The World of Healthy Smiles

Colgate Smile
I'm sorry, but this was just too funny.

Helping Students Since 1945

This is just good old fashion fun, clever and very realistic.
I know I've used a Bic to fill my hands with notes.

The Coke or Pepsi Butt Taste Test

This was just interesting and I wanted to share it, but it might be a great idea for a new Coca-cola and Pepsi campaign. Men would love, how does this sound...which cola drinkers have the greatest butt...Coke or Pepsi? Take the feel test today.

Nike, When You Have to Go....You Just Go

This Nike ad gives new meaning to the Just Do It slogan.
The dog is was what confuses me though, is it thirsty?

Bentley Automobiles, Now This Is Advertising At It Best

You have to love those guys over at Bentley Automobiles. Only Bentley could pull off this advert. I am curious about who they are flipping the bird too though, hopefully not us common folk but rather those other guys over at BMW or Benz.

The Million Dollar Building, What Next?

Don't believe me?
Go visit the site at million dollar building
I was shocked too.

Time To Do The Things You Love, Your Wife

I love the more relaxed regulations from some other countries regarding advertising.

This is a real billboard for in New Zealand.
Can someone pass this site on to my husband please, that man needs more time dammit!!
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