Levi's America "Go Forth" Commercial Ad

The new Levi's America "Go Forth" commercial features the American poet Walt Whitman and lines from his 1888 poem "America". The audio is the original recording of Whitman's real voice used in the Levi's spot, the music is "The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Ives Version)" by Final Fantasy. Another great commercial for Levi's created by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Directors:
Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Danielle Flagg, Tyler Whisnand
Copywriters: Julia Oh, Rudy Adler
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Jeff Selis
Agency Associate Producer Juliana Montgomery

Production Company: Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Executive Producer: Danielle Peretz
Line Producer: Joe Mandarino
DP: Darren Lew

Editorial: Joint Editorial
Editor: Elliot Graham
Assistant Editor: Jessica Baclesse
Post Producer: Neil Kopp
Post Executive Producer: Patty Brebner

Sound: "America" poem by Walt Whitman courtesy the Walt
Whitman Archive
Music Composer: Owen Pallett and Charles Ives
Music: "The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Ives Version)" by Final Fantasy
Album Title: Many Lives 49 MP
Company: Third Side Music

Ancilla Tilla Dances for Wakker Dier "Animals Awake"

Ancilla Tilia, a fetish model, playmate and Most Sexy Vegetarian of 2008 preforms an exotic dance routine (she strips down naked) for Wakker Dier also known as Animals Awake which is a Dutch non-profit organization for animal protection and abolishing the bio-industry. The Dutch ad agency Revolver Media hopes to call attention to the practice of gutting a fish while it's a live with this viral marketing campaign and of course using sex always helps now doesn't it? Revolver created a website to go with the viral spot featuring Ancilla Tilia.

Agency: Revolver Media, Rotterdam
Production: Revolver Media, Rotterdam
Director: Sharif Nasr
DOP: Remko Schnorr
Editor: Brian Ent @ The Ambassadors
Sound: Big Orange
Producer: David Fisscher

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial I'll Be There & Billy Jean

A look back at the Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials from the 1980's. In the first ad MJ sings I'll Be There at the piano. The second commercial is the Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation Billy Jean TV ad that was incredibly popular in the late 80's.
The Pepsi Generation Billy Jean Commercial.

God Bless you Michael, thank you for leaving the world with all your wonderful music.

Virgin Media Powerful Stuff TV Commercial

The newest commercial for Virgin Media Powerful Stuff, created by RKCR/Y&R is simply a beautiful ad; what can I say I'm sucker for a love story.The music in the Virgin Media spot is by Mazzy Star and the song is titled "Into Dust" (so tonight that I may see).

Virgin Media TV Ad Credits:
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Agency Producer: Danielle Sandler
Creative Director: Mark Roalfe
Creative: Paul Angus; Ted Heath
Director: Sam Brown
Production: Rogue
Producer: Kate Hitchings
Post Production: MPC

Target Commercial Black Eyed Peas "I Got A Feeling"

The newest Target commercial featuring The Black Eyed Peas and their newest song release "I Got A Feeling". The timing couldn't better with everything going on between Perez Hilton and one of the Black Eyed Peas and some big deal about a black eye, a few well deserved punches to Mr. Hilton's noggin. Anyway....great ad for Target by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy.

Client: Target Headquarters
Spots Title: I Got A Feeling
Air Date: June 2009
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Art Director: Brad Trost
Copywriter: Jennie Hayes
CD: Monica Taylor
EP: Ben Grylewicz
Producer: Andy Murillo
Prod Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Jonas Akerlund
EP: Violaine Etienne & Stephanie Bruni
Line Producer: Scott Kaplan

T Mobile Synchronized Swimming Advert

T-Mobile reminds us that life is for sharing in their new ad titled "Synchronized Swimming". Hundreds of bikini clad men and women enjoying a day at the pool break out into a synchronized swimming routine that the some Olympians would even be impressed with. The T Mobile spot was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, anyone know what the music is in the spot?

Agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative Director: Rasto Michalik
Creative: Milan Bielik; Denisa Pajkosova; Mario Poor; Peter Rajcak; Ivo Zemanovic
Director: Roman Valent
Production: Hitchhiker Films
Producer: Biba Bilcikova
Director of Photography: Juraj Chlpik

MVP Puppets "Celebration" Spot.

Here is what should be the last of MVP Puppets commercials for awhile from Nike. If you have been following this great ad campaigns from Nike you'll understand why the title of this spot "Celebration" is just perfect.
Kobe Bryant in celebration mode after winning the NBA Finals and Lebron James enjoying a bowl of cereal.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Directors: Sasha Swetschinski, Matt Murphy
Puppets: Legacy Effects

AT&T Helps Hansel and Gretel Find Their Way Home in this Commercial

Hansel and Gretel are out exploring New York City, and drop breadcrumbs along their path in order to find their way home. Suddenly they realize that it's getting dark, but they can't retrace their path as their breadcrumbs have all either been eaten, blown away and moved. Using their AT&T mobile device featuring GPS, Hansel & Gretel are able to download a map that directs them back.

Agency: BBDO, New York/Atlanta
Creative Group Head: Susan Credle
Copywriters: Matt Zaifert, Darren Wright
Art Director: Rodney White, Dave Skinner
Agency Producer: Bob Emerson
Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks USA, Los Angeles
Director: Noam Murro
DP: Mott Hupfel
Editor: Jason MacDonald @ Number Six
VFX: Framestore
Original Music: Stimmung
Composer: Dave Winer
Audio: Sonic Union
Mixer: Michael Marinelli

RayBan Newest Viral Spot by NeverHide "Color Goes Pop"

Never Hide films is back with another viral spot for Ray Ban Sunglasses. RayBan has had several popular viral spots created by the team at Cutwater.

Ray-Ban Viral spot created by CutWater and Never Hide Films titled "color Goes Pop".
See all the viral spots for Ray-Ban here and here.

Nike MVP Puppets Lebron James 2010 Commercial

The newest spot in the Nike MVP Puppets campaign 2010, gives us Lebron James already getting ready for 2010 NBA Championship run. The MVP Puppets commercials could quite possibly be Nike's best ever, created by Wieden + Kennedy.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Directors: Sasha Swetschinski, Matt Murphy
Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz
Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Agency Producer: Jessica Staples
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker, New York
Director: Stacy Wall
Executive Producer: Doug Halbert
Producer: Jeff McDougall
DP: Emmanuel Lubezki
Puppets: Legacy Effects

New Ford "Pop Up" Commercial

The new Ford "Pop Up" book commercial created by Zubi Advertising. The Zubi people are creating some nice work, you can view their Ford 2010 Fusion "Puppets" spot on their site as well as other great web, broadcast, print and radio spots from the Zubi Advertising agency.

Agency: Zubi Advertising
Creative Director: Angus Kneale
Creative: Ivan Calle
Post Production: The Mill
Brand: Ford

Sims 3 Let There Be Sims Commercial Advert

New commercial for the popular Sims 3 "Let There Be Sims" is one nicely animated piece of work by the crew at Wieden + Kennedy, I've never played Sims but after watching this ad I'm left wondering just what have I been missing. Nice work!

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Agency Producer: Fran O'Connor
Creative: Jed Alger; Aaron Allen; Matthew Carey; Ben Carter
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Production: Nexus Productions
Producer: Luke Youngman
Brand: EA Games

Toyota Believe "Flying Fox" by Saatchi and Saatchi

Toyota wants us to Believe in their new ad created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland, the spot titled "Flying Fox" produced by Flying Fish has a man and his son diving into lake in what is actually a pretty good commercial, this one good be for anything though, I don't get the connection to Toyota, but thats why I'm just a fan and not a creative.

Client: Toyota New Zealand
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland
Production Company: Flying Fish New Zealand
Director: Gregor Nicholas
DoP: John Toon
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Art Director: Tim Huse
Copywriter: Hywel James
Agency Producer: Jane Mill
Producer: Mark Matthews
Executive Producer: James Moore
Country: New Zealand

BP Fuel Ultimate Adverts Viral Spot Too

On average, BP's Ultimate fuel claims to give drivers 28 extra miles per tank. This new TV campaign from Ogilvy Advertising (with help from colleagues at OgilvyOne London), "BP Ultimate Takes You Further", demonstrates their claim. Without getting into any environmental issues, these are great ads and I just wanted share them with you. The music is by Buller & Bang and the song is called "Little Puzzle".
This is a follow up viral advert for the BP Ultimate Fuel campaign that seems to be gaining some popularity online.

Visit Las Vegas Chinchilli Day Commercial

A new commercial for Las Vegas where a man creates a fake holiday, "Chinchilli Day", as an excuse to stay an extra day in Vegas. What's your excuse? is the new tag line for Vegas which is actually pretty good considering the What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas was great marketing campaign.

Agency: R&R Partners
Group Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Creative Director: Doug Finelli
Copywriter: Tony Marin
ACD/Art Director: Steve Andrews
VP/Broadcast Productions: Don Turley
Agency Producer: Dustin Oliver
Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles
Director: Roderick Fenske
Executive Producer: Cindy Becker
Line Producer: Cory Berg
Editorial: SpotWelders
Editor: Dick Gordon
Executive Producer: David Glean
Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Dave Hussey
VFX: Sea Level
Executive Producer: Steve Reiss
VFX Artist: Chris Noellert
Mix/Sound: POP Sound
Mixer: Mitch Dorf

Heinz "Bottle" Advert music by SoundTree

It Has To Be Heinz, newest commercial for Heinz Ketchup by AMV BBDO, London.
I just love anything to do with Heinz Ketchup, come it's a staple, and this advert for Heinz appropriately titled "Bottle" is what Heinz is all about. The music in the spot is beautiful not sure what the song title is but I can tell you it is by Soundtree.

Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Copywriter: Martin Loraine
Art Director: Steve Jones
Agency Producer: Kat Hara
Production Company: Blink, London
Director: Dougal Wilson
DP: Tom Townend
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post-Production: Moving Picture Company
Music: Soundtree

The CaraMilk Secret Revealed Through Modern Dance

New Cadbury CaraMilk commercial titled "Modern Dance" reveals the secret of just how they get the caramel in the caramilk bar. I have to admit when this first showed up in my inbox I was excited to view it since it was created by the great Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency and with my first view of the spot I was left with a strange feeling but you really do have to give it a second view to appreciate why Saatchi & Saatchi and the director Ulf Johansson are brilliant at creating great adverts.

Client: Cadbury
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf
Creative Director: Chris Beresford-Hill, Nick Spabr
Art Director: Alan Vladusic
Copywriter: Asheen Naidu
Senior Agency Producer: John Doris
Director of Broadcast Production: David Perry
Production Company: Smith & Jones
Director: Ulf Johansson
Editorial Company: Peepshow
Editor: Andrea MacArthur
Post Production: Method
Audio Mix: audioEngine
Mixer: Rob DiFondi

Tool and JWT Milan Get With It For Two New Heineken Commercials

Director Erich Joiner of Tool of North America and JWT collaborate on a hilarious new campaign for Heineken, set to air on Italian TV and online at www.areyoustillwithus.com.

What do you do when you invite a few guys over to watch the game and enjoy a few cool refreshing Heinekens, only to realize that one of your buddies brought his girlfriend along? And what if that buddy was wearing a "Go Team" sweater personally knitted by said girlfriend? In Football Match, one of two new spots for the world's most famous Dutch beer, Joiner examines this awkward phenomenon using his deft comic skills to deliver an instantly memorable campaign.
Moving finds the same rugged brood of guys moving into a rustic house together. This time one of the housemates shows up with a flashy new washing machine, prompting looks of disbelief from his friends. Soon the new washing machine settles into its rightful place; on the porch, full of ice where bottles of Heineken wait and chill.

The Credits:
Client: Heineken
Spots Title(s): Football Match, Moving
Air Date: May 2009
Agency: JWT, Milan
Group Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
ECD: Pietro Maestri
Art Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Producer: Raffaella Scarpetti
Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Erich Joiner
DP: Bob Richardson
EP(s): Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt
Line Producer: Joby Ochsner
Production Designer: Samantha Gore
Production Service Company: Filmmaster
EP: Ada Bonvini
Producer: Nicole Lord
Editor: Stuart Greenwald
Online: TOBOGA
Telecine: Sparkle @ Complete Post, RUMBLEFISH
Sound Design: GREEN MOVIE
Shoot Location: Los Angeles

New York Pizza "Roller Girl"

Great new commercial for New York Pizza, the Roller Girl>
The folks at New York Pizza consider a new way to promote the great tasting pizza but reconsider the thought, great funny commercial.

AGENCY: Selmore, Amsterdam
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fat Fred's Film Company, Amsterdam
RTV: Patrick Nelemans
CREATIVES: Diederick Hillenius, Poppe van Pelt
DIRECTOR: Robert Nylund
PRODUCER: Suzanne Huisman
DOP: Paer Ekberg
LINE PROD. Co: Navigator Films, Cape Town
OFFLINE: Hectic Electric
*editor Johan Wik
ONLINE / GRADING: Hectic Electric /AVP
MUSIC: Gerard et Jerome

and the next Bing Commercial is..."Syndrome"

The second commercial release for the new Microsoft search engine "Bing", this commercial for Bing titled "Syndrome" claims that Bing is the Cure for Search Overload Syndrome. The next bunch of commercials, collectively titled "Syndrome" continue with the theme of "search overload" and try present the idea humorously, a big difference from the dramatic "Manifesto" spot that kicked off the estimated $100 million marketing campaign yesterday from WPP agency JWT.
Sorry Bing, the marketing campaign alone wont work, after using Bing I find my results are no different than those I get from Live, and we all know how good Live wasn't. Remember what I said yesterday Bing = But It's Not Google.

Nike MVP Puppets "Lil Dez & LeBron Home Alone"

Newest episode of the Nike MVP Puppets commercials, Lil Dez and LeBron James.
The Nike MVP Puppets continue with the newest release in the campaign, Lil Dez and Lebron Home Alone gives us Lil Dez trying to cheer up Lebron James after losing to the Orlando Magic and missing the NBA Finals. You have to love the face the puppet makes I mean the face LeBron makes at the end of the commercial.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Directors: Sasha Swetschinski, Matt Murphy
Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz
Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Agency Producer: Jessica Staples
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker, New York
Director: Stacy Wall
Executive Producer: Doug Halbert
Producer: Jeff McDougall
DP: Emmanuel Lubezki
Puppets: Legacy Effects
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Biff Butler
Music: "Sandstorm" by Darude
Voice Over: David Allen Grier, Kenan Thompson

Microsofts First Bing Commercial "Manifesto"

Well here we go, the big $90 million ad campaign begins for "Bing" JWT, New York the agency of record for the Microsoft Bing campaign has actually left me feeling a little lost and confused after watching the Bing "Manifesto" commercial, I'm not a fan of Bing, do you guys really know what Bing means - "But It's Not Google".

Let's be serious, who are they trying fool they have been trying to catch up to Google search for years and well it just might be too late. The commercial on it's own is great just the wrong product.
You heard it here first:
I'm sticking with Google!

Louis Vuitton Journeys - Astronauts Some Journeys Change Mankind Forever

What do Louis Vuitton and the space have in common, well it seems we will find out July 2, 2009 when the website www.LouisVuittonJourneys.com is officially launched. In the mean time Ogilvy created this promo teaser which is actually very good to introduce the world to the Louis Vuitton Journey the world is about to experience. Titled "Astronauts - Some Journeys Change Mankind Forever," To mark the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11s landing on the moon, the promo video features those aboard the Apollo 11 and of course Neil Aldrin Armstrong who muttered the words "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind". I'm really looking forward to seeing what any of this has to do with Louis Vuitton, really nice video.

Advertiser/Client: Louis Vuitton Malletier
Advertising Agency: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris
Country: France
Creative Director: Christian Reuilly
Copywriter: Edgard Montjean
Art Director: Antoaneta Metchanova
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Art Buyer: Laurence Nahmias
Account Supervisor: S. Sethuraman/L. Janneau/S. Giblin/J. Wilbrenninck/M. Reynaud
Advertiser's Supervisor: Pietro Beccari/Antoine Arnault/Isabelle des Garets

The Beatles Rock Band Preview Trailer

The Beatles Rock Bank preview trailer, don't have much other information on the Beatles, Rock Bank, who, what or why other than I really liked this, enjoy.

Rock Band Press Conference Trailer Santa Barbara Arts TV / Cliff Baldridge is Official Credentialed Media for E3 2009

Mercedes Benz Pure Attraction E Class "Beauty" Advert

New Mercedes Benz E-Class commercial features beautiful women riding horses through from the country to the city in this spot titled "Beauty". As the older gentleman says near the end of the ad "I love car commercials", yes we love commercials too especially great ones like this for Mercedes Benz.
Why car commercials, especially those from Mercedes-Benz are so good, this ad will show you.
Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster
Agency Producer: Herman Krug
Creative Director: Christian Fritsche; Thimoteus Wagner
Creative: Szymon Rose; Daniel Schaefer
Director: Noam Murro
Production: Biscuit@Independent; Tony Petersen Film
Producer: Michael Duttenhoefer; Jason Scanlon
Director of Photography: Stephen Keith-Roach
Post Production: Framestore
Editor: Russell Icke

GM The Reinvention Commercial

General Motors begins their "reinvention" today and have a new commercial to help promote that fact. Ironically the GM Reinvention spot created by Deutsch, LA has GM admit to many of the mistakes the company has made that put them into the position they find themselves in today and how they plan to reinvent themselves. Nice, really nice commercial, I love the spot wish I could say the same about GM.

Ad Agency: Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles.
Full credits to follow.

Locals Know Tourism Canada Advertising Campaign

As a Canadian who loves her country and all it has to offer us this new ad campaign for Locals Know is great and reminds us just how much Canada has for us to enjoy. The Locals Know campaign was created by DDB Vancouver, Canada. The website www.localsknow.ca allows visitors to upload images of their favorite and own discoveries.

Press release: Desert-like dunes in the middle of the country. Volcanoes on the verge of the Pacific. Tropic-like waters within hours of vibrant cities. Canada is full of surprises and secrets and, this summer, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is sharing locals’ unknown experiences with fellow Canadians - to inspire them to explore their country.

Today, the CTC, along with Canada’s tourism industry is launching LOCALS KNOW, a national integrated advertising campaign (print, magazine, TV and online) made possible by special stimulus funding from the Government of Canada. The CTC will be investing $10 million per year in the next two fiscal years to support the tourism industry and stimulate Canada’s economy.

“The visitor economy makes a valuable contribution to the economic, social and environmental well-being of Canadians across the country,” says the Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism). “Now, more than ever, we want to entice and encourage visitors – including Canadians themselves – to explore our country. I applaud this campaign as it will give Canadians a reason to discover more about their own country and keep tourism dollars at home.”

The 8-week campaign launches today and will focus on the unexpected, encouraging Canadians to seek out new and exotic experiences in places they didn’t know existed. The source of this information? Canadians themselves… because LOCALS KNOW best.

Canadians will be encouraged to upload photos of their favorite Canadian travel spots and great unknown experiences on the CTC campaign website – www.localsknow.ca.

“The visuals used in this campaign won’t be typical,” says Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO. “People won’t just be seeing the traditional images of our country. They’ll discover a whole new Canada. The imagery, experiences, and deals offered by the industry will surprise Canadians, build pride, and create an urgency to book a trip and see Canada now!”

Almost all provinces and territories, as well as other industry partners both large and small, are participating in this national program.

“The domestic stimulus program is strategic, relevant, and timely for Canada’s tourism industry,” says Denny Kobayashi, Manager of Marketing Operations for Tourism Yukon. “What is particularly appealing about this program is the CTC designed a program for partners from every corner of the country to participate in and receive extraordinary value, national reach and exposure that will benefit tourism in our area”.

Air Canada is introducing a special travel offer for the duration of the campaign to stimulate travel within and across Canada. And one lucky Canadian resident will win 1 million Aeroplan® Miles to inspire them to see undiscovered areas of the country. That’s a lot of Canadian exploring.

Kit Kat Working Like A Machine "Human Tennis Machine" Viral Spot

Great new viral spot for the Nestle Kit Kat brand titled "Working Like A Machine" created by our friends down under at JWT Sydney, Australia. Who wouldn't love a real life human Tennis Machine?

Client: Nestle Kit Kat
Agency: JWT Sydney
Production Company: Plaza Films
Director(s): DAVE KLAIBER
Creatives: Andrew Fraser (Executive Creative Director)
JOHN LAM (Associate CD / Art Director)
Jason Ross (Creative Group Head/ Copywriter)
Renata Barbosa (Agency Producer)
Susannah DiLallo (Producer)
Country: Australia
Other Credits:
Group Account Director: Peter Bosilkovski
Senior Account Director: Fiona Tenaglia
Agency Head of Broadcast: Gerri Hamill
DOP - Daniel Ardilley
Editor - Danny Tait
Post - The Tait Gallery
Sound: Sound Reservoir

Perrier Melting City Commercial

The Perrier Melting City commercial, work by Ogilvy, Paris and directed by Frederic Planchon. This was first released in April 2009 so I thought I would share this with everyone a little considering my previous post with the Print versions of the Melt campaign. See them here.

Agency: Ogilvy, Paris
Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creatives: Theirry Chuimino, Luc Chomarat
Producer: Laure Bayle
Production Company: Irene, Paris
Director: Frederic Planchon
Producer: Guillaume De Bary
Line Producer: Francois Lamotte
DP: Patrick Duroux
Post-Production: BUF
Producer: Laurent Seigneur
Editor: Mario Battistel

Perrier Melting Print Ad Campaign by Ogilvy France

Ogilvy France creates a visually intoxicating print ad campaign for Perrier Sparkling Water titled "Melting".

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Paris France
Creative Director: Chris Garbutt, Thierry Chiumino
Art Director: Eve Roussou, Marie Farge
Photographer: Jean Yves Lemoigne
Published: April 2009
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