Pink "Try" From The Truth About Love for Target

Pink rises into light above and sings Her song "Try" from her new CD The Truth About Love in a new commercial for Target. See the No Doubt ad One More Summer for Target here.

Spot: Target "Pink"
Production Company: MTh
Director: Mathew Cullen
DP: Shawn Kim
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Producer: Rob Newman
Post Production Company: Mirada
Head of VFX and Animation: John Fragomeni
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
VFX Supervisor: Michael Shelton
Creative Directors: Kaan Atilla, Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Art Director: Daryn Wakasa
Editors: Jeff Consiglio
Post Producer: Leighton Greer
Production Manager/HR Director: Tina Van Delden
Production Coordinator: Derek Johnson
Flame: Mark Renton (Pink), Michael Vaglienty
Designers: Vlad Almonnord, Jaguar Lee, Erika Lee, Clara Moon, Jane Ro, Amy
Wang, Jing Zheng
Designer/Animators: Ivan Cruz, Evan di Leo, Frank Lin, Giancarlo Rondadi
Generalists: Billy Maloney, Brandon Thomas, Jerry Weil
Modeler: Christian Argueta
Matte Painter: Thom McKay Price
Lighters: Rommel Calderon, Nic Leach, Eric Pender

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt Debut "One More Summer" Target Commercial

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt debut and promote their new album "Push and Shove" exclusively with Target, the song "One More Summer" was featured in the commercial. Below a quick behind the scenes of the commercial featuring the entire band. Gwen says "We love target" you think we'll ever catch her shopping there?
See the Pink "Try" Target ad from the CD The Truth About Love here.

Ad Agency: Motion Theory
Spots: Target "No Doubt"
Production Company: MTh
Director: Mathew Cullen
DP: Shawn Kim
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Producer: Rob Newman
Post Production Company: Mirada
Head of VFX and Animation: John Fragomeni
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
VFX Supervisor: Michael Shelton
Creative Directors: Kaan Atilla, Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Art Director: Daryn Wakasa
Editors: Jeff Consiglio, Bryan Keith
Post Producer: Leighton Greer
Production Manager/HR Director: Tina Van Delden
Production Coordinator: Derek Johnson
Flame: Dave Stern, Michael Vaglienty
Designers: Vlad Almonnord, Jaguar Lee, Erika Lee, Clara Moon, Jane Ro, Amy
Wang, Jing Zheng
Designer/Animators: Ivan Cruz, Evan di Leo, Frank Lin, Giancarlo Rondadi
Generalists: Billy Maloney, Brandon Thomas, Jerry Weil
Modeler: Christian Argueta
Matte Painter: Thom McKay Price
Lighters: Rommel Calderon, Nic Leach, Eric Pender

NFL's Patrick Willis Tells The Story Of The Power Inside

Duracell proves the importance of the power inside by telling the story of all-pro linebacker Patrick Willis in a new web film promo. His personal journey to the pinnacle of the NFL required the ability to power through obstacles and a steadfast and unwavering belief in himself. His story is remarkable and inspiring and further proof that with the right stuff inside, great things are possible. #TrustYourPower
I've had a number of people ask about the music in this commercial, it is the work of composer Adam Taylor.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
CCO: Con Williamson
Creative Director: Justin Ebert, Alex Lea, Peter Smith
Art Director: Nate Ripp
Director: Eliot Rausch
Agency Producer: Peter Feldman
Production Company: Uber Content
Director: Eliot Rausch
EP: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Steve Wi
Director of Photography: Ed David
Editorial: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Composer: Adam Taylor

The Miraculous Enlightenment of Kenny Riordon

New ad for Virgin Mobile is actually a cool short animated web film done entirely with Crayons. The ad depicts a young man experiencing a "hangover-esque" night fueled by his decision to cut everything from his life that's costing him too much both emotionally and financially, not the least of which is his cell phone carrier.
Created by the ad agency: Mekanism, for Virgin Mobile.

Method Laundry - Softness Boogie Dancin Man is Awesome

The premiere of Method's new laundry commercial, 50 loads of clean happy magic in 1 bottle entitled "Softness Boogieman." The spot features the return of Noah with another musical tribute to the environment-friendly cleaning brand Method as he boogies to a 1970ish disco groove thing to what I think is the music of Styx.

In case you haven't seen the Method Clean Happy Anthem featuring The Blue Devils Drum Band and set to the song and music of The Naked And Famous - Young Blood, enjoy the ad below.

Ad Agency: Mekanism

WTFU2012 Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Wake The F**K Up

Samuel L. Jackson narrates "Wake The F**K Up." It goes like this: a girl realizes her family, who back in 2008 were so involved in political campaigning, seems to have become a bit lazy about the whole thing this year. So Jackson steps in to help her convince these guys to get out and do something. "Sorry my friend, but there's no time to snore. An out-of-touch millionaire has just declared war. On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay. We're all on our own if Romney has his way. And he's against safety nets. If you fall, tough luck. So I strongly suggest that you wake the f*ck up."

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by: Boaz Yakin and Kitao Sakurai
Written by: Adam Mansbach
Produced by: Jesse Schiller
Executive Producer: Mik Moore
Project by: Schlep LabsA creative playground unlike any other in American politics, engaging a broad audience in a diversity of production efforts. Through Schlep Labs, we are developing a new grassroots model that will innovate the way political campaigns leverage talents across the creative spectrum. At Schlep Labs, we combine your skills with our experience to shape the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Mind Reader Blows People Away In Viral Video For Safe Internet Banking

A man pretending to be a mind reader shocks people with specific personal details and knowledge of them only to reveal that everything he knew was simply grabbed from the internet. It's a scary video reminding us all just how vulnerable we can be if we aren't vigilant about internet security. The viral video was created for

Created by the ad agency: Duval Guillaume Modem for Safe Internet Banking.

RollingStone Gets Back To Rock

RollingStone gets back to rock with an animated ad created by BBDO, Italy.

Ad Agency: BBDO
Brand: Rolling Stone
Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Copywriter: Matteo Maggiore
Producers: Marijiana Vukomanovic, Chiara Bergamaschi
Illustrator/Animator: Gerardo Del Hierro
Speaker: Alex Rendall
House of production: Svperbe
Sound editing: Eccetera/General Jingle

Storm Edge Design - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Just Got Sexy

The new commercial for the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is making the ladies sweat and showing us some sexy assets in the "Panty - by Storm Edge Design" spot.

In order to introduce the new Hyundai Santa Fe, Fitzroy Amsterdam developed an edgy campaign where the new design – the so called Storm Edge design – is placed centrally. With this new design Hyundai pushes the boundaries within their communication. This is perfectly in line with their pay-off slogan: “New thinking. New possibilities.” The sensual campaign can be admired on the internet as well as television.

Ad Agency: Fitzroy Amsterdam
Strategy: Jur Baart
Art director: Wouter Vanhaeren
Copywriter: Merlijn van Vliet
Production: 100% Halal Productions

You'll watch it a few times to be sure you didn't miss anything, we did.

2012 Toyota Tacoma | Wacky Girlfriend Cliff Jump Ad

The Toyota Tacoma has earned quite a reputation among pickup trucks, which is quite a feat in a market that has been traditionally dominated by American brands like Ford, GMC, Dodge, and Chevrolet. And because competition is stiff in the segment, manufacturers often craft ads trying to convince consumers that their truck as the strongest and most durable currently available. While they all use words like “tough” and “rugged” to describe their vehicles, Toyota goes that extra mile in their most recent Tacoma commercial to bring those words to life. The ad provides a humorous twist to the theme of durability in what is sure to be one of the most memorable automobile commercials of the year.

Set on a beach below a steep and rocky cliff, the commercial’s opening shot is of four young adults taking a joyride through the sand. Made to appear as if viewers are witnessing a home video, the truck’s passengers hoot and holler while their Tacoma kicks sand high into the air. The scene abrubtly ends as if someone began taping over the home video and cuts to a young woman, presumably the truck owner’s girlfriend, who begins to air her frustrations about “Mike” and his “precious four-by-four, hang-out-all-day with your stupid friends truck.”

She continues her rant making fun of Mike for describing the truck as “totally sick,” and her extreme jealousy is more than apparent to viewers. It immediately becomes clear she is going to teach Mike a lesson by showing him what she really thinks of his Tacoma. At this point, viewers are sympathizing with the young woman and probably thinking of their own significant others’ prized possessions. This sympathy turns to shock, however, when at the end of the girlfriend’s rant, she turns away from the camera towards the top of the cliff and yells “push it!”

The 2012 Tacoma bounces and flips over boulders and outcroppings, at one point somersaulting repeatedly down the hill, and the whole time the girlfriend is wildly screaming her approval. A few seconds later, when the truck makes it to the bottom of the hill, it miraculously lands right side up and seems undamaged by its rocky decent. The girlfriend screams “Noooo!” and the commercial ends with these words on the screen, “Tacoma Double Cab: Toyota Get the Feeling.”

Obviously the commercial is a hyperbole, no pickup truck would survive such a fall unscathed. However, with it’s comedic exaggeration, Toyota has created a vivid image in the mind of the consumer. The message that the Tacoma is the toughest, most durable truck available comes across loud and clear.

This guest post was provided by Brittany Larson of Toyota of Turnersville.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles

Serving Panda Meat To Save The Bluefin Tuna PSA Campaign

The problem: the bluefin tuna ought to be on the endangered list. It's not, because Japan and China have bribes to keep it off that list. If asians don't take bluefin off the menu, it's likely to go extinct pretty soon.

Our solution: we wanted people to realize that eating bluefin tuna is like eating panda. We offered panda meat for sale online ( and through sampling booths set up in supermatkets, street markets and travel fairs.

The response: "You sick bastards." "How could you kill pandas?" and "I'm calling the police." were the most common initial reactions. But once we pointes out the double standards, it was "really? I didn't know." and "I'll never eat bluefin again." 171,467 people pledged to give up eating bluefin. Needless to say, no pandas were harmed in the experiment.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Back
Creative Directors: Juggi Ramakrishnan, Richard Copping
Art Directors: Richard Copping, Anthony Tham
Copywriter: Juggi Ramakrishnan
Producers: Amarjeet Kaur, Alvin Chin
Sound: The Gunnery
Post Production: Critica, Hogarth
Photographer: Teo
Studio Stock Images: Getty, Corbis
DI: Procolor

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly Revealed Live In A Google+ Hangout

Last night in a world first Cadbury exclusively unveiled their brand new Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint live on a Google+ Hangout with lucky Cadbury fans.

The fans were sent the product and instructed not to open it until the event, hosted by two magical Joyville workers, where everyone opened their chocolate bars and tasted the new flavour for the first time together.

The unveiling caused such a stir on the channel that it was featured for the day on Google's 'What's Hot' section, which encouraged viewers and Cadbury's 2.5 million strong community to watch the event live on-air.

Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint has an exclusive play of their parchute-tastic advert below.

Coca-Cola FM Uses An iPhone and Turns A Magazine Into An Amplifier

Creative new print campaign promoting Coca-Cola FM (Coke’s online radio platform) ad agency JWT, Brazil take a simple yet brilliant idea and create an amplifier using a magazine cover and an iPhone.

Attached to the cover of Capricho Magazine, the art allows readers to turn the magazine into an amplifier. Simply roll up the magazine and plug the iPhone tuned into the Coca-Cola FM application in the space provided. The final format causes the sound waves to travel in two different directions at the same time, intensifying the stereo sound effect created by the attached device. The next step is to enjoy the music.

Title: Amplifier
Client: Coca-Cola
Product: Coca-Cola FM
Ad Agency: JWT, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: John Ricardo
Executive Creative Director: John Ricardo and Roberto Fernandez
Editor: Leandro Pinheiro
Art Directors: Andrea Pissarro, Rodrigo Adam
Creative Direction: Angela Bassichetti
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Isabella Mulholland
Contact: Ana Hernandez, Felipe Giacon, Luana Ferreira
Media: Aline Fashion, Tullio Nicastro, Stella Lopes, Ana Alberine, Fabiana Ramos
Customer Approval: Patricia Pieranti, Adriana Knackfuss, Gian Martinez, Javier Mezza, Luciana Féres, Adriano and Rafael Prandini Ciavdar
Art Buyer: Paula Ferrari
Graphic Producer: Flávio Schaefer

New Audi Commercial "Shifts Everything Ahead"

New TV commercial for the Audi A3 entitled "Audi. Shifts Everything Ahead" created by the Ad Agency Verba, Italy.

Agency: Verba
Brand: Audi
Advertising Agency: Verba, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Michelangelo Cianciosi, Luca Cortesini
Art Directors: Luca Cortesini, Daniel Cambò
Copywriters: Michelangelo Cianciosi, Giovanni Adamo
Strategic Planning Director: Antonio Ognissanti
Account Director: Guido Cavallini
Producer: Tommaso Pellicci
Production Company: Karen Film
Director: Alberto Colombo
Director of Photography: Alessandro Pavoni

New iPhone 5 TV Ads/Commercials | Ears, Thumb, Cheese and Physics

Apple begins airing TV commercials for the new iPhone 5. The ad campaign created by ad agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab includes 4 spots highlighting features of the iPhone 5 and in typical Apple ads style, simple in nature and titled Ears, Physics, Thumb, and Cheese. Above is the "Cheese" ad Now taking beautiful photos in panorama is as simple as saying cheese.

"Thumb" - Introducing the iPhone 5, with 4-inch Retina display. It's the perfect size for everything -- including your thumb.

"Ears" - With EarPods -- designed to sound better and earshaped to fit better.

"Physics" - The iPhone 5 is here. The biggest and tallest yet somehow thinnest and lightest iPhone yet.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA

Samsung "The Next Big Thing"...again

So Samsung pokes fun of Apple and the iPhone 5 with "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" commercial, and yes it's pretty much the same ad as the one they did last year.  It's actually pretty darn funny, the commercial for the SII attacks the iPhone 4 and now it's the S3 going after the Iphone 5...blah blah blah, see it here "The Next Big Thing" was already done. But they are good!

AGENCY: 72andSunny

NOS No Nonsense Epic New TV Commercial

There's nothing quite as satisfying as putting egomaniacs in their place, if you agree then you'll love this great new ad for Coca-Cola's NOS Energy Drink. The commercial is entitled "No Nonsense" and the one fighter (Craig Henry) our hero who makes fast work of knocking out his annoying opponent with one quick punch is awesome.

Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Product: NOS Energy Drink
Title: “No Nonsense”
Agency: IRIS worldwide, New York
Global Creative Dir.: Sean Reynolds
Creative Director: Tim Clark
Group Creative Head: Laurie Pachence
Agency Executive Producer: BULLET
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Director: Mark Zibert
Managing Partner: Doug Halbert
Executive Producer: Charlie Cocuzza

The House Cat "Norman" is an Eco-Warrior for WWF

Norman, a house cat is the new Eco-Warrior for WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) Canada in this new web film created by the Toronto based agency John St.

Meet Norman. He's not your everyday house cat. Little by little he's helping to save our oceans.

There is an urgent need and opportunity for Canada to meet the increasing national and international demand for sustainable seafood products, while changing the way we fish. It’s time for a new sustainable vision on how to steward and protect our oceans, and the wildlife that inhabit them.
Learn more about him and his mission at

Ad Agency: John St. Toronto, Canada
Co-Creative Director & Partner: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Copywriter: Jacob Greer
Account Team: Melissa Tobenstein & Amelia MacGregor
Producer: Shawna McPeek
Production Partners: Aircastle Films, Will Beauchamp & Jamie Cussen
Sound Company: The Dark Studio, Grant Edmonds and Gabe Knox

Some Canadians might not know how
important it is to choose sustainable seafood. But WWF-Canada has found
someone who does: Norman the Eco-warrior cat.
Norman and WWF-Canada have teamed up to promote Loblaw Companies
Limited’s commitment to sustainably source 100% of seafood sold in its retail
locations by the end of 2013.
Why use a cat?
“The idea that even the fish in cat food will be sustainable is a great way to
communicate the scope of the commitment,” said Stephen Jurisic, Co-
Creative Director at john st. “And who cares more about fish than a cat?”
“Canadians want sustainable seafood options, and we’re proud that Loblaw, a longtime
WWF partner, is making it easily available across the country,” said Hadley
Archer, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships, WWF-Canada. “We hope that
Norman will encourage Canadian consumers to choose sustainably-sourced seafood
at their local grocery store, thanks to Loblaw’s world-leading commitment.”
The campaign’s centerpiece is a short online documentary that chronicles Norman’s
commitment to living a more sustainable life – one that includes upcycling, energy
and water conservation and in-home garbage sorting programs.
The film will be promoted through social media channels and leveraging WWF’s
passionate fans and followers. You can watch it on WWF-Canada’s facebook page: “The internet is pretty big on cats, “ says
Jurisic, “if this gets half the love Ninja Kitty got, we’d be very very happy.”
john st. Team

DORITOS Crash the Super Bowl 2013 | Director's Cut Preview

The Doritos Crash The Super Bowl XLVII ad contest is back for 2013 (early I know...) here is a preview of what the contest is all about this year. The preview highlights past entries and winners plus a taste of what's to come with Michael Bay and the Transformers 4 movie.

The great Super Bowl ad-venture is back. This year, if you make a DORITOS ad you might see it air on the Super Bowl and win not just $1 Million but a prize that's twice as explosive: a gig with high-octane Hollywood hit-maker Michael Bay on Transformers 4.

Five finalist ads will be announced in January 2013. Then it will be up to fans to vote for their favorite consumer-created ad. Each of the five finalists will win $25,000 and a trip to New Orleans to attend Super Bowl XLVII in a private luxury suite at the game, where they will tune in to learn for the first time which consumer ads will compete for the top spot in the USA TODAY Ad Meter before a worldwide audience. Bonus prizing will be awarded, based on how each ad ranks on the USA TODAY Ad Meter:

  • $1 million will be awarded for an ad that scores the No. 1 spot on the USA TODAY Ad Meter
  • $600,000 will be awarded for an ad that scores the No. 2 two spot on the USA TODAY Ad Meter
  • $400,000 will be awarded for an ad that scores the No. 3 spot on the USA TODAY Ad Meter

Abe Lincoln Sweats Skittles In New Ad

Abraham Lincoln look a like sweats out Skittles while on a treadmill in the newest commercial from the candy maker with a history of strange ads.

Agency - DDB, Chicago
Ewan Paterson - Chief Creative Officer
Mark Gross - SVP, Executive Creative Director
Brad Morgan - CD, Art Director
Bart Culberson - CD, Copywriter
Will St. Clair - VP, Executive Producer
Diane Jackson - EVP, Director of Integrated Production
Jamie Gallant - Assistant Producer
Scott Terry - Production Manager
Production Company - Boxer Films
Director - Rodrigo Garcia Saiz

Dior ADDICT The Art Of Seduction and Being Free By Daphné Groeneveld [Extended Director's Cut]

The art of seduction and being free starring model Daphné Groeneveld for the Dior ADDICT Fragrance. The commercial/ad features the song "I Love You ono" by Stereo Total.

jumP editor Luis Moreno teamed up with RAF Films director Jonas Åkerlund recently to cut Addict Fragrance, a vivacious modern take on the Brigitte Bardot-starring classic, And God Created Woman, for Dior’s eponymous scent. The spot follows a Dior-scented model as she struts through the beaches, streets and barrooms of scenic French Riviera in St. Tropez, France drawing the stares from her male audience with her every move.

Client: RAF Films
Spot Title: Addict Fragrance
Agency/Prod Co.: RAF Films
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Producer: Eva Tempelman
Editorial Co: jumP
Editor: Luis Moreno
EP: Alexandra Leal
Producer: Alexandra Leal
Assistant: Adrianna Merlucci
Post/Effects Co: Chimney Pot Stockholm

Volkswagen "Smiles" Commercial - It's Not The Miles It's How You Live Them

Volkswagen kicks off their "Why VW" ad campaign with a commercial full of "Smiles"
It's not the miles, it's how you live this 2 or 3 times and i guarantee you will start laughing too, it is that contagious.

Advertising Agency: Deutsch LA.

United Colors of Benetton #UnHate "UnEmployee Of The Year"

The film is an unfiltered portrayal of the everyday life of four young NEETs. We see how they fight to find a job while at the same time fighting for their dignity, against indifference and stigma.

Unemployee Of The Year is a contest created by United Colors of Benetton for young people all over the world, see more at

Advertising Agency: Fabrica, Treviso, Italy

New Nando's Ad - Car Guards #9 We Have Great Athletes

Nando's celebrates 25 years in South Africa with the "25 Reason" ad campaign.

This commercial highlights Reason #9 - We Have Great Athletes, only these are athletes are nothing more than "Car Guards," an experience best described by a Cape Town Magazine this way: "You fumble with your keys as you struggle to open your car door, racing to get in before they can reach you. But deep down you know there's no escaping it—you resign yourself to your fate, and through the night rings out the all too familiar call: 'Baaaaaas, see your car fine, everything fine.' " 

Funny Banned iPhone 5 Spoof Commercial

We are going to have some fun with this new iPhone 5, here is another ad, actually it's the "Banned iPhone 5 Promo Spoof.

In other Apple related news: Apple has filed yet another lawsuit this morning; they sued themselves for copying iPhone 4 to iPhone 5.

John Elerick - Jonny Five
Will Stephens - Greg Joswack
Travon Free - Darnell Johnson
Roger Roth - Rob Mansfeld

Kia "Bicycle" 2012 Commercial

Automaker KIA celebrates their humble beginning making bicycles to their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in West Point, Georgia with a new TV ad entitled "Bicycle".

Gwyneth Paltrow for Hugo BOSS NUIT Pour Femme

Gwyneth Paltrow tells us how she feels about being the new Hugo BOSS NUIT Pour Femme ambassador.

See all the Hugo Boss and Paltrow clips on their YouTube Channel HERE, clips include: Wardrobe Essentials, Evenings Around The World and Thoughts on Fragrance.

Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 Print ad Style

Samsung SIII previews a print ad "It Doesn't Take A Genius...The Next Big Thing Is Already Here"

...and an Apple supporters come right back with a parody ad in support of the iPhone 5.

via: Time Sears

John Lewis Never Knowingly Undersold "The Other Half" Advert 2012

The newest TV advert for John Lewis Never Knowingly Undersold entitled "The Other Half"

The advert is the story of two people falling in love. On the left side of the screen we see the girl's side of the story. She lives in 1925, the year that John Lewis made its life long commitment to Never Knowingly Undersold. On the right side of the screen we see the boy's side of the story. He lives in the present day.

By bringing their two worlds together as one, we show that falling in love, and embarking on a relationship, is a universal story which will keep being replayed throughout time. While many aspects of our lives today are very different to almost a century ago, the really important things haven't changed at all.

The music in the commercial is a cover of the INXS song, Never Tear Us Apart done by Paloma Faith. If anyone knows who the actor and actress are in the ad please do let us know.

Ad Agency and Creatives: Adam & Eve DDB, London, by Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon, Shay Reading and Frank Ginger.
Directed by Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick.
Costume design: Natalie Humphries.

Vernon and Vontae Davis It's Magic or Aliens for Arctic Ease

Star NFL players (and brothers) Vernon Davis and Vontae Davis try to understand if Arctic Ease is magic or from Aliens in this new commercial which also features a brief cameo by a third pro football player Arrelious Benn. No, It's not magic and thanks to the voice-over we can be sure it's not from aliens or is it?

Dr. Vernon Davis and Professor Vontae Davis as themselves.
Ad Agency: Red Tettemer + Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red

Sprint Say No to Sharing "Family Meeting" Commercial

"Sharing is Not Caring" is Sprint's new campaign, which highlights the advantages of Sprint's truly unlimited data plan. Created by Team Sprint -- Leo Burnett & Digitas, the TV spot "Meeting" features a typical family gathering gone awry when they realize sharing one data plan can be complicated. The humorous spot shows the conflict that can arise when several people are forced to share a limited amount of data.
Don't let shared data divide your family. Say no to sharing and yes to Sprint with Truly Unlimited(SM) data, text and calling to any mobile. No throttling, no metering, no overages. All while on the Sprint network.

Campaign Credits:
Client/Ad Campaign: "Sharing is Not Caring" Unlimited Campaign
Agency: Team Sprint - Leo Burnett & Digitas
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Michael Boychuk
Associate Creative Director - Art: Ryan Dickey
Associate Creative Director - Copy: Bryan Karr
Executive Producer: Nicky Furno
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Stoller
Producer: Mala Vassan
Director of Photography: Bryan Newman
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein

NHL 13 "This Is Our Game" Extended Cut Commercial

With the NHL players strike looming this new commercial "This is Our Game" for the EA Sports NHL 13 game might be the only hockey we'll be getting for awhile. The extended cut above was created by the ad agency Heat, and gives us a awesome look at why fans love the game so much.

Advertising Agency: Heat, USA
Executive Creative Director: Steve Stone
Creative Director: Warren Cockrel
Associate Creative Director: Anna Rowland
Senior Art Director: Mark Potoka
Senior Copywriter: Ben Salsky
Executive Content Producer: Brian Coate
Content Producer: Anna Askew
Assistant Account Manager: Lauren Peck
TV Production Company: Supply & Demand Integrated
Director: Josh Taft
Director of Photography: Don Davis
Production Designer: John Hammer
Executive Producer: Kira Carstensen
Line Producer: Josh Porter
Editorial Company: Arcade
Editor: Kim Bica
Assistant Editor: Kelly Henson
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Producer: Denice Hutton
Conform / Visual Effects: Ntropic
Creative Director: Nathan Robinson
Flame Artists: Nathan Robinson, Matt Tremaglio, Jesse Boots, MB Emigh Producer: Fawn Fletcher
Head of Production: Melissa Warhaftig
Color: Company 3
Producer: Denise Brown
Colorist: David Hussey
Recording Studios: Beacon Street Studios
Mix / Sound Design Engineer: Paul Hurtubise
Producers: Caitlin Rocklen, Leslie DiLullo
Music Composition: Beacon Street Studios
Sing Title: "Askher"

In Between Odds "Astral" Toronto International Film Festival

A struggling director develops a very noticeable facial defect thanks to having the door slammed in his face a few times, talks about how tough it is to break into the film industry. The short film is meant to highlight Astral's support of Canadian culture and the creatives.
Astral invests more than $170 millions into Canada's film industry each year.

Advertising Agency: BCP, Montreal, Canada
President: Alain Bergeron
Creative Director/Lead Copywriter: Étienne Bastien
Co-creative Director/Art director: Jonathan Rouxel
Copywriter: Dom Bulmer
Agency Producer: Carole Beauchamp
Account service: Michèle Bastien
Production House: Quatre zero un
Director: Emmanuel Hoss-Desmarais
Director of Photography: André Turpin
Producer: Marie-Claude Langlois
Music/Sound design: Sonart
Post production: Vison Globale

iPhone 5 | Jimmy Kimmel Gets It Right

The Jimmy Kimmel Show took to the streets to talk to people about the new iPhone 5, their experiment might just have saved other smartphone makers a fortune in marketing dollars.

Take an iPhone 4s tell people it's the new iPhone 5 and sit back and enjoy the show.

Evolution Of Flavor by Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper creates an interesting info graphic demonstrating "The Evolution of Flavor."

How Many Truckers Fit In The New Volvo FH

How many elephants fit in a car? This question inspired choreographer Christian Vilppola from Cirkus Cirkör to squeeze a lot of truckers into the new Volvo FH.
Putting a new twist on this timeless question, the film was created to show the spacious cab in the new Volvo FH -- now one cubic metre bigger than before.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Client: Volvo Trucks
Art Director: Anders Eklind, Sophia Lindholm
Copywriter: Martin Ringqvist, Björn Engström
Account Supervisor: Olle Victorin
Account Manager: Cilla Glenberg, Alison Arnold, Jenny Edvardsson
Agency Producer: Alexander Blidner
Designer: Jerry Wass
Planner: Tobias Nordström
Director: Patrik Gyllström
DoP: Christian Haag
Production Company: B-reel
Choreographer: Christian Vilppola
Sound Design: Plan8

"Hands" for the New Peugeot 208

Beautiful ad for the New Peugeot 208 entitled "Hands" is the work of ad agency BETC Euro RSCG. 

The commercial music features a nice cover of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan done by the group Neimo (Matthew Joly, Vincent Girault, Camille Troillard & Bruno Alexandre).

Midttrafik "The Bus" - The Coolest Commercial You'll Ever Watch

Taking the bus has never been cooler than in this funny Danish TV commercial for Midttrafik. The idea behind the campaign by Danish agency M2Film was to make public transportation more attractive, fun and exciting.
We think they did an excellent job, not only is this coolest bus ever but this could very be the greatest commercial ever created.
English subtitles added for educational and entertainment purposes.

Created by the ad agency M2Film
Kudos to the Copyranter for finding this gem.

Smythe "Make Anything Spectacular" Even Chopping Wood

Canadian Fashion brand "Smythe" shows us how women can "Make Anything Spectacular" in these two new ads created by Toronto based ad agency Open. "Fish" and "Woods Select" feature a fashionably dressed women gutting fish and chopping most of us Canadian women, she looks damn good doing it too.

Agency: Open
Client: Smythe
Co-Designers: Andrea Lenczner & Christie Smythe
Partner Creative: Martin Beauvais
Partner Strategy: Christian Mathieu
Agency Producer: Anne Ngo
Writer: Claire deMarco
Art Director: Jessica Carter
Production Company: Sons & Daughters, Toronto
Director: Christina Hodnet
Executive Producer: Liane Thomas
Director of Photography: Mark Zibert
Producer: Jeff Darragh
Production Designer: Luke Pryshlak
Wardrobe: Deborah Ferguson
Editorial: PosterBoy Edit
Editor: Danica Pardo
Producer: Michelle Lee
Colour Company: Notch
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda
VFX Company: Crush
VFX Artist: Andre Arevelo
VFX Producer: Emma Wojick
Music and Sound Design: Apollo Studios, Toronto
Music on Smythe 1: Yan Dal Santo for Apollo Studios
Music on Smythe 2: Mathieu Lafontaine for Apollo Studios

Lil bit about Smythe:
Smythe has created essential wardrobe pieces that are both modern and emotional. The contemporary, flawlessly-tailored jackets and coats feature nostalgic colours, textures and prints that are distinct in their traditional menswear tailoring details. This artful tailoring and sartorial fit made Smythe an instant success when the label launched in 2004. Smythe's made-in-Canada jackets and coats are iconic silhouettes that are novel yet versatile. For more visit

Ebay Gets A New Look

After 17 years ebay finally straightens out their logo. Ebay announced that coming this fall we can expect to see their new logo go live.

Ebay President, Devin Wenig tells us all about it...

"Our refreshed logo is rooted in our proud history and reflects a dynamic future. It’s eBay today: a global online marketplace that offers a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience, with innovation that makes buying and selling easier and more enjoyable. We retained core elements of our logo, including our iconic color palette. Our vibrant eBay colors and touching letters represent our connected and diverse eBay community – more than 100 million active users and 25 million sellers globally and growing.

The eBay logo is known the world over, so changing it was not a decision made lightly. The time felt right. We’re incredibly proud of how eBay started and quickly grew into the world’s largest online marketplace. Auction-style listings, used goods, vintage items and quirky, one-of-a-kind finds are still a big part of what makes buying and selling on eBay special. We hope that’s always true. But we’ve evolved a lot in the past few years, and eBay is much more than auction-style listings today."

Read the full statement HERE. Below for all you infographic lovers are some interesting stats on just how ebay is doing.

Macy's | What's In Store "Dream" Campaign

Macy’s debuts a series of comedic shorts/ads highlighting its iconic brand, the campaigns entitled "What's In Store" premiers its fall brand television spots in sitcom-style. The hilarious situations that befall new Macy’s Herald Square store manager, Harold, as he collides with the many stars such as: Justin Bieber, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Martha Stewart, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Carlos Santana and of course everyone's favorite TV mom Florence Henderson.

Ad Agency: JWT New York
Executive Creative Director: Ben James
Creative Director: Donnell Johnson
Art Directors: Chad Baker, Raihana Halim
Copywriters: Justine Cotter, Justin Chen
Planner: Jonathan Fletcher
Head of Production: Sergio Lopez
Executive Producer: Robin Feldman
Senior Producers: Holly Otto, Andrea Curtin
Associate Producer: Loretta Rae
Director of Music: Paul Greco
Account Team: Claire Capeci (Business Director), James Cuff (Account Director), Kate Reaves (Account Manager)
Project Manager: Joanna Milidakis
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Jeff Benjamin
Co-Chief Creative Officers, New York: Matt MacDonald, Ryan Kutscher
Client Team: Joe Feczko, SVP Innovation, Integration & Broadcast, Macy’s and Betsy Spence, VP Marketing Integration, Macy’s
Director: Hank Perlman
Production Company: Hungry Man
Post-Production: Framestore
Editing House: Cut + Run
Music House: Amber Music for “Dream”
Publisher & Master for “Sitcom”:60 (Song – “Sh-Boom”): Warner/Chappell

Ferrari F1 Drivers Play With Lego in Shell "Curtain" Advert

Shell and technical partner Ferrari have teamed up with the LEGO Group to bring us six exclusive models only available at Shell Stations. The advert features Ferrari F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa playing with their LEGO® Model Ferrari Collection.

Client: Shell
Agency: iris worldwide
Production: Nice Shirt Films
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Jon Hollis
Creative Director: Andy Taylor
Creative: Rob Leeks
Producer: Richard Martin
Agency Producer: Helen Whiteley

Lil Lets "Giggle" and "Horny" Print Ads

As part of a brand re-launch, Lil-Lets has created a new campaign aimed at encouraging women to embrace their femininity.

Women’s bodies work in amazing ways and Lil-Lets knows why women feel the way they do during their cycle. The new campaign positively embraces this knowledge and shares it with an unexpected edge that may surprise women themselves.

Using striking headlines and intriguing insights including ‘HORNY’ which reveals that “if your period makes you feel a bit horny, it’s because your body knows an orgasm is one of the best, natural ways to ease the discomfort of cramps”, the campaign hopes to connect with today’s woman and recruit a new younger generation to the brand, as well as appealing to loyalists.

The press campaign will appear in women’s monthlies and weeklies. The digital campaign features True and False questions linking to an interactive Body iQ quiz that tests the nation’s knowledge of how the body works, including everything from orgasms to the shopping gene.

Clodagh Ward, Director of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said; “At Lil-Lets we are passionate about celebrating femininity and all there is to love about being a woman. The campaign devised by Leagas Delaney brings this vision to life and underpins what we are all about – we know that periods are a natural part of a woman’s life and we are in tune with how it makes you feel.”

Nigel Roberts, Creative Director at Leagas Delaney, said; “We wanted to create a campaign that was different to the category. Candid references to why your body works the way it does during your period has grown-up honesty to it.”

The press ads will feature new packaging and highlight key products outside of their heritage in tampons, including applicator tampons and towels.

Creative Director: Nigel Roberts
Associate Creative Director: Timo Klaarenbeek
Art Director: Chris Felstead
Copywriter: Adam Arber
Digital Art Director: Kalle Everland
Digital Copywriter: Will Pike
Account Director: Layla Potter
Agency Producer: Alexa Easterby/Ben McMullen/Amy Chalkley
Photographer: Jo Metson Scott

Official Trailer for the Apple iPhone 5 in HD

So here ya go, the official Apple iPhone 5 promo trailer. I couldn't help but laugh when I read in one of their releases that Apple believes and I quote:
"iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch -- not a smartphone."
I don't think so.
This is the iPhone 5...

This is a finely crafted watch...

The Steve Jobs iPhone 5 Resurrection Parody is so much more entertianing, WATCH HERE.
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