Sky Sports F1 Formula 1 HD Advert - 3 Minute Extended Cut

If you love Formula 1 racing then you'll want to turn your speakers up for this spot.
Rattling Stick's Ivan Bird captures the thrills and drama of Formula 1 in this cinematic advert/ad out of Brothers & Sisters for Sky's launch of its Sky Sports F1 HD channel in the UK. The commercial will have an interactive element when broadcast: Sky customers will be able to press buttons on their remotes to watch the full film or download extra content to their Sky boxes. The campaign will also include Augmented Reality and a 3D installation in West London.

Agency: Brothers and Sisters
Client: Sky
Director: Ivan Bird
Production Company: Rattling Stick

From England with Love Part 1 Featuring Kenny Pavey & Millwall

Kenny Pavey and a group of Millwall supporters breaks down the ins and outs of being a passionate football supporter in this new advert for Ladbrokes.

Advertising Agency: The Pistöl Agency, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Zeke Tastas
Producer: Carlan Snygg
Art Director: Andrea Gezelius
Copywriter: Elsa Lindblad
Graphic Designer: Marcus Lundquist

Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Commercial

The Liquid Plumr commercial, "Double Impact". The ad features two of the greatest lines I've heard in some time, "I’m here to snake your drain," and "I’m here to flush your pipe". The most surprising thing about this spot is that they didn't pull this off sooner.

Title: Liquid Plumr "Double Impact"
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Director: Clay Weiner
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Woman Cracks A Nut With Her Butt To Promote Russian Gym

In Russia the Orange Fitness Gym decided to promote their gym with this new commercial. Make sure you watch the whole clip, I wont pass judgement but I will say this.....eeewwwwwwww!

New MasterCard Tango Priceless Ad

The "Tango" is the newest commercial from the Mastercard Priceless ad campaign.
The ritual of preparation. The handmade shoes, designer dress and classic shave. All of these things are worthless without the courage to step out onto the floor and reignite your passion. The exhilaration of dancing the Argentine Tango with the locals of Buenos Aires? Priceless.

Directors: Lynn Fox
Agency: McCann Erickson
Production Company: Furlined

Liv Tyler Need You Tonight for Givenchy

Liv Tyler sings a cover of INXS' song Need You Tonight for Givenchy Fragrances.

I'm trying to hunt them down, please share if you have them.

Yet Another Dumb Condom Commercial

Apparently SKYN Condoms are The Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing, blah blah blah it's just another condom ad.

Her Boyfriend Went Vegan - Peta Commercial

The newest Peta commercial, "Boyfriend Went Vegan". In typical Peta fashion, this ad is creating more controversy. If you ask me she looked pretty happy at the end there.

Advertising Agency: Matter, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Dan Neri
Copywriter: Jon Koffler
Producer: Randy Zook
Director: Dave Laden
Production Company: Hungry Man
Executive Producer: Dan Duffy

Target Commercials "Rolling in the Deep" and "Color Changes Everything"

The newest Target commercial created by Wieden+Kennedy entitled "Color Changes Everything"(filmed in Buenos Aires in la plaza de San Martin) is great, but the Target ad featuring Adele's song Rolling In The Deep sung on a school bus even better....if you like Adele, and who doesn't right now?
The young lady singing is Denise from PS22 School Chorus (Staten Island, NYC). The school chorus was featured at the end of last year's Academy Awards.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York
Client: Target
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff

Creative Director:
Ben Hughes
Creative Director:
Julia Leach
Andrew Jasperson
Art Director:
Mathieu Zarbatany
Head of Content Production:
Gary Krieg
Executive Producer:
Temma Shoaf
Alison Hill
Product Producer:
Jen Hundis
Director of Business Affairs:
Sara Jagielski
Production Company:
Filip Engstrom
Executive Producer/COO:
Lisa Rich
Executive Producer:
Allison Kunzman
Line Producer:
Tim Kerrison
Director of Photography:
Crille Forsberg
Editorial Company:
Final Cut
Jeff Buchanan
Post Producer:
Viet-An Nguyen
Post Executive Producer:
Lauren Bieiweiss
Editorial Assistant:
Betty Jo Moore
VFX Comapny:
The Mill
VFX Lead Flame:
Iwan Zwarts
VFX Supervisor:
Iwan Zwarts
VFX Supervisor:
Adrian Hurley
VFX Flame Artist:
Keith Sullivan
VFX Flame Artist:
Melissa Graff
VFX Flame Artist:
Jeff Robins
VFX CG Artists:
Boris Ustaev
VFX CG Artists:
Naotaka Minami
Charlotte Arnold
Telecine Company:
Tim Masick
Mix Company:
Heard City
Mixer: Philip Loeb
Sound Designer: Philip Loeb
Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky
Song: Allouette
Artist: The Delta Rhythm Boys

Sharpie "The Wedding" - Too Funny

Sharpie permanent markers are one of the most iconic office supplies ever made. You would think that a brand so well recognized would not be in the need for any additional advertising. However, as we progress further into a paperless world, Sharpies and other writing utensils are no longer a necessity. We’ve decided to use comedy to connect with college students and young professionals and keep the Sharpie name relevant.

Advertising School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Steve Williams
Art Director: Edmund Boey
Assistant Art Director: Whitney Peterson
Copywriter: Zack Browne
Photographer: Jessida Putkaew
Director: Zack Browne, Tamara Turner
Director of Photography: Jessida Putkaew
PA: Norman Wohiren

Apple iPhone 4s Siri ads "Road Trip" and the "Rock God"

Apple, iPhone 4S with Siri, "Road Trip" Ad takes a couple to the Grand Canyon, and below this iPhone 4s commercial "Rock God", helps this guy get a guitar teaches him to play guitar.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA

British Airways Advert "The Race"

New advert for for British Airways entitled "The Race". The BA ad was created by BBH, London celebrating their sponsorship on the upcoming Olympics and features, well anything related to flying racing, all set to the commentary of Jim Rosenthal.

Client: British Airways
Campaign: The Race
Agency: BBH London

Creative directors: Justin Moore, Hamish Pinnell
Creatives: Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke
Director: Neil Gorringe
Production company: Moxie Pictures

Stadium Full of Soccer Fans Get Naked for CoolSculpting

A stadium full of soccer fans are so excited about losing weight that they get naked, thanks to one streaker who triggered the chain reaction. Well this one awesome way to advertise, created by Cutwater for CoolSculpting.

“This is a category where no true brands exist. Products and services and the images typically used are a homogeneous blur,” said Chuck McBride, founder and executive creative director for Cutwater. “Our responsibility was to not just create a brand within the cosmetic medical device category but to create one that transcends into culture on the idea of self-confidence. Because it really isn’t about what you lose. It’s about what you gain.”

Client: ZELTIQ® Aesthetics, Inc.
Product: CoolSculpting®
Agency: Cutwater, San Francisco

Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Chuck McBride
Executive Creative Director / Art Director: Travis Britton
Executive Producer: Daniel Tuggle
Production Company: Interrogate Films
Director: Jeff Labbe
Executive Producer: Jeff Miller
Line Producer: Sam Levene
Editorial: Barbary
Post Editor: Bob Spector
Asst. Editor: Dani Sanchez
Asst. Editor: Matt O’Donnell
Executive Producer: Kristen Jenkins
Smoke / Visual Effects: Greg Gilmore
After Effects: Steve McEuen
Sound Design: Pollen
Sound Designer: Scot Stafford

A Gatorade G Moment with Eli Manning

Eli Manning and Gatorade give it to the doubters with a reminder of Eli's two Super Bowl Championships in this print ad that will run in Sports Illustrated.

Client: Gatorade
Ad: G Moment: “Eli Manning”
Executive Creative Director: Patrick O’Neill
Group Creative Director: Brent Anderson
Group Creative Director: Steve Howard
Art Director: Paulo Cruz

Copy Writer: Evan Brown
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Jr. Planner: Adam Wiese
Worldwide Managing Director: Nick Drake
Account Director: Blake Crosbie
Management Supervisor: Hope Bubnar
Assistant Account Executive: Ralph Lee
Sports Marketing: Lexi Vonderlieth
Project Manager: Karen Thomas
Print Producer: Kerri Sparkman
Art Producer: Sabrina Bajaj
Copy Editor: George Wolfe, Katherine Howells
Director of eGraphics: Darren Murray
Production Coordinator: Bob Hezlep
Retouching Artist: Rick Lagorreta

Mercedes-Benz Actros Taxi takes on Volvo and MAN

Mercedes-Benz faces its competitors, on a test-drive, that has not been seen yet.

And in the end it's the all new Mercedes-Benz Actros that really convinces the competition.
The idea: We teamed up with a taxi service to collect people from the MAN and Volvo headquarters, with Mercedes-Benz Actros Taxi.

Advertised brand: Mercedes-Benz Actros
Advert title: Actros-Taxi
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany
CCO: Armin Jochum
Creative Director: Holger Oehrlich, Philipp Barth, Michael Zoelch
Art Director: Sven Kratzsch, Marisa Brüser
Head of Marketing: Sascha Thieme

Maxwell the Piggy Meets the Street Luge in the New GEICO Commercial

In his quest for the most extreme thrill, Maxwell the pig shines in another great new ad for Geico as he tries out the street luge and cries wee wee wee all the way home. Well, or until he gets to a really big hill. Or crashes.

Weeeeeeeeee, love the line heads up, just before he hits that speed bump.

Don't Watch Big Brother this Feb. 19th on TV11

I'm not sure what's going on here in this ad for TV11 from Sweden, but it would seem that they don't want us to watch Big Brother on TV11.

Title: Reaction Big Brother
Client (Brand)/Artist: TV11 (TV4 Group)
Agency / Record Company: Fireplace AB
City & Country: Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Fredrik Östergren
Copywriter: Ulf Svedlund
Art Director: Victoria Lamppa
Director: Fredrik Thelander – Notre Dame Film AB
Production Co & City: Fireplace AB - Stockholm
Producer: John Hichens
Director of Photography: David Grehn
Post Production & City: The Chimney Pot/Fireplace AB - Stockholm
Editor & Company: Fredrik Thelander - Notre Dame Film AB
Music & Music Publisher: Free at last - Epedemic Sound
Motion designer: Björn Svensson
Project manager Fireplace AB: Helena Tonelli
Project manager TV4 AB: Jessica Abril
Production manager Fireplace AB: Carina Cederholm

The Holy Crap Sasquatch Hyundai Genesis Commercial

Holy Crap, was that a sasquatch? Holy Crap, was that a Hyundai? Holy crap, this is one great ad for Hyundai.

Advertising Agency: Innocean, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Gary Westgate
Creative Director: Nelson Quintal
Art Director: Damon Crate
Copywriters: Adrienne Annau, Joe Vu, Matt Beasant
Agency Producers: Alina Prussky, Tony De Sousa
VP, Account Director: Vito Greto
Account Supervisor: Shannon Beaver
Account Manager: Thomas Flood
Account Executive: Vlad Kushchenko
Production: Soft Citizen, Furlined
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography: Manel Ruiz
Editorial: Stealing Time
Editor: Leo Zaharatos
Assistant Editor: Dylan Atkinson
Colour & Post Production: Alter Ego
Colorist: Eric Whipp
Music: RMW Music
Sound Design: Vapor

M&M "Sexy and I Know It" Super Bowl Commercial 2012

Agency: BBDO New York

"Cheetah" Official Hyundai Veloster Turbo Super Bowl Spot

Hyundai, Cheetah & Think Fast 2012 Super Bowl Ad
Agency: Innocean
Producer: Jen Weinberg
CD: Robert Prins, Max Godsil, & Eric Spinger
Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman

Mr. Quiggly Dog Run Skechers Commercial

Skechers, Mr. Quiggly 2012 Super Bowl Commercial
Agency: Siltanen and Partners
Producer: Anne Kurtzman
CD: Rex Fish & Joe Hemp
AD: Chris Caparro
Writer: Rex Fish
Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Jay Nelson
Production Co: HSI Productions
Director: Ryan Ebner

Samsung "Thing Called Love" 90 sec Extended Version

Samsung "Thing Called Love" 2012 Super Bowl Ad.
Agency: 72andSunny
CEO/ECD: John Boiler
Creative Director/Writer: Tim Wolfe
CD/Designer: Bryan Rowles
Designer: Jake Kahana
Director of Film Prod: Sam Baerwald
Film Producer: Becca Purice
Production Company: Rabbit Content
Director: Bobby Farrelly
EPs: Joby Barnhart & Douglas Howell
DP: Matt Leonetti
Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editors: Steve Gandolfi & Frank Effron
Producer: Christie Price
EP/Managing Director: Michelle Burke
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfelt @ CO3
Online/VFX: The Mission

Chrysler Commercial "It's Halftime in America" Clint Eastwood

E*Trade Baby Super Bowl Commercial featuring Speed Dating Bobby

The E*TRADE Baby reassures a new dad about planning for his daughter's future with E*TRADE Financial Consultants in one of E*Trades Super Bowl spots this year, and his friend Bobby stops by for an unexpected surprise visit as he goes "Speed Dating".

Ad Title: "Fatherhood"
Ad Agency: Grey, New York

Chevy Sonic "Stunt Anthem" 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Rob Dyrdek performs some cool stunts in another Chevy 2012 Super Bowl Commercial, this one entitled "Stunt Anthem". The ad features all-new Chevy Sonic and this Sonic is up for some adventure as Dyrdek take's the Sonic first time skydiving, bungee jumping, kick flipping, and performing with OK GO.
The song and music is "We Are Young" by the band Fun featuring Janelle Monàe.

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
Creative Director: Jeff Goodby
Executive Creative Directors: Jamie Barrett, Hunter Hindman
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Nick Spahr
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jonathan Graham
Director of Broadcast Production: Cindy Fluitt

Executive Producer: Hilary Coate
Senior Producer: Michael Damiani
Assistant Producer: John Riddle
Agency Music Supervisor: Todd Porter
Group Account Director: Todd Grantham
Account Director: Steve Barry
Account Manager: Brendan Pascoe
Assistant Account Manager: Phong Tran
Operations Director: Christine Piper
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Karen Keoleian
Business Affairs Associate Manager: Heidi Killeen
Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Director of Photography: Jeff Cutter
Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
Line Producer: Jay Veal
Production Designer: Bruce McCloskey
Editorial: Arcade Edit
Editor: Stewart Reeves
Assistant Editor: Luke McIntosh
Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Post Production / VFX: Method Studio
VP of Production: Gabby Grourrier
Executive Producer: Stephanie Gilgar
Sr. VFX Supervisor: Rob Hodgson
VFX Supervisor / Creative Director: Benjamin Walsh
CG Supervisor: Jason Schgardt
Executive Producer: Gabby Gourrier
Head of Production: Stephanie Gilgar
VFX Producer: Krystina Wilson
VFX Coordinator: Anastasia Von Rahl
Lead Compositor: Dominik Bauch
Lead Lighter: Kevin Sears
Post Production / VFX: Method Studio
Matte Painting: Mike James, Danny Janevski, David Woodland
Senior Compositor: Gabriel Reichel
Roto: David Orman, Ben Tanti
VFX Supervisor: James Rogers
Executive Producer: Andrew Robinson
VFX Producer: Jayne da Costa
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Music Licensed Track: ‘Looks Like We Made It’ Performed by Barry Manilow
Courtesy of Arista Records LLC Arrangement by Sony Music Licensing
Written: Will Jennings, Richard Kerr
Published: Irving Music / BMI
MIX: Lime Studios
Engineer: Rohan Young
Assistant Engineer: Jeff Malen
Producer: Jessica Locke

New Jack in the Box Commercial "Love Bacon Marry It"

This guy loves his Jack in the Box Burger so much he married it, "Love Bacon? Marry It."

Advertising Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

Dick Sittig, Founder & Creative Director
Fiona Forsyth, Executive Producer
Leah Dieterich, Associate Creative Director
Reece Hoverkamp, Associate Creative Director
Brian Hallisey, Copywriter
Neil Desai, Art Director
Scott Myers, Copywriter
Janete Chun, Art Director
Joanne O'Brien, Group Account Director
Alexis Varian, Account Supervisor

Digital Agency: StruckAxiom, USA
Creative Director: Matt Anderson
Developers: Matt Austin, Eric Atwell
Interactive Designer: Josh Balleza
Interactive Producer: Hannah Carmody
IT Specialist: Jon Deal
Lead Developer: Max Folley
Junior Developer: David Gilvar
Senior Interactive Producer: Pati Goodell
U/X Designer: Nate Goss
Senior Account Manager: Stephen Grieco
Strategist/Account Director: John Gross
Quality Assurance Engineer: Brian Jolley
Associate Technical Director: Ryan Kee
Interactive Art Director: Mark Kellar
Developer: Amos Lanka
Interactive Art Director: Abe Levin
Interactive Designer: Adam Meyer
Developer: Thomas Mulloy

Mean Joe Greene and Amy Sedaris for Downy Un Stopables Super Bowl Commercial

Downy Un-Stopables remakes the classic Mean Joe Greene Coke Super Bowl commercial with Amy Sedaris and Mean Joe Greene.

Ad Agency: Grey, New York
Post Production: No6 by Lawrence Young.

2012 Budweiser Official Super Bowl Commercial "Flash Fans"

Here's a great commercial for Bud Beer that will air during the Canadian broadcast of this years Super Bowl. Filmmakers told two recreational hockey teams in Port Credit, Ontario, that they were filming a hockey documentary, it turned out to be Budweiser Canada, who surprised the amateurs by filling their empty stadium with cheering fans, cheerleaders and sportscasters, giving the feel of a pro game, the players were stunned.

Ad Agency: Anomaly

The Dog Strikes Back 2012 Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial

The Dog Strikes Back, extended version of the Volkswagen 2012 Super Bowl commercial, the sporty, all-new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle inspires Bolt the dog to get in shape, and a few Star Wars superstar's make a surprise appearance.

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter

Group Creative Directors: Michael Kadin, Matt Ian
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Brian Freidrich
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Mark Peters
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo, Victoria Guenier
Senior Producer: Jim Haight
Associate Producer: Marina Korzon
Prod. Co.: Park Pictures
Director: Lance Acord
Exec. Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Exec. Producer: Mary Ann Marino
Line Producer: Pat Frazier
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: James Haygood
Assistant Editor: Dylan Firshein
Exec. Producer: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Joe Ross
Post Facility: CO3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX: A52
Producer: Megan Meloth
VFX Supervisor: Patrick Murphy
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design
Music: James Brown "Get Up Off of That Thing”
Music/Original Score: Elias Arts
Audio Post: Lime Studios
Mixer/Owner: Mark Meyuhas
Assistant Mixer: Matt Miller
Producer: Jessica Locke

Old Spice Terry Crews Power Ads

Three great new ads for Old Spice, "Vending Machine" the "Charmin" take over spot, and my favorite the "Bounce" commercial take over. Now who doesn't love Terry Crews yelling the pa pa pa pa power?

Directed by Tim and Eric from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show.

Pepsi King's Court Super Bowl Ad Official Version

With thanks to Steve at Adrants, we got the 2012 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi featuring X Factor winner Melanie Amaro singing a version of Otis Redding's Respect recorded specifically for the ad to a kingly Elton John, entitled "King's Court".

Created by TBWA\Chiat\Day
Directed by Noam Murro

Chevy Silverado 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Ads "Dave Drove A Ford"

Chevy creates an epic end of the world Super Bowl ad and slams Ford in the process.
2012 Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: A man drives his Chevy Silverado through an apocalyptic world predicted by the Mayan calendar. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it to the meeting point. Dave didn't make, Dave drives a Ford, best part of this ad has to be the Twinkies.

2012 Kia Optima Super Bowl Commercial Extended Version "A Dream Car For Real Life"

What does an ad with Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell, Motley Crue and a 2012 Kia Optima give awesome Super Bowl commercial, make it an extended 90 second version and you just can't do it any better.
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