Martini Bianco with George Clooney The World's Most Beautiful Drink 2008 European Version

A hot new commercial for Martini Bianco 2008 with George Clooney. The new TV spot for Martini is much like last years advertising campaign with George and the silly little mustache he was sporting. The commercial is the Italian version and in typical Italian style showcases many beautiful women, the music in the commercial is by Roxy Music and the song title is "More Than This".

Martini Bianco - The Worlds Most Beautiful Drink

See The Light GHD Commercial UK Advert

New GHD commercial "See The Light". Created by the Ad Agency TBWA/Manchester, the GHD advert "See the light" ad was filmed in South Africa, the spot features four girls in four scenarios leading up to a final scene where each of the models is "empowered" after discovering their true beauty. One of the four model looks a lot like Jessica Alba, anyone have info for us?

GHD - A New Religion For Your Hair

“Our customers go to great lengths to tell us that ghd has changed their lives. The new campaign celebrates this miracle and invites women to join the new religion for hair’” says Sarah Lambley, group marketing director for ghd.
The GHDHair See The Light Models, check back later I will have their names updated.
ghd see the light advert from the uk, four models

Lebron James and Nicole Scherzinger Nike After Six Sneaker Promo Commerical

Nike After Six commercial with Lebron James and Nicole Scherzinger, not sure why there are two versions of this commercial, After Six and the other is called Over and Under, both spots are identical and the funniest commercial I have seen in awhile. The music in the Nike commercial is "Westchester Lady" by Bob James and "In the Mood" by Tyrone Davis.

Nike After Six - Lebron James and Nicole Scherzinger Promo Commercial

Client: Nike
Title: Over and Under or After Six
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte, Jeff Williams, Tyler Wisenand
Creatives: Eward Harrison, Sasha Swetschinski, Desmond Marzette
Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Endy Hedman
Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles
Director: Brian Billow
Executive Producers: Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy
Producer: Nate Young
Post Production: Filmcore
Audio Post: Joint Mixer: Charlie Keating
Music: "Westchester Lady" by Bob James and "In the Mood" by Tyrone Davis

Absolut Vodka Winning Lotto Numbers Billboard

Creative Billboard for Absolut, In An Absolut World The Winning Lottery Numbers Billboards. These are currently running in New York and Los Angeles, the numbers displayed change to show the winning combination's for upcoming lottery draws. To give the creative more contextual relevance they placed the New York board alongside a traditional lotto billboard showing the upcoming jackpot amount.outdoor billboard for Absolut Vodka, In An Absolut World lottery numbersAdvertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, USA Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo Group Creative Director: Rob Smiley Art Director: Dave Sakamoto Copywriter: Jonathan Marshall Retoucher: E-Graphicsabsolut vodka billboard in new york city, advertisng campaign that posts the winning lottery numbers

JC Penny "Beware Of The DogHouse" Commercial

The JC Penny Beware Of The DogHouse commercial reminds men to put some thought into the gifts the give their wives and girlfriends, this JC Penny four minute epic web film shows just what really happens to men when they are sent to the doghouse. Just in time for the Christmas holidays, gentlemen you have been warned.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf
Executive Creative Director: Amie Valentine
CD/Copywriter: Josh Rubin
CD/Art Director: Jason Musante
Head of Digital Production: John Swartz
Integrated Producer: Kwame Taylor-Hayford
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Bryan Buckley
Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Post-production/editorial: Big Sky
Editor: Chris Franklin
Visual Effects: Big Sky
Effects Artist: Ryan Sears
Colorist: Chris Ryan @ Nice Shoes
Production Company (interactive): TerraLever
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Sound Engineer: Philip Loeb

Coca Cola 2008 Holidays Are Coming Commercial

Coca Cola "Holidays Are Coming" Commercial 2008. The tradition of Coca Cola and their wonderful holiday advertising campaigns continues this year with newest advert "Holidays Are Coming". The Coke commercials created by the Ad Agency Mother, haven't changed much, and they don't have to, they are great just they way they are.
Christmas On The Coke Side Of Life.

Same idea for this campaign, but this is the European version of The Holidays Are Coming Coke campaign. the music they used in this version is Tamee Harrison's "Beautiful Time". This is my personal favorite.

Norte Beer "My Friend The Computer Expert" Funny Commercials

Funny commercial from Argentina for Cerveza Norte (it's a beer brand) titled My Friend The Computer Expert. This is a funny commercial created by Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina, as is much of their work, this is fantastic. The words the duo sing to each or bang on, I'm sure many of us can relate and know exactly who your computer expert go to guy is.

The subtitles are great, but lets hope an English version is done for this funny commercial.

Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
General Creative Director: Maxi Itzkoff/Mariano Serkin
Creative Director: Javier Campopiano
Creative Team: Juan Pedro Porcaro /Santiago Galibert/Juampi Lufrano.
Production Company: Primo Buenos Aires
Director: Felipe & Pancho
Executive Producers: Maxi Vazquez & Facu Perez
Agency Production Director: Adrian Aspani
Agency Producer: Camilo Rojas
Agency Production Assistant: Pato Martinez
DP: Leandro Filloy
Transfer: High Defenition - Che Digital Lab
Color Correction: Davinci Resolve 4K - Jorge Ruso.
Post production: Che Revolution Post- HD
Music: Supercharango

Sony Bravia Print Ad Colors BeCome Alive

Beautiful new print ad for The Sony Bravia LCD televisions "Colors Become Alive". Created by the Advertising Agency Euro RSCG, in Argentina. The Sony Advert may hurt the eyes so be bravia colors become aliveSony Bravia "Colors Become Alive"

Best Buy Funny Commercial 2008 Holiday Giving

Funny new Best Buy OMG commercial, the holidays just around the corner and Best Buy and their ad agency Zig, Toronto have created another funny commercial with the giddy gift shoppers in mind who are looking for that perfect gift.

Client: Best Buy Canada
Agency: zig
Agency web site:
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director + Writer: Niall Kelly
Team Leader: Christine Harron
Strategic Planner: James Powell
Coach: Andy Macaulay
Agency Producer: Dave Medlock
Director: James Haworth
Production House: Partners
Production House Producer: Todd Huskisson
Executive Producer: Gigi Realini
Editor: Brian Williams

British Airways Aquarium The Good Life Commercial

New British Airways commercial, "The Good Life" Aquarium commercial. Simply a stunning advertising campaign where they convert terminal 5 into an aquarium. If only that was truly possible, just imagine the possibilities. The music in the British Airways commercial is by Julie London titled The Good Life.

British Airways had this to say about about the commercial: "The creation of Terminal 5 has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to redefine air travel. Our aim was to replace the queues, the crowds and the stress with space, light and calm."
Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London.
Directed by Daniel Barber of Knucklehead.
Post production was done at Framestore.
Music is “The Good Life”, performed by Julie London. Publishing and master licenses were brokered at Leap Music, London.

Viagra Commercials Win Big at the ADCC Awards

The Viagra commercials cleaned up this week at the Advertising and Design Club of Canada's 59th annual awards show. Pfizer the makers of Viagra should be very thrilled with the results of their advertising campaign that won Gold at the ADCC Awards in the Advertising Broadcast TV Campaign category. The Viagra commercial campaign also took home the gold award for the 15 second spots. See all the Viagra Denise, Vivian, Michelle and even Bobby Advertising and Design Club of Canada winner's here.
Viagra Intermission "Denise".

Creative Director: Steve Mykolyn/Ron Smrczek
Art Director: Jason Hill
Writer: Michael Murray
Agency Producer: Alina Prussky
Production House: Radke Film Group
Director: Eric Lynne
Production House Producer: Shannon Barnes
Executive Producer: Miriana Diquinzio
Cinematographer : Shawn Kim
Editor: Brian Williams/Barry Potter
Video Post Facility / Editing Company: Panic & Bob/Sam McLaren
Compositor / Online: Andrew Hobbs/Amigo
Special Effects: Amigo
Animation: Amigo
Colorist / Transfer: Notch/Bill Ferwerda
Audio Post Facility / Music House: Pirate Group Inc/Terry O'Reilly
Music Producer / Sound Design: Terry O'Reilly/Chris Tait/Joanne Uyeyama

John Lewis With Love From Me To You Xmas 2008 UK Commercial

John Lewis launched its Christmas advertising campaign titled "From Me To You". The five week long John Lewis campaign, created by Lowe London, consists of one 60 second TV ad, two 40 second and six 10 second spots with a feel-good soundtrack of a re-recording of The Beatles track “From Me To You”. The track includes vocals from Matt Spinner, a member of the John Lewis music society who works in IT at John Lewis’s head office. The re-recorded re-arranged track – which can be listened to on You Tube - received the thumbs up from both the Lennon and McCartney estates.

The £5.6m campaign focuses on the idea of matching people and presents, and demonstrates that if someone has really put thought into choosing the perfect gift the recipient will feel special and understood. The tagline is: “If you know the person, you’ll find the present”.

Ed Morris, Lowe’s Executive Creative Director said "We're approaching the crescendo to what has been a disconcerting year. Intuiting the nation’s current sensitivity has helped us push the work to what will be the refreshing antidote to the usual retail din."

Supporting digital executions will go live on 11th November with press running the following week on 17th November and outdoor from 1 December. As well as other traditional outdoor formats, the 10” TV ads will also run on digital escalator panels and cross track projections across the London underground.

He concludes, "The campaign is very intimate in feel, with close up portraits of people – and a pet - used as cues for what might be their perfect gift. As the portraits are very close up, we cast actors who could capture that feeling with a tilt of a chin, the raising of an eyebrow and in the case of the dog, a flick of an ear."
Ad Agency: Lowe London
Copywriter: Ed Morris
Art director: Ed Morris
Planner: Tracey Follows
Media agency: MG OMD
Media planner: Tim Pearson
Production company: Therapy Films
Director: Malcolm Venville
Editor: Final Cut
Post-production: Shiny
Audio post-production: Morgan Bandan

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero World Tour Commercial - Directors Cut

Heidi Klum dancing in lacy black lingerie in new commercial for Guitar Hero World Tour. The ad campaign to launch the latest Guitar Hero video game in a homage to the famous underwear scene in Tom Cruise's 'Risky Business'.

Guitar Hero World Tour Heidi Klum Director's Cut, Directed by Brett Ratner.

Klum appears in the global ad backing the release of Activision's '"Guitar Hero World Tour", which hits the UK on November 7.

In the commercial, Klum is shown lip-syncing to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll", while dancing around the living room with the wireless guitar controller, after stripping to her underwear at the start of the commercial.

Advertiser: Activision
Brand: Guitar Hero World Tour
Director: Brett Ratner
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