New York Times Commercial Turkish Edition with Sabah

The New York Times, TV spot for the Turkish edition of the Times.Fantastic art and animation in this 60 second spot.
Anyone have the credits for this, would really appreciate it if you could share them with us.

Great Print Ads for CNA Stores

New Print Ads for CNA Stores feature amazing images of famous people molded into one super person.

Bill Gates and Elvis Presley become Bill Presley, Whether it's software and microchips or music to swing your hips, we've got it.

John Lennon and Albert Einstein become John Einstein, Whether it's music that changed the world or a theory that helped explain it, we've got it.

Mother Teresa and Queen Elizabeth become Queen Teresa, Whether it's a book on a woman adorned in gold or a woman whose heart was made of it, we've got it.

James Dean and Adolf Hitler become Adolf Dean, Whether it's a documentary on a dictator you can't forget or a rebel you'll never want to, we've got it.

Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Jhb, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Warsop
Creative Director: Thomas Cullinan
Art Director: Dana Cohen
Copywriter: Shane Durrant, PJ Eales
Illustrator: Wayne Trotskie

New Coke Zero is a Happy Kingdom Commercial

In the newest Coca-Cola commercial titled “Happy Kingdom” for Coke Zero, director Pete Candeland delivers a whimsical display again and a charming cast of characters straight from medieval times. The spot is full of pizazz, “Happy Kingdom” a dazzling array of eye-candy that embodies the directors flair for extravagance and lavish aesthetics into an eclectic parody of fairy-tale clichés.
Title: Happy Kingdom Length
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Product: Coke Zero
Agency: Ogilvy Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Gastón Bigio
Head of Art: Jonathan Gurvit
Creative Directors: Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean
Agency Producer: Laura Passalacqua
DIRECTOR: Pete Candeland
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands, Michael Adamo
Head of CG: Jason Nicolas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Technical Direcor: Julian Hodgson
Directors Assistant: Giles Dill
Storyboarding: Kevin Dart, Kim Frederiksen
Character Design/Development: Ron Kurniawan, Pete Candeland, Dan Sumich, Mario Ucci
Production Coordinator: Crystal Crompton
Matte Painting / Backgrounds: Kim Frederiksen, Lukasz Pazera
CG Modelling: Mario Ucci, Ian Brown, Matthias Bjurstrom, Doug Lassance, Dan Sweeney, Craig Maden
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons, Julian Hodgson
CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
Animation CG: Cath Brooks, Chris Welsby, David Sigrist, Melanie Climent
Animation FX: Jamie Franks, Tommy Andersson
Art Director: Mario Ucci
Compositing: Johnny Still, John Taylor, Lee Gingold
Editor: Jamie Foord, Dan Greenway
Sound Mix: Toby Griffin at The Jungle Group
Music: Power Solo

New McDonald’s Universal Language Commercial

McDonald's uses sign language to express the universal language that is universally spoken throughout the world.

Advertising Agency: Alma DDB, Miami, FL, USA
Exec. Creative Director: Enrique Faillace
Creative Director: Eduardo Bono
Associate Creative Director: Manuel Huici
Art Director: Monserrat Valera
Agency Sr. Producer: Diego Colombo
Editorial Company: Boxer, Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Rob Groenwold
Production Company: Boxer, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Jim Zoolalian
DP: Stephen Kenneston
Producers: John Barreiro
Executive Producer: John Clark
Aired: September 2009
via: Ads Of The World

Baked-In by Alex Bogusky, John Winsor

New Ad industry related books, "Baked In", Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves | The Power of Aligning Marketing and Product Innovation by Alex Bogusky, John Winsor, order your copy now, set to be available October 13, 2009.
The old way of selling was to create safe, ordinary products and combine them with mass marketing. The new way is to create truly innovative products and build the marketing right in. But how does a brand make the transition from old to new? According to advertising gurus Alex Bogusky and John Winsor, it starts with the realization that the message is not the product, the product is the message. In Baked-In, they offer a step-by-step guide on how brands can adapt and thrive in this brave new world. Using these tools, Bogusky and Winsor have successfully marketed some of today’s most important brands, including Google, Nike, Microsoft, Patagonia, Toyota, and Burger King. They reveal how, through tools at hand — product design, brand history, internal collaboration — and the new tools of digital technology — YouTube and the web in general — companies can succeed in the 21st-century marketplace.

Google Project 10^100 | Cast Your Vote To Help Change The World

Last fall Google launched Project 10^100, a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible, over 150,000 ideas were submitted and narrowed down to the best 16 ideas. With our help (by voting at up to 5 will receive funding to implement the idea. The video below is a beautiful clip capturing the essence of Project 10^100.

From the Project 10 to the 100 website the question is:
What would help? And help most?

At Google, we don't believe we have the answers, but we do believe the answers are out there. Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university -- but maybe not.

Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you've observed, some notion that you've been fiddling with, some small connection you've noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes.

We've narrowed 154,000 submissions down to 16 top ideas. Which ones should we make real? Cast your vote, and help us change the world.

Voting ends October 8, 2009 so get over to the site and cast your votes, I already did !

New VW Polo "Cool" Commercial

Great new commercial for the VW Polo titled "Cool", created by DDB Barcelona.
The idea for the ad was to define the new VW Polo as cool, the story was to make it obvious what cool really means; to be self-confident, when you are cool, there is no need for show-offs or bragging. The result, a spot to demonstrate that sometimes, the best way to win is not to compete at all.
Credits for this VW commercial:
Title: "Cool"
Product: VW Polo
Client: VAESA
Agency: DDB Barcelona
Client marketing director: Caita Montserrat
Client advertising director: Albert Garcia
Agency Producer: Vicky Moñino
Creative Directors: Jose Maria Roca de Viñals / Juan Ramón Alfaro
Account manager: Gorka LozanoDirector: Pep Bosch
Production Company: Agosto
Producer: Julia Carrasco
Director of Photography: Paco Femenía
Post Production : Infinia
Post Production Supervisor: Sergi Roda
Editor: Alba Oriol
Music: BSO
Production Service Company: Film-maker, Sofía

New Yahoo It's You "Anthem" Commercial Ad

Yahoo hopes to regain it's glory with the help of their new $100 million advertising campaign. The first ad to air is the Yahoo Anthem It's You, expect to see this commercial online and TV today.
Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Date Released: September 28, 2009

Fresh n Fruity Wrecking Balls Advert

No one does Fresh ‘n Fruity like Fresh ‘n Fruity. A fruitfully delicious new commercial for Fresh n Fruity that is visual explosion of fruitiness thanks to two wrecking balls.Someone correct me if I'm wrong but is the music sure songs a lot like the White Stripes?
Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Art Directors: Rebecca Johnson-Pond, Kimberley Ragan
Copywriters: Kimberley Ragan, Rebecca Johnson-Pond
Account Director: David Bowles, Antonia Baker
Account Manager: Krystel Houghton
Agency Producer: Nigel Sutton
Director: Noah Marshall
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Producers: Charlene George, Tim Fermino
Editor: Tim Mauger
Post production: Jon Baxter @ Perceptual Engineering
Music: Groove Armada
Sound Engineering: Shane Taipiri @ Soundtrax
Animation: Glenn Wilson
Aired: September 2009

Troy Polamalu for Head & Shoulders Commercial

Troy Polamalu stars in this great new Head & Shoulders commercial. Polamalu is proving to not only be a star football player but a fine actor too, just look at how well he pulled off this bit in the spot.I'm sure we will be seeing much more of Troy throughout this NFL season both on the field and in the upcoming 2010 SuperBowl XLIV Commercial countdown.

Quique The Head Viral Video For Diesel Helmets

Don't you just love how viral marketing is evolving? This fantastic new viral video starring Quique,the Argentine born without a body is actually a spot for Diesel Helmets. The Head for Diesel is brilliant creation of Shackleton and The Viral Factory.

This poor head is rolling off tables simply to promote this new helmet by Diesel, if you didn't come for the advertising and you want the helmets then you need to go Here.

Karina Smirnoff For the Newest Peta Ad

Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With the Stars, poses in her nada's for the latest Peta celebrity ad, Karina would rather dance naked than wear fur.

The Russian beauty added this about Peta and appearing in the advertising, "You have a choice as an individual ... whether to make a statement that you do support killing animals or make a statement when you don't. And you can still be as chic as you can possibly want to be."

Viral Video | In Red Sox Nation The Yankees Suck

Great new viral video for the Red Sox Nation simply titled Yankees Suck. Isn't it refreshing to see the power of simplicity still working with just three words, The Yankees Suck, OK maybe just in Boston where the rivalry between Yankee fans and Red Sox fans seems to grow stronger every season.
The spot was created by the ad agency Arnold Worldwide and directed by Paul Van Wart.

Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Writer: Dave Kuhl (now with MMB, Boston)
Director: Paul Van Wart
Prod. Co.; Werk Brothers Media, Los Angeles
Prod.: John Doucet
D.P.: Patrick Kelly
Editorial: Werk Brother Media
Finishing & Coloring: The Syndicate, Santa Monica

BoobyBall Ad for Breast Cancer In The News CNN | Too Sexy or Not To Save The Boobs

Just an update to the "Boobyball Save The Boobs" ReThink Breast Cancer commercial. A recent discussion was featured on CNN, with Sovani and the Blogger Bunch, the topic was the BoobyBall ad and whether or not it was too sexy an ad, offensive or effective.Sexy breast cancer ads?'s blogger bunch discusses the effectiveness of sexy breast cancer ads.
A behind the scenes clip of the making of "Save The Boobs" is here at Behind The scenes BoobyBall
Female Lead & Writer/Creator: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Creative Director: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Director: Sean Anicic
Producer/Production manager: Sabena Kapil
Director of Photography: Sean McBride
1st Assistant Director: Barry Bichard
Casting:Jules Casting
Hair & Makeup:Kirsten Reader & Shea Hurley of Judy Inc.
Stylist:Cait Mizzi & Susan Ott of Judy Inc.
Editor:Marco Pazzano of Panic and Bob Editing
Assistant Editor:Daniel Reis
Music:The Girl Is Mine composed by Nate Mills, RMW Music,The Girl is Mine produced by Tyson Kuteyi
Graphics:Peter Moller & Alex Avram of MTV Canada
Clients: Ashleigh Dempster & Amanda Blakley for The Society Globals annual fundraiser Boobyball in support of Rethink Breast Cancer & MTV News Canada
Online Marketing:Jacquelyn West & Gary Hampton
Location Scout/Manager: Ross Bacon

New JC Penny Lunchroom RunWay Commercial

JC Penny turns a high school cafeteria into a fashion show runway in their newest ad campaign titled "Lunchroom Runway". The party ends and the music stops of course when the lunch room monitor walks in, music is a remake of the original "Too Fake Hockey" (full credits below) created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, New York. Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA.

Creative Director: Amie Valentine
Art Director: Chris Shipman
Agency Producer: Dean Shoukas
Music Producers: Ryan Fitch, Eric Korte
Production Company: Serial Pictures/Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Director: Johan Renck
Music/Sound Design: Expansion Team, New York
Creative Director/Remix: Alex Moulton
Executive Producer: April Jaffe
Producer: Jean Kouremetis
Original Song: Too Fake Hockey (Capitol/EMI)
Editorial/Post: Cut + Run, New York
Editor: Tina Mintus
Assistant Editor: Adam Bazadona
Producer: Nicole Salm
Online Editorial: Method Studios, New York
Online Editor: Tom McCullough
Telecine: Company 3, New York
Audio Post: Sound Lounge, New York

Ryan Seacrest Commercial For Crest

Ryan Seacrest for the newest Crest commercials. Seacrest for Crest, it almost works.In the new commercial for Crest Extra White plus Scope Outlast, Seacrest is bombarded by lovely women, it's a classier version of the typical Axe commercials only in the Crest spot Ladies can't resist a fresh minty smile.

The New Lexus HS Hybrid "Hello Someday" TV Spot

New commercial for Lexus, the first ever HS Hybrid.

Advertising Agency: Team One Advertising, USA
Creatives: Chris Graves-CCO/AD, Jon Pearce-GCD/CW
Agency Producer: Beth Hagen
Assistant Producer: Jenny Valladares
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Pleix
Director of Photography: Chris Soos
Exec Producer: Eric Stern
Line Producer: Caroline Pham
Editing Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall
Assistant Editor: Anton Capaldo-Smith
Producer: Kimberly Colen
Music: Elias Arts
Mixer: Bob Gremore @ Juice
Post Production: The Mill / Los Angeles
Producer: Lee Pavey
Shoot Attend: Giles Cheetham, John Leonti
Lead Flame Artist: Tara Demarco
Assistant Artists: Mike Plescia, Becky Porter
CG Artists: Robert Sethi, John Leonti, Oscar Gonzalez, Yann Mabille, Meng-Yang Lu, Matt Longwell, Alex Hammond, Chris Bayol, Ross Urien, Juan Brockhaus

Mr. Sub Surprise Not Everyone Likes Surprises Funny New Commercial Campaign

New commercials for my favorite sandwich shop Mr. Sub, Surprise. The "Not Everyone Likes Surprises" campaign is a collection of three funny commercials featuring a groom who finds his father making out with his bride-to-be; a leather-clad husband trying to spice up his marriage only to shock his wife who happens to be wielding a cast iron pan; and a father of eight who decides to announce his change in sexual preference during an intimate family dinner.
Gary Watson, Co-Creative Director of BOS Toronto the ad agency behind these great spots comments: "I’ve been eating at Mr. Sub since I was a teenager and an assorted sub tastes as good today as it did decades ago. The insight for this campaign about "no surprises" comes right out of the product itself,". Chad Borlase, Co-Creative Director added, "To set up this positioning, we chose to show situations where surprises weren’t so welcome. And of course, using humour was a natural."
Great work gentlemen, you got me craving an Assorted Sub now too!
View the spots here:
Titles: Bride, Dinner, Hot Stuff
Client: Mr. Sub
Agency: Bos, Toronto | their website:
Co-Creative Director/Art Director: Chad Borlase
Co-Creative Director/Writer: Gary Watson
Account Director: Sébastien Moïse
Account Manager/Producer: Liz Hooper
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Production Company: OPC, Toronto
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss
Producer: Donovan Boden
Director Of Photography: Tico Poulakakis
Editorial: Brian Wells School Editing, Toronto
Transfer House: Notch
Music: Ted Rosnick, RMW, Toronto

Doritos' Asylum 626 Trailer

Doritos' comes back after the Hotel 626 horror website with a sequel, Asylum 626.

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Executive Creative Directors: Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman
Associate Creative Director: Marc Sobier
Copywriter: Michelle Hirschberg
Art Director: Tim Semple
Agency Producers: Maggie O'Brien, Margaret McLaughlin
Production Company: B-Reel Films, New York/Stockholm
Director: Tom Malmros
Creative Directors: Petter Westlund, Seth Weisfeld
Executive Producers: Niklas Lindstrom, Nicole Muniz

Dove love Pure Blonde TVC

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: James Mcgrath
Art Director: Josh Robbins
Copywriter: Emma Hill
Director: Steve Ayson
Agency Producer: Sonia Von Bibra
Aired: September 2009

McDonald's Open 24 Hours

McDonald's Open 24 Hours ambient.

As every restaurants have their closing hours. We feel that this is a great opportunity for McDonald’s to communicate the new 24 hours service. McDonald’s places a night image of its restaurant onto the pull-down shutter of various restaurants. Once the shutter is pulled down after the restaurant’s operating hours, passer by will see an image of a McDonald’s in late hours. This is to deliver the message that while other restaurants are closed, one can enjoy good meal at McDonald’s 24 hours a day.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Veradis Vinyaratn
Creative Director: Tarakorn Kamolprempiyakul
Art Director: Aekalak Kitdusitpong, Kanon Umpornsirirat
Copywriter: Krisorn Srisai
Account Manager: Chatthip Bhamarasuta, Krittima Chantharapraphap
Account Supervisor: Pavinee Visedsubphisan
Producer: Jarunee Tongsa
Photographer: Kanon Umpornsirirat, Chalotorn Nuanthong
Ae : Kanitta Summachaiyanun, Methawarin Rattiwat

Generation A: 10 Questions for Douglas Coupland

A Q and A with Gary Thomas, Crush Creative Director, on the Generation A films and the new book Generation A by Douglas Coupland. via: Glossy Inc.
This is your follow-up campaign to Coupland’s The Gum Thief, tell me about how this project was different?
In both campaigns we let the content of the books drive our creative. The books are quite different, structurally and thematically. We had Doug this time, and since the characters in Generation A are all isolated and asked a series of seemingly random questions by a disembodied voice, we decided to subject Doug to the same experience.

How involved was Douglas Coupland?
He liked the premise, and let us take it and run with it, similarly to The Gum Thief pieces. He followed the progress as we worked and added his input, which was always really considered.

Tell me about the shoot day.
David Hicks (director from Sons and Daughters), Stefan Woronko (Crush’s Art Director) and I went out to Vancouver on a Friday at the end of July, had a prep day at Doug’s studio (the location), and then shot Sunday from 10:30 in the morning until 4:00.

Tell me about the animated segments in the films.
We love interpreting Doug’s writing visually, and had a really good time with The Gum Thief stuff. We didn’t do as much this time, because the piece was more about Doug, but still wanted to do some. We included two stand-alone animation pieces to accompany the main film. The first one is an excerpt where one of the characters in the book helps himself sleep by reciting paint colour names from the Martha Stewart catalogue. Stefan opted for a simple, graphic treatment. He also did the voice over.

The Tragic Death of Channel Three screamed for a graphic novel treatment because of its lurid subject matter. Yoho Yue designed the panels and animated in After Effects along with Sean Cochrane and Kaelem Cahill. We wanted the piece to have a really basic feel, almost like an animatic.

I hear you used a lot of recourses at Crush, including your sister company Sons and Daughters and; numerous staff members in cameos. Tell me about that.
With all our little side projects we use as many in-house resources as we can. We usually edit at Crush Cuts, our offline edit house. Kim Knight is a fantastic editor, (she cut the R.E.M. Man-Sized Wreath video last year). This time David Hicks, who is one of our partners, came to us when he heard we were working with Doug, and asked if he could help. David is a really busy commercials director, and was formerly one of the top editors in Canada. We jumped at the chance to work with David. He was great on the day, is great with people, and got something really filmic from our day at the studio. He also did the fantastic edit of the live material.

We also made three ads for a fictitious Channel three News team (which makes sense when you read the book). Once again, we did an internal casting session within Crush, our sister companies and alumni and put together the very convincing News Team you see in the final piece. Stefan drew on his years in the City TV empire to create the on air look.
Click image to order Generation A from Barnes and Noble.
Douglas Coupland Generation A Films
Titles: 10 Question for Douglas Coupland, The Tragic Death of the Channel Three News Team, Colour Samples
Client: Random House Canada
Directors: Crush and David Hicks
Crush Creative Director: Gary Thomas
Production Companies: Crush, Toronto and Sons and Daughters, Toronto
Animation and Visual Effects: Crush, Toronto

"Steve's Car" Subaru Legacy Commercial

New Subaru Legacy spot, Steve's Car, created by the ad agency DDB Canada, pokes fun of Steve and his ride.

Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Art Director: Todd Mackie
Copywriter: Denise Rossetto
Production Company: OPC
Director: Tim Godsall
Post Production Company: School
Editor: Griff Henderson
Music: Imprint
Music Director: Fraser Macdougal
Agency Producer: Andrew Schulze
Aired: September 2009

FIFA 2010 "How Big Can Football Get" Advert

New TV campaign by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam asks the question ‘How Big Can Football Get? for the EA Sports FIFA 10.
The new FIFA 10 advert stars football Wayne Rooney, Karim Benzema, Xavi, Theo Walcott, Tim Cahill, and Bastian Schweinsteiger.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
Client: EA Sports
Brand: Fifa 10
Executive Creative Director: John Norman
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Kling
Creative Director: Edu Pou
Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom
Art Director: Barney Hobson
Copywriter: Rick Chant
Producer: Cat Reynolds
Director: Johnny Green
Production Company: Knucklehead
Planner: Jonas Vail
Account Team: Jesse Long
Account Team: Alex Bennet Grant
Account Team: Patrick Garvey
Account Team: Frederic Point
Business Affairs Manager: Barrie Williams
For those of you who can't wait to get their on this, FIFA 10 will be available in stores Europe October 2nd 2009 and in stores North America October 20. It is developed under the EA SPORTS brand by EA Canada in Burnaby, B.C.

Advertising People | Who is Glyn M. Owen

What makes an ad campaign great? Aside from the obvious creative directors, art directors or the production team, we rarely give enough to credit to the music composers behind some of our favorite campaigns. From my own experience here at Great-Ads, I regularly receive emails from individuals wanting to know who composed/sings or song credits for many of the ads here on the site and they are not always the easiest credits to find. With that in mind a new section devoted to Media/Music Composers begins.
Who is Glyn M. Owen?
Glyn studied at the Royal College of Music and now works as a media composer from his studio near London, England. His clients include Audi, BMW, Disney, O2, Schwarzkopf, T-Mobile and Volvo. Glyn writes in many musical styles not only in the world of advertising but also in music branding for companies such as ITV and SKY in the UK and further afield with ETV and MBC in the Middle East, SBS and NED 2 in Holland and POLSAT TV and TV ROSSIYA in Eastern Europe.
More recently he composed music to launch BMW’s new X6 for this promo clip titled "Experience"(video below) and earlier this year he was commissioned to write a 50’s style song for Braun’s ‘'Mafia’' commercial filmed especially for the Cannes Lions Festival 2009 (see it here on Youtube).

He has won numerous awards including a Cannes Lions Gold for Olympus’ "Red Eyed Baby" (see it here) and "Distorted Dogs" (see it here) and a Silver award for Volvo/Disney’s The Hunt "At World’s End" and "Dead Man's Chest" commercials (see it here).
Glyn also writes for the EMI and KPM Music libraries. For more info on Glyn M.Owen or to contact him directly visit his website at

New Duracell "Bunny Fusion" Ad by New Creative Group "Chuck & Lulu" September 2009

Newest Duracell Batteries commercial titled "Bunny Fusion" gives us an explosion of those pink bunnies set to some nice music. If your thinking the pink bunny thing are only used in the Energizer keeps going and going and going ads, your right and both Duracell and Energizer have had a love for pink rabbits in their advertising for some time now.
Chuck & Lulu produce animation, live-action, print and art installations. Their first project, “Bunny Fusion”, directed by Pleix via Ogilvy, Paris for Duracell was aired on September 18, 2009.Chuck & Lulu opened its door in September 2009 in collaboration with Gang Films and Warm & Fuzzy.
Title: Bunny Fusion
Client: Duracell
Agency: Ogilvy, Paris
Production Company: Chuck & Lulu, Paris
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creative Director: Nick Hine
Art Director: Antoaneta Metchanova
Account Team: Kim Ball, Anne Karcher
Agency Producer: Caroline Petruccelli
Director: Pleix
Executive Producer: Edward Grann
Line Producer: Katharina Nicol
Post Producer: Sebastien Gros
Post Production: Digital District, Paris
Music: Apollo Studios, Montreal

"Did You Know 4.0" Digital Media Is Changing Everything

New technologies and and the popularity of social media, innovations in our environment is altering the media landscape for marketers as we used to know it. Consumers are changing their habits and the way marketers reach that audience is changing, have you? Advertisers and marketers are searching for new ways to not only reach their customers, but to understand them, to peer inside their minds, don't bother trying to figure them out, just join them socially.

Content by XPLANE, The Economist, Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod and Laura Bestler. Design and development by XPLANE,  | The Visual Thinking Company. Music is by DoKashiteru titled "Home Tonight".
Just in case you've been living under a rock buried in a cave in some remote island for the last 10 years, the Did You Know 4.0 is a follow up to the original "Did You Know" created by the same guys 2 years ago. Watch it below.

Lamborghini Reventón Roadster Promo Film

The new and very exclusive Lamborghini Reventón, this promo film was created by Philipp and Keuntje, Germany for the IAA Frankfurt. The Reventón is limited on 10 and will cost 1.6 million euros, that's about $2.4 million us dollars.
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Germany
Creative Directors: Jo Marie Farwick, Diether Kerner
Director: Jo Marie Farwick
Client: Manfred Fitzgerald
Sound Design: Hans-Christian Sametzky
Copywriter: Rene Ewert
Art Director: Kalo Yanev
Car Rendering: Macke Vision

Google Introduces On Demand Books and the Espresso Book Machine

Printing books on demand with the Espresso Book Machine and Google Book Search. Google's Product Manager Brandon Badger for Google Books and Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand Books introduce the new "Espresso Book Machine.

With 1.5 million public domain books that have been digitized by Google they now will be available for purchase from any Espresso Book Machine at bookstores and libraries around the world.

Levi's 501 Live UnButtoned Commercials

Levi's 501 Live UnButtoned ads, New York photographer Chadwick Tyler directs these cool commercials with a classic American rock style, shot in black and white. Models are Josh Beech and Meghan Collison.

Credits: If anyone has the full credits please post.
Ad Agency: BBH
Director: Chadwick Tyler
Warden Clyffe

The Amazing Great Incredible Apple did I say Awesome Apple

The amazing, great incredible extracts taken from Apple's Keynote address in September 2009. The genius behind this great video created it with iMovie09, which he claims is really awesome, and not one cut was repeated.
Check out JustAnotherGuys channel on YouTube where I found this gem of an incredible, it's amazing Apple clip, Apple is awesome...really.

Allan Gray Investments James Dean "Legend" Advert

Allan Gray Investments uses the legend of James Dean in their newest advertising campaign. I don't get the connection, but the ad agency King James had this to say about the commercial:
Allan Gray surmises how much more could have been achieved by the Legend had James Dean had more time.
In all my years of advertising, I have never seen a treatment that was so detailed, so carefully thought through, and so deeply researched, than the treatment Keith gave us when pitching to handle this commercial. From beginning to end, his commitment to the job bordered on obsession." says Alistair King, Executive Creative Director at King James.
"This was an incredibly challenging board, says Rose. You just take it for granted that James Dean is so iconic, so to go and mess with him and replan his life, if it doesnt work its like youre desecrating his memory."
We really needed to deal with it with sensitivity. According to Karin Barry-McCormack and Paige Nick, the creative team from King James; "For both of us, this was without a doubt the most exciting, challenging and intricate television project we have ever worked on. And it was amazing to work so closely with such a passionate team and such a collaborative client."

Agency: King James
Client: Allan Gray Investments
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Agency: King James
Copywriter: Paige Nick
Art Director: Karin Barry-McCormack
Agency Producer: Caz Friedman
Director: Keith Rose
Executive Producer: Barry Munchick
Executive Producer: Peter Carr
Executive Producer: Nicola Valentine
Producer: Grant Davies
Director of Photography: Keith Rose
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Editing Company: Deliverance
Producer: Paula Raphael
Head Flame Artist: Marco Raposa de Barbosa
Post Company: Black Ginger
Flame Artist: Eddie Addinall
Matte Paintings: Rob Muir
Rotoscoping: Ashley Ryan
Rotoscoping: Angelo Beceiro Collinicos
Post Producer: Tracy-Lee Portnoi
Music: Stefan Nilsson
Music: Theo Crous
Sound Design: Barry Donnelly

New LG enV Touch "Car Chase" Commercial

New commercial for the LG enV Touch titled "Car Chase". Is it a phone or something better?

Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Vitron
Chief Creative Officer: Ian Reichenthal
Global Creative Director: Darren Moran
Assistant Creative Director: John Battle
Assistant Creative Director: Jeff Blouin
Copywriter: John Battle
Art Director: Jeff Blouin
Executive Director of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Executive Director of Content Production: Nathy Aviram
Senior Producer: Jessica Dierauer
Music Producer: Eric Johnson
Director: Filip Engstrom
Production Company: Smuggler
Executive Producer: Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer: Brian Carmody
Producer: Kati Haberstock
Director of Photography: Dariusz Wolski
Visual Effects: Mass Market
Executive Producer: Justin Lane
Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kathy Siegal
Visual Effects Supervisor: Thibault Debaveye
Lead Flame Artist: Nick Tanner
Lead Flame Artist: Jamie Scott
Designer: Lutz Vogel
Editorial Company: Level 2 Edit/General Editorial
Editor: Noah Herzog
Sound Designer: Noah Herzog
Assistant Editor: Matt Toder
Executive Producer: Betsy Beale
Executive Producer: Robert Parker
Producer: Sue Romweber
Mix: Sound Lounge
Sound Mixer: Philip Loeb
Music: Q Department

Levi's Go Forth Print Ads

Levi's Go Forth print ad collection created by the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. These are great, some of the tag lines used: "All I need is all I got", "Strike up for the new world", "This country was not built by men in suits" and a simply Levi's jean logo and the traditional wrinkled American flag "Go Forth".
Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Danielle Flagg, Tyler Whisnand
Copywriters: Julia Oh, Rudy Adler
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Jeff Selis
Agency Associate Producer Juliana Montgomery

The Mini Two Untamed promo for the MINI Coupé and Roadster Concept

Celebrating the unveiling of the new concept cars by Mini, "Two Untamed" was a three part video series introducing both the twin ladies who star in Untamed and of course the new Mini Coupé and Roadster concept vehicles.
The cars and the Twin Two Untamed video's were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Know Your Girls - The Yoplait Pledge

Know your girls. Lower your risk. Take the pledge.

Yoplait has raised over $22 million for breast cancer over a period of 10+ years. This year the dairy producer created the "Yoplait Pledge", bringing an element of the social media into their campaign.
The question they asked themselves, "How do you target a campaign to one million 22-year-old girls about breast cancer? More importantly, how do you get them to listen"? They hired Publicis Modem, New York to craft a bold, digital educational campaign to educate the Gen Y demographic, and went to the streets of Facebook with anything but a marketing campaign. Not only was the campaigns use of a quiz on Facebook bold, but some of the applications went beyond Facebooks current functionality they even locked out boys.
Client: General Mills
Brand: Yoplait
Agency: Publicis Modem New York
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Clarke
Creative Director: Roald Van Wyk
Art Director: Katherine Kuni
Copywriter: Kate Lummus
Agency Producer: Megan Kelly
Project Manager: Erick Machado
Technical Lead: Drew Ziegler
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Karen Lawler
Director: Pistachios
DOP: Måns Swanberg
Editor: Måns Swanberg
Colorist: Måns Swanberg
Music and Sound Design: Antfood
Facebook Developer: Vitrue

Boudicca | Fashion and Creativity

Finally a fashion industry campaign I like.
Boudicca, Typhoon CP shot live action sequences using a motion control rig, a unique system with its circular dolly track. The film constructs a ‘dress’ around a bare mannequin, with the dress simply growing and evolving; the folds, strands, creepers and swirls of the ‘dress’ being enhanced with 3D CGI. The final piece of animation turns the screen black allowing for the Boudicca Platform 13 logo and Magpies to emerge white over the black frame. Using a motion control rig enabled each pass to be shot in live action which allowed control of the animation transition in edit and the speed dynamics and duration of the film could be lengthened and shortened, to accommodate the various media platforms Boudicca hope to use the film for.
Once filming was completed, all of the various passes (upwards of 50 separate takes) were composited together at UNIT using The Foundry’s “Nuke” software. Time was taken to embellish the final product, with particular focus on the pace and feel of the dress’ creation. Utilising the 3D departments Maya and Tracking software PFTrack, CG animation was created for the ending, giving the effect of a continuation in the build of the dress. This was then seamlessly integrated and developed into a final, loopable ending. Mannequin seams, set edges and rigging were then removed and finally an overall colour grade applied.
The result, a radically creative film showcasing the expression of couture fashion, Typhoon CP and UNIT created a visually stunning campaign that reflects the brand’s bold image.
Project name:Boudicca’s Tornado
Client: Boudicca
Creative agency: Typhoon CP
Production Company: Typhoon CP
Director: Ben Bannister
Producer: Jonathan Bannister
Art director: Gail Smith
Post production: UNIT
Post Producer: Luke Todd
Exposure: Installation, viral email, website home page, etc
Special thanks to Kathryn for passing this along to us.

Michael Jackson "This Is It" Movie Promo Trailer

The Official Movie promo trailer for Michael Jackson "This Is It". Movie will be in theaters everywhere October 28. Sony Pictures has created a website promoting the late King Of Pop's movie, here at The Official MJ This Is It Website.

Release Date: 28 October 2009 (USA)
Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Director: Kenny Ortega
Producers: Paul Gongaware, Randy Phillips
Cast: Michael Jackson, Orianthi
Genre: Music

Michael Imperoili Stars In 1800 Silver Tequila Spots

Proximo Spirits, launched a new advertising campaign for 1800 Silver Tequila brand featuring The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli, (better known as Christopher Moltisanti) the commercials draw attention to the fact that tequila has lost its way, becoming an overpriced and pretentious spirit. In a series of spots, Imperioli brandishes his signature tough guy image, poking fun at Patrón while noticing one brand that sets itself apart.
1800 Tequila "Change The Game" KickBack Commercial
"Unlike Patrón, which was started by a co-founder of a hair care company in 1989, 1800 Silver Tequila has nine generations of distilling expertise behind it, and is a family-owned brand of superb quality 100% Agave spirit," said a spokesperson from Proximo. "In this economy, we don't think consumers need to pay an arm and a leg for great tasting tequila. This new ad campaign is about reminding people that they can buy the real deal – 1800 Silver Tequila – and have just as much fun."
1800 Tequila "Change The Game" Shot Top Commercial
The campaign, created by Agent16 New York, is the brand’s first television advertising campaign. The aggressive tone of the spots – calling out Patrón for the top position in the premium tequila category illustrates how 1800 Tequila will assert itself as the leading brand of Silver tequila.

The new $15 million ad campaign is set to debut on September 14th on top cable channels including ESPN and Comedy Central. Additionally, 1800 Tequila is also planning major buys of interactive, expandable rich media on Sports and Yahoo! Sports, showcasing the complete collection of television spots, to round out a full television, print, online, and out-of-home campaign.

The launch of the new campaign follows a sponsorship of the Los Angeles Lakers, making 1800 Tequila the first spirits brand to sponsor the 2009 NBA Championship team.

Aliya-Jasmine BoobyBall In Support of ReThink Cancer | Bonus Behind The Scenes Footage

ReThink Breast Cancer kick off cancer month with a new viral advertising campaign "Boobyball Save The Boobs" in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The viral campaign features TV Host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.
Since you all enjoyed the spot so much I know you'll enjoy the making of BoobyBall just as much.
Behind-the-scenes with Aliya-Jasmine: Save The Boobs
Credits to follow.
Update: September 24, 2009 | Just had the credits sent.
Female Lead: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Writer/Creator: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Director: Sean Anicic: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Producer/Production manager: Sabena Kapil
Director of Photography: Sean McBride
1st Assistant Director: Barry Bichard
Casting: Jules Casting
Hair & Makeup: Kirsten Reader & Shea Hurley of Judy Inc.
Stylist: Cait Mizzi & Susan Ott of Judy Inc.

RBC Emerging Filmmakers Competition TV Spots

With the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is in full gear in Toronto, ad agency BBDO, Toronto has created this funny campaign for the RBC Emerging Filmmakers Competition. Be sure to watch the spots in order so can follow the story; After Party, Cheetah Prince and Chic Chicken. The campaign is directed by Holiday Films Steven Tsuchida.
RBC: After Party Spot
The Cheetah Prince
Chic Chicken - RBC Emerging Filmmakers Competition

Titles: After Party, Cheetah Prince, Chic Chicken
Client: RBC
Agency: BBDO, Toronto
Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Copywriter: Chris Joakim
Art Director: Mike Donaghey
Agency Producer: Megan Flett
VP Group Account Director: Lori Davison
Account Director: Aimee DeParolis
VP Account Planning: Scott Griffith
Director: Steven Tsuchida
Production Company: Holiday Films
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer: Tim Corrigan
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Editor & Company: Aaron Dark, School Editing
Music & Sound Design: Sonny Keyes, Ricochet
credits via: Glossy Inc. | video via: Ads of the World

Adrian Peterson Nike TV Ad Pro Combat Alter Ego "Trail of Destruction"

Adrain Peterson stars in the new Nike TV commercial, directed by David Fincher, titled "Trail of Destruction, Alter Ego". The ad created by ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, Portland gives us NFL great Peterson in tearing up the field in an absolutely brilliant commercial set to the music of sound company Soundtree. Full credits below.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Client: Nike
Creative Director: Jeff Williams
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte
Art Director: James Moslander
Producer: Jeff Selis
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: David Fincher
Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Line Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Lubezki
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall
Post Producer: Kim Colen
Post Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
VFX Company: Hydraulx
VFX Supervisor: Ed Chapman
Music Company: Soundtree
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Sound Design Company: Mit Out Sound
Sound Design Producer: Misa Kageyama
Mix Company: Lime
Mixer: Sam Casas

Good News Windows 7 Commercial

The star of the new Windows 7 commercial is Kylie, who seems to have become Microsoft's poster child for Windows. She first appeared in a Windows commercial earlier this year, plugging the Windows Live Photo Gallery, now Kylie takes all the happy words about Windows 7 and makes them happier in her very own slide show.
Windows 7 spot by ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky titled "Good News," is hoping to gain third-party credibility with positive reviews by outlets such as CNET, Gizmodo, Maximum PC and the Seattle Times.
Windows 7 much like Windows Vista will do nothing for me but the commercial is great, thanks to little Kylie, the reviews are meaningless Kylie does all the work in this commercial.

Sony BRAVIA Ping Pong Commercial with Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake

Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake play ping pong in the newest commercial for Sony Bravia. Peyton and Justin surprise unsuspecting HDTV shoppers behind a wall of Sony Bravia's and go on to tell us how sports look so much in HD. Great ad, I like it and not just because of Manning.

Advertising Agency: 180 Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Dir: William Gelner
Art Directors: Andy Nordfors, Joel Rodriguez
Copywriter: Eric Helin, Tom Hamling
Executive Producer/Managing Partner: Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Colleen Wellman
Assistant Producer: Dave Stephenson
Account Director: Kelli Stam
Production Co.: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman
DP: Chris Soos
Executive Producer: Brian Carmody
Executive Producer: Patrick Milling Smith
Production Designer: Ron Hellman
Stylist: Keith Wager
Casting Company: Jerry Beaver
Ads Of The World

COSMOTE "street racing in" Greece TVC now this fast mobile internet

A new Cosmote Mobile Internet ad is all about fast mobile Internet in the most remote places in Greece. The Cosmote TVC is absolutely hilarious, don't take my word for it watch it yourself...enjoy.
Thanks to Michael "the curious brain" for passing this commercial our way.
Client: Cosmote mobile phone network
Executive Creative Director: Yannis Sideris
Creative Director: Michael Laios
Art Directors: Tessi Moraiti, Zoi Bardoutsou
Copywriters: Sandra Vafea, Frantzeska Galafti
Strategic Planning: Marina Triantafilidou, Michael Paredrakos
Β.U.D: Ilias Mavidis
Account Director: George Zarogiannis
Account Manager: Theodore Kehaides
Account Executive: Kalia Vergadou
Production: Foss Productions
Director: Takis Zervoulakos
D.O.P: Takis Zervoulakos
Producer: Michael Alexakis

Bud Light Lime "Getting it in the can" TV Ad

Bud Light Lime "Getting It In The Can" ad is the work of DDB, Chicago and one of the funniest commercials I have seen in some time. I know what your thinking about what is being implied her in the Bud Light Lime commercial but just take it for it is; you can Bud Lime in the can now too, how great is that?
Not sure if this Bud commercial actually aired on TV or if was created just go viral on the net; anyone seen it on TV?
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Group Creative Director: Mark Gross
Client: Budweiser
Creative Director: Chris Roe, Chuck Rachford
Producer: Scott Kemper
Production Company: Supply & Demand
Director: Greg Popp
Executive Producer: Tim Case, Kira Carstensen
Producer: Henri Dragonas
Director of Photography: Byron Shah
Production Designer: Greg Blair
Editor: Rich Smith
Music Company: Elias Arts

Pamela Anderson Stars in new Banned Peta Commercial Video

Pamela Anderson stars in a new video for Peta, the latest Peta ad titled "Cruelty Doesn't Fly". Anderson plays a security guard in the spot and dons an airport security-guard outfit and strips traveler's of their fashion faux pas animal skins. The video also stars, Steve-O, punk rocker Nina Hagen and famous comedian Andy Dick. Leave it to Peta and their commercials to leave us scratching our heads. Continue reading after watching the ad they rejected this ad from being shown at some US airports.
PETA is making news again with this new spot, the Pamela Anderson commercials has been banned from airport TV's. The message is "Cruelty doesn't fly", and that wearing skins, fur, leather or wool is not OK, BUT according to PETA, they had planned to run the ad on CNN airport edition, but were told that it was "too racy".
Despite the ban, Pamela Anderson is still planning to speak out against animal cruelty and wants to pitch the commercial to the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

Don't tell me they were surprised at the reaction.

Audi A4 2.0 TDI "Intelligently Combined" TVC

Audi A4 2.0 TDI commercial titled "Intelligently Combined", as is their new TV ad. In typical Audi style the spot is classy and elegant from the start to finish including the music, by Steven Schwalbe, and Tobias Wagner.

Agency: Kempertrautmann gmbh
Client: Audi AG
Brand: Audi A4 2.0 TDI
Production: Markenfilm
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Music: Steven Schwalbe, Tobias Wagner
Copywriter: Willy Kaussen
Art Director: Frank Bannöhr
Creative Director: Tobias Ahrens
Creative Director: Willy Kaussen
Creative Director: Frank Bannöhr
Category: Automotive

Coke Zero TVC It's A PiJama Party

Coke Zero TVC titled "Pijama Party". I don't get the connection in the spot but it's Coca-Cola and they can pretty much do whatever they want with their advertising campaigns.

Via: Ads Of The
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Ugur Çakir
Associate Creative Director: Oktar Akin
Art Director: Firat Yildiz
Copywriter: Deniz Tan
Account Director: Burak Aldinç
Account Supervisor: Özlem Milor
Account Manager: Nagihan Meriç
Agency Producer: Zeynep Dogu
Director: Hakan Yonat
Production: Kala Film
Post-production: Mojo FX

MTV VMA Promo Commercial with Katy Perry

A series of promo spots for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards that celebrate the show's return to New York City. The spots pay homage to the theatrical classic musical West Side Story, featuring show host Russell Brand and VMA-nominated musicians performing a recreation of the signature tune Tonight throughout a series of original Manhattan sets.

The spots were produced individually and then edited together as one fully-mixed anthem. Each have a distinct look and feature some of the biggest names in the music business belting out a hope-filled tune in anticipation of the night ahead. Ne-Yo, in classic Michael Jackson-style attire dances his way through a graffiti-laced junkyard. Swanky Katy Perry hustles up an attitude in a rooftop garden. Glamorous Taylor Swift sings in the rain out of the open window of a taxi. Cobra Starship slams through the Subway in a musical parade while Leighton Meester sings on the steps. And a cane-swinging Russell Brand sings about the awaiting night's events through the city's gritty backstreets. Each of the bits uses the network's iconic spaceman statuettes, a hallmark of the VMAs since their inception.
MTV VMA Promos: Katy Perry
MTV VMA Promos: Taylor Swift

Advertising Agency: MTV inhouse
Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas
Producer: Kris Walter
Post/Effects: Click 3X
Creative Director: Mark Szumski
Head of Production: Jared Yeater
Director of CGI: Anthony Filipakis
Managing Director, Broadcast: David Edelstein
Executive Producer: Connor Swegle
VFX Supervision/Lead Flame Artist(s): Mark Szumski, John Budion
Flame Artist: John Ciampa
Flame Artist: Johnny Starace
Online Editor: JD Yepes
CG Animator/Lighter: Grace Hwang
CG Animator: Jong Moon Woo
CG Animator: Kristen Pederson
CG Modeler: Paul Liaw
After Effects Artist: Tom Matheu
Junior Flame Artist: Salvatore Randazzo
Junior Flame Artist: JD Yepes
Shake Roto: Sophia Avgousti
Producer(s): Rob Meyers, Jared Yeater

New Scion tC Brand Manifesto TV Campaign

Attik continues creating great advertising for Scion.
Global creative agency ATTIK ( and Scion are very proud to reveal their new Brand Manifesto integrated campaign, intended to inspire new youthful and creative trendleaders with its bold and edgy elements. The campaign debuted fresh creative elements in TV, print, and out-of-home media and launched new online initiatives in July, and additional TV and print executions have continued rolling out since that time.

"With this new Brand Manifesto campaign, we set out to re-introduce Scion to young, urban consumers by reinforcing the company's unique position as an authentic brand that is all about creativity and individuality," said ATTIK's co-founder and creative director Simon Needham.

Working with Scion, Needham and his colleagues created numerous manifestos that appear in model-specific campaign assets, each featuring its own font, style treatment and set of manifestos reflecting the vehicle's unique personality.
. xD: the aggressive and edgy subcompact five-door: "Create a following by never following" and "Stand with us by standing out"
. xB: the urban utility vehicle with an iconic shape: "Be an icon, not an imitation" and "Be the original, not the copy"
. tC: the exciting sports coupe: "Tear it up, don't rip it off" and "Always zag when others zig"

With "Become one of us by becoming none of us" serving as a recurring manifesto for all of the Scion models, the campaign encourages individuals to be true to themselves by being original and never following.

The campaign's first :30 broadcast spot, entitled "xD Explosion," began broadcast and cable rotation on July 4 to synchronize with xD-themed print ads appearing in the July issues of several targeted monthly publications. The campaign's out-of-home billboards for all three models also went live in key cities across the country on July 1, and new broadcast and print elements for the xB broke in August, while those for the tC debuted this month.

July 16 marked the launch of two key campaign assets: custom microsites offering audiences innovative ways to participate in Brand Manifesto. The first, Pixel Reveal (, invited visitors to register to win a highly customized Scion worth over $34,000, and to visit the site every day to remove more pixels; as the number of registrant and daily visits climbed, the million-pixel site revealed more of the grand prize Scion, which was awarded to the registrant revealing the last pixel. The second site, entitled Speechifier, allowed visitors to enter their own manifestos to automatically generate video versions of their messages using a montage of video clips. Personal manifestos created at the site could then be embedded into social media sites.

"With this Brand Manifesto campaign, we are inviting even more trendleading, creative individuals to participate in the brand's unique philosophy of 'vehicle as self-expression,'" said Needham. "While our United by Individuality campaign celebrated Scion owners for their individuality, Brand Manifesto aims to attract even more creative trendleaders into the Scion family."

"The Scion brand has always inspired creativity and embraced individuality," said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "The daring manifestos will authentically reach out to a younger audience that is on the cutting edge of culture…challenging them to be original and unique--to be an individual."

Needham directed July's edgy xD "Explosion" spot, as well as the brand new tC "Streak," in conjunction with Shilo, while he teamed with Imaginary Forces to direct xB "Splicer." All three spots have been finished by the artists at Method Studios, and feature custom scores from Face the Music. "Shilo really impressed us with their past work on 'Fable' and numerous other Scion creative projects, as did Imaginary Forces on the recent Samples campaign spots," Needham explained. "Method has added a lot of realism to the incredible CGI content, and our friends at Face the Music are proven partners when it comes to creating phenomenal sound treatments to represent Scion and its models." via: Roger Darnell DWA for ATTIK
Project Name: Scion "tC Streak"
Client: Scion
Ad Agency: ATTIK
Creative Director, Broadcast Spot Co-Director: Simon Needham
Associate Creative Directors: Ron Lim, Stan Zienka
Production/Animation Company: Shilo
Director: Simon Needham (ATTIK) and Shilo
Creative Director/Lead Designer: Jose Gomez
Associate Creative Director/Lead Designer: Evan Dennis
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic
Lighting Director of Photography: Dana Christiansen (Method)
Producer: Jake Hibler
Editor: Adam Bluming
3D Animators: Cody Smith, Jessse Franklin, Henning Koczy, Gene Arvan
Telecine: Company 3
City/State/Country: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Colorist: Clark Muller
Visual Effects Company: Method Studios
Executive Producer: Gabby Gourier
Producer: Leighton Greer
CG Supervisor: Chris Nichols
Compositing Supervisor: Chris Bankoff
Flame Artist: Marguerite Cargill
Lighting Supervisor: Daniel Buck
CG Artists: Scott Metzger, Felix Uriquiza, Alexander Lee, Didier Levy, Dave Carlson
Nuke Compositors: Ryan Raith, Jake Maymudes
Music Company: Face The Music
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composers/Sound Designer: Tony Shimkin, Tom Burbank
Additional Sound Designer: Michael Schmidt
Mixer: David Carden Final Mix: Lime Studios Mixer: Loren Silber

Guitar Hero 5 Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Playmates do "Risky Business"

Guitar Hero takes to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Playmates to promote Guitar Hero 5, the girls do a remake of Risky Business.

Guitar Hero 5 will launch next week with a variety of today's hottest bands and classic tracks and innovative new features that make it the most exciting and accessible Guitar Hero game yet.
Helping celebrate the games launch are Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner and ten Playboy Playmates who are starring in a sexy new ad campaign that highlights how the game lets fans rock any way they want and includes a limited time two-for-one offer of the unreleased Guitar Hero Van Halen game with every purchase of Guitar Hero 5.
The ad is part of the high-profile launch of Guitar Hero 5 and highlights how the game lets fans rock any way they want and showcases the beautiful Playmates jamming to Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Bands Old Time Rock and Roll in the Playboy Mansion while Hefner enjoys the show.
Brand: Guitar Hero
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Agency Producer: Aymi Beltramo
Creative Director: Steve Babcock; Conor McCann
Creative: Craig Mandell; Jon Mueller
Director: Brett Ratner
Production: HSI Los Angeles
Producer: Ron Mohrhoff
Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth
Post Production: Method
Editor: Lucas Spaulding

Saab 9-3X Change Perspectives TV Campaign

The latest TV commercial from Saab, part of the Changing Perspective campaign that launched the new Saab 9-3X. Music is called Time Is Now by the the Swedish singer Asha Ali, I love the song as much as the commercial. An interactive version can be found here at Saab Change Perspective.

Agency:Lowe Brindfors Stockholm
Project name: Change Perspectives
Creative Type:Television
Client: Annika Priou, Marketing Communications Director, SAAB Automobile.
Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm
Copywriters: Martin Bartholf and Henrik Haeger
Art directors: Rickard Villard, Patrik Westerdahl, Carl-August Savgård, Michael Fox and Richard Grönlund
Planning director: Bjarte Eide
Production company: Acne film & Acne Digital, Stockholm
Director of photography: Jo Eken Torp
Photographer: Adrian Bur

Halo 3 ODST Preview Trailer "We Are ODST" for xbox 360

The new live action trailer for Bungie Studios upcoming title Halo 3: ODST which is set to be released September 22, 2009 for the Xbox 360.The full trailer was recently released on SpikeTV during the Band of Brothers premier.
Latest Trailer from Bungie/Microsoft to promote the soon to be released Halo 3 ODST.

Song: The Gaelic song is a version of Café del Mar's "Light of Aidan - Lament", which is much more lighter and softer. I do not have or know where to get this version.

Lyrics: "And my army of brothers went over the hilltops, drenched in blood we may be... but fighting is all left to me... Together with my army of brothers... down we fall... darkness in all... through hell!"

Nestle Extreme Tourbillon "Extreme to the end" French TV Spot

From JWT France comes a great new commercial for Nestle Extreme Tourbillon, "Extreme To The End".

Advertiser: Nestle France
Brand: Nestle Extreme Tourbillon
Agency: JWT France
Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys et Olivier Courtemanche
Art Director: Gilles Mateille
Copywriter : Thierry Brioul
Responsables agence : Stéphane Billiard, Benjamin Taieb, Sandra Leal
Account planner : Yann Kretz
Prod : Créative Syndicate
TV Prod : Catherine Guiol
Director: Neil Stubbings
Production company: Creative Syndicate (Paris), Le Mob
Music: Eric Babak, Sound Design: Jingle Jungle, Gregor Rosenberger, Zurich

Foster's "How To Speak Australian" TV Campaign

Foster's "How To Speak Australian", is the newest advertising campaign created by ad agency Digitas - Chicago. The new 15 second TV commercials for the Foster's How To Speak Australian are Bailout, Social Networking, GPS, Long Distant Relationships, MetroSexual and Man Purse, that's right Foster's is still Australian for beer.
How To Speak Australian "Long Distance Relationship"
Foster's How To Speak Australian "Bailout"
Foster's How To Speak Australian "Social Networking"
Foster's Beer "GPS"

Advertising Agency: Digitas Chicago, USA
Executive Creative Director: David R. Mitchell
Creative Director: Kevin McElroy
Associate Creative Director: Crystal Smith
Head of Production: Steve Torrisi
Senior Producer: Kimberly Grear
Lead Creative: Paul Greer
Copywriter: Guy Helm
Director of Marketing: Don Durbin
Director of Marketing: Josh Ehart
Associate Director/Marketing: Barbara Liss
Via: Ads Of The World

"The Making Of" Don't Text and Drive PSA Behind the Scenes

Don't Text and Drive "the making of" the car crash effects and how they were put together for the British Text and Drive PSA from Wales that has made headlines throughout the world.

By Christine Clarke on September 3rd, 2009 via: BoardsMag
Ad exec Donny Deutch called it the most powerful PSA ever made, while US broadcasters are debating whether it is too graphic to be shown on TV. The Gwent Police Department’s curiously and assertively titled, “Cow - The Film That Will Stop You Texting and Driving” is making headlines worldwide, and all of the press is focused on the film’s intensely violent depiction of a road accident - initiated by a trio of distracted girls, one texting while driving - that leaves many of the involved motorists dead and the survivors’ severely traumatized.

The project began around 14 years ago when Tredegar Comprehensive School in Wales asked director Peter Watkins-Hughes to make a PSA called Lucky Luke, depicting the consequences of joyriding. Watkins-Hughes, who also lectures on the subject of documentary film and television for the Newport School of Art, Media and Design, was tasked by the school with updating Lucky Luke for a contemporary audience. Soliciting input from students, and bringing the Gwent Police Department on board, he realized that joyriding was now replaced by texting as the biggest issue facing young drivers while on the road.

The four-minute clip, part of a larger half-hour film which will be broadcast on the BBC, is unrelenting in its depiction of the crash. This isn’t a glossed-up, Hollywood-ized version of a crash, however. Filmed on a shoestring £10,000 budget and only a few thousand pounds allotted for the effects work (completed by Welsh company Zipline Creative), the PSA is no-nonsense grit.

As is par for the course, the “concerned adult” sector is questioning the level of violence, but in actuality it was the students the director worked with who pressed him to depict the brutal truth.

“With the crash scene in particular, we were taking the edit back to the youth and they were consistently telling us, make it more realistic, make it more graphic because that’s how to reach the audience,” says Watkins-Hughes, who auditioned 300 Welsh youth for the film. “It’s interesting, this debate about the shock factor, because actually you have the young generation saying, ‘We don’t know the realities of car crash. If you show us the reality it’d actually have more impact than trying to be clever.’”

In attempting to authentically construct that reality, Watkins-Hughes consulted emergency services workers who noted that a nightmarish situation they consistently face in a collision is the serious injury or death of parents, while their child is left relatively unharmed in the backseat.

“That stayed with me and I was determined to have that in the film,” explains Watkins-Hughes. “The little boy crying, ‘Mummy, Daddy please wake up’ in that scene is my own son Henry. So whenever I see the clip it has a particular emotional resonance for me and my wife has to leave the room whenever it plays.”

Watkins-Hughes says it’s that emotional resonance coupled with the shock factor that has made the PSA successful. It’s racked up more than one million views on YouTube, despite the over-18 viewing restriction, and Watkins-Hughes has fielded calls from media outlets in Europe and Australia, as well as The New York Times and The Washington Post. The US military’s driving schools unit has even requested the clip to show to its personnel.

Still, the main target was young British drivers.

“Road traffic deaths are the biggest killer of young people in the UK aged 13 - 35. Increasingly mobile phones are involved in these accidents,” says Watkins-Hughes. “Why give up your own life just to tell somebody you’re going to be 5 minutes late? It doesn’t seem like a fair contract for me. In this country driving while using a mobile phone is illegal, but most young people don’t understand why that is. What this film does is it makes the rationale behind the law much clearer.”

Here is the PSA Texting and Driving Advert Master Original Video in HD quality.

Client: Gwent Police Department
Title: Cow, The Film That Will Stop You Texting and Driving
Director: Peter Watkins-Hughes
Writer/Director: Peter Watkins-Hughes
Executive Producers: Mark Warrender, Andrew "Shinko" Jenkins
Producers: Joanna Micklewright, Rhys Waters, Peter Watkins-Hughes
Associate Producer: Alex Ashman
Editor: Richard Jon Micklewright
CGI: Zipline Creative
Director of Photography: Nathan Mackintosh
Physical Crash Effects: Dean Davies, Mark Brooks
Production Design: Stephen Thomas
Main Actors: Jenny Davies, Amy Ingram, Laura Quantick
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