How Swede It Is for the Motor City and Ford's New 'OctoGrip' Print Ad

Ever since Henry Ford first set up shop for his Ford Motor Company in Detroit, both the city and the automaker have benefited from this cross-branding relationship. This unique Motor City factor can be seen in everything from music with Motown to sports with the NHL's Detroit Red Wings, whose town team logo features a car tire with wings. So it came to no surprise that Ford's latest print ad campaign would once again be influenced by Hockey Town USA, as the cool ad borrows heavily on both the Detroit Red Wings logo and the hockey teams unofficial mascot the octopus - as the hockey crazed town has become famous for their strange tradition of throwing octopus on the ice during Red Wing home games. The ad's likeness is not just a mere copy however, but more an homage by the creators - as the ad agency and campaign are based out of Sweden. For it is common knowledge that the Detroit Red Wings have always preferred drafting Swedish hockey players, as the IKEA promo poster attests too.

Advertising Agency: Dedicate, Gothenburg, Sweden
Creative Director: Klas Ekstrand
Art Director: Marc Zacharoff
Copywriter: Torbjörn Wannerfelt
Illustrator: Vemod Studios

Lamptan 'Elephant' Gas Ad Smells Like a Bright Idea

I love it when small virtually unknown companies come up with commercials that can compete with their big budget multinational competitors. I'm talking to you General Electric. Case in point is this privately owned florescent lighting company based out of Thailand called Lamptan Lighting Technology, who have created a funny new shoe string budget TV spot to promote their Setronic lights. All this clever ad needed was an elephant, a fan and a brave Mahout named Peter to lift the tail of a flatulent pachyderm.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn
Creative Director: Torpun Lersin
Copywriter: Nopparat Wattanawaraporn
Art Director: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn/Virayut Khunvithayapaisal
Agency Producer: Uravasee Chaturongakul
Account Supervisor: Thassanai Chonglertlux
Account Manager: Triyaporn Yongsuvimol
Film Production Company Mum Films Co., Ltd
Director: Suthon Petchsuwan
Cinematographer: Thanakrit Teeranakul
Film Producer: Surayut Sritrakul
Editor: Dechmongkol Prasertsit
Sound Production Company: Cinesound Co., Ltd
Sound Engineer: Kulsak Thamsanong

Coke Owned Brand Fanta 'Less Serious' Global Campaign is Serious Business

Coke and their fruit flavored brand soft drink Fanta is hedging a lot on their new 190 country Global Campaign they coined 'Less Serious'. The big budget campaign will premiere their new TV spot 'Chase' on the USA's TV markets highest rated show American Idol. In a clear attempt to focus on Fanta's key targets - the American teens and moms, they have created a family friendly animated commercial, as it has proven very successful for Fanta's market share in other parts of the world such as Asia and South America. The spot was created by the talented animation production house Psyop, who are the same people behind Coca-Cola's other successful teen oriented animated ad 'Happiness Factory'.

'Join the Dance' with Hugh Jackman's Latest Lipton Ice Tea TV Ad

A-Lister Hugh Jackman is at it again as he reprises his very popular role as the dancing spokesman for Lipton Ice Tea. The Hollywood stars partnership with Lipton has proven very successful, as the world-wide campaign has been well received throughout the world and online. In this latest installment, Dancin' Jackman's infectious spirit gets everyone moving to a re-make track of the 80's classic "Safety Dance" by Canadian Rock group Men Without Hats.

Agency: DDB Argentina
Agency Producer: Lucinda Ker
Client: Lipton Ice Tea
Creative Team: Nick Bell
Creative Team: Fernando Tchechenistky
Creative Team: Pablo Batlle
Production Company: @Radical/Stink
Director: Luciano Podcaminsky
Producer:Josh Barwick
Local Producer: Marcelo Fontao
Lead Cameraman: Marcelo Camorino
Film Editor: Diego Panich
Film Company: La Cupula
Facilities House: Bitt Animation
Music Title: The Safety Dance
Audio Production Company: Platinum Rye
Music Artist: The Feeling
Publisher: Universal Publishing

MTV's 'Sexident' PSA Campaign is a Sexy Accident Waiting to Happen

As part of a European MTV Public Service Announcement coined 'Sexidents' (and no they are not selling dentures or dental gum) but rather promoting safe sex.  German based ad agency Grey Worldwide have come up with a great 70's throw back comic book style print ads to coincide with the campaigns slogan " Sex is no accident. Wear a condom."   The campy illustrations  titled 'toilet', 'bush' and 'backseat' contain over-the-top sexual set ups that work  perfectly within the often over-done safe sex public service genre.   

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officers: Andreas Henke, Sacha Reeb
Creative Directors: Moritz Grub, Regner Lotz
Copywriter: Janus Hansen
Art Directors: Alphons Conzen, Frederico Gasparian,
Reto Oetterli
Illustrator: Gary Davidson
Art Buyer: Sabine Campe
Account Manager: Marco Köditz

Durex Performa Scores Big with Their 'Extra Time' Scoreboard Ad

Durex literally gives you 'extra time' in this ingenious marketing plan to promote their Performa brand condoms in Asia. The clever idea to place their ads on digital scoreboards was created by ad  agency McCann Erickson based out of Bangkok, Thailand.  The cool scoreboards are actually being used to signify how much extra time their is in a soccer match.  A perfect match actually, as the scoreboards extra time takes on a whole new meaning for the spectators.  

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Martin Lee
Creative Director: Thidarat Nitikijphaiboon, Wuthinan Jindafai
Copywriter: Asana Kaoian
Art Director: Wuthinan Jindafai

Mercedes Benz 'Einstein' Print Ad is a Genius Idea

As part of Mercedes-Benz print ad campaign titled 'Left Brain Right Brain', they have come up with what I believe is the best print of the brainy series. Even  though the image of Albert Einstein has been used in numerous campaigns, the ads clever  polar shots of the genius and their juxtaposition sells the campaigns message perfectly, as we can all relate to both our own duality and that of the greatest brain that ever existed - Albert Einstein.

Other print ads from the series titled 'Passion', 'Paint' and 'Music'.  A big departure from featured print ad 'Einstein', as the previous prints are obviously more artistic with quite detailed copy.


Ad Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative
Director: Tzur Golan
Creative Director: Yariv Twig
Art Director: Gil Aviyam, Dror Nachumi
Copywriter: Oren Meir, Sharon Refael Executive
Client Director: Adam Polachek
Account Supervisor: Yael Yuz
Account Manager: Mayran Sadeh
Head of Strategic Planning: Yoni Lahav
Planning Director: Zohar Reznik
Planner: Nili Rabinowitz

Sarah Silverman is 'Always Open' in Denny's New Online Ad Film

As part of Denny's successful web ad series 'Always Open', this latest installment features comedian Sarah Silverman giving us a little too much information over a friendly meal. The funny 3 minute web film/ad is a great example of how advertisers are breaking the mold of the conventional 30 second TV spot. By companies producing their own original content they no longer have to rely simply on product placement and sponsorship to get noticed.

Agency: Gotham
Digital Content and Production: DumbDumb
Multimedia Studio: Electus

Feel the 'Dominoes' Effect in the New Citroen Car Ad

The most difficult task for ad agencies in producing automobile advertisements is coming up with cool new shots of cars simply driving. The fortunate thing is that car ads have huge budgets, which usually results in impressive special effects, as they utilize the latest in CGI technology, often outdoing Hollywood blockbusters. And this new French car ad titled 'dominoes', created by acclaimed production company Psyop and Paris based ad agency Agence H have successfully delivered a cool new spot in the often tired car ad genre.

Citroën – Dominoes from Psyop on Vimeo.

Ad Agency: Agence H, Paris and Psyop

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor as an Advertising Icon

With Elizabeth Taylor's recent passing at the age of 79, the advertising world lost one of the pioneers of celebrity endorsements. The Oscar winning actress created some of the most memorable print ads dating back to the 1940's, as the Hollywood starlet lent her unmistakable image to such brands as Max Factor, Whitman's chocolate, and of course diamonds. She is also credited for being the first celebrity to create her own fragrance, which is now a mainstay for most A-List stars  of today. The advertising world will miss one of the originals.

Wickedly Good Dirt Devil 'Pub' Ad

Dirt Devil and British based ad agency The Raft have come up with a funny new TV commercial for their UK market. The clever spot features two elderly men enjoying a quiet afternoon in their local pub when the hair-raising power of the Dirt Devil's suction is revealed.

Advertising Agency: The Raft, Wilmslow, UK
Creative Director/Art Director: Phil Howells
Copywriter: Martin Anderson
Production Company: Chief Productions

Sanitol Gives You a Hand in Their New 'Urinal' Print Ad

Sanitol  has taken the same  marketing  approach that has worked so well to sell condoms and other sexually transmitted disease control campaigns with their new print ad titled 'Urinal'.   The antibacterial product slogan that reads "Touch him. And you touch everything he’s touched",   is another great example of how an adverts clever copy and  provocative photo can really get their point across.  

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, New Delhi, India
National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Director: Ashish Chakravarty
Art Director: Rohit Devgun
Copywriters: Ashish Chakravarty, Kapil Batra
Photographer: Amit Dey

The New Pledge Print Ad 'Turd' is Not a Piece of Crap

This may be the first main stream print advertisement  in history that has ever featured a piece of feces so prominently in it's marketing campaign.  The bold Pledge print ad was created by UK ad agency The Raft, as their unabashful and stark photo of a gleaming swirl of poo can not be easily ignored.  Yet the advert works so well, as the composition with it's simple copy that reads "Yes you can", clearly  reasserts the power of their cleaning products claim.

Advertising Agency: The Raft, Wilmslow, UK Creative Director: Phil Howells
Art Director: Lee Potts
Copywriter: Richard Hague
Illustrator: Justin Metz

Share a 'Wegasm' Together with Latest Durex Print Ads

In Durex's latest print ad campaign to promote their popular line of condoms, they have coined a new phrase called a 'Wegasm'.  The term will be featured heavily in their upcoming advertising campaigns, which is used to describe the "getting you there" part of sex that results in better orgasms for you and your partner.  Always a big fan of Durex ads, they continue to lead the way in creative advertising in the prophylactic market.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy South, Atlanta
Creative Director: Dave Galligos
Art Directors: Nick Costrides, Mark Sorensen, John Teter, Chris Bakay
Copywriter: John Spalding, Ashley Staker
Illustrator: Pete Petersen
Photographer: Heath Patterson
Retoucher: Chris Bodie

The Smithsonian Goes 'Historically Hardcore' with 50 Cent Diss Ad

The US government funded educational and research institute The Smithsonian has gone all gangsta in their mock print ad campaign titled 'Historically Hardcore'. The true or not copy takes a clear shot at rapper 50 Cent and his infamous shooting tale and compares it to that of former President Teddy Roosevelt's lesser known survival story. The clever and very effective advertising student made print ad is sure to create publicity and help promote the world renowned historical museum to a whole new demographic.

AT&T Takes You 'Places' With Their New Print Ad Campaign

AT&T's new print ad campaign created by ad agency BBDO, New York is a great example of combining clever copy with creative images. The colorful and lively illustrations titled 'Camelot', 'Atlantis', Euphoria' and 'Lilliput' make up the imaginative print ad series called 'Places'.  The four prints were illustrated by 4 different artists, as they all feature a unique style yet still in keeping with the common theme of this beautiful campaign.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Directors: Greg Hahn, Ralph Watson
Creative Director / Art Director: James Clunie
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pierre Lipton
Designers: James Clunie, Paul Wagner
Illustrators: Snarlik, Kustaa Saksi, Dan Stiles, Apak

AT&T 'Spring' Ad Has Finally Arrived

Spring time has sprung early for the new AT&T ad campaign. Created by ad agency BBDO's Atlanta and New York offices, this beautifully shot ad and it's slogan "coverage means everything", features some cool visuals of blooming flowers that eventually cover entire cities. Along with the cheerful soundtrack, this feel good advert can't help but make you excited about the upcoming season.

Agency:BBDO Atlanta
Chief Creative Officer:David Lubars
Agency:BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer:Bobby Pearce
VP Creative Director:Stephen McMennamy
Senior Creative Director:Jean Robaire
Senior Copywriter:Patrick Lindsay
Art Director:Alex Pacion
Senior Producer:Jenny Russo Novak
EVP Management Director:Doug Walker
Production Company:Rabbit
Executive Producer:Douglas Howell
Executive Producer:Joby Barnhart
Producer:Zac Zimmerman
Director of Photography:Nicolas Karakatsanis
Editorial:Arcade Edit
Editor:Paul Martinez
Assistant Editor:Will Hasell
Editorial Executive Producer:Damien Stevens
Editorial Producer:Ali Reed
VFX:The Mill
VFX Supervisor:Agnus Kneale
VFX Producer:Boo Wong

McDonald's Goes Green with their St. Patrick's Day Stunt 'Shamrock Shake Spill'

Continuing the world-wide St. Patrick's Day tradition of turning everything green, the McDonald's Operators of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana have created the 'Shamrock Shake Spill'.  Maybe not as endearing to some due to the recent tragic oil spills of late, the gag is not lost on those of us who want to keep St. Patrick's Day one of the funnest days of the year.  Hey at least the spill is green.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Tutssel
Creative Directors: John Montgomery, Brian Shembeda, Avery Gross
Art Director: Tim Ratchford
Copywriter: Jason Curry
Photographer: Jeff Schear
Executive Producer: Denis Giroux
Producer: Samantha Howes
Production Company: Studio 1 Digital

Have a 'Brief Encounter' with the New Heineken TV Commercial

Heineken and ad agency Rothco have come up with a very adult themed advert for their 'Open Your World' campaign. The seductive ad has it all - sexual tension, innuendo, cheating, flirting, and even a twist ending. Heineken along with competitors like Stella Artois continue to lead the way in breaking the mold of the stereotypical beer ad.

Advertising Agency: Rothco, Ireland

Axe's Augmented Reality Ad Campaign - Where 'Fallen Angels' Appear

Axe's very successful 'Fallen Angels' Ad Campaign continues to impress with their latest marketing promo where holographic Fallen Angels appear to drop on unsuspecting shoppers. The clever campaign stunt was shot in London's Victoria subway station on March 5, 2011. The spot features both behind the scenes shots of the cool technology, as well as great reactions from the very real customers.

'Make Up' Your Own Mind to the First Ever Unretouched Make Up Ad Claim

The new print ad campaign by Make Up For Ever Professional Paris claims that we are looking at the first ever unretouched make up advert in history, of course their is an * beside the claim.  Nonetheless the High Definition foundation unphotoshopped advert works.  Right or wrong, the clever campaign slogan makes you pay attention to the ad, as you are more engaged to look closely at the model.  Undoubtedly, her genetically gifted 17 year old fresh skin doesn't hurt either.

Adidas 'Is All In' with a Unifying Global Ad Campaign

As part of a huge global marketing strategy, Adidas has partnered with Montreal based ad agency Sid Lee to launch their new ad campaign 'All Adidas'. The spot will be played in over 100 countries, with what Adidas describes as a "one-brand anthem' that promotes their Performance, Originals and Style product lines. Director Roman Gavras unifying spot brings together everyone from B.O.B., Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Dennis Busenitz, Derrick Rose and Katy Perry. The commercial's pumping soundtrack features the song "Civilization" from the new album by Justice.

Agency: Sid Lee, Montreal, Canada
Director: Romain Gavras
Music: "Civilization" from Justice

Mercedes Ad 'Infoxication' Gets Us Intoxicated with Too Much Information

In an attempt to describe what our brave new world's over consumption and consumerism has led us to, ad agency El Laboratorio and German car maker Mercedes-Benz have created an intriguing and original commercial. The creative spot features a thought provoking narrative voiced over some very clever art displays that perfectly symbolizes our society's latest affliction of overwhelming choice. Still not sure if 'infoxication' is a bad thing though.

Advertising Agency: El Laboratorio, Madrid, Spain
Creatives: Carlos Holemans, Manuel Cavanillas, Carla Romeo, Jesús Lada
Director: Sega
DOP: Ángel Iguacel
Production Company: Lee Films
Production Company Producer: Iván Fernández
Editing Company: Telson
Post Production: Telson
Music: Love Monk

New Sprite Ad is No 'Revolution' in Advertising but Sure to be a Crowd Favorite

A big budget ad with a cast of hundreds, this TV commercial from Coca-Cola owned brand soft drink Sprite is an impressive display of advertising. The ad features a fictional Asian nation with a North Korean type dictator overseeing a full Chinese type Military parade. The commercial's cinematography is striking, as it is purposely shot to appear as an authentic news reel film. Not so authentic however is the predictable soft drink ending, complete with a remixed hip-hop version of Bill Conti's original "Gonna Fly Now", the iconic theme song from the Rocky movies.

Advertising Agency: Geller-Nessis Publicis, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Rony Schneider

Real Estate Development Campaign 'Open Air Book' Tells A New Kind Of Story

A very interesting property development marketing campaign was launched in Porto Alegre's 4th District in Brazil by real estate developers Rossi Fiateci and ad agency Leo Burnett. The idea was to promote and rediscover an old industrial area by creating interactive billboards that tells the story of the newly established neighborhood. Writer Carpinjar Fabricio wrote 4 life stories using the neighborhood as the backdrop where people could follow the narrative on billboards throughout the rejuvenated community.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Directors: Andre Kirkelis, Alexandre Pagano, Vinicius o Valeiro
Copywriter: Tomás Correa

Hot Wheels 'Secret Race Battle' is No Usual Stunt Campaign

Hot Wheels Australia utilized the latest in 3D projection technology to create a virtual race featuring their Skull Racers product line. The iconic Hot Wheels toy brand produced the 3D project with ad agency Muse, Amsterdam. They previewed the incredible visual effects marketing event on the facade of the historic Customs House in Sydney, Australia to great effect.

Agency:Muse Amsterdam
Client:Hot Wheels
Client Service Director:Michael Littaur
Project Manager:Bert-Jan Strating
Project Manager:Wouter Donkers
Creative Director:Sander Ejlenberg
Art Director:Philia Beroud
Design:Magnus Lowing
Design:Elano Collaco
Strategy:Karlijn van den Berg
Director:Justin Blyth
Director:Chris Staves
Director:Mischa Rozema
Technical Supervision:Bean Systems
Sound Design:Massive Music

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 'Troupe' Ad is Worthy of an Audience

The new UK advert for the historic British confectionery brand Rowntree is a funny and effective piece of advertising. The clever spot created by JWT, London features a troupe of rogue medieval thespians testing an unassuming bloke with a tempting pastille candy. The result is a fun gag ad filled with great comedic performances by the commercials cast.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Jason Berry
Art Director: Adam Collins
Copywriter: Mark Campion
TV Producer: Roy Swansborough
Planners: Tim Browne, Richard Cottingham
Account Directors: Brooke Curtis, Chris Hurdiss
Media agency: Mindshare Media
Planner: Elina Luca
Director: Mike Maguire
Production Company: Independent Films
Editor: Mark Burnett
Sound: Sam @ 750

Classical Music Creates New Ideas for Milk and Marketing

Thinking outside of the box is what the people at The Dortmund Concert Hall have done when they created their marketing campaign for their 2011 music season. Accepting the fact that the majority of people are not that interested in classical music, Dortmund developed a plan for people to experience their music through milk. Taking the long proven scientific fact that cows who listen to classical music produce more milk, the great marketing campaign 'The Konzertmilch Case' was born.

Producer: Johannes Bittel, Claudia Westermann
Production: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
Audioproduction: Infected Postproduction GmbH
Composer: Joseph Haydn
Client: Konzerthaus Dortmund GmbH: Anne-Katrin Röhm
Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe; Sascha Hanke, Jens Pfau, Tobias Grimm, Jo Marie Farwick, Damjan Pita, Jochen Schwarz, Dajana Quurk, Marijke Fisser, Liane Siebenhaar, Henning Robert, Jan-Hendrik Scholz, Mikis Meyer, Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner, Christoph Mäder, Sven Gabriel

Oreo Was Always 'Milk's Favorite Cookie' Print Ad Campaign

The biggest selling Cookie in history continues to present themselves in a fresh new manner.  This clever new print ad marketing campaign coincides with their new slogan "Milk's Favorite Cookie", a departure from their traditional "America's Favorite Cookie".  The change makes perfect sense as milk has always played a prominent role in the Oreo brand anyways.  

Advertising Agency: Pixonal, Egypt

A Brilliant Idea is Just Around the Corner in Mercedes-Benz 'Transparent Walls' Ad

To promote their Pre-Safe Precrash System, Mercedes-Benz have come up with an incredible campaign that can change driver and pedestrian safety forever. The clever initiative involves the use of Transparent Walls, a video projection system placed on buildings to provide better views on poorly visible street corners. The result is a unique mind-blowing experience, where it actually appears that you are looking through the wall. The spot itself is just as inspiring as the great idea behind it, filled with up-lifting shots of people's reactions to the incredible new technology.

Ad Agency:Jung von Matt Elbe

Orkin Takes No 'Vacation' with their New Ad Campaign

These have to be the nastiest rats to ever be featured in an advertising campaign. Not only are the realistic looking rats ugly as sin, they have quite a mean streak too. Ad agency The Richards Group and Orkin have done a great job in creating a spot that is both funny and a little disturbing, just like the exterminating business itself.

Agency:The Richards Group

Guinness Ad Shares 'Man Hug' Tips for St. Patrick's Day

With the happiest day of the year coming up, many guys need a refresher on appropriate displays of public affection during St. Patrick's Day celebrations. So the fine people at Guinness have combined that British style dry sense of humor with a satirical instructional video. The result is a fun TV spot filled with useful advise such as the 'A' frame hug that leaves a least a foot of space between crotches, and the 'firm pat' indicating the hug is finished. Great stuff.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Director: Matt Dilmore
Copywriter: Aidan McClure
Art Director: Laurent Simon
Production Company: Epoch

Jennifer Aniston Tries to Go Viral with SmartWater Ad

Spoofing some of the latest viral video phenoms, Jennifer Aniston and SmartWater are attempting to create that same type of buzz. The spot was cleverly titled 'Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape' and it features the former Friends star directing her own video by referencing everything from SmartWater main competitor Evian and their dancing babies to You Tube sensation the Rainbow guy. But the best part of the ad for me was the kid at the beginning.

Kellogg's 'Big Breakfast' Ad Campaign Has Big Heart

Always a fan of corporate community involvement, Kellogg's have created the 'Big Breakfast' Ad Campaign, who's goal is to give away one million free breakfasts by the start of the 2011-2012 school year. The positive marketing campaign is accompanied by a feel good spot created by the renowned Leo Burnett ad agency, who are experts a producing emotional advertising.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: Don Bowen, Jim Bolton
Art Directors/Copywriters: Rick Brim, Daniel Fisher
Director of Photography: Federico Alfonzo
Producer: Emma Bewley
Production Company: Spank Corp Ltd
Director: Tim Brown
VFX/SPX/Editorial/Editor: Mark Edinoff/ The Quarry
Music Company: All usage/licensing handled by Sound Lounge

James Bond in Drag 'Equals' a Powerful Ad for Women

As part of International Women's Day, this officially commissioned advert stars James Bond himself Daniel Craig, in a role you have never seen him play before - a woman. Craig undergoes a huge makeover, as he both physically and metaphorically puts himself in women's shoes. The campaign titled 'Equals' is spear-headed by British singer Annie Lennox and was directed by the critically acclaimed Sam Taylor-Wood and features the voice of Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench delivering a very thought provoking script.

Director:Sam Taylor-Wood,
Producer: Barbara Broccoli
Scriptwriter: Jane Goldman
Director of photography: Seamus McGarvey
Editor: Mel Agace
Post production: Michael Sollinger
Post production coordinator: Harriet Dale
Grading: Robin Pizzey
Deluxe grade production: Rob Farris
Effects fix: Emily Greenwood
Sound producer: Hannah Mills
Sound: Simon Diggins and Peter Gleaves at Goldcrest

Lubricant Gel Print Ad Campaign Doesn't Need to 'Try' too Hard to be Effective

Try Intimate Lubricant Gel have created a fun print ad campaign that is filled with sexy suggestive images.  French ad agency JWT effectively and unabashedly uses hilarious phallic symbols to get their point across in adverts ' Bone', 'Telescope' and 'Skittle'.  Try as you might - your mind just goes there.


Ad Agency:
JWT, France

Creative Dir:
Ghislain de Villoutreys

Art Director: Jean-Baptiste Berthelom

Thomas Sabatier

Get 'Googly' with Controversial New Axe Print Ad

As part of Axe's sponsorship of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup they have created a provocative new print ad campaign that is sure to turn some heads.  The UAE advert features a schedule of the Cricket matches with images of sexy models in 'cat-fight' scenarios for each match day.  The  images coincide with the campaign slogan "When the match ends, your game begins" - and I always thought that Cricket was a gentleman's sport.  


Advertising Agency:
Lowe Mena, Dubai, UAE

Creative Directors:
Mark Lewis, Komal Sohal, Marwan Saab

Art Director/Copywriter: Manosh Kumar Talukdar

Group Account Director:
Tej Desai Sr

Account Managers:
Anita Adaman, Prashob Ravi

Mansoor Bhatti/Getty Images, Corbis images, Grapheast, Photolibrary

Old Spice Ad Campaign Never Gets Old

Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, along with former NFL player Isiah Mustafa return with a quick 17 second spot titled 'Fiji', that features the hunk with something even more adorable then him - puppies. The undeniably charming and enormously popular ad campaign continues to create fun and innovative scenarios for the Ad Man of 2010 that will hopefully continue for years to come.

Axa App Makes a TV Ad You Can Really Get Into

A cool new ad campaign from Belgium Insurance company Axa, combines their innovative iPhone App with an interactive TV commercial. The ambitious product launch features an 'iMercial', as they coined it, that has the TV viewer scan a code with their iPhone to find out what happens to a home that has mysterious crash has hit a home. The viewer then gets to watch the remaining scene in a first person view from their iPhone. Not only is the marketing idea genius, the actual TV spot itself is as equally intriguing.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp/Modem, Belgium
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Lansen Walraet
Copywriter: Philippe Blondé
Art Director: Kristoff De Prins
TV Producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
Production/Chief Technology: Steven Pauwels
Graphic Designer/Interactive design: Jesse Van den Broeck
Animations: Digital Golum
Production Company: TRS Brussels
Director: Dirk Verheye
Producers: Mitchel Elsen, Frederik Zaman
D.O.P.: Ivan Mark
Sound: Sonicville

iPad 2 'Smart Cover' Ad Keeps it Simple and Functional

With the recent launch of Apple's iPad 2, much of the focus has been on the new colors and the built-in camera, but this ad presents one of the coolest new features - the Smart Cover. In keeping with Apple's previous iPad ad campaigns, this new spot perfectly demonstrates the products abilities in a stark and simple manner, resulting in a very effective advertisement.

City of Angels Stars in New Nike Ad Campaign 'Los Fearless'

Nike's latest ad campaign 'Los Fearless' features two new spots 'Ricky' and 'Kolohe', two LA based professional athletes. The city of Los Angeles becomes an influential backdrop to Major League Baseball pitcher Ricky Romero and champion surfer Kolohe Andino becoming of age stories in the gritty and inspiring ads.

Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Omri Cohen

The Economist Takes the 'Bull' Out of Print Advertising

Founded in 1843, The economist has chronicled many of the world's most contentious events and their latest print ad campaign continues that tradition. The London based weekly publication adverts 'Bull', 'Ostrich' and 'Judge' tackle some of today's most pressing issues with that same biting intelligent commentary that they are famous for.

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Steve Hough
Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran
Art Directors: Mel Harvey, James Purdie, Gregory Yeo
Copywriters: Dylan Kidson, Steve Hough, Sascha Kuntze
Designer: Leonardo Borges

Cravendale 'Cats With Thumbs' Advert is a Scary Idea

Kicking off a new Milk Matters ad campaign, British milk producers Cravendale Milk have replaced their animated cows and pirates for cats with thumbs. The intriguing new concept was created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, as they present a curious anthropological scenario where cats have developed opposable thumbs. The result is a funny and cute new TV spot, even though it has nightmarish feline consequences.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative Director: Sam Heath
Creative Director: Chris Groom
Creative: Hollie Sayers
Creative: Freddie Powell
Agency Producer: Lucy Russell
Planner: Theo Izzard Brown
Media Planning: Carat
Production Company: Smith and Jones Films
Director: Ulf Johansson
Production Company Producer: Philippa Smith
Offline Editor: The Whitehouse
Editor: Russell Icke
Post Production: MPC
Lead Flame/VFX Supervisor: Kamen Markov
Assist Flame: Richard McKeand
Assist Nuke: Ryan Hadfield
Assist Nuke: Heather Goodenough
Assist Nuke: Neil Griffiths
Matte Painter: Charlotte Tyson
Telecine: Jean Clement Soret
Post Producer: Josh King
Sound Studio: Wave London
Engineer: Jack Sedgwick
Music: Tonic Music
Composer: Multiverse

A Bright Idea from Shikun & Binui Interactive Print Ads

From Israelian solar energy company Shikun & Binui Solaria comes an amazing new print ad campaign that demonstrates how the power of the sun can be used in great new interactive ways for the print media market.

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Yoram Levi
Creative Director: Eran Nir
Creative: Raphael Nattiv
VP Client Service: Idit Zuckerman
Account Supervisor: Amit Alter
VP Production: Dorit Gvili
Photoshop: Raphael Nattiv, Elina Schwartz

Gucci Latest Ad Campaign is 'Guilty' of Making a Cool TV Spot

The Frank Miller directed commercial for Gucci's Guilty Pour Homme Italian ad campaign stars Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. Best known for his work on the movie Sin City, Miller has created a similar comic book influenced styled film advert. Not surprising as he made his start as a comic book artist with an acclaimed dark and sexy style. The spots soundtrack features a remixed version of Depeche Mode's classic tune 'Strange Love'.

Director: Frank Miller
Actors: Evan Rachel Wood, Chris Evans
Client/Advertiser: P&G Prestige Products - Geneva
Vice President Luxury Brands: Luigi Feola
Global Marketing Director Gucci Parfums: Todd Brisky Global Associate Marketing Director Gucci Parfums: Joshua Braman Gucci - Rome
Creative Director: Frida Giannini
Agency: REM Ruini e Mariotti - Rome
Creative Director: Riccardo Ruini
Strategic Director: Olivia Mariotti
Creative Services: Simona Silvano
Account Manager: Elisa Faustini
Production Company: Think Cattleya - Rome
CEO: Monica Riccioni
Executive Producer: Philip Rogosky
Producer: Alessandro Bonino RSA
Films Executive Producer: Kai-Lu Hsiung
Producer: Carla Poole
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro, A.S.C., A.C.M.
Art Direction/Set Design: Rosario Provenza/Marco Luppi
Editor: Adam Rudd, Final Cut, London
Conforming: Shake Movie, Rome
Post Production & 3-D: Fuel VFX - Sidney
VFX Supervisor: Dave Morley
CG Supervisor: Simon Maddison
Senior Producer: Celia Nicholas
Prime Focus - London
Senior Producer: Matthew Bristowe
Audio: Envy - London
Sound Engineer: Rich Martin

No Need to 'Change' a Thing with New FedEx TV Ad

From Toronto based ad agency BBDO comes a funny new FedEx TV spot that highlights that Canadian "Dry" sense of humor. As a fitting type homage to the late great Canadian comedic actor Leslie Nielson (Naked Gun, Airplane), this ad also features that straight face delivery he made famous. Filled with clever yet absurd situations, this commercial does not attempt to re-invent the wheel, even though the boss may have the time to do so.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Peter Ignazi
Art Director: Mike Donaghey
Copywriter: Chris Joakim
Producer: Christie Gawenda
Production House: OPC
Director: Tim Godsall
DP: Tiko Poulakakis
EP: Harland Weiss
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Editorial: PosterBoy
Editor: Griff Henderson
EP: Michelle Lee
Telecine: Alter Ego
Colorist: Wade Odlum
EP: Michael Lambermont
VFX: Dashing Collective
Supervisor: Rob Moggach
EP: Danielle Lyons
Producer: Debbie Cooke
Music/Sound Design/Mix: Grayson Matthews
EP: Bridget Flynn

A Sharp Idea from Japanese Kagatani Knife Company

Only in Japan will you see the use of an elevator to sell knives.  Actually, the elevator lends itself well to the side-splitting ambient ad, as it demonstrates that creativity can turn any seemingly mundane everyday object into a work of art.

Advertising Agency: GREY Tokyo/G2Tokyo,Japan
Creative Director: Masayoshi Soeda
Art Directors: Mitsunori Yamazaki
Photographer: Akihiro Ito

Antique Rivet Jeans Ad 'Dirty Dancing' Bares All

Sex and jeans have always been synonymous in the advertising world and this new ad for designer jean maker Antique Rivet is a prime example of the old adage "sex sells". The German commercial is a sexy spot that features a lucky guy getting a private dance from his topless girlfriend, much like lingerie - the jeans are as much for him as they are for her. Ironically, the actual jeans are quite hideous looking, but then again who's looking at the jeans.

Advertising Agency: glow, Berlin, Germany
Production: Soup Film Berlin
Director: Tee Zeitz
Music: Electronicat
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