Toshiba "No Matter What"

A new Toshiba laptop computer takes a beating in this great new commercial from Germany. Ad agency McCann Erickson puts this man's Toshiba through a beating to prove it can survive No Matter What, from being sat on by an over weight man to falling off the roof of your car.
Can some try doing this and let us know if their Toshiba will survive any damage No Matter What.
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Thomas Keil
Creatives: Kurt B. Geiger, Holger Pfeifer
Agency Producer: Inge Dickewied
Account: Mira Gorsic
Director: King Kahlil [Jens Junker & Simone Schirmer]
Production Company: Bakery Films Hamburg
Producer: Hans Lechner

PayPal Wants Us To Help Change How We Pay

The online money transfer giant "PayPal" is asking us how to change the way we pay with this great new advertising campaign. PayPal is opening its Platform to Third Party Developers. How will you change the way we pay? Your ideas can be submitted via Twitter and a new micro site was launched along with this campaign at .

Please post any info you have on the credits for this Paypal spot guys.

Tiantian Clearing the Air after a Woman Let's it Go In An Elevator

Wow, in China it seems they seem to have a serious gas problem! These funny print ads created by DDB China for the Tiantian pocket sized air freshener seem to put a real emphasis on the power of an individuals gas problem.
Not to offend the sexes a male and female version were created for this campaign...cuz you know we all do it now don't we ladies?Credits: Client: TIANTIAN / POCKET-SIZED AIR FRESHENER Agency: DDB CHINA GROUP SHANGHAI, CHINA Executive Creative Director: Michael Dee Creative Director: Jody Xiong Art Director: Jody Xiong / Jacky Xiao Copywriter: Jason Jin Photographer: Song Bo Country: China

Yo Quiero Taco Bell Dog Gidget Dies At 15 R.I.P.

The worlds most famous Chihuahua "Gidget" who appeared in the popular Taco Bell ads and had a generation of taco Bell lovers saying "Yo Quiero Taco Bell", died Tuesday at the age of 15.Karen McElhatton, Gidget's owner, tells the dog was with her trainer, Sue Chipperton, watching television when she began making "strange noises" and suffered a stroke.
Gidget -- whose "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" spots debuted in September 1997 -- also had a cameo in Legally Blonde 2, in addition to appearing in other TV spots.
"We enjoyed working with Gidget, and she will be missed by many," a Taco Bell spokesperson tells Us in a statement. "Our deepest sympathies go out to her owners and fans."
McElhatton: "She was old. Of course, we were hoping she'd be around for a few more years, but if you have a dog that lives that long, you can't really complain."

In Tennessee You Will Get "Nailed"

Great new TV commercial for the Tennessee Highway Safety Office warning us that you get nailed if you are caught driving under the influence, not wearing a seat belt or speeding. This brilliant ad was created by The Tombras Group and airing throughout the summer with the tag line "Welcome To One Hundred Days Of Summer Heat".
Press: Rabbit in collaboration with Tennessee-based agency Tombras Group is springing to life with a pair of new spots for the Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office (GHSO). The two :30s, directed by Lieven Van Baelen, debuted on networks across the state in mid-June to introduce the Volunteer State's Hundred Days Of Summer Heat traffic-safety campaign, a statewide effort to step up law enforcement against drunken drivers all season long.
Client: Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office
Spots Title: Everywhere, Nailed
Agency: The Tombras Group
Creative Director/Writer: Rob Simpson
Creative Director/Art Director: Paul Szary
Senior Account Executive: Amanda Lewis
Production Supervisor: Sarah Holtz
Producer: Mary Kondrat
Prod Company: Rabbit
Director: Lieven Van Baelen
EP(s): Douglas Howell, Anura Idupuganti
Producer: JD Davison
Editorial: Nozon
Editor: Alain Dessauvage
Producer: James Vanderhaeghen and Linda Van Zeebroek
Telecine: Nozon
Post/Effects: Nozon
Music: Howling Music (.Everywhere.)
Composer: David Grow
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design (.Nailed.)
Sound Designer: Eddie Kim and Andrew Tracy
Shoot Location: Nashville

Google "Commitment To Freedom Of Speech" 2009 First Amendment Leadership Award Promo Video

Google was the 2009 recipient of the First Amendment Leadership Award, presented by the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation (RTNDF). This promotional video, was shown during RTNDF awards dinner, with highlights of Google's products and how those products give people around the world the tools needed to help exercise the right to freedom of expression, even where governments routinely suppress free speech.
What does this have to advertising and the industry you ask...a lot!

Creative Ideas The Excedrin Ex Husband Relief

Excedrin Extra Strength has the Ex Husband kind of pain relief for those tough headaches. This ad idea is the work of Idea$ a Toronto based advertising company that claims to be able to save you money on all your advertising expenses. I just loved the idea for the Excedrin Ex Husband and I'm not getting into a battle of the ad agencies and their million dollar ad budgets.Credits:
Advertising Agency: IDEA$4CHEAP, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director, Art Director and Copywriter: Jeremy Salzman

Publicity Stunt for the Samsung Jet - Bungee Jumping Elephants

The Samsung Superfast Jet viral spot created at the Piccadilly Circus in London. So what does "32 hidden cameras," "hundreds of unsuspecting people," "accidental" camera shots of Samsungs outdoor billboard, and more lingering shots of the Samsung Jet? Elephants...elephants who bungee jump out of a spaceship?
The heart of London with a flying spaceship and bungee jumping elephants! Samsung and whatever creatives are behind this...what were you all thinking?
.....But I like it!

Microsoft Office 2010 The Movie Official Trailer Preview

The new Microsoft Office 2010 The Movie preview is an exciting 2 plus minute preview created by one of my favorite ad agencies, "Traffik", directed by Dennis Liu and surely worth the view.

Client: Microsoft
Title: Microsoft Office 2010: The Movie
Agency: Traffik
Director: Dennis Liu
Producers: Jonathan Hsu, Matt Anderson
Production Designer: Nicole Teeny
Script: Dennis Liu, Jt Arbogast, Gary Roosa
Art Director: Kevin Su
Copywriter: Aryan Aminzadeh
DP: Doug Emmett/Dennis Liu
Editor: Dennis Liu
Sound Design: Dennis Liu
Music: Groove Addict
VFX Company: LOICA
Cast: J.T. Arbogast, John Di Domenico, Magda Bendek, Jeff Lepine, Elisabeth Hower, Tasha Perri

Condoms That Generate Desire by Durex

Durex Condoms commercial titled "Les Préservatifs Qui Donnent Envie" which translated from French to English is, Durex "Condoms That Generate Desire". Truly one of the best condom ads I have ever seen, the Durex spot features the music of AbbA, a remake of one their songs anyway. Now why can't all condom commercials be tastefully created like this one?

Durex Commercial Credits:
Advertised brand: Durex
Spot title: Les préservatifs qui donnent envie
Translation to English: Condoms that generate desire.
Advertising Agency: McCann Paris, Clichy, France
Agency website:
Creative Director: Mike ZONNENBERG
Creatives : Philippe PINEL & Frédérick LUNG
Managing Director : Jean-Philippe MARTZEL
Senior Program Manager : Gorana GARAVESKI
Program Manager : Thomas FERRARE
TV Prod : Lionel COURTIAUD
Production : Satellite My Love
Director : Cesar PESQUERA
Marketing manager: Emma Berger
Group chief: Emmanuel Bidault.
Published/Released (Month, Year): July, 2009

Hardee's French Me Commercial Preview For The French Dip

The new Hardee's French Me commercial is due to be released soon, but in the mean time here is a preview teaser of the new French Dip girls for Hardee's, Ooh La La!
Hardee’s is going French this summer and hitting the streets to show it! Introducing its new French Dip Thickburger - a perfect “pas de deux” of beef: a 100% Black Angus Beef Thickburger patty topped with thinly sliced roast beef and melting Swiss cheese served with a cup of au jus for dipping.
Four gorgeous Hardee’s French Maids (Sophie, Antoinette, Gabrielle and Isabelle) will cruise the country on Segways, hitting 11 markets in the South and Midwest.
Hardee’s new microsite,, provides a complete appearance schedule, more background on the saucy French Maid ambassadors and details of the girls’ many adventures, from tailgating and firing up sports fans to hanging out with rock stars. You can also keep up and connect with the ladies via their personal Twitter handle and Facebook page, and follow their video exploits on the French Me tab at the Hardee’s YouTube channel.hardee's french maid girls commercial
Of course, along with the new French Dip Thickburger, Hardee’s will be also be launching a new saucy commercial (hitting airwaves soon): “Some things are better when they’re French!”
Special thanks to Agatha for passing this our way.

Blackberry Loves U2 Commercial

BlackBerry and U2 teamed for this new commercial titled "BlackBerry Loves U2. With U2 getting set to start their new tour, there seems to be a great deal excitement about the new album, "No Line on the Horizon," and their revolutionary new stage design. Both are on display in "Light," a new "event" spot touting the band's partnership with BlackBerry.
In the Blackberry ad U2 performs a song from their new LP release, with specks of light reflecting off their instruments (and Bono's shades, of course). The specks multiply, and become more prominent, culminating in a visual crescendo. Bono is enveloped in brightness, as he sings of "sparks of light." The camera pulls back over a sea of screaming fans, and we see the entire band onstage. The visual is complemented by the line "BlackBerry Loves U2,"

Agency: ARC/Chicago
Chief Creative Officer Worldwide: Mark Tutssel
Vp Account Director: Ben Gladstone
Art Director: Justin Tillich
Account Supervisor: Susanna Swartley
Senior Producer: Nicky Furno
Vp Creative Director(S): Jim Paul, Dan Capuli
Executive Copywriter: Melinda Roenisch
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Alex Courtes
Executive Producer/Ceo: Sheila Stepanek
Producer: R. Stephan Mohammed
Post/Efx: Mass Market
Executive Producer: Rich Rama
Senior Flame Artist: Nick Tanner
Designer: Jon Saunders
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Adam Jenkins
Aassistant Editor: Rennie Elliot
Executive Producer: Caryn Maclean

Nike Lance Armstrong LiveStrong "Driven" Commercial

Cyclist Lance Armstrong in the new Nike commercial where we hear how hes back on his bike for LIVESTRONG. Armstrong isn't out to please the critics in this spot for Nike.The music is a great piece by Mogwai titled "Auto Rock".

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Tyler Whisnand, Danielle Flagg
Copywriter: Karl Lieberman
Art Director: Ryan O�Rourke
Producer: Shannon Worley
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Gorgeous @ Anonymous Content, London
Director: Frank Budgen
Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Line Producer: Suzie Tedesco
DPs: Michael Bernard/Frank Budgen
Editor: Angus Wall, Rock Paper Scissors
Post Producer: Kim Colen
Post Executive Producers: CL Weaver, Linda Carlson-Wall
VFX Company: A52
VFX Supervisor: Shannon Worley
VFX Producer: Jenny Bright
Titles/Graphics: Ryan O�Rourke, W+K Studio
Music+Sound Company: Existing Track by Mogwai, Matador Records (label), Chrysallis
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Producer: Misa Kageyama
Mix Company: LIME Studios
Mixer: Loren Silber

Evian Live Young Dancing Babies Commercial

Great new advertising campaign for Evian Live Young featuring the dancing babies, the roller babies and even a moon walking walking baby in one of their teaser spots..
Here is the official press release for the Evian Live Young campaign set to begin airing this Monday.
Evian® Natural Spring Water Urges Canadian Consumers to Live Young™

New Global Ad Campaign Captures Youthful Optimism; Evian Unveils Roller Break-Dancing Babies to the Beat of Rapper’s Delight Remix

Toronto, ON – July 6, 2009 – Evian® Natural Spring Water unveils a new entertaining global advertising campaign and a new signature message, “Live YoungTM,” the ultimate expression of Evian brand values, including origin, health and youth.
The worldwide kick off began with a viral pre-launch and online infiltration via YouTube in the U.S., France, UK, Germany, Canada and Japan. The energy-filled television spots rolled out in select geographies in: 60, :30, and: 15 short films directed by the award-winning Michael Gracey (also available for viewing on the brand’s new Web site,
Bursting with an infectious energy and love of life, the new ads portray lively, happy babies roller break-dancing to a remix of the hit Rapper’s Delight by hip-hop producer Dan the Automator, connecting consumers to their inner youth.
“To Evian, youth is not a matter of age, but a mindset – a youthful mindset that is optimistic, believes that everything is possible, and is curious and eager to discover the world – much like that of a child,” stated Jérôme Goure, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America, the exclusive importer and marketer of Evian in North America. “The babies in this campaign exemplify this attitude and the celebration of adding life to your years.”
Evian natural spring water is precious and pure; a miracle of nature! Every drop of Evian takes more than 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps, providing a uniquely balanced mineral composition and natural purity. It is only appropriate that the brand’s new ad campaign should depict babies, a universal symbol of what is precious and pure, and embody the unique attributes of Evian Natural Spring Water.
The new ad campaign personifies the “Live YoungTM” message in a humorous and entertaining fashion with a pop-culture slant. Directed by Michael Gracey (part of the creative circle behind Baz Lurhman’s “Romeo and Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”), 96 babies were filmed for the spots, which feature roller break-dancing routines set to a Rapper’s Delight remix by Dan the Automator. The famed California hip-hop producer’s remix will be available as an MP3 from all major international digital download sites, just one way Evian is placing the Web at the heart of this campaign.
“The campaign is an enthusiastic modern-day musical production, involving the sharpest contemporary artists like Dan the Automator and Michael Gracey,” stated Remi Babinet, the founder of BETC Euro RSCG and global creative director of the Euro RSCG network. “It makes use of a number of platforms: music, film, internet and design and reinforces Evian’s position as an influential, contemporary worldwide brand.”
Evian’s new Web site, ( also accessible via )hosts the two viral films and other digital teasers such as: the audio remix, “making-of” clips, and “interviews” with select babies from the film sharing anecdotes from the set.
In addition to the television and online debut this summer, the “Live YoungTM” campaign will be featured at upscale consumer events around the world, including the Evian Masters Women’s Golf tournament in July and the US Open Grand-Slam tennis tournament in August through September.

Now if you really enjoyed the dancing babies spot you will love the "making of" video of Roller Babies.
Special thanks to Scott M. at Maverick for sharing this with us.
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