Thums Up Twins Commercial

Twin brothers race through the streets in this new commercial for Thums Up, a Coca-Cola India brand that wants us to Taste the Thunder. Nice ad, entertaining and the music is pretty cool too.
After first viewing the spot I thought cool, good music, a little brotherly competition, a soft drink I never heard of from Coke India and another great commercial created by Leo Burnett, Mumbai, but I was tricked! This commercial wasn't filmed in Mumbai or anywhere else in India, it looks like New York to me. Thums Up send me a sample I'm curious to know if it tastes just like our American Coke.
Brand: Thums Up
Client: Coca Cola India
Agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai
Production Company: Luscious International
Director: Jon Gwyther
Creative Director: Sainath Saraban
Producer: Billoo Sandhu
Country: India

Renault The Milkman Advert

Great new commercial for Renault titled "The Milkman", the ad focuses on Renault Vans long lasting reliability with a through back in time when we still had the milkman delivering our milk to our door. The music in the spot is beautiful; song title is "Au Sommet d'une Montagne" by Evgueni Galperine.

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Advertiser: Renault
Writer: Thierry Lebec
Art director: Benedicte Potel
Planners: Julien Grimaldi, Sophie Benkemoun
Production company: WANDA
Director: Xavier Malresse
Music: "Au Sommet d'une Montagne" Evgueni Galperine

Miller Lite Bowling Commercial

The Brief:
Transatlantic VFX studio Absolute puts its high-end skillset to work for Miller Lite in a trio of enjoyable new spots via Joaquin Baca-Asay of Park Pictures and BBH, New York.
In the spots Bowling, Movie and Tailgate, CD/Lead Flame Artist Dirk Greene and his team of Flame and Combustion artists have crafted seamless effects work that's every bit as smooth as the taste of Miller Lite.
The spirited campaign focuses on Miller's unique triple hops brewing process. Instead of adding the hops all at once, they are added three different times during the brewing process. That's why Miller Lite has that unmistakably smooth Pilsner taste no other beer can touch.

Title: Bowling, Movie, Tailgate
Airdate: April 2009
Agency: BBH NYC
Art Director: Nick Klinkert
Copywriter: Kevin Doyle
Agency Producer: Julian Katz
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director/DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay
Producer: Lalou Dammond
Editorial: Peepshow
Editor: Gary Knight
Post/Effects: Absolute
3D Artist(s): Pete Hamilton, Keith Kamholz
Lead Flame Artist/CD: Dirk Greene
Flame Artist(s): Phil Oldham, Mark Wilhelm
Combustion: Dan Leatherdale, Michael Smith, James KRISPY Cornwell
EP: Sally Heath
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Phil Loeb

Mercedes Benz Dreams Will Have To Wait Commercial

Brilliant new commercial for the Mercedes Benz E-Class titled Dreams Will Have To Wait. The ad features the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Attention Assist that aids in keeping the driver awake and alert. Judging by the characters the Benz driver dropped off in this commercial he or she was having an interesting dream. The Dreams will have to wait spot is a great ad!

Client: Mercedes
Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster Hamburg
Executive Creative Director: Deneke von Weltzien, Armin Jochum
Creative Director: Thimoteus Wagner, Christian Fritsche
Copywriter: Daniel Pieracci
Art Director: Jonas Keller
Agency Producer: Hermann Krug, Vanessa Fischbeck
Production Company: Bigfish Film Production Berlin
Executive Producer: Robert Gold
Director: The Vikings
Director of Photography: Kolja Brandt
Editor: Kai Kniekamp
Sound Design: Hastings Music
VFX Company: Ghost VFX
VFX Supervisor: Thomas Ohlenschlæger, Aksel Studsgarth

Braun The Mafia Commercial

Braun has been keeping men's faces irresistibly smooth since 1950 and their latest commercial titled "Mafia" is a funny look at how even the toughest of men can appreciate smooth skin.

Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf
Agency Producer: Valerie Schmidt
Creative Director: T Bazarkaya
Creative: Daniel Aykurt; T Bazarkaya
Director: David Lodge
Production: Cobblestone Filmproduktion; Joy@rsa
Producer: Juri Wiesner
Director of Photography: Kjell Lagerroos
Editor: Alexander Kutka
Music: Soundscape
Brand: Braun

Heineken "Let A Stranger Drive You Home"

Another great new commercial for Heineken Beer, created by Wieden & Kennedy. The spot is titled "Let A Stranger Drive You Home", Give Yourself A Good Name by Heineken, the music is Biz Markie and the song is called "Just A Friend".

Client: Heineken
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Joe Staples
Copywriter: Ian Fairbrother
Art Director: Jimm Lasser, Max Erdenberger
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Hayley Goggin
Production Company: Epoch Films
Director: Stacy Wall
Executive Producer: Mindy Goldberg, Doug Halbert, Charlie Cocuzza
Editorial Company: Joint Editorial
Editor: Tommy Harden
Post Production: The Whitehouse
Audio Post: Lime Studios
Mixer: Loren Silber
Music: Agoraphone
Music Artist: Biz Markie
Song: Just A Friend

Heineken The Walking Fridge Commercial

Heineken comes back with a follow up commercial to the popular "Walk In Fridge" commercial with the "Walking Fridge" ad. This spot may not be as good as the first Heineken Fridge advert, but the originals are typically tough to top, still a funny commercial.

The Walk-In and Walking Fridge spots developed by TBWA\Neboko, Amstelveen.
Art directors: Cor den Boer and Jorn Kruijsen.
Copywriter: Jeroen van de Sande.
Agency producer: Wietske Hovingh.
Director: Bart Timmer via Czar with director of photographer Alex Melman.
Producers: Hein Scheffer and Robert Nan.
Post production: The Ambassadors
Editor: Annelien Wijnbergen.

Scrabble The Beautiful World Commercial

New advertising campaign for the board game Scrabble title The Beautiful World. Scrabble is not only celebrating their 60TH anniversary but they hope to change the image of the game. Scrabble is mostly seen today as an elitist and outdated game. Its play dimension is in a constant slow down. Their penetration rate is already high in France, and they hope recruit new young families. Scrabble plans to revamp the brand and its values, "Scrabble is not a game only entertaining for the lovers of words and figures". Helping to rediscover the richness of the game experience The strategy behind the campaign the “Big Ideal” for Scrabble: What is the Big Ideal? Cultural Tension and Brand’s Best Self is the Big Ideal For Scrabble. Loss of words in a fast, electronic media driven age plus Scrabble is a great fun with words. For Scrabble, the world would be a better place if we loved words more.

As always, I need help in finding the music credits for the Scrabble spot so please post any info you have on the music.
Advertiser/Client: MATTEL
Product/Service: SCRABBLE
Agency: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris
Chris Garbutt Executive: Creative Director Ogilvy and Mather
Arnaud Vanhelle: Copy Writer Ogilvy and Mather
Benjamin Bregeault: Copy Writer Ogilvy and Mather
Mihnea Gheorghiu: Copy Writer
Antoaneta Metchanova: Art Director Ogilvy and Mather
Alex Daff: Art Director
Najin Ha: Art Director Ogilvy and Mather
Benoit de Fleurian: Managing Director Ogilvy and Mather
Marie-Charlotte Lafront: Group Director Ogilvy and Mather
Herve Parizot: President Mattel
Arnaud Roland Gosselin: Marketing Director Mattel

Samsung HD Camera Phone Viral YouTube Video Spot

The Viral Factory out of the UK creates a great campaign for the new Samsung HD Camera the I8910, and challenges YouTube visitors to figure out how they filmed the video trick.

SAMSUNG CHALLENGE: The clip was shot on an I8910 HD phone, a new camera phone just released by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera that can actually record and output video in HD format. It was shot in one take, with no post production or special effects of any kind. Everything you see here was done "in-camera". Samsungs challenge to us is to figure out how we did it.
Agency: The Viral Factory, London
Copywriter: The Viral Factory
Art Director: The Viral Factory
Production Company: The Viral Factory, London
Director: The Viral Factory

New Ad For Personal Musica Heavy Metal Guys Sing Womanizer

This is the best Britney Spears music video yet, Personal Musica dot com a popular site for music lovers had this spot created for them by the ad agency Santo, Buenos Aires. The ad features a few heavy metal types lip syncing to Womanizer by Britney Spears. Apparently they seem to think we all have a secret Britney song we all love, sorry but no we don't, I will admit to liking this commercial though.

Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastin Wilhelm
Creative Director: Matias Ballada
Copywriters: Hernan Rebalderia, Matias Ballada
Art Director: Santiago Dulce
Agency Producer: Jos Bustos
Production Company: Landia, Buenos Aires
Director: Agustin Alberdi
Executive Producer: Claudio Amoedo
Producer: Nicols Cabuche
DP: Atahualpa
Directors Assistant: Seba Hall
Production Manager: Leo Muriel
Post-Production: Pickle House
Music: "Womanizer" by Britney Spears

Kevin Spacey for American Airlines Advert

Kevin Spacey plays his latest role in the commercial advert for American Airlines titled "Find Your Marks". Simple and to the point sort of ad, considering that Spacey is endorsing the spot not much more is really needed in this spot for AA.

Agency: McCann Erickson UK
Creatives: Clive & Jerry
Agency Producer: Stephen Worley
Production Company: Partizan, London
Director: Michel Gondry
Producer: Zac Zimmerman
Post-Production: The Mill
Producer: Matt Williams
Telecine: Adam Scott
Lead Flame: Ben Turner
Flame Assist: John Price
Kit: Baselight, Flame

Flora by Gucci a New Fragrance a New Commercial

New ad for the new fragrance Flora by Gucci directed by Chris Cunningham. The music in for the Gucci ad, I feel Love by Donna Summer was also produced and arranged by Cunningham.

Agency: REM, Rome
Creative Director: Riccardo Ruini
Director: Chris Cunningham
Production: Film Master, Milan; RSA Films, London
Producer: Alessandro Bonino; Carla Poole
Director of Photography: Marcel Zyskind
Post Production: Golden Square Post Production
Editor: Danny Tull
Music: I Feel Love - Donna Summer (Version Produced and Arranged by Chris Cunningham
Telecine: The Mill, London

BK Texican Whopper Commercial

The latest commercial for Burger King BK is the Texican Whopper created by the Ad Agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky.
CP&B have been creating an uproar lately with their work for BK, this Texican Whopper ad has really offended the Mexicans and just last week the their commercial with SpongeBob and Sir Mix-A-Lot has parents up in arms. If you missed that SquareButts master piece click here.
Apparently the Mexican government is upset over this spot because they see this ad as depicting big, strong America having to help out little, weak Mexico, but I read that what actually really upset the Mexican government was the use of the Mexican flag as a serape in the print ad for the Texican Whopper. Crispin Porter Bogusky, says they are going to revise the creative “as soon as commercially possible.”

The Music in the commercial is R.E.M., song title "At My Most Beautifu," please correct me if I'm wrong.

Jillz Sparkling Cider "Fresh Men" Advert

New Dutch commercial for Jillz, Proef Jillz Sparkling Cider a new brand made by Heineken. The ad features four men in a romp through nature to the music of Kool & The Gang "Fresh".
The four gorgeous, muscular, apple-plucking hunks are in fact, according to Pink and Poodle the ad agency behind the Jillz spot "a total rethink of the human condition as it pertains to the gender wars. In advertising for men, seductive females are almost standard issue, whereas male eye candy for women is still somewhat taboo," the press release reads. "This is because the advertising community is still in the firm grip of unrelenting alpha males. In the commercial, which is shot as a music video, the four singing hunks do not address women as the usual stereotypes of housewife, sex kitten, blond bimbo or business type. Instead, the ad aims at a more elementary level of their femininity—the evolutionary instinct to discuss, judge and select attractive men." Not my words, those are the words of Pink and Poodle.
Now that you have watched the spot be honest with me, this really isn't for women is it?
Agency: Pink and Poodle, Amsterdam
Art Director: Wencke van Amstel
Copywriter: Olaf Zwetsloot
Production Company: Fat Fred's Film Company, Amsterdam
Director: Youth Club (Matt Nee and Orlando Cubitt)
Executive Producer: Suzanne Huisman
Producer: Jones Kuhne
DP: Terence Maritz
Production Manager: Emily Scott
Offline Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
Post-Production: Glassworks
Sound: Ignaz Bruens of Kaiser Sound Studios
Music: Steven Craenmehr of MassiveMusic, Amsterdam, based on Kool & The Gang, "Fresh"

The Greatest Worst Commercial Ever Created

OK all you big time ad people with the million dollar budgets here is how the low budget creatives do it, and surprisingly it works this commercial is so funny and absolutely ridiculous that it is sure to win an award somewhere within the industry, well maybe not. The commercial for TDM Auto Sales titled The Cuban Gynecologist is the creation of Rhett and Link of RhettandLinKreations they consider themselves to be Internetainers and are building a name for themselves. The commercial is the best of the worst commercials ever created.
The brilliance behind this commercial is evident in the behind scenes making of the commercial. All you new creatives watch and learn, this is how you create a memorable advertising campaign or at least the best of the worst commercials.
The making of the Cuban Gynecologist commercial:
They produced this commercial for TDM Auto Sales as part of the web series, "Custom-built, Micro-Budget Commercials for MicroBilt Customers". The commercial credits go to Rhett and Link who also have roles in the ad, Chris Daniel for running camera and Dan Settembrini for assisting in the production of the spots. Awesome work guys!

Gene Simmons is Dr. Love for Dr. Pepper Cherry Commercial

Gene Simmons and his son Nic star in the new Dr. Pepper Cherry commercial as Dr. Love. A bit of throw back ad where Gene Simmons suits up in his old Kiss outfit for the commercial, the Dr. Pepper Cherry has a kiss of something according to Gene but his son Nic just wants us to drink it smooth.

The spot is the work of ad agency Deutsch/LA.

Pharrell of NERD Really Wants McDonald's

Pharrell Williams dances and sings for McDonald's, apparently on a connecting flight home from Malaysia, he stopped in Paris and at 6am, Pharrell of the band NERD tried everything to get McDonald's to open up early for him even a little song and dance to a McDonals's song.
I think this interesting, just my thoughts but it's a little strange that at 6am he feels like singing and dancing, and the song seems too ready made, what about the video camera I'd say this was all staged and judging by the 1 million views already it worked, still fun just the same. Can you viral marketing?

IceHotel Drummer Viral Spot

The band Hellacopters drummer plays an ice drum kit at the Icehotel Jukkasjärvi, in Sweden, the clip was created as a viral to promote the Icehotel.
Just in case your wondering if the drum kit was really made of ice for this commercial be sure to watch it to the end where the Hellacopters drummer trashes the drum set in typical rock star fashion.
Client: Icehotel
Agency: Jung von Matt Stockholm
Art Director/Copywriter: Jacob von Corswant
Account Director: Jan Tallroth
Director: Jacob von Corswant

iphone 3G Gets All Itchy In Their Newest Commercial

The new Apple iPhone commercial goes on and on about all the new apps available for the iPhone 3G, in particular if that bush your standing on will make you all itchy, well you guessed it there's an app for that too.

iPhone US TV Campaign
Spot title: “Itchy”
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
CD/SrAD/AD/JrAD: Alain Briere, Jamie Reilly, Drew Stalker, Parker Grant
SrCW: Alicia Dotter, Allan Manaysay, Kevin Tenglin
Producer: Hank Zakroff, Francesca Moore
Production Co: Green Dot Films
Director: Mark Coppos & Virginia Lee

Best of the Best Publicity Stunts

With the economy as bad as it is, there has been a lack of great commercials and advertising to share recently, luckily for us there are vast resources of goodies to be found on the web. I give you exhibit A,the Taylor Herring PR firm and their team compiled a list of the Top 50 Publicity Stunts. Some of my favorites on the list:
Tiger Tees Off.

Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty.

Extreme Scrabble.
My personal fav is the Polar Bear Stranded On The Thames a launch stunt for natural history channel Eden executed by the PR firm Taylor Herring.

The 50 top publicity stunts was selected by the team at award-winning Public Relations agency Taylor Herring PR, what do you guys think of the list? Any PR stunts that should have been included on the list?

Dr. Pepper Todd Johnson Nurse Commercial

Funny new commercial for Dr. Pepper stars Todd Johnson and a typical high school nurse in the spot for "What's The Worst That Could Happen". The Dr. Pepper nurse commercial is work of ad agency Mother, London who continue to dazzle us with great commercials.

Client: Dr. Pepper
Agency: Mother, London
Copywriter: Mother
Art Director: Mother
Production Company: Blink Productions
Director: The Pelorian Brothers
Producer: James Bland
Editorial Company: The Whitehouse, London,
Panic and Bob, Toronto
Editor: Alaster Jordan,
Michelle Czukar
Post Production: The Mill
Audio Post: Factory Studios

BMW Z4 Roadster Art Of Driving Commercial

BMW Z4 Roadster, The Art Of Driving Commercial. Nice ad for the new BMW Z4 where the connection between the visual art of paint and driving work perfectly,the artwork is that of Robin Rhode and the ad is directed by Jake Scott.
The Z4 was fitted with paint dispensers behind its wheels, then driven around a massive canvas, releasing smears of paint to create a massive art piece, that was captured on film by Scott. "We wanted to convey a sense of joy, but in a childlike way," says Scott. "It's a bit like a child playing with a toy car and dipping the wheels in paint."
Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin
Executive Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Group Creative Director: Jay Russell, David Crawford
ACD/Art Director: Scott Brewer
ACD/Writer: Ryan Carroll
Executive Agency Producer: Jeff Johnson
Senior Agency Producer: Florence Babbitt
Production Company: RSA Films, Los Angeles
Director: Jake Scott
Executive Producer: Marjie Abrahams
Producer: David Mitchell
DP: Sal Totino
Post-Production: Lost Planet
Editor: Hank Corwin, Bruce Herrman
Executive Producers (Editorial): Nancy Osbourne, Krystn Wagenberg
Composer: Nico Muhly

Hardee's Padma Lakshmi Commercial

The sexy star of Bravo's "Top Chef" Padma Lakshmi,is a hit in the steamy new ad for the Hardee's Western Bacon Thickburger commercial.

Padma Lakshmi plays a sultry role in new ad for Hardee's, the ad was created by L.A.-based advertising agency, Mendelsohn|Zien, also the masterminds behind many Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s campaigns including the terrific Paris Hilton ad “That’s Hot,” from 2005.
Born in Kerala, India, Padma has modelled for top designers such as Emanuel Ungaro, Ralph Lauren, and Alberta Ferretti and done ad campaigns for Roberto Cavalli and Versus.
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