Pepsi Max "I'm Good" SuperBowl Commercial

The new Pepsi Max "I'm Good" commercial was just released in what seems to have become the norm for the SuperBowl ads, being made available well before the Super Bowl is even played. As funny as the Pepsi "I'm Good" ad is I can't agree that it is very original, while you are watching the spot keep the Budweiser "Dude" commercial in mind.

Pepsi Max “I’m Good” (:30)
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
Global Director of Media Arts: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz
Creative Director: Brett Craig
Creative Director: Joe Shands
Art Director: Susan Alinsangan
Copywriter: Ron Schlessinger
Director of Broadcast: Richard O’Neill
Executive Producer: Anh-thu Le
Senior Producer: David Hoogenakker
Asst. Producer: Doris Chen
Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson
Business Affairs Manager: Laura Drabkin
Broadcast Traffic Supervisor: Saeyoung Kim

Troy Polamalu Super Bowl Mean Joe Greene Coke Zero Commercial

Troy Polamalu stars in the remake of the classic Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial for the Super Bowl. Mean Troy for Coke Zero.

Created by the ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky.
Steelers' Troy Polamalu shares his thoughts on his acting, football and making the Coke Zero commercial. How ironic, a behind the scenes look at the making of the new Coke Zero spot which will air during the same game Troy will take the field for!

Peta Banned Super Bowl Commercial

Peta takes NBC for a ride with their new ad. Make no mistake about it Peta knew that NBC would never allow this ad to air during the Super Bowl. Now they take the hype and run.

Steve Hall at AdGabber had some great thoughts on the Peta Super Bowl spot:
PETA contends NBC's response to their ad had "PETA bigwigs blushing like beets." Um, right. More like they were fist bumping each other and laughing at how NBC just fell right into their trap.

In response to PETA's ad, NBC VP of Standards Victoria Morgan wrote, "the PETA spot submitted to Advertising Standards depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards," it portrays one actor "screwing herself with broccoli" and another with "asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into her."

Is everyone blushing now? Right. Didn't think so. This is tiring.

Of course an ad like this would never be allowed to appear in the Super Bowl. PETA knew it. NBC could have just ignored the whole thing or just one lined it with, "this ad is not acceptable" without lengthy explanation.

Doesn't NBC understand PETA played them? That a trap was clearly set and NBC walked straight into it?

The whole strategy, of course, is to contend NBC allows ads for unhealthy junk food from the lies of KFC but won't allow ads encouraging, in PETA's opinion, a healthier lifestyle. Well, PETA, how about an ad that just said that instead of an ad which depicts women having sex with vegetable?

Denny's Super Bowl Commercial Preview "Thugs"

Denny's gets into the Super Bowl Ads game for the first time with a 30 second spot that will air during the third quarter. The spot is narrated by Burt Reynolds and as the title suggests; "Thugs" the Denny's commercial is going to have a Soprano's feel to it.

clip via: AdGabber
The commercial was directed by the Perlorian Brothers (good ole Canadian boys) for the advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partner. This is actually the one commercial I'm really looking forward to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday.

More of the Same Old Go Daddy Super Bowl Ads

Go Daddy "Baseball" and Go Daddy "Shower" commercials created for the 2009 Super Bowl with Danica Patrick. Seriously is it just me or are the GoDaddy Super Bowl spots getting old and well sorry Go Daddy they are boring, how about some originality for a change.
For those who like the commercials here they are. Enjoy.

Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick in the shower.

Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick reveals "enhancements".

Pedigree First Ever Super Bowl Ad

Pedigree gets into the Super Bowl Ad game with their first commercial to ever air during the much loved Super Bowl. The Pet food marketer is known for ads that tug at our heartstrings, for the Super Bowl they are going for laughs, and this spot accomplishes just that.

For its first Super Bowl commercial, Pedigree goes for laughs to highlight the role pets play in our lives. The 30-second ad, which will run during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIII, imagines life with wild animals instead of dogs: a dog sticking its head out the car window is replaced with a wild boar, and rather than a pup chasing the mailman, it's an ostrich, this one should make the top 10 ads of the game on the ads meter.

Cadbury The EyeBrow Commercial

Glass and a Half Full Productions Gorilla and Trucks we are back with another great commercial, The Cadbury EyeBrows spot follows the popular Phil Collins Gorilla Ad for Cadburys Dairy Milk.

The music for the Cadbury Eyebrow commercial is by Freestyle "Don't Stop The Rock"
Agency: Fallon, London
Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham
Creative Directors: Chris Bovill & John Allison
Art Director: Nils-Petter Lovgren
Copywriter: Nils-Petter Lovgren
Agency Producer: Olivia Chalk
Production Company: MJZ, London
Director: Tom Kuntz
Executive Producer: Debbie Turner
Producer: Suza Horvat
Director of Photographer: Mattias Montero
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: Zoo/Jungle

Coke Open Happiness Commercial Heist and Avatar

The new Coca-Cola Open Happiness commercials are as always simply fantastic. Created by Wieden + Kennedy, the Coke spot below which will air during the Super Bowl gives me shivers, it is just one of those feel good spots.

"Avatar" Coke Open Happiness Music by: "Stranger in the Crowd," Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo a cover of Elvis Presley's 1970 hit.

Coco-Cola Open Happiness "Heist" Commercial

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

The music for the Open Happiness "Avatar" spot is wonderful, if any of you know who it's by please share.

Just got the info on the music for the Open Happiness spot: the soundtrack for the spot features a cover of Elvis Presley's 1970 hit "Stranger in the Crowd," by Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo.
The second spot, "Heist," features music from "Peter and the Wolf," conducted by Robert Miller and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In the 60-second spot, a man dozes off in a park only to have insects scheme to make off with his Coke.

EDIT January 26/09: Full Credits for the Coke Avatar Spot

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady
Copywriter: Eric Samsel
Art Director: Ken Meyer
Agency Producer: Lindsay Reed
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Nexus Productions
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Director of Photography: Mattias Montero
Executive Producer: Chris O'Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso
Head Of Production: Juila Parfitt
Producer: Melody Sylvester
Animation: Nexus Productions
Head of 3D Animation: Ben Cowell
Character Design: Mustashrik Mahbub
Storyboard: Adam Beer
Editorial Company: Speade
Editor: Art Jones
Post Production: Framestore
Managing Director: Helen Stanley
Online Producer: Kristy Cleminson
Creative Director (Framestore): Mike McGee
Senior Flame Artist: Will Barlett
Audio Post Production: 750MPH
Engineer: Gary Walker
Audio Post Producer: Syleste Molyneaux
Music: Solitaire Studios
Executive Producer (Music): Monica Tannian
Music Producer: Graham Marsh
Composer: Cee-Lo Green
Sound Design: Stimmung
Sound Designer: Gus Koven
Producer (Stimmung): Jack Catlin, Kelly Fuller
Animatics: Joint Editorial
Animatics Editor: David Jahns
Executive Producer (Joint): Patty Brebner

Etrade Baby Commercial Outtakes and Bloopers

The ETrade baby commercials have become so popular that it was just a matter of time before an ETrade outtakes and blooper version of the ad was released. Released and being played on the Etrade website I give you the "E*Trade Baby and Friends Commercial Outtakes" .

They just wanted to give us a sneak peek at some of the stuff that wont be making it into the Super Bowl commercial this year. In terrible economic times it refreshing to see some humor for a change and this commercial is funny.

Great BillBoard Ads - OfficeMax Outdoor BillBoard

This is by far one of the greatest billboard ads I have seen in some time. OfficeMax wants us to get organized with Peter Walsh.
Advertising Agency: OfficeMax Branding Team, Naperville, USA
Creative Director: Mark Andeer
Art Director: Joshua Peterson
Creative Designer: Dwight Darling
Copywriter: Mark Manzo
Other additional credits: The Escape Pod (Chicago) and Atomic Props (St. Paul, MN)
Billboard created in: December 2008

Super Bowl XLIII Ads Coke and CareerBuilder

Th hype surrounding the Super Bowl Ads in past years just hasn't seemed to happen like in past Super Bowls. Steve Hall of Ad Gabber recently mentioned on his site that the hype hasn't happened yet and was wondering if it would, when CareerBuilder sent him the commercial they will be airing during the 2009 Super Bowl, well done Steve.

The spot was created by the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, and in typical CareerBuilder style it's about all the things we hate about our jobs and how we might consider changing jobs.

Coca-Cola Open Happiness Campaign Debuts During The Super Bowl
The Coke vs. Pepsi cola war heat up for the Super Bowl, Pepsi has managed to keep Coke out of the first half entirely by buying up all the first half ad space. But in an effort to capture a younger generation and consumer tastes, one of Coca-Cola's three Super Sunday ads will feature fast-growing, no-calorie Coke Zero, not Classic Coke.

Having the Pittsburgh Steelers in the game turned out to be huge bonus for the Zero ad: It features Steelers star safety Troy Polamalu.

"We're thrilled about Troy, and we're thrilled about the Steelers. … (It's) going to be a powerful spot in the game," said Katie Bayne, North American chief marketing officer, as she and other executives on Wednesday introduced Coke's new global ad campaign with the theme "Open Happiness."

The Coke Zero ad and two Coca-Cola ads will air in the second half. The two Coke ads, include one in which insects try to steal a bottle of Coke from a young man sleeping in a park. The other, a man walks through a city and people around him turn into computer avatars.

Miller High Life Beer 1 Second Ads Super Bowl Commercials

Miller High Life has decided that spending 3 million dollars to advertise during the Super Bowl was just too much. Instead their Super Bowl ads will be one-second television spots during Super Bowl XLIII. The ads, which feature the brands popular deliveryman, hope to reinforce High Lifes commitment to brewing a good, honest beer at a great price. Miller has also launched a website to compliment the 1 second Super Bowl ad campaign, 1 second ad com.

Miller High Life is all about high quality and great value, so it wouldnt make sense for this brand to pay $3 million for a 30-second ad, said High Life Senior Brand Manager Kevin Oglesby. Just like our consumers, High Life strives to make smart choices. One second should be plenty of time to remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle.

The Super Bowl ads were created by Saatchi and Saatchi, NY and this is a brilliant advertising campaign, we expect no less from Saatchi.

Great Super Bowl Ads 2009 Doritos Commercial Finalists

To date only the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest is giving us an early look at this years Super Bowl ads. Of the 5 finalists for the 2009 contest these two spots are my favorites to win.
This great entry is sure to be a number one favorite of the days Super Bowl ads.

"The Power Of The Crunch"

"Free Doritos At The Office Today?"

Rejected Super Bowl XLIII Ads Ashley Madison

The Super Bowl XLIII ads and commercial frenzy has begun, one of many Super Bowl ads to be rejected is this for Ashley
Noel Biderman, CEO of, told CNBC that his ad was eventually rejected and was specifically told that the company wouldn't be allowed to advertise in any NFL game program until the end of time.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that no one in the league office actually ever saw the ad. "After realizing what the site was, the sales rep called back and told the company there was a mistake and that his company could not sell an ad to the site."

Biderman thinks his inability to advertise is hypocritical.

"I find the rejection to be ridiculous given that a huge percentage of the NFL's marketing content is for products like alcohol, which they sell in their stadiums, promote on their air and clearly have in the magazine," Biderman said. "That's a product that literally kills tens of thousands of people each year. So if the NFL is worried about legislating behavior and regulating what their audience should be exposed to then it should start with a ban on all alcohol advertising and products being sold, not", a Canadian company, has been in existence for seven years, but has only been advertising in the U.S. for about a year and half.

"We don't intend to let this pass," Biderman said. "This is our core audience and we will find a way to let them know about the existence of this service."

Lebron James 1.18.09 Cleveland Browns StateFarm Commercial

Brace Yourself, 1.18.09 LeBron James signs with the Cleveland Browns, found the sneak peek of the commercial with Lebron James in a Cleveland Browns uniform playing football with a basketball style for State Farm Insurance. Music by MeCree "No Joke". I will have the official version of James commercial in a Browns football uniform up soon.

Here it is, Lebron James playing football for the Cleveland Browns.

.....what do you guys think?
EDIT: The official James State Farm commercial below

LeBron James' New Ad Campaign 1.18.09 Brace Yourself

1.18.09 Brace Yourself for a big announcement by LeBron James.

LeBron James 1.18.09 Brace Yourself, promo commercial building a buzz around what Lebron James' first love is. The big announcement will air January 18, 2009 and what in the world this commercial preview is for is anyone's guess. Another Gatorade commercial, an advert for Nike, there have been rumors about him playing football or baseball. There are even some rumors that is a preview for a SuperBowl XLIII 43 commercial for LeBron playing football.
Let's just hope that on January 18, 2009 this Lebron James' commercial is something out of this world.

Gatorade What Is "G" Commercial

Lil' Wayne narrates a 60 second TV spot for the newly designed Gatorade beverage, titled What Is G?

In the new commercial for the popular Gatorade sports drink, Lil' Wayne defines the meaning of what "g" represents, with sports figures like Dwayne Wade, Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, Muhammad Ali, and Bill Russell glare into the camera.
Other notable athletes in the Gatorade commercial include: Serena Williams, Jabbawockeez, Dwyane Wade, Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Jessica Mendoza, Derek Jeter, Chaz Ortiz, Muhammad Ali, The Goat, and Candace Parker
"[G's] the emblem of a warrior, it's the swagger of an athlete, a champion and dynasty," Weezy says in the commercial. "It's gifted, golden, genuine and glorious. It is a lower-case god. It's the goat. Ha-ha. The greatest of all time."
Aiming for a new look, Gatorade's parent company, PepsiCo, is using the new "G" campaign as an opportunity to create new packaging and rename line extensions.
"For Gatorade," the company wrote in a statement, "G represents the heart, hustle and soul of athleticism and will become a badge of pride for anyone who sweats."

Lactacyd Commercial - Through the Eyes of A Womans...

GlaxoSmithKline is launching a TV campaign for their Lactacyd female hygiene brand, encouraging women to protect themselves everyday.The commercial unlike any I have ever seen before is filmed entirely from the vantage point of a vagina. We, the viewers are treated to the daily life of a woman though her most personal space of all in an effort to drive sales of its female hygiene brand Lactacyd.

Creative team behind this ad: Seyoan Vela, Colin Lamberton and directed by Robert Nylund.
The TV campaign, is to air in the Netherlands, was created Grey Amsterdam. The ad is aimed at overcoming the perception among women in the Netherlands that Lacatacyd is for problems only, in an attempt to encourage women to adopt the brand in their daily routine.
Elisa Beenakker, a creative at Grey Amsterdam, said: "This commercial takes Lactacyd from feeling like a medical product to feeling like an essential part of a woman's personal care routine.
Via: BrandRepublic Staff Writer
Commercial Credits:
Agency: Grey, Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Seyoan Vela, Colin Lamberton, Ecco Vos, Richard Hol
Copywriter/Art Director: Elisa Beenakker
Art Director: Dagmare van Willigenburg
Agency Producer: Marije de Graaff
Production Company: FatFred, Amsterdam
Director: Robert Nylund
DP: Gosta Reiland
Producer: Suzanne Huisman
Post Production: Valkieser Capital Images
Editor: Johan Wik
Flame operators: Hans Loosman & Tim van Paassen
Post Production Producer: Soeren Smidt
Music Company: Earforce
Sound Design & Mix: Reinder van Zalk @ Earforce
Music: Klas Ahlund, Universal

The BK Whopper Sacrifice

The BK Whopper Sacrifice, a new Facebook app from Burger King and their friends, is simply a coupon delivery tool for a free Whopper. In typical Crispin Porter + Bogusky (advertising agency who created the campaign) style, they hit a nerve. This nerve, is the one pinched by Facebook users you don't know, but who want to be your friend.
"Friendship is strong, but a BK Whopper is Stronger".
The idea of the Whopper Sacrifice: Use this application and be rewarded with a free flame-broiled Whopper when you sacrifice 10 of your facebook friends. To date 390, 333 friends have been giving up and the total is rising fast.

Brian Morrissey of Adweek writes,

The notion of dumping friends in exchange for a burger could offend some, though Crispin has not shied from controversy with BK. Jeff Benjamin, executive interactive creative director, said the agency and client were careful to make the application lighthearted rather than "vindictive."

"The [friend] removal is another kind of socializing," he said. "At first you think it's antisocial, but it's a social device. Now we finally have something to talk about."

Haven't seen the new BK Angry Whopper created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky yet? View it here: Angry Whopper

Ray Ban Cow Gives Birth To A Man Viral Video Campaign

A cow gives birth to a man wearing Ray-Bans!You will either love this Ray-Ban video or you will be shocked that shock-vertising has hit an all time low.

Ray Ban and Cutwater create what is sure to be the most wide spread and controversial viral marketing campaigns to date, A cow gives birth to a man wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. Now I've seen it all, I'm speechless over this one seriously what can anyone say about this spot except to let the protesting begin.

Client: Ray-Ban
Agency: Cutwater
Director: Minivegas
Production Company: Anonymous Content

Toyota Scion Samples xB TV Spot Commercial

Toyota Scion commercial...Scion "Samples"

I love what David Gianatasio wrote about the new Toyota Scion commercial via:
This Attik spot for Toyota's Scion tries to break free of car-ad category cliches. There are no gleaming vehicles racing along scenic highways at sunset. Nor do shapely beach babes recline across hoods. What we get, however, isn't an improvement. The whole thing consists of quick-cut, high-tech graphics that illustrate the many choices a Scion buyer could make in terms of vehicle colors and detailing. True, I'm not part of the hip, young demographic being targeted. But I can afford to buy a car. And this spot doesn't make me want to investigate Scion. We get commercial cliches all right -- plucked straight from the past 15 years of computer and home-electronics ads. There's even Kraftwerk-esque robotic dance music on the soundtrack. And that can't be hip or young, if only because I kind of liked it. In fact, though it's designed to look cool and futuristic, the whole enterprise feels old-hat and dull, like footage cut from Disney's Tron. (Which is making a comeback, apparently, so maybe this ad is cool after all.) I still say: Bring back the sunsets and beach babes. They really weren't so bad.

Ad Agency: The Attik
Creative Director: Simon Needham
Production Company: Imaginary Forces
Executive Producer: Michele Morris
Director: Simon Needham
Editor: Justine Gerenstein
Music/Sound Design/Mix Company: Face The Music, Bicoastal
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composer/Sound Designer - xB: Tom Burbank
Mixer: Tom Burbank

Monsters Vs. Aliens Super Bowl XLIII 3D Promo AD

Well Superbowl 43 is just around the corner and the wildly popular SuperBowl Ads should start coming out here and there before game day, but here is something truly amazing; a preview commercial for a preview. I know it didn't make sense to me either but this is what the SuperBowl ads and the frenzy around them have come too.
DreamWorks, "Monsters vs. Aliens," PepsiCo, SoBe Lifewater, Intel and NBC Create the 3D Super Bowl commercial preview event. Considering the economic times, let's hope creativity takes over the big budget Super Bowl Ads this year.

DreamWorks Animation and Pepsi SoBe Lifewater announced they have joined together with Intel Corporation and NBC to create a nationwide 'Monstrous' 3D event for Super Bowl XLIII. This first-ever all 3D Super Bowl commercial break event will mark the debut of DreamWorks Animation's premier 3D movie trailer for its upcoming feature film, "Monsters vs. Aliens," which comes to theaters in the U.S. on March 27th.

BK The Angry Whopper Commercial Burger King

Burger King introduces the Angry Whopper with this new commercial featuring an onion farmer with a twist, this farmer is angry; angry with onions. An ordinary onion is raised on anger just for the BK Angry Whopper. Isn't the world angry enough without angry farmers now too?

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami/Boulder
Executive Creative Directors: Rob Reill, Andrew Keller
Creative Directors: Bill Wright, James Dawson-Hollis
Art Director: Dave Clemans
Copywriter: Nathan Dills
VP/Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Production Company: HSI Productions, New York
Director: Simon Cole
Executive Producer: Rebecca Skinner
Producer: Ron Mohrhoff
Editor: Charlie Cusumano @ Red Car
Executive Producer: Jennifer Lederman
Senior Producer: Jennifer Hassenberg
Music: Beacon Street

Allstate Insurance Back To Basics Commercial

AllState Insurance goes Back To Basics with this new commercial. Allstate asks us protect ourselves, possessions and to protect them by putting them in good hands. Are we all going back to the basics in these tough economic times?

1931 was not exactly a great year to start a business, but that's when Allstate opened its doors. And through the 12 recessions since they've noticed that after the fears subside, a funny thing happens. People start enjoying the small things in life. It's back to basics, And the basics are good, Protect them, Put them in good hands.

Commercial and Ad Agency credits for the Allstate back to basics advert to follow, please post the credits if any of my readers have them.

UPDATE - Credits for the spot go to:
VP Integrated Marketing Communications, Lisa Cochrane
AVP Integrated Marketing Communications, Nancy Abraham
Leo Burnett:
EVP/ECD/CWs: Jeanie Caggiano & Charley Wickman
CD: Mikal Pittman
CW: Josh Mizrachi
AD: Greg Nobles
PR: Ray Swift
MUSIC: Ira Antelis, Jira productions

Special thanks to Jeanie Caggiano of Leo Burnett for getting the info to us.
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