New Volkswagen Print Ad "The Ear" Makes A Strong Case For More Space

In this new disturbing yet effective print ad titled "The Ear", VW has demonstrated how a simple picture and a clever copy can conjure up common emotions in all of us.  At first glance the  stark advert catches you off guard as you wonder what the product is selling - q-tips perhaps.  Aware of this curious nature in consumers, Swedish ad agency DDB Stockholm cleverly presented the copy in small simple font for the reader to discover.  This little hard work  pays off with the clever punchline that reads "Don't get to close to the family. The spacious new Touran." 

Ad Agency: DDB Stockholm

The Electric Company: The Renault-Nissan Advertising Alliance

In an attempt to re-electrify the automobile market, Renault have began a new ad campaign titled "The Electric Life" that borrows heavily on their automaker partner Nissan's original TV spot "Gas Powered Everything". This Renault-Nissan alliance lends itself well for advertisers who can now re-dress successful ad campaigns in various markets around the world for their different brands.  The ads themselves are very effective in making the case for electric cars, however consumers are past this debate and are ready for automakers to now prove electric cars are as functional as their gas powered predecessors.    

Make Another "Date" with Heineken's Legendary Guy in Latest TV Spot Sequel

As a follow up to Heineken's successful "The Entrance" TV spot, ad agency Wieden + Kennedy have released its cool sequel "The Date". This time the campaign takes on an exotic feel as the ad is set in Chinatown and features a Bollywood soundtrack with the acclaimed music of Jaan Pehechaan Ho. In this top notch commercial production, the viewer is taken on a head spinning date with Heineken's answer to "the worlds most interesting man".

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath
Executive Creative Director: Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Alvaro Sotomayor
Copywriter: Roger Hoard
Broadcast Director: Erik Verheijen
Agency Producer: Tony Stearns
Agency Producer: Niko Koot
Planner: Stuart Parkinson
Planner: Martin Weigel
Project Manager: Sharon Kwiatkowski
Production Company: Sonny
Director: Fredrik Bond
Director of Photography: Mattias Montero
Producer: Alicia Bernard
Executive Producer: Helen Kenny
Editing Company: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Tim Thorton-Allan
Audio Post: Grand Central
Sound Designer/Mixer: Raja Sehgal
Artist: Mohammed Rafi
Artist: Jaan Pehechaan Ho
Music Company: Agoraphone
Music Supervisor: Beth Urdang
Post Production: The Mill
Flame: Jay Bandlish
3D: David Lawson
Telecine: Adam Scott
Producer: Paul Schleicher

Axe "Sprayaway" Wipes Away Competition with Clever Online Campaign

Another cool idea from the always creative minds at  Axe.  In this latest on-line campaign, the leading deodorant brand has come up with an ingenious marketing promotion known as Axe Sprayaway.  The clever browser widget is displayed as an Axe spray-bottle that acts as an erase function, spraying away anything on the web a person may find offensive.  Similar to spray tools you find in Photosphop or Paint, the fun gadget works on a cathartic level, as it is always funner to see something wiped out than just simply ignored.

Advertising Agency:
BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore
Executive Creative Director:
Steve Elrick
Paul Downs, David Thackray
Programmer: Noel Chan
Producer: Amy Wong

Norte Beer's Good Deeds Give Men "The Best Excuse Ever"

Guys everywhere have always faced the same challenge of needing a good excuse for going out drinking with the boys. So a little known regional brewery based out of northern Argentina set out to solve this timeless dilemma. Teaming up with the world's leading ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, they developed one of the most elaborate campaigns that is not only very clever but socially responsible. The idea is simple, for every Norte beer consumed at a bar the company would donate 1 minute of time to a worthy cause that included fixing houses and maintaining city parks. The successful campaign also allowed followers to monitor the donated minutes and the progress made by their good deeds on a dedicated website. In the end, the campaign delivered what it promised, as the more the boys went out drinking the better their community got - genius. 

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Director: Fernando Militerno
Art director: Maxi Borrego
Copywriter: Diego Gueler
Agency Producers: Adrian Aspani, Camilo Rojas, Lucas Delenikas
Account Directors: Jaime Vidal, Patricia Abelenda
Production Company: Primo
Director: Felipe&Pancho
Executive Producer: Caro Cordini
Director of Photography: Leandro Filloy
Postproduction Editor: Mauro Carpinacci
Music: Supercharango
Advertiser Supervisors: Ricardo Fernandez, Eduardo Palacios, Lucas Adur

Mitchum Tells No "Lies" in Their New "Love Thy Pits" Ad Campaign

Creative production company Brand New School and ad agency Mother New york have teamed up to create a featured spot for Mitchum's new "Love Thy Pits" ad campaign. Jonathan Notaro and his colleagues have produced a cool looking :30 second spot titled "Lies" that combines live action with hip animation, resulting in some original and entertaining visuals. With the ad's ironic and off-beat style, Mitchum is sure to appeal to their campaign's targeted young male demographic, possibly even stealing some of the cool away from Axe.

Advertising Agency: Mother New York
Creatives: Dave Clark, Christine Gignac, Rob Trostle, Michael Ian Kaye, Bobby Hershfield, Paul Malmstrom
Strategist: Sarah Plaskitt
Agency Producer: Christine DoRego
Production Company: Brand New School
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Director of Photography: Eric Treml
Line Producer: David Wolfson
Production Manager: Stacy Bergstein
Art Director: Justin Fines
Editor: Erik Barnes
Flame: Blake Huber
Designers: Jonathan Notaro, Justin Fines, Stephen Kelleher
CG Lead: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: Han Ho, Jerry Chow, Ryan Lang, Adam Rosenzweig
2D Animation: Hyesung Park, Robin Greenwood, Andy Mastrocinque, Adam Sacks, Justin Demetrician
Storyboard Artist: Will Rosado
Compositor: Ted Kotsaftis, Bill Dorais
Executive Producer: Devin Brook
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Post Producer: Toby Sowers
Production Coordinator: Zoe Beyer
Music & Sound Design Company: The Lodge
Creative Directors: Eric Hillebrecht & Colin Thibadeau

Spend No More Evenings Alone with Amour Print Ad Campaign

Dating website has just launched a cool new advertising campaign with French agency Euro RSCG 36. Creating a humerus albeit sad portrayal of the dreaded single life, the prints titled 'Mirror' and 'Spaghettis' feature two lonely bachelors dating themselves with the clever slogan reading "Don’t spend your evenings on your own". The French based dating website has more than 1 million members and hopes that this bold print ad campaign can catapult them to the next level of success, where matchmaking industry leaders eharmony and currently preside.

Agency: Euro RSCG 360
Creative Director: Hugues Pinguet
Art Director: Thomas Derouault
Copywriter: Dimitri Hekimian & Peter Moyse
Photographer: Joey Lawrence
Retouch: Christophe Huet- Asile

Pampers New TV Spot is Full of Little "Miracles"

Inherent in a brand like Pampers is the cute and cuddly connotation that goes along with it's product line. Yet in this new ad created by leading ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, they have gone from mere adorable to down right touching. Not usually a fan of sappy montage type compilations ads, this commercial titled 'Miracles' is a cut above the rest. The execution is flawless, starting with the soundtrack to it's poetic captions that perfectly anchor and relate various poignant moments in a young parents life. The goosebump laden advert ends with one of the cutest smiles in advertising history - how can you not be touched.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

It's All in the Art of the Tease in Clever New Billboard Campaign

An ingenious billboard ad campaign from the Netherlands demonstrates the power of suggestion in advertising, albeit a view that no one wants to see. The drawn out billboard campaign titled 'Males Stripper' features a simple caption reading "The sooner you advertise here, the better", which Dutch commuters patiently followed along with over several weeks. The clever "advertise here" ad campaign by Interbest Outdoors then actually thanked the new sponsors who took out the space, with the line "Phew! Thanks Radio 2",  ultimately saving us from the feared money shot that only existed in our minds.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Not Just Film Amsterdam, Netherlands
Copywriter: Robin Zuiderveld
Art Director: Marq Strooy
Photographer: Morad Bouchakour

Boys Behaving Badly Makes For A Good PSA Ad Campaign

From the UK comes an effective yet somewhat disturbing public service announcement trying to raise awareness for the foul behavior displayed by professional footballers. This PSA ad campaign clearly gets it's message across in this very realistic spot. Realistic not just because of the ads effective use of foul language, but sadly more true to the fact that many classrooms actually witness this type of bad behavior.

Advertising Agency: BETC, London, UK
Director: Johnny Maginn
Production Company: Mustard Films
Producer: John Doris
Editor: Simon WiIlcox
Post Production: Golden Square
Sound Design: Pure Soho
DoP: Darren Tiernan

The Small Audi A1 Brings the "Oomph" in Their Big TV Ad

In this great new visually explosive TV spot by Audi, ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty have created one of the German automakers coolest campaigns yet. Peppered with German art house styled vignettes, the avant-garde commercial features the music of Boreta-lobegrinder as the pumping backdrop to the experimental and innovative art displays. The car may be small but the ad is big on audi.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Creative: Simon Pearse/Emmanuel Saint M’Leux
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
TV Producer: Ruben Mercadal
Production Co: Rogue Films
Director: Sam Brown
Producer: James Howland
Photography: Tom Townend
Post Production: The Mill
Editing House: Final Cut
Editor: James Rosen

The Admiration for Ants in Advertising Continues with Cute New TV Ad

What is it about ants. Except for them appearing at our picnics and in our kitchens, most people actually like them. The admiration for the ant is derived by most people because we are in awe of how they work collectively. No other insect has been depicted with this such positive virtue in film and literature than the ant, and advertising is no exception. In this great animated ad from Belgium, public bus company De Lijn encapsulates the ants sense of community perfectly with a clever TV spot demonstrating their campaigns message of the benefits of traveling in groups.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, Belgium
Creatives: Niels Sienaert, Tim Schoenmaeckers
Creative directors: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
TV Producers: Charlotte Mathias, Marc Van Buggenhout
Production Company: Creative Conspiracy
Director: Gerrit Bekers
Producer: Emily Rammant

The Chase Is On For Vitaminwater Frog in Fun New TV Spot

In the new TV ad for vitaminwater zero, a frog sees a beautiful woman drinking their new brand "glow" and thinks she is a princess. The frog then begins a hilarious chase that culminates in the big kiss. Unfortunate for the cursed prince she is not and the chase continues. A recent Coca-cola subsidiary, vitaminwater is part of their Energy Brands that had rapper 50 Cent as an original owner. Now with Coke running the show they are hopeful this latest ad campaign will turn the corner for vitaminwater, as they recently had a judgement against them for misleading advertising for using the term "nutritious", in lieu of their products high sugar content.   

Ad Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Proctor & Gamble Goes Retro with New Print Ad Campaign

Bucking the latest trends in detergent advertising, Proctor & Gamble have created a retro ad campaign as a type of homage to their brands past packaging and now archetypal advertising style.   These print ad archives are often viewed as antiquated, anti-feminist and even demeaning, so for P&G to celebrate their rich history is a cool thing.  To coincide with the retro print ad, that ironically looks computer generated, P&G will also offer retro packaged bottles for a limited time only - just like their classic ads.

Mercedes-Benz Makes You Pay Attention to Their New 'Diner' TV Ad

Mercedes-Benz have began a new ad campaign to promote their latest 'attention assist' technology that will be featured in many of their luxury models. The German produced TV spot titled 'Diner' is a well produced and directed work that successfully grabs the attention of the viewer. The suspense filled ad even gets a little creepy, but this is an advertisement so the cliche ending of a good-looking kind stranger saving the damsel in distress was not that surprising for a supposed twist ending. Nonetheless, Mercedes have created an entertaining advert for the often boring safety feature ads that the automaker industry advertisers usually deliver.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster Werbeagentur, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Thimoteus Wagner
Creative Director: Jonas Keller
Art Director: Jonas Keller
Copywriter: Daniel Pieracci
Production Company: Element E
Director: Alex Feil
Director of Photography: Alex Barber

New Era Has a Hit with New TV Ad starring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski

The world's largest baseball cap manufacturer New Era have teamed up with ad agency the Brooklyn Brothers in their latest ad campaign installment titled 'One Hitter'. The hilarious new spot features Alec Baldwin and The Office's John Krasinksi, as they play out Major League Baseball's fiercest rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox. "To angry to drive", Baldwin rushes over to confront Krasinski, only to mistakenly and figuratively knock him when he's already down.

Agency:Brooklyn Brothers
Producer:Brooklyn Brothers
Writer:Charlie Grandy
Writer:Mike Schur
Director:Bryan Buckley
Production:Hungry Man
Production Company EP/Managing Partner:Kevin Byrne
Production Company Line Producer:Mino Jarjoura
Director of Photography:Scott Henriksen
Editing Company:Big Sky Edit

"Dad" Finds Out It's Always Worth Shopping Around in Funny New French Ad

Leading European ad agency Publicis Conseil based out of Paris have created a great new TV spot simply titled 'Dad' for French Insurance company JeChange. The funny ad features the cutest little girl posing an innocent question to her mother that results in to much information, especially for the Dad. Little to do with actual insurance, the real star of the ad are the commercial's performances by the actors, as they react to the Mom's pan-face delivery with the best facial reactions.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Philippe Boucheron
Copywriter: Patrice Lucet
Director: Rudi Rosenberg
Production Company: Les Télécréateurs

Paduden Print Ad Offers You a Little Blue Pill for the Pain

In this clever new print ad from Romania, ad agency Tempo Advertising have created a very effective print ad for their pharmaceutical clients Paduden. The print ad features both a comic book font and explicative to describe the before and after results of the pain relief medication. Just like Neo in the Matrix, take the blue pill and the pain goes away.

Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising, Romania
Creative Director: Alexandru Pomana
Copywriter: Alexandru Tigoianu
Art Director: Dan Costea
Account Manager: Irina Trifu
Other additional credits: Alex Icodim

Sprite Zero ProvesThere is no "Substitute" for Smart Advertising

In this great new TV commercial for Sprite Zero we are reminded that there is a lot of competition out there, so don't let yourself go. The clever spot takes a fun new spin on the awkward break-up conversation, as a gorgeous Argentinian girl breaks the bad news to the preoccupied chump. Made for the South American soft drink market, the soccer themed ad will be easily relate-able to all the guys who have been replaced by a better man.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Directors: Joaquin Espagnol, Miguel Usandivaras
Copywriter: Matias Eusebi
Art Director: Ammiel Fazzari
Agency producers: Adrian Aspani, Ezequiel Ortiz
Production Company: Nunchaku Cine
Director: Nicolas Kasakoff
Executive producers: Claudio Pastorino, Juan Manuel Menvielle
Postproduction Company: Wolf vfx
Sound designer: No Problem Sonido
Soundtrack: Animal Music

Bombril Vantage Print Ad's "Piranha" & "Aligator" Are Sharp Concepts

A creative new way to sell stain cleaning products comes to us from Brazil with the print ads titled 'Piranha' and 'Alligator'.  Bombril's clever print ad composition is both whimsical and effective, with the perfect copy that reads "For all species of clothes. For all kinds of stains".  I love it when creative advertisers can come up with ingenious new ways to view common everyday products, while staying focused on the products main function.
Ad Agency: DPZ - Duailib Petit Zaragoza Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Francesc Petit,
Fernando Rodrigues, Diego Zaragoza,
Rafael Urenha, Marcello Barcelos
Art Director: Caio Machado
Copywriter: Fábio Cardoso
Photographer: Leandro Viana
Producer: Sergio Freitas

Renault Laguna Ambient Ad "Stickers" Cuts No Corners in Creativity

In a clever use of advertising space, French automaker Renault have created an ad campaign that uses 90 degree street corner posters to demonstrate the cars cornering features. By connecting the cars unique selling feature to the campaigns visual composition is an example of ambient advertising at it's best. Paris based ad agency Publicis Conseil have created this entertaining promotional spot that highlights the cool campaign.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Mathieu Vinciguerra
Assistant Art Director: Mélanie Pennec
Copywriter: Olivier Dermaux

Volkswagen Family Friendly Spots Are Unbeatable

With the overwhelming success of Volkswagen's 'The Force' Super Bowl ad, the German car company is continuing to target their key demographic with another family oriented TV spot. This latest ad titled 'Piñata' is set at a child's birthday party where the strength of the 2011 Tiguan is related through an unbreakable SUV shaped VW piñata. The result is a great metaphor for the European automakers brand and reputation for producing well built cars. Now that's Das Advertising.

Agency:Deutsch Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer:Mark Hunter
Group Creative Director/Copywriter:Eric Springer
Group Creative Director/Art Director:Michael Kadin
EVP/Director of Integrated Production:Vic Palumbo
SVP, Director of Broadcast Production:Victoria Guenier
Senior Producer:Jim Haight
Production Company:Biscuit Filmworks
Director:Noam Murro
Director of Photography:Simon Duggan
Executive Producer:Shawn Lacy
Editorial:Cut & Run
Editor:Steve Gandolfi
Assistant Editor:Isaac Chen
Executive Producer:Michelle Burke
Producer:Christie Price
Post Facility:CO3
Colorist:Stefan Sonnenfeld
Visual Effects Company:Brickyard
Online/VFX:Mandy Sorenson

Osama bin Laden's Watery Grave PSA Spoof Ad is Making a Big Splash

Under the guise of a public service announcement for buckling up your seat belt, a timely spoof ad was created to take advantage of the recent killing and subsequent watery burial of Osama bin Laden. The spot is sheepishly titled "Osama's watery grave captured", even though the video does not make any direct reference to the late al Qaeda leader, we all know who it is - or rather wish it really was under that white sheet. With all the anticipation for the real video of the former terrorists water funeral, this clever spot is sure to go viral.

Come "Taste the Lighter Side of Dark" with Newcastle Brown Ale Ad Campaign

In their great new ad campaign titled 'Taste the Lighter Side of Dark', UK based brewery Newcastle have created a series of hilarious new TV spots intended for select markets including parts of the US. The three 30 second commercials titled 'Doctor', 'Goon' and 'Prison', all feature that dry-wit British sense of humor mixed with a perfect combination of dark yet optimistic outcomes. To create real authenticity to the adverts, the creators filmed the ads in a traditional pub on the outskirts of London, where they actually hired local residents to star in the clever campaign.

Ad Agency:VITRO Production Company, New York
Director:Harold Einstein
Technologies Editor:James Hutchins
Executive Creative Director:John Vitro
Creative Director:Kent Thayer
Copywriter:Kent Thayer
Agency Producer:Mickey Strider

Taringa Print Ads "Wet Pussy" and "Black Cock" - It's Not What You Think

An Argentinian web-based virtual community known as Taringa!  have created a thought provoking print ad campaign that relates the sites mandate to not allow any publications of explicit material.  Ad agency DDB, Buenos Aires produced the two aptly titled print ads 'Wet Pussy' and 'Black Cock' with the clever copy stating "Let kids stay kids. Use parental control'.  I'm sure we can all relate to search engines returning innocent query terms with x-rated results.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Battle
Creative Director: Hernan Jauregui
Art Director: Fernando Tchechenistky
Copywriter: Lisandro Grandal

Coca-Cola's Ad Campaign To Reunite "Santa's Forgotten Letters" is a Touching Gift

Sure it's spring and the last thing you want to think about is Christmas, but Coca-Cola and Santa have always proven to be a profitable partnership, no matter what time of year. Thinking outside of a finely wrapped gift box, ad agency Ogilvy Brazil have come up with a sentimental ad campaign where Santa himself hand delivers forgotten letters and subsequent gifts to their unassuming now grown-up original authors many years later - turning a  "bah-humbug" moment into a "ho-ho-ho" good time.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Claudio Lima
Art Directors: Izabella Cabral, Pedro Izique
Copywriters: Fred Aramis, Meg Farquhar
Head of Production: Nana Bittencourt
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Alex Mehedff, Ricardo Mehedff
Executive Producer: Alex Mehedff
Field Producer: Susanne Shropshire
Editor: Ricardo Mehedff
Post Production: HungryMan BR
Motion Graphics: Rubens Angelo
Post Producer: Rodrigo Oliveira
Audio: Swing Musica
Music Production/Music Composers: Andrés Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab

MTV's Inventive Popping Promo Ad "Balloons"

MTV Brazil with ad agency Loducca Sao Paulo have created an ingenious new promo ad campaign titled 'Balloons' for their South American TV market. Similar to flip book animation, the clever ad utilizes a low tech yet inventive animation technique where a traveling spike pops hundreds of balloons along a track. Their actual stick figure animation is not only very inventive but also very entertaining, as the cool story starts off with a simple egg and leads to record contracts and Slash morphing into Eminem.

Advertising Agency: Loducca Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative: Dulcidio Caldeira, Andre Faria, Guga Ketzer
Creative Director: Cassio Moron, Marco Monteiro, Pedro Guerra
General Creative Director: Guga Ketzer
Executive Creative Producer: Sid Fernandes, Ana Luisa Andre
RTV: Karina Vadasz
Production: Paranoid
Director: Duldicio Caldeira
Photography: Alexandre Ermel
Animation/Illustration: Daniel Semanas/Paranoid Lab
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti
Final Art: Sindicato VFX
Sound Track: Hilton Raw

New Dodge Charger Ad Campaign "The Future of Driving" is Here

The Dodge Charger has always bucked the latest car trends with it's throwback muscle car style and performance, so it is no surprise that in their latest ad campaign they once again brand themselves as the antithesis of computerized technology. The cool new spot is set in the near future where technology has taken over everything and features some great new slogans like "Never Neutral" and "Leader of the Human Resistance". Ironic though is that the Dodge Charger does use computer controlled devices in their cars.

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