeating itself.

Welch's New Print Campaign - For A Tasty Fact, Remove & Lick

Madison Avenue thinks a tasty approach will give new life to Welch's grape juice.

Welch's is taking out full-page print ads in People magazine this month that give readers a chance to sample its grape juice by licking the ad. The front of the advertisement shows a huge bottle of the juice, while the back has a strip that peels up and off, with text that reads: "For a TASTY fact, remove & LICK."

Marketers are excited about the prospects for lickable ads, but also have to deal with the "ick" factor. Since magazines are often passed from reader to reader (think doctors' offices) there is a good chance that saliva could be left on the ad. Readers are supposed to peel off the entire sticker on the Welch's ad before licking, says First Flavor, the company that developed the technology used in the ad. If someone doesn't rip off the whole sticker, First Flavor says, the flap can't reseal, giving people an easy way to know whether the ad has already been licked.

I have to be honest with you, I am not licking any magazine!

source via: The Wall Street Journal

Nike Bo Knows Diddley One of The Greatest Commercial Campaigns Ever Created

Nike Bo Knows 1989- The greatest of the Bo Knows commercials has to be - Bo, You Don't Know Diddley. The idea created by copywriter Jim Riswold came to him while at a local bar wrestling with ideas being thrown at him from patrons of the bar. Bo...Beau Brummell...Bo Derek...and then Bo Diddley, he knew Diddley was the one and then added You Don't Know Diddley and the cast of athletes.
Jackson stuttered badly and didn't utter a single word in the commercial instead endoresements came from other famous athletes from Wayne Gretzky to Micheal Jordan. When Nike previewed the commercial to employees at a sales meeting they jumper to their feet in approval, Nike stopped all their running shoe advertising, doubled it's budget and put everything behind "Bo Knows".
Nike first aired the commercial on the day of the baseball all-star game, and what perfect timing too for Nike, it ran right after Jackson hit a home run in his first at bat after the fourth inning. Jim Riswold was quoting as saying God is a Bo Jackson fan while watching the game.
Nike didn't run the commercial again for 3 weeks after that but they got a ton of free exposure to it from news, talk shows, Entertainment Tonight and even The New Yorker in a cartoon claimed that Bo Knows Fiction.

What made this commercial great? Within months of running it, Nike grabbed 80 percent of the new cross-training market, sales at the time grew from $40 million to $400 million and very simply, it was a great commercial.

Great Advertisements From The Past - Keep America Beautful "The Crying Indian"

Over the next several weeks, as a consumer and admirer of great advertising I am going to share what I think have been some of the greatest advertising campaigns of all time. My first and favorite of all time: KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL - CRYING INDIAN.

One of the most seen ads in TV history reminds us to watch what we drop. Cherokee Indian Iron Eyes Cody and his single tear tugged on our collective guilt of deposing a people and then despoiling their land. Created by Young & Rubicam's Marstellar Inc. in 1970, the TV spot ran at the expense of individual stations and became the most viewed public service advertising ever.
Since it's release he reached some 24 billion households, more than any other commercial in history. Research showed that during the 1970's when it aired, 94 percent of all viewers recognized Cody as the Crying Indian from the Keep America Beautiful ad campaign. The commercial received more than $700 million in donated network airtime.

"Crying Indian" ran for 10 plus years, and Cody served as a spokesman for Keep America Beautiful for decades after that. Sadly, Iron Eyes Cody died in 1999 - Thank you Cody for that one tear and creating one of the most powerful and great advertising campaigns I have ever seen.

Nike Paris Print Ad Crazy Horse - Nike France

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris, Paris
Photographer: Diego Alborghetti
This great Nike Print Ad was a 2007 Clio Award bronze print ad winner for 2007.

Absolut New 2008 Streams Vodka Campaign

Named "Streams," the new print campaign for Absolut Vodka plays up the all-natural ingredients in the brand's flavored vodkas. In the ads, colorful streams flow by pears, mandarin oranges, peaches, lemons and other featured fruits. Absolut slogan - "True Taste Comes Naturally."

John White Advertising Campaign for 2008

Here is a selection of the John White advertising campaign for 2008, these adverts will appear in Trade magazines including the fashion weekly magazine "Drapers" and Consumer magazines including the bestselling quality men's magazine "GQ".
Personally, in North America we can't handle ads like this but in Europe this is nothing to edgy at all. In case you did not notice, John White is in the shoe business out of Milan, Italy. Did you even notice the shoes?

Qoob Explosive Ideas Print Ad Campaign From Italy MTV

Qoob is a music channel in Italy and part of the MTV network. These are great ads.
Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Stefano Campora, Stefano Rosselli
Art Director: Selmi Bali Barissever
Copywriter: Stefano Campora
Photographer: LSD

More From The Dress To Kill by Wallis Campaign

The Wallis Dress To Kill ad campaign has been one of favorites, I haven't seen an ad campaign to take over as my favorite yet so I decided to share two more print and very clever ads from Wallis that first ran in 2006. To see the best of the Wallis Ads visit this post, Wallis Dress To Kill

Now This Is A Windows XP Firewall, Great Ad

I don't normally like the spoof or viral ads, but this one I is a great and even clever ad poking fun at Windows XP. Thanks goes to in the United Kingdom for sharing this with us. They really like their advertising in the UK.

The Axe Effect Ad Campaign Goes Political

Imagine The Power of AxeAdvertising Agency: BBH, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Rosie Arnold, Adrian Rossi, Alex Grieve, Pelle Sjoenell, Calle Sjoenell
Spoof or not, I love this. Just imagine how powerful the Axe Effect can be when Hilary Clinton goes for Obama or John MacCain!

It's Good To Be On Top Draft FCB Advert

Caption reads: It's good to be on top. Minorities, are you tired of being screwed by the advertising industry? Come to Draft FCB and work your way to the top.
If anyone come give me some insight into this ad, please post a comment. To be honest, I loved to the photo of the lions in this advert so I simply had to share it.

New Audi 2008 Q7 V8, Simplicity In Advertising That Works

Agency: Verba Milan
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Francesco Guerrera
Photographers: Winkler & Noah (
This print ad for the new Audi Q7 from the ad agency Verba Milan in Italy, is so powerful in it's simplicity. Love it, Great Ad!

The New PepperJam Network

I was so impressed by The PepperJam Network I had to join their affiliate program right away. I was pleasantly surprised when after just 15 minutes of submitting my registration for approval I received a phone call from Kate, who is now my dedicated account representative at PepperJam, to confirm my registration. Pepper Jam is where I want to be affiliated.
Rumors Are True
PepperjamAFFILIATE was created by a group of industry-leading super affiliates and search-engine marketing experts, including internet marketing guru and Affiliate Summit speaker Kristopher B. Jones. The company offers pay-for-performance outsourced affiliate marketing management solutions as well as online marketing management management and consultation in the areas of search, strategic partnership acquisition, and overall market share capitalization. pepperjamMANAGEMENT is the industry's only super affiliate marketing management firm.
PepperjamSEARCH is recognized by Google™ as one of the only Google™ Adwords Qualified Companies in the United States and includes an experienced team of certified Yahoo!® Search Marketing Ambassadors.
PepperjamMEDIA offers businesses an advanced, full-service online media management and media buying solution.

Don't take my word for it,Join the Affiliate Revolution.

Ron Paul Blimp Advertising Campaign - what the...

I got a kick out of this and just had to share it, below is a quote from the official blimp website, apperently the blimp is returning home, they didn't get it off the ground:

"The Ron Paul Blimp and Liberty Political Advertising are not affiliated with the official Ron Paul Campaign in anyway. Thanks so much to everyone who made this project a huge success. Current Blimp status: The blimp is headed back home to it's hangar in Elizabeth City, NC.
The blimp did not receive enough sponsorships to keep it afloat any longer. We will be keeping the banners in hopes of flying the blimp for "round 2" in a few months. If you would like to sponsor the blimp we would still appreciate it as we still have a balance due to Airship Management Services. "

source: - The legality of this high flying venture seems dubious at best. First of all, Ron Paul's zealous supporters have set up a for-profit corporation called Liberty Political Advertising LLC to raise money for the blimp in an effort to skirt campaign contribution laws. Individuals are limited by law to giving $2,300 to a presidential campaign, but is encouraging people to donate anywhere from $10 to $1 million in support of the blimp advertising campaign.

HotWheels Stunts Ad

"Kids! Do try This At Home"
This is awesome, great ad, amazing execution... brings out the fun and fantasy of playing with Hot Wheels... i love it.
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Stephan Junghanns
Art Director: Ralf Richter
Copywriter: Peter Strauss
Photographer: Michael Schnabel

Bluefly Launches New Ad Campaign

Bluefly launches risque new advertising campaign - Nothing To Wear To Work Thats Why BlueFly - Bared emotions inspire new print ads.

Super Bowl 2008 Commercial Budweiser Horse Training Dalmation

It takes a menagerie to create a Super Bowl ad slate. Dancing lizards, shrieking squirrels, enormous pigeons and those familiar Clydesdales dominated the commercials in a year when the ads couldn't compete with the last-minute excitement of the game itself. This was my pick for the feel good ad of the Super Bowl Ad's this year.

Sweet-natured spots got some of the highest marks from both ad professionals and regular viewers. Budweiser's latest entry into the Clydesdale canon hit the top of USA Today's Ad Meter poll of consumers and who could resist the story of a rejected horse that trains for and makes the team with the help of a Dalmatian trainer and the Rocky theme?

Pepsi Stuff Super Bowl Ad featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

I still prefer Coke over Pepsi but the Pepsi ads are fantastic. Andy Samberg should be the start of this commercial not Justin Timberlake.
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