Mercedes Benz Night Vision Print Ad

Mercedes Benz released a new print ad commercial to communicate the new Mercedes Night View or Night Vision as it is more commonly known. Mercedes stickered the back of a bus to show us the idea of just how their new Night Vision system might work if you were behind the wheel.Mercedes Benz Night View Vision option in a new MercedesAdvertising Agency: FHV BBDO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Mark Muller, Bart Bus
Art Director: Yona Hümmels
Copywriter: Stef Jongenelen
Account: Bas Verdoorn
Published: September 2008

For those curious about the Night View by Mercedes, here is promo campaign released by Mercedes Benz last year.

SuperBowl 2009 XLIII Doritos Crash The SuperBowl Commercial Contest

Following up on the Doritos Crash The SuperBowl XLIII contest details from a few weeks ago, the entries are pouring in at the Doritos website. In case you missed it, Doritos is giving you a chance to win a cool million dollars if you can create a commercial that makes it onto the USA Today's Top Superbowl commercials list. With still plenty of time to enter I wanted to share my two favorite commercials entered so far.
One Man Has A Bid Decision To MAke; Directed by David

To Buddies Get Ready To Watch The Big Game; Directed by Hasmorecoyne

Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest winners from last years contest click here to view details and view last years winners.

Amnesty International World Leaders "We Can Change What They Do"

Funny commercial from Amnesty International, "We Can Change What They Do". Award winning TV Spot by Scholz & Friends, Germany has us admiring the great present day world leaders and the message in this public awareness campaign: we can change what they do. Come on, it is pretty funny.

This spot was a 2008 ward show winner at the Cresta Awards 2008 TV/Cinema/Digital Winner.
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Creative Director: Oliver Handlos / Wolf Schneider / Matthias Spaetgens
Copywriter: Edgar Linscheid / Fabio Straccia
Art Director: Sara Vieira
Agency Producer: Nina Heyn / Nele Juergens / Daniel Klessig
Production Company: Markenfilm Berlin GmbH
Director: Benjamin Wolff
Cinematographer: Lutz Hattenhauer

Wassup 8 Years Later Budweiser True 2008 Commercial

The famous Budweiser Wassup commercial is back with "Wassup 8 Years Later". What a fantastic commercial.
In support of Barack Obama and their powerful it's time for change, the wassup boys are at again.

Wassup 2008 True, 8 Years Later...Change That's Whats Up.

This is the original Budweiser True "Wassup" cmmercial with the 8 Years Later, It's Time For Change Wassup following right after.

Its been eight long years since the boys said wassup to each other. Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House, the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters.

Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Charles Stone
Director of Photography: Shane Hurlbut
Producer: Katie Matson Walker
VFX Company: Mass Market
VFX Artist: Rich Rama
Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor: Nico Alba
Sound Design: Bill Chesley,
Henry Boy
Sound Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Philip Loeb

Apple Get A Mac Mac VS PC "Bean Counter" Commercial

New Mac VS PC "Bean Counter" commercial.
Apple creates another funny commercial in the Mac VS PC advertising saga. The newest commercial release titled "Bean Counter" takes a good shot at Vista. Our favorite PC is sitting back adding more money to be spent on Vista advertising and very little to fixing all the problems with Vista. Of course, with the suggestion by Mac, PC decides to spend all the money on advertising and leave Vista just the way it is. It is a funny commercial.

Get A Mac Commercial Credits:
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director: Jason Sperling
ACD/Sr. AD: Chuck Monn, Jamie Reilly
Senior Copywriters: Kevin Tenglin, Krista Wicklund
Agency Producer: Serena Auroux
Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Peter Donahue
Editorial Co: Mad River Post
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Post Co: Company 3
Brian Robinson, Stefan Sonnenfeld

AWTech Extreme Finish For Your Car

AWtech Car Polish Finish, Extreme Finish For Your Car.
These two print adverts were placed on consecutive pages in automotive magazines, the idea was to promote AWtech and their premium automotive products providing the highest level of shine and depth of polish to automotive print ad for AWtechNot only is the AWtech finish one brilliant shine, but judging by where their model landed it is one smooth finish. Funny adverts at its finest and one gorgeous  car too.
sexy print ads
Advertising Agency: McCann, Malmö, Sweden
Creative Director: Albin Wendel
Art Director: Björn Lindén
Copywriter: Lars Larsson
Photographer: Maserati + Jeff Richt
Other additional credits: Imago media
Published: October 2008

Brazilian Press Association "The Comma"

The Brazilian Press Association commercial spot "The Comma". Who knew a comma could be so powerful. The Brazilian press Assoc. has been fighting for 100 years so know one will change a single comma from your information. This is brilliant how powerful the comma can be: A comma can be used as a pause, it can make your money disappear, a comma can accuse the wrong person, a comma can change everything.

Here is the original version of "The Comma". Advertising pros are claiming the english version was done just in time to qualify for all the advertising awards, either way they are brilliant commercials.

Original Brazilian version credits
Agency: Africa Sao Paulo Publicidade Ltda.
Production: Visorama Diversões Eletrônicas
Music: Sonido Produções Musicais

English version credits:
Advertising Agency: Africa Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Nizan Guanaes, Sergio Gordilho, Fabio Seidl, Bruno Brasil
Art Director: Bruno Brazil
Copywriters: Fabio Seidl, Luiz Gonzaga Saraiva
Production Company: Visorama
Director: Jose Bessa
Aired: August 2008

Adidas Print "All Day I dream About Sneakers"

Adidas Print AdsAdidas "All Day I Dream About Sneakers". A few new print adverts for Adidas created by Dimitri Kalagas. These print ads were published in Australia and I believe they call sneakers trainers down under. Still, these are very unique, a whole new way of looking at your runners huh. I wonder what Nike could do with this idea.Adidas Print advertisingAdvertising Agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Daniel Pollock
Associate Creative Director: David Ponce de Leon
Art Director: Dimitri Kalagas
Copywriter: Chris Cork
Designers: Dimitri Kalagas, Yolanda Collins, Michael Pham
Published: September 2008

2009 TDI Clean Diesel Volkswagen Beach Commercial "Power and the Environment"

New Beach commercial for the 2009 Volkswagen VW TDI Clean Diesel. If your a guy a commercial can never go wrong when you are standing along a beach and a beautiful woman is running towards you in a bikini. Volkswagen's new tagline for the TDI Clean Diesel "Power and The Environment, Together At Last".

Advertiser: Volkswagen
Product: 2009 TDI Clean Diesel
Agency: PALM Communication, Montréal
Creative Director: Pascal De Decker
Art Director: Ellie Roy
Copywriter: Stuart Macmillan, Pascal De Decker, Marcus Hildebrandt
Agency Producer: Marielle Mougeot
Director: Matthieu Mantovani
DoP: André Chemetoff
Production Company: Films Traffik
Country: Canada

MasterCard "Priceless" Pep Talk and TimeLine Commercials

The Mastercard priceless advertising campaign has thrilled us with some wonderful commercials, and they continue too. The two newest Matercard commercials: Pep Talk and TimeLine truly are priceless. If you are familiar with Bobby Orr then "TimeLine" will send shivers down your spine as it cronicles the career and injuries of Bobby Orr throughout his NHL career. The second Priceless TV spot entitled "Pep Talk" is just as good, I must warn you that if you have never played the game or been around hockey players you wont get the idea; for us that have: Priceless!

Above MasterCard Pep Talk Priceless commercial, and below the Bobby Orr TimeLine commercial.

Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
Group Creative Director / Art Director: Robert Kingston
Group Creative Director / Writer: Wade Hesson
V.P./ Dir. of Broadcast Services: Franca Piacente
Producer: Angy Loftus
Group Account Director: Ryan Timms
Account Executive: Emily MacLaurin-King
Production Company: Suneeva, Toronto
Director: Laurence Thrush
Executive Producers: Geoff Cornish, Michi Lepik-Stahl
Producer: Gene Walker
Director of Photography: Gary Young
Editorial: Panic and Bob, Toronto
Editor: David Baxter
Visual Effects: Crush, Toronto
Lead Compositer: David Whiteson
Compositor: Pat Moore
Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook
Producer: Debbie Cooke
Music (Timeline): Vapor, Toronto

Sony Bravia Domino City Commercial

Sony Bravia Domino City Commercial, another beautiful commercial epic from Sony. The spot was shot entirely on location in India, and the Sony dominoes runs to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The music is beautiful, anyone know the artist.

Sonal Dabral, of Bates141, Singapore, explains the idea behind the Sony Domino's commercial:

“In this commercial we introduce the large dominoes into the setting with an intriguing chemistry of hyper-real dominoes set against the exotic naturalism of the location. The vibrancy and accuracy of the new BRAVIA is perfectly illustrated by the colorful dominoes. These dominoes are the full gambit – the full spectrum of colour, seen in among the hennas and browns and ivories of this earthy place. The environment offered a great canvas for us to reinforce the spectrum of color for BRAVIA, set against the primarily sepia, monochromatic locations.”
Sony advertising the domino city commercial
Agency: Bates141, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Sonal Dabral
Creative Director: Travis Sorge, general advertising manager Edward Pank and account director Sharon Sarinas.
Filming by: Nic Finlayson of Film Construction
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Produced by: Phil Liefting.

Nissan Crossovers Murano VS Qashqai +2

New Nissan Crossovers commercial, The new Murano VS. Qashqai +2 dancing battle commercial, now this is the way all advertising should be done.

Nissan Commercial Credits: via

This fall Nissan Europe will be launching 2 new models: the New Murano (in October) and the New Qashqai+2 (in September). With the launch of Qashqai in 2007, these 2 new models will make Nissan the first car manufacturer to have a unique Crossover range.
In a soon-to-be cluttered segment by 2010 where competitors will have more media fire power, the strategic challenge was to benefit from a first entrant advantage and establish a clear positioning for Nissan crossovers with the aim to be perceived as the most daring ones. The comms strategy was to leverage Qashqai’s urbanproof positioning and extend it to the whole range to fit the same target mindset: people who embrace the unexpected, thrive on novelty and love to anticipate change. Nissan crossovers share the same urban proof attitude.

TBWA\G1 and TBWA\Paris took on the challenge and found a creative idea that would allow individual cars from the range to express their unique personality yet be part of the same family. What if Murano and Qashqai were actually two Gangs from a City … Murano comes from the upscale part of the city while Qashqai and Qashqai +2 come from the more gritty areas. Murano is refined and imposing while Qashqai is quick and agile. These two gangs like to challenge each other but as they both own the city, they also share similar values and respect each other. They will settle their differences through a dance battle where each of their moves reflect their respective attitude and personality before ending in a beautifully choreographed finale inspired from classic American musicals.

TBWA\ and Nissan have chosen the famous French director Frederic Planchon to shoot this TVC. The film was shot in Berlin for 5 days. All post-production work including CGI was handled by BUF in Paris, taking almost 2 months for completion.

The campaign will be aired in 25 European countries from October 2008 in 60 sec, 40 and 30 sec formats.

Client : Nissan Europe
Jean-Pierre Diernaz : Marketing Communications General Manager
Caroline Mechaï : Advertising & Media Manager
Lisette Nieuwenhuis : Advertising Section Manager
Agency: TBWA\G1 and TBWA\Paris
Erik Vervroegen : Executive Creative Director
Parag Tembulkar : European Creative Director
Ewan Veitch : Executive Managing Director
Marianne Fonferrier : Art Director
Ghislaine De Germon : Copy Writer
Maxime Boiron : Head of TV
Virginie Chalard : TV Producer
Alexandre Fay Keller : Head of sound department
Benoit Dunaigre : Sound producer
Guillaume Chupeau : Account Director
Céline Duval : Account Manager
Raphaël Bouquillon : Account Executive
Filippo Dell’Osso : Planning Director

Life Cereal Mikey Commercial | He Likes It He Really Likes It

Life Cereal "Mikey" He Likes It Hey Mikey!

Two hundred million of us fell in love with the freckle-faced little Mikey whose older brothers made him a guinea pig for a new Life cereal in this incredibly popular commercial. On a personal note and at the risk of aging myself it was this commercial that started my love for advertising.
Quaker Oats Life Cereal
Agency: Doyle Dane Bernbach
Writer: Bob Levinson

1984 Apple SuperBowl Ad Introducing The Mac

In 1984, back when the Macintosh was considered a subversive, counter-culture tool (which of course it was), Apple Computer launched the Mac with a single broadcast of the now famous $1.5 million commercial based on George Orwell's 1984, and directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven).
The commercial was broadcast during the 1984 Super Bowl XVIII. Steve Jobs' intention with the ad was to equate Big Brother with the IBM PCand a nameless female action hero, portrayed by Anya Major, with the Macintosh. The 1984 Apple ad was a subset of Ridley's direction of Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford.

Today Blade Runner is considered one of the most important science fiction films of the 20th century and is usually discussed along with William Gibson's novel Neuromancer as initiating the cyberpunk genre.

Scott personally supervised a digitally restored Blade Runner and approved the Final Cut, which is to be finally released in 2007.

Zales Love Rocks "String" Commercial

Zales Jewelers Love Rocks commercial titled "String".
An absolutely beautiful commercial for Zales Jewelers, featuring the music of Robert Francis. The original romantic ballad is written by Robert entitled "Don't Forget Love" and he sings it beautifully. Nicole Dionne of PrimalScream, the Music's creative director said: "I knew that Robert was the ideal choice to elicit the emotional overtones of the spot. He is an incredibly talented songwriter and his authentic, acoustic style perfectly captures the raw emotion and longing required to underscore the visuals."

Well done, The Richards Group should be present at the advertising award shows for sure this year. I'm sure thanks to the Zales commercial we will be hearing more music from Robert Francis.
Client: Zales
Spots Title(s): String
First Air Date: 10/13/08
Agency: The Richards Group
Writer: Mike Duckworth
Agency Senior Producer: David Rucker
Art Director: Terence Reynolds
Creative Director: Chris Smith
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Ray Dillman
DP: Pieter Vermeer
EP(s): Jeff Scrutin
Producer: Phillip Ruddy
Music: PrimalScream Music
Executive Music Producer: Nicole Dionne
Producer: Scott BurtonZales Robert Francis

Pepsi Kung Fu Fighting Commercial Brasil

Great new Pepsi commercial "Kung Fu Fighting", directed by Fredrik Bond for Almap BBDO Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nothing beats a good fight/dancing scheme with Kung Fu Fighting playing in the background of a crowed city street, and of course enjoying a Pepsi.
I love this commercial it is funny, all the little things going are hilarious in this Pepsi Spot.
Pepsi Express More...Kung Fu Fighting.

Advertiser: Pepsi
Agency: Almap BBDO São Paulo
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Director: Luiz Sanches
Copywriter: Tales Bahu
Agency Producer: Egisto Betti
Producer: Ran Holst
Director: Fredrik Bond
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan
DoP: Toby Irwin
Production Company: Sonny London
Country: United Kingdom

Cadbury Roses Chocolate Commrcial New 2008

New from Cadbury, Roses Chocolate commercial. I love these simple sweet feel good commercials. While a woman waits at a bus stop she is showered with Cadbury Roses. The tag line: "Cadbury Roses, Give A Little Thanks"

Advertiser: Cadbury Schweppes
Brand: Cadbury Roses Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Editor: Simon Njoo @ Guillotine
Executive Creative Director: Darren Spiller
Creative Director: Leon Wilson
Art Director: Rob Beamish
Copywriter: Sean Larkin & Michelle Withers
Agency Producer: Corey Essey
Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Production Company: Independent Films, Sydney
Post Production: Fin Design & Effects
Music Production : Level Two Music
Line Producer: Florence Tourbier
DOP: Oliver Lawrance

Doritos Superbowl XLIII Ad- Crash The Super Bowl Contest

Who will have the best Super Bowl ad this year? Doritos is putting up $1,000,000 that says you will. So, arm chair advertising fans here is your chance to show the big advertising giants that a commercial written, directed and made by you can be better than theirs at the 2009 Super Bowl.
Shoot it, submit it and make it as one of the five finalists and win $25,000. If America votes it their favorite your commercial video it will air as a Doritos Brand commercial during the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII. Here is the good part if the commercial you create gets top spot on the USA TODAY Ad Meter, Doritos will give you a $1,000,000 bonus.

superbowl ads XLIIIFrom Ann Mukherjee, group vice president, marketing, Doritos.
"We've always believed our fans have the talent and passion to compete at the highest level, and we are putting $1 million on the table to demonstrate our confidence and also help our winner fulfill their own destiny. Whether it goes toward funding a short film, opening an advertising agency or anything in between, we’re empowering them with an unmatched stage to compete on and a motivation to make it happen."
Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest details include:
Participants can upload :30 commercials that share their love for Doritos tortilla chips to from October 3, 2008 to November 16, 2008 to be considered for the coveted Super Bowl spot
Five finalists’ ads will be announced in January 2009
It then will be up to fans to vote for their favorite ad online and determine the winning Doritos spot to air during the Super Bowl XLIII broadcast on February 1, 2009 on NBC
Each of the five finalists will win $25,000 and a trip to Tampa Bay, Florida to attend Super Bowl XLIII in a private luxury suite at the game, where they will tune in to learn for the first time which ad won when it airs for a worldwide audience

Doritos "Mouse Trap", one of the finalists from last year and my favorite.

Sean Connery 2008 Louis Vuitton Print Ad Campaign

Sean Connery in the new Louis Vuitton print ad campaign for 2008.
Connery looks just as good as a model for Louis Vuitton as he did as everyone's first choice as the greatest James Bond.print ads fashion industryLouis Vuitton also had Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia Coppola pose for the 2008 Louis Vuitton print ad campaign. The tag line couldn't be better: "There are journeys that turn into legends".print ads Louis Vuitton

Guinness Beer Commercial Fridge Magnet Slam into Guinness Truck

Guinness It's Alive Inside - Fridge Magnet.
Great new Guinness Beer commercial, refrigerators turn into fridge magnets and fly through the streets, attracted to the Guinness beer truck.
The music used in the Guinness fridge magnet commercial is called "Destination" by My Red Cell.

Agency: IIBBDO, Dublin
Creative Director: Mal Stevenson
Art Director: Pat Hamill
Copywriter: Mark Nutley
Agency Producer: Onagh Carolan
Production Company: Sonny, London
Producer: Ran Holst
Director: Fredrik Bond
Director of Photography: Crille Forsberg
Post-production House: MPC, London/LA
Post Producer: Scott Griffin
3D: Duncan McWilliam
2D: Frank Lambertz
Editor: Tim Thorton-Allan @ Marshall Street Editors
Music: "Destination" by My Red Cell

LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu for Nike Leave Nothing Commercial "Fate"

Leave Nothing-Fate-Nike Commercial
LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu star in the new Nike football commercial "Fate", Leave Nothing. Wieden & Kennedy create another great Nike commercial and released at the perfect time as the NFL season starts to heat up after week 6.

Nike uses two of the most popular stars in the NFL in Tomlinson and Polamalu for this commercial where we see them as newborns and grow into football stars and "Fate" would lead them to finally meet in an NFL game.

Update number two: The music featured in the Nike commercial with Polamalu and Tomlinson Leave Nothing commercial is originally from the movie "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, created by Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold, the beat was redone by Jay Z for this commercial.

The music for the Nike Fate commercial is a specific beat form the song called "Blueprint 2" by Jay-Z, but I have also been told the song is from the good the bad and the ugly, the cemetery scene at the end.
I should add that in Italian, it's called "L'estasi Dell'oro".

This commercial is becoming so popular, and football fans are just loving it, lets hope Nike saves this one and creates a new version for this years SuperBowl.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte, Tyler Whisnand
Copywriter: Jason Bagley
Art Director: Ryan O'Rourke
Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Associate Producer: Juliana Montgomery
Production Company: Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Director: David Fincher
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Lubezki
Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Producer: Robin Buxton
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall

BMW 3 Series New Glass Road Commercial

The new BMW 3 Series Glass Road commercial from GSD&M's Idea City, Austin. The advert takes a new BMW Series 3 through a winding glass road suspended in air. Very nicely done, I like this great commercial.

Agency: GSD&M Idea City Austin
Advertiser: BMW
Product: 3 Series
Tagline: The Ultimate Driving Machine
Creative Director: Wade Alger
Creative Director: Jay Russell
ACD/Copywriter: Andy Miller
ACD/Art Director: Robert Linn
Agency Producer: Florence Babbit
Production Company: Psyop, Los Angeles
Directors: Chris Staves and Laurent Ledru, Psyop
Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Line Producer: Michael Schlenker
Visual Effects: MassMarket, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Previz Producer: Michele Watkins
Producer: Blythe Dalton
Mix House: Play, Los Anegels
Mixer: John Bolen
Music: Felix Bloxsom

"The Trident Girls" Trident Insurance UK Commercial

Sexy Trident Commercial - Insurance
Trident Insurance from the UK released this rather interesting commercial using what is being tagged as "The Trident Girls" to sell insurance. Trident admits that dealing with insurance is dull, with all those terms and conditions, with the use of the Trident Girls they are going to give their customers top dollar service and no compromises.

Trident did not have much success with the Get It On campaign -the clip below- so I can only assume that the new approach using the Trident Girls to sell insurance just might work out better for them. Judging by the view count it is working.

Commercial credits to follow. If any of you have any info on the Trident Insurance campaigns please share it with us.

Black Thinking Viral Advertising "Scratch Me" 2nd of the Series

The second of a series of Viral Ads created for, the clothing brand decided on going only viral across the internet with their advertising campaign. The "Scratch Me" features two cats being used as turntables, music, special effects and composition by: Andrés Reymondes, Sebastián Baptista and Santi Justribó.

Title: “Scratch me”
Client: Republic Technologies
Product: OCB
Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona)
Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun
Creative director: Xavi Solé
Creative team: Iolanda Mora, Marc Mallafré
Account team: Natàlia Aznar, Ilonka Von Spanyar
Client contact: Valérie Amiguas, David Petit
Production company: boolab
Director: Nico Casavecchia
Executive producers: Lucas Elliot, Coke Ferreiro
Producer: Silvia Romero
Creative supervision: Lucas Elliot
Music and SFX: Andrés Reymondes
Head of composition: Sebastián Baptista
Composition: Santi Justribó
3D and animation: Lactea Studio (Anais Denti, Alvaro Ucha, Alberto Gracia, Hector Muñoz, Marc Felicó)

Mercedes Benz Crash Test

"Some Tests You're Better Off Not Doing Yourself"
Mercedes Benz Crash Test AdvertClick to enlarge image, I love how Mercedes Benz placed a real woman in the drivers seat to further enhance the message in this print advert.
The Dutch Cancer Society decided this past August/2008 that they would not recommend women to preform their own monthly breast exams. Research suggested that self examinations neither lead to early detection or lower mortality rates in breast cancer, and some disadvantages to preforming self exams as opposed to being examined by a professional.

Having said that: the month of October has focused on breast cancer for several years now, and the Pink Ribbon magazine was launched within this context in 2004. All the proceeds of the publication go to the breast cancer foundation. Mercedes-Benz placed a 1/1 advertisement in this magazine again this year. Just like last year’s placement, this advertisement focuses on the correlation between breast cancer research and the research that Mercedes Benz continually conducts to make its cars safer for people.

The theme of this year’s advertisement is ‘self-examination is good, but examination by experts is better’.

Advertised brand: Mercedes-Benz
Advert title: Crash test
Headline: Some tests you’re better off not doing yourself.
Advertising agency: FHV BBDO (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Agency website:
Campaign target: Pink Ribbon advises women to no longer perform monthly breast self-examinations.
.Art Director: Joris van Elk
Copywriter: Mark Muller
Account: Bas Verdoorn
Client: Peter Zijlstra
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Retouch: Souverein

Mercedes Benz Print Campaigns 2008

Two new print advertising campaigns for Mercedes Benz. The E-Class Classic Style, Sportive Extras from Russian advertising agency BBDO Moscow and the Mercedes Benz "Masterpiece" campaign for the Mercedes Benz CL 500.Mercedes CL 500"Drive A Masterpiece all year round. The Mercedes Benz CL-500 with 4Matic All-Wheel drive."
Mercedes Benz E Class"Classic Style. Sportive Extras.The E-Class Premium Sport Edition with sports steering wheel and seats, 18 inch alloys, sport suspension kit and enhanced breaking system."

Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Art Director: Holger Paasch
Copywriter: Viktor Sokolov
Photographer: Yoris van Velzen
Retouching: Main Works, Frankfurt/M

Guinness Reach For Greatness the "Spoken Word" Commercial 2008

Guinness Beer Reach For Greatness commercial created by Saatchi & Saatchi London. Guinness released this commercial titled "Spoken Word" this month in the UK. . The Guinness spot has amazing graphics and special effects and the spoken word is creative but I'm not thinking Guinness Beer at the end of it. 10 of 10 for creativity.

Guinness "Spoken Word" 60 second spot Reach For Greatness.

Brand: Guinness Beer, UK
Advertising agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Production: Hanrahan
Director: Shilo (Visuals and animation)
Artist: Ainsley Burrows
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