Ray Ban "Colorize" New Commercials

Ray-Ban Sunglasses newest ad campaign takes us on a techno colored visual explosion with three new 15 second commercials titled "Colorize". The ads are the work of NeverHide, production company Psyop and of course CutWater. The spots are a nice change from the virals we've been seeing for RayBan, well except for Super Chameleon that was great, all 3 spots are included in the clip below, Drill, Seeds, and Paint.

Agency: Cutwater, San Francisco
Executive Creative Director: Chuck McBride
Creative Director: Travis Britton
Art Director: Kele Dobrinski
Copywriter: Noah Phillips
Agency Producer: Mai Huynh
Production Company: Psyop, New York/LA
Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Line Producer: Michael Schlenker
DP: Jim Matlosz
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Post-Production: Psyop
Lead Tech Director: David Chontos
Lead Compositors: Dave Parker, Lane Jolley
Rotoscope: Filaments
Colorist: Mark Gethin @ Moving Picture Company
VFX: Psyop
FX Supervisor: Lane Jolly
Mix House: Joaby Deal @ One Union

Head and Shoulders Print Ads by Saatchi

This is why Saatchi & Saatchi are the creme de le creme of advertising firms, three great new print ad posters for Head & Shoulders created by Patrick Ackmann and Richard Wilkinson for Saatchi Germany. The posters are brilliantly illustrated with the tag lines "Some Things Even We Can't Get Out Of Your Head". The ads titled Granny, Chicken and Dog are not really images that far fetched and I would have to say I've experienced all three situations. I think we have an award winning ad already this year.

Advertiser: P&G
Brand: Head and Shoulders
Art Director: Patrick Ackmann
Illustrator: Richard Wilkinson

The Geico Gecko Commercials Get A Viral Parody Blast

We all know and love the Gecko from the Geico Insurance commercials and it was only a matter of time until an ad agency took the gecko and created a few viral spots. Three parodies were created from three of the most popular YouTube clips, the laughing baby is now the laughing gecko, the Numa Numa guy does his dance with a gecko dancing in the background and lastly the gecko takes a picture a day for two years. Love them or hate them Geico Insurance and the Gecko will go down as one the greatest campaigns ever.

Before you look away, did you notice the dancing gecko dancing in the fish tank in the background?

Numa Numa guy, Gary Brolsma is back with some friends, the Gecko and Kash, the money you could be saving with GEICO.

The Geico Gecko parodies are the work of The Martin Agency full credits here:
Client: GEICO Insurance
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond
Prodco: Dreams Factory, Richmond
Director: Sunny Zhao
Campaign: Gecko Parodies

New Audi Q5 Flip Book Commercial

Automaker Audi continues to produce beautiful commercials for their cars, the latest ad for the Audi Q5 is titled Flip Book. Created by Ogilvy in South Africa the spot is visually appealing and the music is great.

Audi Q5 Flip Book Commercial Credits:
Client: Audi South Africa
Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg
Production Company: Egg Films
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Post production: Black Ginger
Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Group Head/ Art Director: Robyn Bergmann
Copywriter: Stephanie Van Niekerk
Head of Broadcast: Lisa Jaffee
Producer: Rozanne Rocha-Gray
Country: South Africa

Seth MacFarlane Hulu Commercial Giggity Goo

Hulu's TV commercial with Seth MacFarlane the creator of Family Guy, the spot titled Giggity Goo is simply great. Seth walks through the ad doing some of his popular Family Guy voices promoting Hulu.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami/Boulder
Co-Executive Creative Directors: Andrew Keller, Rob Reilly
VP Creative Director: Tim Roper
Senior Art Director: DJ Pierce
Senior Copywriter: Justin Ebert, Tim Roper
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Integrated Head of Video: Matt Bonin
Group Executive Integrated Producer: Naomi Yoshii
Executive Integrated Music Producer: Bill Meadows
Senior Integrated Producer: Chad Hopenwasser
Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles
Director: Bryan Buckley
Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne
Executive Producers: Dan Duffy, Cindy Becker
Production Supervisor: Megan Moore
Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Music: Motive Music
Audio Mix: Lime, Santa Monica, CA

Optus The Whale Song Commercial

Really nice new commercial for Optus titled Whale Song, When it comes to communication anything is possible is the tag line for the Whale spot for the Australian communication firm Optus.

Client: OPTUS
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Production Company: Filmgraphics Productions Pty Ltd
Director: David Denneen
Executive Creative Director: Ben Walsh
Creative Group Head, Art Director: Paul Carpenter
Copywriter: Ben Walsh & Andy Fleming
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee-Archer, Rod James & Loren August
Country: Australia

Castrol Magnatec Oil Family Drama Commercial

New commercial for Castrol Oil advert is more than just oil, it's liquid engineering titled Family Drama.

Magnatec "Family Drama" from Ogilvy & Mather Singapore plays on the audiences expectation that you want and sometimes need your car to start first time every time. The commercial was shot in Kuala Lumpur using the RED camera and anamorphic lenses. This format delivers a cinematic feel, which helps to build the tension, while also providing interesting lens flair and depth of field.
Client: Castrol
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Production Company: The Feds
Director: Sam Bennetts
Creative Director: Kevin Geeves
Agency Producer: Jude Doss
Producer: Sheridan Bott

Levi's Who Do You Want To Unbutton Print Ads

The latest print ad campaign for Levi's 501 and the Live Unbuttoned campaign. This time Levi's is asking who you want to unbutton, and she is going for the guy who makes her morning latte. There were a series of print ads, this one is the best of the bunch.Advertising Agency: BBH Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Creative Director / Copywriter: Todd Waldron
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Art Directors: Hoon Pin Kek, Scott McClelland
Copywriter: Douglas Hamilton
Agency Producers: Rebecca So, Michelle Tan
Account Planner: Gwen Raillard
Print Production: Asmanic Yang

Porsche "Magnet" Commercial

Great commercial for Porsche, the German automaker creates are fun advertising campaign for their sports car titled Magnet.

Porsche is not afraid to admit the real reason people buy their cars in a fun effective way, the second time you watch the commercial is better. The spot was filmed with a Sony F35 to showcase the cameras low light filming quality. If you notice the music switch in the spot it should familiar, it is Robbi Williams, and they manage to make the spot work for both men and women. Great commercial.

Creativity using Google Products

What happens when creativity meets technology? A great video compilation of how Google technology and creativity work so well together.

Compilation of content through 2008 which showcases the creative power of Google's products.

Nike Men vs Women Challenge Commercial

Nike Men vs Women Challenge - new commercial for Nike featuring the Music of Gnarls Barkley and the Song: "Run" (I’m a Natural Disaster. Nike creates a battle of the sexes to see who can accumulate more miles; men vs women, this should be entertaining.

Via AdGabber

TITLE: “Men VS Women”
LENGTH(S): 90” (web), 60” & 2x 30” TVC
FIRST AIRDATE: March 13, 2009
Clients: Nike EMEA
EMEA Brand Connections Director: Enrico Balleri
EMEA Advertising and Content Manager: Marcella Fauci
EMEA Brand Communications Manager: Oliver Eckart
Agency: 72andSunny
CD: John Boiler, Glenn Cole
Writer/CD: Jason Norcross
Music Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Song: Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)
Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Tim Godsall
DP/Cameraman: Steven Keith Roach
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Sr. Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy

Nokia 5800 Tube Advert Pumps Up The Volume

New advert for the Nokia 5800 titled "Tube" is the work of The Mill WK London and Blink Productions. The 30 second commercial for the 5800 Big Sound features the music Pump Up The Volume, directed by Pleix the colorful spot promotes the new Nokia ‘Big Sound’ Touch Screen mobile phone.

Creative Credits for the Tube spot go to:
Product: Nokia
Title: Tube
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
Creatives:Pat McKay, Feh Tarty
Producer:Jon Chads
Production Company:Blink
DP:Alex Barber
Producer:Annie Hart
Editing Company:Work Post
Editor:Neil Smith
Post Production:The Mill
Producer:Sean Costelloe
Telecine:Adam Scott
Lead Flame:Rich Roberts, Zoe Casey
Flame Assist:Adam Lambert
3D Supervisor:Juan Brockhaus
3D:Vince Baertson, Andrew Proctor, Aidan Gibbons
Kit:Xsi, Flame

Mini Cabrio Always Open Commercial

The new Mini Cabrio commercials are great, the Mini doesn't mind any rain and should you dare to cover up during the rain you will be slapped. This commercial for the Mini titled "history" sees people enjoying a drive through history, rom the Roman Ages, through the Middle Ages to the present days who as the song song in the commercial says we don't mind no rain. Mini Cabrio Always Open.

Never put the roof up in your new Mini Cabrio is the claim in the second of Mini's advertising campaign, or the Ninja dudes will get you.

Credits for the spot to follow, if anyone beats me to it please post them in the comments.

iPhone Shake To Avctiv8 Dockers Ad

The first of it's kind, iPhone begins displaying ads, this is the Dockers Shake To Activat8 ad that iphone dockers ad shake to activat8features urban street dancer Orbitron (Dufon) of Circle of Fire. Orbitron is also going to ad spots for iPhone games "iBasketball," "iGolf" and "iBowl," and a lifestyle application iTV, users have to shake the iPhone to get Dufon to start dancing on their iPhones.

The ads are the work of Razorfish for Dockers, who say this commercial is the first-ever brand to launch a motion-sensitive ad that makes use of iPhone's accelerometer feature. "Our target is tech-savvy," said Patti Sircus Bender, director of brand marketing at Dockers. "With the introduction of the iPhone and other technologies, it became clear to us we need to talk to our target when and where he's open to our message."

Ms. Sircus Bender said the placement of the interactive ad in gaming applications makes a strong case for the target consumer to engage with the brand. "He's in gaming mode and in the mood to be entertained," she said.

Earth Hour 2009 Commercial

Earth Hour commercial features the artwork of Shepard Fairey and the music of Coldplay, the Vote Earth campaign by WWF is set for March 28th at 8:30pm. This year they are calling for a world global election where they hope to receive 1 billion votes, a vote you cast by switching off your lights for one hour.

I really liked this spot for Earth Hour, the artwork is beautiful and the music sets nice feel, I know I'll be turning my lights out this year, will you?
Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Executive Creative Directors: Andy Dillalo, Jay Benjamin
Copywriter: Michael Canning
Art Director: Kieran Antill
Agency Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Design Studio: Studio Number One, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Shepard Fairey
Associate Creative Director: Florencio Zavala
Design: Casey Ryder
Illustration: Casey Ryder and Philip Lumbang
Production Company: Bob Industries,Los Angeles/ Curious Film, Sydney
Director: Syd Garon
Producer: Peter Grasse (Curious)
3D Animation: Paul Griswold 2D Animation: Travis Blaise,
Syd Garon
Music: Level 2 Music/Coldplay

Puma Commercial Lift

New Puma commercial "Lift" features the music of The Magnetic Fields and the song Underwear. The Puma ad created by Droga5 showcases a digitally animated couple engaged in a sensual dance before the Puma sneakers appear at the end of the spot.

Client: Puma
Agency: Droga5
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Art Director: January Vernon
Copywriter: Scott Ginsberg
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Agency Producer: Dana May
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
Director of Photography: Chris Soos
Executive Producer: David Zander, Eric Stern
Line Producer: Laurie Boccacio
Editorial Company: Spot Welders
Editor: Neil Smith, Michael Heldman
VFX Company: MassMarket
Creative Director (VFX): Cedric Nicolas Troyan
Flame Artist: Alex Kolasinski, Sarah Eim, Chris Staves
Sound: Sound Lounge
Sound Design: Trinitite Studios
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich
Music: Search Party Music
Music Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Song: Underwear

Get Dunked On by Patrick Chewing Snickers Ad with Ewing

Patrick Ewing in the new Snickers commercial, "Get Dunked On By Patrick Chewing" is one funny commercial. Its been some time since I've seen Patrick Ewing or a good Snickers commercial and the wait was worth it after seeing this 15 second spot by TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York.

The two lines are priceless, "Patrick?" and then "Whats up Brian?". Amazing just how effective a 15 second commercial can be when its done right. Thumbs up to the creatives behind the Snickers ad and to Ewing for the impact, thats what I call a slam dunk, I hope someone checked on the guy eating the snickers bar...he is OK right?

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York
Chairman, Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo Creative Directors: Rob Baird, John Matejczyk
Art Directors: Dave Sakamoto, Brad Wood
Copywriter: Jonathan Marshall, Ryan Ebner
Executive Producer of Media Arts: Matt Bijarchi
Senior Producer: Jason Souter
Production Company: Furlined, Los Angeles
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Executive Producer: David Thorne
Head of Production: Earl McDaniel
Producer: Jay Shapiro
Editorial: Cosmo Street Editor: Tom Scherma
Producer: Amy Febinger Assistant Editor: Craig Deardorff
VFX Company: The Mill Producer: Dan Roberts
VFX Supervisors: Phil Crowe, Jeff Robbins
Lead Flame Artist: Jeff Robbins
Color Correction: Company 3
Colorist: Tim Masick
Sound: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Philip Loeb

Axe The Fixer Show

Axe shower gel and bodyspray newest commercial and marketing campaign is one funny commercial. Axe launched a new website The Fixers dot com, where friends can pull pranks and upload the images or videos on the Axe Fixers website. Below is the viral spot promoting the deal. Funny commercial and a smart marketing campaign, this clip is called "The Odyssey" and worth the time, I love it.
Via: Adgabber.com
"Axe will fix you up" no matter how messy everything else around you gets. More interestingly though, The ad is full of links to thefixers.com which I only managed to catch once without having to pause the commercial.

The Fixers is a fake talk show about questionable hook-ups and pranks on your friends. It's a funny commercial, but Axe never had a problem being funny.

New Zippo Print Ads With an Environmental Edge

A series of new print ads for Zippo lighters pulls the environmental guilt card on disposable lighters. These ads go after the disposable lighter market with Zippo giving itself the green product edge over disposables.
Smart campaign and the tag line works: "Disposable. Just another word for garbage." I have to give Zippo some credit here, the idea is smart and makes the point loud and clear.
Not the most creative ads, but the message is loud and clear that if a lighter is a need then Zippo is the greener choice.
Zippo print ads are the work of the Brunner ad Agency in Pittsburg. I try to stay clear of the green ads and most of the environmental claims in advertising campaigns, I think these are good and worthy of some credit.

Morgan Freeman Visa "Aquarium" Commercial

The new Visa Go commercial advertising campaign Aquarium by the TBWA/Chait/Day ad agency creates a visually pleasing new commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman. In the spot Freeman asks us when the last time was went to the "Aquarium" with our daughter, the ad is obviously aimed at the 30 to 40 something men with their Visa cards in their wallets.
The music in the Visa GO Aquarium commercial is by The Moody Blues and the song is called Tuesday Afternoon, it was released back in 1967, but didn't become a hit until 1972, for those of us old enough to know the song you'll remember how we never went a Tuesday without hearing this on the radio.

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Director: Patrick O?Neill
Art Director: John Dwight
Copywriter: Paul Sincoff
Agency Executive Producer: Guia Iacomin
Agency Senior Producer: Veronica Beach
Agency Producer: Aileen Baliat
Production Company: foreignfilms
Director: Matthias Zentner
Executive Producer: Federico Fasolino
Line Producer: Gustaf Richter
Post Production: Velvet
Post Executive Producer: Gustaf Richter
Editor: Jochen Kraus
Flame Artist: Sylvi Roessler
Shake: Manuel Voss,
Christian Stanzel,
Viktoria Herbert,
Tobias Wiesner
CGI: Blackmountain
VFX Supervisor: Abdelkareem Abonamous,
Andreas Illenseer
Director of Photography: Torsten Lippstock
Underwater DOP: Didier Noirot
Sound Design: Amber Music
Executive Producer (Amber): Michelle Curran

New 2010 Ford Fusion "We Speak Car" Commercials

2010 Ford Fusion "We Speak Car"
The new 2010 Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid launch this month with a multi-faceted marketing campaign emphasizing Ford’s intent to expand its share of the car market.
The dynamic ad campaign, titled "We Speak Car," they will debut tonight during American Idol, highlighting the segment-exclusive Ford SYNC technology and delivering the claim of Fusion being America’s most fuel-efficient mid-size sedan.
The Ford Fusion ads are actually a refreshing and energetic change to the typical car ad, they are matter-of-fact like. The TV ad campaign includes three spots. One focuses on the unsurpassed fuel economy of the four-cylinder gas-powered Fusion sedan. Another spotlights the advanced hybrid-electric technology available in the new Fusion Hybrid, which delivers 41mpg city and a range up to 700 miles on a single tank of gas. And the third ad focuses on the smart, voice-activated SYNC technology, which is available on all Fusion models.
The trio of 30-second spots are the ad agency work of WPP's JWT Team Detroit.

Agency: JWT/Team Detroit
ECD: Toby Barlow
AD: Curtis Melville
Copywriter: Steve Silver
Agency Producer: Bob Rashid

Prod Company: AVSO
Director: Mikon van Gastel
DP: Stefan von Borbely
EP: Saffron Case
Line Producer: Nina Huang

Post-Production: Offspring
CD: Mikon van Gastel
Editor(s): Nathan Caswell & Cass Vanini
EP: Joanna Fillie
Producer: Suzanne Potashnick

New Heineken One Green Bottle Commercial

From Heineken the story of one green bottle is the newest commercial by the ad agency McCann Erickson. The spot features the journey of one green Heineken beer bottle from the time it was filled in the brewery to the journey it endures before that one green bottle finally arrives at the party. Nice spot, I really enjoyed the music great work.
Heineken - One Green Bottle - Anyone have music credits?

Client: Heineken
Agency: McCann Erickson Dublin
Production Company: Stink
Director: Martin Krejci
Creative Director: Shay Madden
Art Director: Ray Swan
Copywriter: Emma Sharkey
Agency Producer: Genie Dorman
Post production: The Mill, Absolute

Blackberry vs Apple in Rejected Ad Campaign

A commercial for the BlackBerry Storm, that was rejected by RIM for being confrontational, is instead becoming a viral master piece spreading itself very quickly online. The 20 second clip features a blackberry being shot through an apple. The Blackberry Storm vs Apple was created by New York advertising agency Guava, in my opinion they never had any intention to actually run this spot on TV but to create the hype and have it go viral instead, mission accomplished.

Credit for the Blackberry shots a bullet through the Apple spot go to the advertising agency Guava in NY. Whatever the deal surrounding the spot really is, who cares this is great a campaign.

Hush Studio Creates Integrated User Experience for Sony W995

New campaign for the Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone, the integrated user experience is the work of Hush, a New York based content creation studio.

Official press release via Trust:
HUSH was at the center of every aspect of the project, from writing the concept and story, to establishing the visual tone, and executing the spot airing on every Walkman W995 phone. Additional mobile content like video ring tones, sounds, wallpaper graphics and screensavers were carefully interwoven by HUSH's expert team of designers and developers to create a sense of cohesiveness within the overall branding campaign.

"It is important to Sony Ericsson to deliver an energized user experience to the consumer with each phone and with W995 we have created a phone with a multitude of applications and features and our close cooperation with HUSH has created an integrated campaign," says Johan Bornhager, Content Planner at Sony Ericsson.

HUSH will roll out a vivid character-based spot to spearhead the campaign, which offers a twisted take on the break-dancing film genre. Animated characters from two "crews" engage in a dance-off that goes haywire. Irreverent. Humorous. Youthful. Music-driven.

"The most important part of the campaign was to create an imaginative and unexpected thematic message that could be expressed in both the spot and the phone itself," expressed HUSH Co-Founder/ Creative Director David Schwarz. "We have incredible creative talent on our team, and we produced an overall campaign that was distinctly cutting edge while honoring the legacy of the Sony Ericsson brand."

A final component of the W995 launch will be an online feature, which HUSH will be instrumental in executing and seeding in collaboration with Sony Ericsson.

"This project was an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our exciting roster of talent in one integrated project," said HUSH Executive Producer Casey Steele. "As we establish the studio as a one-stop go-to shop capable of handling complex, multifaceted branding campaigns, it's important that we continue to work with respected brands such as Sony Ericsson."

Sony Ericsson
Design/Production Company: HUSH
Creative Director(s): David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Executive Producer: Casey Steele
Art Director: Laura Alejo
Design: Laura Alejo, Jerry Liu
Producer: Mei-Ling Wong
Production Assistant: Melissa Chow
3D Animation: Joey Parks, Scott Denton, Steve Talkowski
2D Animation: Salih Abdul-Karim, Jay Cohen
Editor: Amilcar Gomes
Sound Design / Score: Antfood
Composers: Wilson Brown, Polly Hall
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